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Blackhoof’s not an egotist. … No, wait a sec. Nope. He is. :)+

It’s been mentioned that I don’t talk enough about the other people I play with. Oh, I don’t know about that. I’ve mentioned Droonda/Itarilda, my wife. How she just got her Timberwolf mount. Even had the picture to show for that. Nachmahd my buddy. The only screenshots I could catch of him show an empty scene, no Tauren. What’s up with that? He’s probably out of range picking an herb somewhere. I’d call him a Pansy, in honor of his devotion to herbs and such, but he’s about 2 feet taller than me and double my size. Don’t mess with a Tauren or you’ll get the horns. So Hippy and Flowerboy will have to do.

Soooo, without further adieu, let me tell you a little about our latest adventure.

We set off to kill us some pirate captains. You know the three Captains, moored off the beach to the east of Booty Bay.

We make our way out to the island. There’s a mess load of warlocks to be cleared. I go after imps first, then the ‘lock herself. I hate the fireballs. Nachmahd is beside me, damn Enhancement Shaman making me work to beat him in DPS, and Droonda is backing us up, yay for Restoration Shaman! It’s easy to clear off the island.

Now we have two boat ramps. Up the left one we go. There’s two or three at a time. Swashbucklers and Mages and some sort of Rogue slash Deckhand type. I so hate being gouged over and over. Hard for me to hold the aggro. Me being Msaker of course. (See it’s not all about Blackhoof. ):p )

Hey, isn’t that some nice emoticon for a Tauren?
):) = happy Tauren.
):( = sad Tauren.
): = ambivalent Tauren.

:][ = tusked Orc? (We don’t smile)

Where was I? Ah yes. So we’ve stormed the first ship. We do pretty good. Droonda is pulling a little aggro, but nothing we can’t handle. (Cheaper on the bullets that way.) We clear through to the Captain and kill him.


Next boat. Same procedure as last year. We clear down to the Fleet Admiral this time. Hey! This is easy. The 2nd and 3rd targets of our assassination quest done here.

The first on the list must be on the boat off to it’s own. “This is going to be sooo easy” I think.

We swim over, clear the island. Mana regenned we storm the boat. Kind of a WTF moment arises when we are just surrounded by pirates. What’s an adventurer to do? “Run” I say to my wife and I turn and leave the boat. “Run” I type in party chat. I keep moving out. “Run” I type again in party chat. I’ve got 4 or so on me. Droonda and Nachmahd’s health bars are dipping. Mine is too. (Love the shield and plate armor.)

Two pirates swim after me and take me down to about 1/3 and then stop. They just stop in the water. This is like a guard spawn! That’s NOT what was on the other ship. They spawned more and more just because we were there.

Well. That’s just not fair.

Nachmahd anked, Droonda is rezzed, and I dance and wait. “I’ll pull” I say and go up the ramp. Pow and I get two to follow. Maybe it’s three. Well, this seems to be the toughest boat. There seems to always be more pirates than we see and expect. BUT we’re two Shaman and a Warrior. You think we can be stopped? Nah. The 1st Captain is killed and we swim back. Job well done.

That concluded our adventures for the night and everyone logged. Everyone, that is, except that wished-he-was-an-Officer Blackhoof. But let’s not talk about him again. :)

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“Prophet up in ten.” Here’s a slight grind in the making.

Last night Darkhoof travelled down to Silithus in support of the Cenarian Hold’s efforts to fight the Qiraji. Commander Mar’alith, a Night Elf of some stature, has word of some problems, and he’s also lost his wife.

I traveled south to Bronzebeard’s Encampment and acquired a few more quests.

And the war is non-stop with the various hives surrounding the Cenarian Hold. My log is full of Combat and Tactical quests to do in these hives.

So I ride out and catch up with the group. They are familiar with the terrain and the quests and we set right out to the first hive. As we move into the hive one of them says, in vent, “Prophet up in ten.” “We’ve got time for this,” says the other and indeed we do. I have gotten the Silithid hive brain for the hive, and have gotten the glyph rubbing, and even spoke with the Night Elf scout hidden in the hive. But we ride out, like our hair was on fire, in search of the prophet. She is found, killed, and the pages of text distributed between us. To the next hive we ride. As we enter another report on the Prophet. Basically, as we quested, I rather, they were helping me get to The Calling, they monitored the Prophets spawn time. In other words we were killing the Prophet and taking care of what business we could waiting for her to respawn. Why? Cenarian Hold reputation and the nice rewards therefrom. Eventually I got all the glyph rubbings, a hive brian from each hive, and we found, and unfortunately needed to kill, Mar’alith’s wife.

(Funny aside. When I found the Regal Hive glyph I spotted an Alliance Night Elf Priest sitting next to the glyph. I hoped she was afk, but she seemed to be in a safe spot, not aggroing the Silithids. So I ran up to take the rubbing. Alas, that was no Alliance Night Elf Priest, but Natalia herself. We wiped and spirit rezzed in The Barrens!!! Once we got back we were unflagged. Those hives are special zones unto themselves.)

Darkhoof turned the quests in and we kept at the Prophet spawns for a little bit longer. We hit the Prophet, took her texts, and rode up to kill Vyral, another quest I had. With that done we rode back down and killed the Prophet again. Here’s a new use for the Core Hound timers we only needed for a couple weeks.

Camping the Spawn until we’re Exalted. Pray the Outlands aren’t delayed too much!!!


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Droonda and Oddity visit Shimmering Flats. Pick up broken goblin parts. Wonder if goblin engineering is really all it’s cracked up to be. (All the parts would say “Yes” to that question.)

We had gotten a note from some Orc warrior in Orgrimmar to go visit another Orc stationed at the edge of the Shimmering Flats, that vast expanse of salt and crusty beats at the bottom end of Thousand Needles.

There was something up that involved the insects we know as the Silithid. Folks know them early on because a small hive can be found in the barrens south of Camp Taurajo. Our next place to encounter them is in the western end of the Shimmering Flats. There is a large hive area in sands of Tanaris, and yet another below the swampy waters in Un’Goro Crater. Like stepping stones leading to a war, the largest concentration is in Silithus, and what nightmares await us beyond the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj?

But Oddity and Droonda weren’t taking on the armies of the Qiraji. We were going to simply harvest some parts off a few randomly skittering about bugs.

They are curious things. Sometimes you can kill one quite close to a neighbor. Other times you attack one that is all alone and they’ll call for help and you find yourself surrounded by them and running for safety. Being a level 38 Warrior it was not a difficult quest. (There is a follow on quest attained by collecting a bug part.) Oddly, we entered their hive there, with the glowing egg sacks hanging from the cieling, and we dispatched these creatures here one by one. I even mined a few ooze covered mithril veins, so it was more than just bug parts.

We returned to the Orc stationed on the border and concluded our business with him, given, of course, the quest to follow-up elsewhere again.

But the evening was early and the expanse behind us was calling. I thought Droonda might enjoy seeing the Goblin racing track. While there we were given a few quests to accomplish and we set out accomplishing them. Killing Basiliks, killing scorpids, collecting goblin racing machine parts.

Those parts were scattered everywhere. And yet folks trust those Zeppelins?? And yet the other alternative for cross-world travel is boats, and who builds boats? Ever been to the Dead Mines? Right! Goblins. It’s therefore no small wonder that every now and then, when you’re expecting a comfortable flight across the world, you will instead find yourself falling from great heights into the unknown. You may remember the recall so many months ago, when Captain Placeholder was brought in while the boats, and the Zeppelins too I assume, were being worked on.

With all those quests accomplished what was surprising was there was no fights with Alliance. There was something in the local defense channel. Some Night Elf Druid had attacked someone while they were fighting something but the Druid was run off without a death. I later saw the Druid, level 30, and on seeing me and Droonda he immediately changed to cat form and disappeared. We encountered a level 31 Dwarf Hunter in some big water filled blast hole but we’re banking karma so we let him be. I know that someday that Dwarf Hunter will plant as many arrows in our back as he can, and I hope the karma I’ve banked will find him squashed flat, like some Looney Tunes ‘toon, by Sulfuras, The Hand of Ragnaros, wielded by an avenging guildmate. That mace is coming. I see the descending shadow now.

And while we watched the start of one of the races a ?? Night Elf Warrior appeared. She rode around but did not dismount. And then her ward appeared. A level 39 Night Elf Hunter who appeared to be speaking with the same goblins as we were. Walk tall, carry a big stick, and have a level 60 guildmate cover your six. [Recipe: For Success].

After the races we headed back. I continued on to Stonetalon Peak and did a few circuits of the Charred Vale to mine some more mithril and iron.

The hammock in Sun Rock Retreat was a welcome sight.


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The Solo Warrior needs bandaids.

Droonda and Oddity were accompanied by Ona, a guild Shaman, as we took on Razorfen Kraul. We needed to wait for Droonda to get to level 32 so we could do all three quests there. Get Razorflank’s Heart (which I’d done already) for someone in Thunderbluff, gather a sample of bat guano for the silly alchemist in the UC, and take some gophers in to gather blue tubers for the goblin in Ratchet.

I enjoy Razorfen Kraul. As I already related, with a group of five, this was a simple enough dungeon crawl. The pigs are rarely in groups larger than two. Cleave with a big axe works wonders here. And Ona can heal and deal damage. It was fun. He’d launch a chain lightning and I’d charge in. I’d hamstring runners until I could outright land an execute on them. Droonda stayed in back and was primarily our healer and cast earthshock to disrupt casters and frostshock to slow runners. Ona had been through once or twice so we took on the mini-bosses. Those Death guys. Droonda got herself a wonderful blue axe out of the deal. It didn’t take long and we’d gotten the last boss and no small amount of loot. I think Droonda enjoyed it. I remembered her early days in Ragefire Chasm and she had gotten quite stressed with all the activity going on. She’s much more confident now, and she should be! She’s a Shaman. A Shaman with some big friends. That never hurts.

We concluded the foray into Razorfen Kraul by escorting a goblin held prisoner back out. The path we took constituted of a line of armored boars which we’d already cleared. A few additional boars charged from out of nowhere but they were quickly dealt with. Quest reward, a +6 ring, I took the Agility one, I soon sold to a vendor.

Outside we waved goodbye to Droonda as she headed north to the Crossroads and Ratchet. Ona and I had one more mission to accomplish. There was a renegade Forsaken to be found across the Gold Road in Razorfen Downs named Ambassador Malcin. We entered the Downs and tracked down Malcin, but I died before I could take his head. Ona resurrected me but I was quickly tracked down and died again. The second time I was rezz’d I moved clear away and up a thorn and sat overlooking Malcin’s tent and Ona. We waited and waited and waited. Ona told me about his past life in another place where he played a Dark Knight and the adventures there amongst the stars. Malcin wasn’t going to reappear it seemed. Ona went out and found Malcin had moved tents! We found him and this time I got his head. Success. I returned to the Undercity and returned the head to Varimithas, the bat guano to the apothecary, and then all the way back up to Ratchet to turn in the blue tubers. I’ve found the next quest now, and that’s to pay Razorfen Downs a visit and kill the Lich there.

Oh, yes, almost forgot my point. If you’re a Warrior you’d better be good at making bandages. Lately, when I’ve had a bit of spare time I’ll run up to the Scarlet Monastery and beat up on those punk Crusaders. They’re elite so they’ll do a little bit of damage. After every third fight I apply a good heavy silk bandage and then move on. What’s nice is in addition to dropping lots of loot, they also drop the silk I use to make the bandages I need in order to keep killing them. That’s pretty much come to a stop now that I’ve dinged 37. I’ll have to get Droonda up a few levels and then we’ll head out to Desolace. That’s a change of scenery for Droonda. (And being a Shaman we’ll have it easy with her casting water breathing on us. :)

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