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Blizzard’s 7 day a week hotline?  It’s been “full queue” every time I tried.  5 minutes after opening shop, on a Sunday morning, and their “on hold” queue is full for the day??  They don’t even bother trying, sending you to the forums direct.  So no talking to a person.

And this 2nd time the hackers added an instant authenticator (iPhone app?) to lock me out permanently.

My own authenticators are coming via ground mail because that’s how they do it now.

I can’t even complain on the forums because I need an authenticator to log on, to access my own account even, and with the hackers locking my account with an authenticator of their own, “So sorry Charlie.”  Sucks being me.

Msaker was who they logged in with and did the robbing.  Six hours ago, wiping me out a second time, in the middle of the night, six hours or 4:30.

What had I done to fix the computers?  I did full scans of both machines.  (First hack was while on my laptop in a hotel room.  Second here at home on my Mac.)  I used SpyBot on my PC laptop to scan for something (nothing), Intego’s VirusBarrier X6 on my mac (also nothing).  I removed all the add-on updaters.  The Mac’s a new machine and had nothing installed on it, nor have I added anything suspect.

I also created a new e-mail and attached the bnet account to it.  And a new password to go along with it.

And I ordered the authenticators.  But ground service isn’t via Flash Gordon so I was stuck.

With impunity they logged on again, my e-mail and password change ignored, and applied an authenticator of their own, and went to town a second time.  With the new gold, probably sold my level 74 Paladin’s crafted armor, again, some gems and eternals, those I’d gathered last week.

However, this was not a “hack worthy” account, not anymore.  And they knew it.  (I’m assuming the same people who got me this time got me last time.)  Now it’s just malicious spite to mess with me.

And, again, it’s just me and the wife.  There are no guildmates involved who may have done this with a borrowed account.  Nobody knows the new password.  Not even the wife.  I simply typed it in.  On clean machines.  What the frick gives???

So, who can suggest a good software keylogger spotter?  (It’s obviously not a hardware USB logger since these are private home machines, and nobody sees the machines but us.)  Spybot-S&D saw nothing (nothing!) on the laptop.  Intego’s VirusBarrier X6 saw nothing on my Mac.  Am I searching for something not even on my machine?  Is Battlenet compromised?

Follow up:

Blizzard did help me on the phone.  20 minute wait, but at least I got someone.  (Thank you!)  Friendly help, offered some advice, helped me reset, and  I got logged back on.

What did they get?  550g my Death Knight managed to gather again doing quests since then.  A bunch of gems I’d gathered and set aside to do my JC dailies.  Saronite Ore I’d gathered together to craft the i178 gear set for my Paladin.  All of it.  Gone.  The Eternals.  The new Titansteel bar to start the weapon and shield crafting.

Apparently, the overseas hackers have access to all the hardware based authenticators they want.  (Stateside distributors, of course.)  You buy on one account, and you can apply it to any account you have access to.  So they got me, the night after I order my own, with their own hardware authenticator.  Insult to injury this time:  They took my Death Knight’s complete T9 kit.  They left him boots and his level 58 gear.  So much for dungeon running to recover the gear.  (I’ll assume they’re reading this and will delete this “rp” kit the next time around.)  They went out of their way to destroy Stormsoul’s pvp shoulders, and the rest of the crafted gear the wife had made him after the first hack.  They actually cleaned out the last of my tokens, something they’d overlooked the first time.  And they sold my level 45 warriors boots, and stripped my 65 rogue of everything non-heirloom, including his epic engineering goggles.  It’s one thing to rob someone, it’s quite another to mock them while doing it.  I guess wasting $6.50 to hack the remains of an account irked them.

So far all of my hardware here scans clean.  I have NO IDEA how they’ve managed to do this.

Follow up to the follow up:

Blizzard and/or the hackers have managed to lock me out of my account yet one more time. I managed to log in long enough earlier today to do some fishing dailies for cash.  Then I logged out for dinner.  Then I tried logging back in to head to Sholazar with the wife to complete the cooking dailies and collect some eggs and I find I’m locked out of the account again.

Then I see Blizzard sent me an e-mail to go online and fill out a form.  Sigh.  Isn’t that causing all the problems in the first place?  Phishing attempts that I’m supposed to ignore?  But I go, figuring WTF and do it.  They respond with a form e-mail saying I should get another e-mail to reset my password.  Except two hours later it’s still not arrived.

So.  I got my account back with Blizzard’s help.  That must have been their right hand.  Because later Blizzard denies me access to my account.  This must be their left hand.  At least I hope it’s Blizzard.  And not a 3rd hack.

If you’ve gone to the technical support forum today it’s alive today with report after report of bogus (i.e. not applied by the owner to their own account) authenticators locking folks out.  That’s way too many people at the same time, in the same style.


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100′s of ToC instances available for you.

Sunstriker spent 8 minutes banging his head, his horses head actually, on Shadowfang Keep’s instance portal.  He gained no access.

“Additional instances cannot be launched, please try again later.”


I think by “later” they mean “when hell freezes over.”  Because I’ve been trying for four days now.

What, are they out of instances?


Msaker logged on, at the Argent Tournament, he went to the coliseum, and instantly entered the Trial of the Champions instance.


Login, go.

That means old world instances are closed.  Totally.

And they’ve got ToC instances available, and waiting in the wings for anyone and everyone to enter and have a go.

This means, in effect, Blizzard has shut down old world instances, and is devoting 100% of their resources, with capacity to spare, to the level 80 content.

They’ve gone one Expansion further than they can handle.  Just exactly what are they selling at BlizzCon?  They can’t handle what they’ve got.  They’re going to add more?  Not without jettisoning something.

Is the Cataclysm of the next Expansion the destruction of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms?  At this point what would they lose?  Folks, you heard it here first.

This problem was happening before ToC and 3.2 came along.  But it wasn’t a complete lock out of the early instances like we have now.

So, advice to a new player to the game:  Have your level 80 main get you heirloom shoulders, chest, and weapon.  No level 80 main?  Ooooh, that’s going to suck.

No, I’m seriously annoyed about this.

You know if you’ve gone to the store, and you see the proprietor in the back of the store, as you peer in through the dusty glass, which is locked and denying you access inside, and you see him trying to hide in a corner to avoid you, I mean, c’mon.  They ought to show you, the customer, some respect and at least post a CLOSED FOR BUSINESS sign on the entrance.  “I CAN SEE YOU!  OPEN UP!”  And then you see them hunker down further and in a squeaky voice say “Nobody here but us mice.  Sorry.  Nobody’s here.  Come back later.”


I’m calling shenanigans.


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Ripped off!

And I worked so hard at it.

Here’s a tip for those seeking the title Chef and doing everything and thinking you only need those last 30 Northrend recipes cooked up to get the achievement Northrend Gourmet and thus complete the cooking achievement Hail to the Chef.

It’s a lie.

See, once you get 30, you do get the achievement flash.  Yay!

But then you’re invited to go get 45.   I’ve been gipped.  Ripped off.

Better still, several of the recipes are not even in the game.  Yeah, yeah, they’ll patch in a fix sometime.  Big freaking deal.  Oh yeah, one of the recipes REQUIRES you, apparently, to PvP, requiring five “daily tokens.”  (It’s obviously not the Dalaran cooking tokens, because you need those for like the last 20 recipes.)  I don’t want to be required to PvP for anything.  I’ll choose to PvP.  Don’t force me.  Not for a freaking “Chef” title.  “Champion” or “Brutal Gladiator,” fine.  I’ll expect to PvP for those.  But “Chef?”  I ain’t buying it.  Bad form, Blizzard.  Bad form. The latest patch notes indicate all the rest available via a quest or Dalaran Cooking Awards.  Sweet.  I’ll be Chef yet.  (And I won’t be killed doing it.)



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Skulls. Lots of them.

I’m imagining the apocalypse here, now. Armor, dripping green fire, not with demonic energies, but with the forces of death and decay. You’ll raise the dead to fight by your side. “Arise my Champions!” Shadow will be your light. Death will be your middle name. And Deathknight will be your class.

(Go check out the recent outpouring of WotLK articles over on WoWInsider, and the one about the Deathknight.)

Deathknight will be everyone’s class. All of them, level 55, starting out in the Plaguelands. Not on pale horses, but deathchargers. Starting zone some floating city. My, that’ll be a blast on PvP servers. Anarchy without the limiting/conditioning effect of Humanity.

And in the grand Hello Kitty, Island Adventure, tradition, beneath that helm of evil, the brains behind the new contemporaries and protoges of Arthas, will be the pink ponytails of a happy gnome girl named Bubbles. Bubbles! (teehee!) Her boyfriend, Dotsutodeth, that adorable little green haired guy, Captain Stubing fringe, gnome Warlock, patron of the demonic forces on Azeroth.

Beneath their size 3 shoes they will crush and crunch through the bones and skulls of the innocents, trodden beneath soles of destruction, children of the Scourge and Burning Legion respectively, Deathknight and Warlock, on their way to the Cathedral District in Stormwind City, hoping to find Timmy and buy a small white kitten, and otherwise on their way to escort little orphans around the world, in hopes of getting a new pet. Awwww, how cute! Whiskers the Rat.

Unless the Lorecrafters of Blizzard have taken a permanent vacation, we can only hope Bubbles and Dotsutodeth have taken the children out to drop them off somewhere in the Plaguelands and feed Whiskers to a plaguehound. Nefarious is their other middle name, isn’t it? Because, dammit, otherwise the lore is starting to not make any sense anymore. WotLK is supposed to be a “return to lore” isn’t it? Not the chucking of the last of it into the circular file.

The bad guys are the good guys. And the good guys are the bad guys. And no evil is too evil, and no good too good, and if the Great Mother is fine with her charges becoming Tauren Deathknights, then there is only one cause, and that is to fight the ultimate evil, and that is Bush. No, Osama. No, Alec Baldwin? Arthas? Is there an ultimate evil anymore? And who’s anyone to judge anything anyhow. Anywho…

When Deathknights will be picking up orphans to take around the world and buy them ice cream, you’ve pretty much thrown Lore into the trashcan. This is the last season. Splash it all in rainbow colors. Make legendary weapons available at the weapon vendors in town. Recolor all the same armor sets, and make everything look shiny identical regardless of armor type, Swiftsteel, Dawnsteel, Wenolongercaresteel Shoulders. We’re in Shark Jumping territory now. Watch out, Fonzie! There’s a shark in the water! Help him, Chachi! Help him!

No Lore, no War, just Catass 1337zor characters, min-maxed to ultimate goodness, only one way to spec , revealed for all on WoWWiki and Elitist Jerks, you are specced properly, aren’t you noob? all wearing the same gear, doing the same stuff, all on the road to ARENA!!!!!!!1one!!!! and pay-per-play and microtransactions that rmt gold (must have epic mount to get more epic mounts now!)!

Pardon my French, but where the French is my World of Warcraft?

P.S. It’s been a while since I made a “rant” tag post. Glad that’s off my shoulders. :) But, c’mon. Are they seriously going to release WotLK allowing all races to become Deathknights? That’s just stupid. Regardless, you’ll know where you’ll find me. I’ll be up there in Northrend, breathing that crisp alpine air, hunting bad dragons and spiders, and otherwise enjoying the world immensely. And, yes, you bet, I’ll have a Deathknight too. Maybe a couple. On the Horde side I’ve already reserved the name Mortecai. Forsaken, of course. On the Alliance side all the “Mordicai” names were already taken. Will have to be something else. Honorus’ bad to the bone brother.

P.P.S. I just realized something here. The World of Warcraft MMORPG is kind of paralleling the Realtime Strategy Warcraft game. If you go from (I) Orcs & Humans, to (II) Tides of Darkness, to (II.5)Beyond the Dark Portal, to (III) Reign of Chaos, to (III.5) The Frozen Throne, you’re kind of following a similar path going from (I) World of Warcraft, to (II) The Burning Cursade, to (III) Wrath of the Lich King. Is this the end of the line for the franchise? Is Blizzard’s “next gen” mmorpg not Warcraft? Hmm. Protoss Templar. Now that’s a class I think I could buy into.


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I’ll file this under rants, or why my Shaman is the way he is.

My Shaman leveled up as Enhancement, and went Resto to raid in Molten Core and BWL. 

When it came time to level up again, he went Enhancement again.

Reaching 70 he had a choice.  Heal or Cast.  I already played a Tank, so I decided I’d play a Caster for the alt/2nd main.

Because getting my hands on Enhancement gear I’d have to convince a Hunter I needed that set piece (Desolation), I’d have to be running in Heroics to get access to it, and frankly I’m dumbfounded that there are so many well geared, raiding, Alliance Enhancement Shamans.  They certainly took the myth and ran with it, never once stopping and asking themselves the foolish question “Since we can heal, we ought to heal,” or worse be told by their Guild Master “Since you can heal, you will heal.  Since our Priests are all Shadow now.”

There was a blog, a bit back, called Shamanistic Rage.  All about life as an Enhancement Shaman that was raiding.  And all the advantages they brought to a raid.  And all the gear they had via raiding that I’d never see.  This was a Draenei player living the dream, a god in the myth of OP Shamans.  They wound up going Resto.

And when I’m not laying down the lightning bolts to the best of my ability in Alterac Valley, I’m used as luncheon meat in the other battlegrounds, lately Eye of the Storm.  Oh, I get as often as I’m gotten so no regrets there.  But still… “My bologne has a first name, it’s B-L-A-C-K.  My bologne has a second name it’s H-O-O-F—F.  I have to BG every day, and if you ask me Why? I’ll say Cuz Blackhoof has a way of being P-W-N-E-D to get the loot he wants.”

The wife played an Enhancement Shaman with my Protection Warrior, her DPS rocked, but she’s Elemental now, and loving it.  Enhancement Shamans actually bother me when I’m tanking.  They tend to be massive, furry, and in the way of my vision.  Y’all get to the back and single target kill the skulls, k?  (Rogues have sense enough to do it from behind, and Arms Warriors simply off-tank their own targets.)

Anyway, back to Shamans.  “Look to the gear to see what Blizzard is expecting from us.”  I’ve always said this.  What does Blizzard think Shamans are doing now?  Elemental.  Look at Tidefury, the five piece Dungeon 3 set.  That’s not a Healing set.  There’s healing pieces out there if you know where to look.  There’s even a second, eight piece, Elemental psuedo-set that comes out of Normal and Heroic instances.  (It looks a little like the old Tier 1 set.)

Back pre-TBC, Tiers 1, 2, then 3, all of it was exclusively for the Restoration Shaman.  Now they’ve given us Tidefury and I have no idea what Tier 4 Shaman gear looks like, I see it so seldom.  (And when our Resto Shamans come to heal an instance in Tidefury, and don’t even throw an occasional lightning bolt… ummm, guys.  Do some quests.  +88 Healing vest is within reach!)

So.  I’m Elemental.  When the gear suggests another tack, I’ll take it.


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Jumping the shark.

With reference to the Happy Days episode, Blizzard’s gotten up out of the water now, being pulled by a power boat, and is about to jump the shark.

C’mon.  Are they serious?  They are.

What am I ranting about?

Paid name changes.  Don’t like your name?  Pay $10.00 to change it.

Twenty five to transfer servers, and ten dollars to change your name.

What next?  Five dollars, real money, to change your hair style?  Is that coming next?

How about $250 for an epic weapon, or $500 for a legendary one.  Sold to you direct from Blizzard with their version of Sony’s thing.

$14 or so a month from 3 Million players (the other 5 million in eastern lands probably paying much less) and they need to be charging for this?

Really, what else can they charge for?

How about in-game pets.  Hard to find, unless you buy from them, recipes.  Special mounts.

This is the business model for some Korean MMORPG’s, or online games, no?  You can play cheap, but you need to spend extra to have the good stuff.

There’s so many that are willing to spend real cash to enhance their game experience.

But is Blizzard jumping the shark with this?  Are they on a slippery slope here?

Though, if I had a character I liked, and I misspelled his name, I might go for it too.  But, dang it, should it be available at all then?   I’m not sure about this.


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Now wait just one flippin’ minute, McBlizz.

What the hell are you doing?

This D3 gear drop table you’ve got has me scratching my head.

You’re making Arms/Fury Warriors do four different Heroics in order to get most of their Doomplate gear?  This is their D3 stuff.  If they’re running Heroics over and over… *What* gear are they using to get to, and maintain running, Heroics?

Feral Druids also need to visit four different Heroics.  And none of their D3 drops in the Cenarian’s area of focus, the Coilfang Reservoir.  Ain’t that a laugh?

 Wouldn’t they simply be picking up their Tier 4 stuff running Heroics?  (What do I know, I haven’t made it into a Heroic yet.)

Half as bad off are Enhancement Shamans and some Hunters.  They’ve got to run two different Heroics in order to get the last of their Desolation set.

So the classes least likely to comprise a 5-man instance group, not only have to run these instances over and over and over to get their keys to run Heroics… then they have to farm Heroics. Who’s carrying these guys along?  (Though last night in Shattered Halls, I tanked, we had a Hunter, Shadow Priest, Resto Shaman, and an Arms Warrior along, the Arms Warrior out DPS’d the Hunter.  He’s got the 2-hand version of my Planar Axe.  Yeah, we cleared the place.  But he was taking a lot of damage, and he replaced someone who could have shed a little aggro.)

Mages, Warlocks, and Priests, providing they toe the party line (i.e. DPS, DPS, Heal), they get their D3  in ordinary instance runs.

Rogues, Hunters, Protection Warriors, Resto Druids, and Elemental and Resto Shamans, also don’t need to run a Heroic to get their gear.

There’s something wrong with this picture.

Why should the same ilevel gear be exponentially more difficult for a Feral Druid to get than a Holy Priest?

P.S. Holy Priests and Warlocks get 2 pieces out Shadow Labs.  Hunters and Mages get 2 pieces out of the Steamvaults.  Feral Druid has to run 4 Heroics and a Normal (and none in CFR) to get their gear, the Clothies and Hunters only need to run 4 Normals.


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Why Horde lose very AV I’ve been in. Bruised monkeys, the lot of them.

Rampage-US Battlegroup. The last AV I was in:

The names my change as the battles do, but the habits and trends don’t. Every AV I’ve been in has been a loss. The battles aren’t even close anymore. We don’t even reach Stormpike nowadays. We lose the entire map. There are Alliance packs everywhere. You only need 10 to kill Drek afterall.

If you find me in the battle, I’ll be near the top of the chart, in healing, and healing my Resto Tauren butt off. I’ll pick a Warrior, Earthshield the guy, let him do his thing, and keep him going. My small part in the effort.

What I’ve seen is typically 15-20 Horde sitting in our cave, and maybe 5 Alliance sitting in theirs. But, as you can see, winners will eventually get off their butts and make an appearance and score an honor kill somewhere. But losers? Losers are just yanking their monkeys waiting for the loss to end. How far the Horde has fallen. I bet the Blood Elves regret joining us.

P.S. The Arathi Basin match I was in before this? A win. Go figure.


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