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How to keep two Orcs busy. And a Druid.

Not really sure what the minimum level requirement for the new Midsummer Festival quests is. We did them with Msaker and Droonda, and I did it later with my Level 42 Druid, Greenclaw. The Orcs did the Wild Fires, and the Flickering Flames, in both the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, and the Druid just did the Wild Fires in the Eastern Kingdoms (for the Mantel of the Fire Festival shoulders). All of them did the basic “Recover a flame at each capital city” quest too.

Today we plan to take the Orcs to Stormwind City, Iron Forge, and Darnassus, and steal their fires. That’ll add the Crown of the Fire Festival to the set.

And in a few short moments, Greenclaw is going to take a stab at it as well, assaulting Orgrimmar, Thunderbluff, and the Undercity.


Why not?

“Too much trouble for no reward,” said someone. Hmm.

It’s pixels when it comes down to it. It’s all just pixels. All effort is simply towards higher numbers in the spreadsheets that are our characters to overcome lower limit thresholds the designers set before us and progress.

Or, it’s pimping your Orc with better gear, ala Champion’s Battlegear, so he looks badass when he’s hanging around Orgrimmar. And/or wearing spotlight shoulders and having people ask “Where did you get those?”

Otherwise, taking your high numbers to overcome lower numbers to acquire even higher numbers… boring.

Too, it was an evening’s journey across the lengths of the two Azerothian Continents, planning out a route so it doesn’t take bleeding forever.

Anyway, here’s a few screenshots.

I call this one “Wife Aggro.”

For a Level 42 Druid, completing this quest got me a few more flight points. I was not once in any serious danger. The Kalimdor reward are bracers with 3 charges on them to summon a guardian. Pfft.

This last I call “A man of letters.”

I enjoy the seasonal festivals. And we do them for the amusement factor.

Yes, the last screenshot has nothing to do with the Festival. But doesn’t this guy look relaxed? He’s only missing the cognac and a good cigar.

P.S. Stealing into Orgrimmar now. Leaving a line of elven skeletons behind me. Why don’t they move the cemetery closer??! Kek.

Update: Orgrimmar’s flame Stolen.

P.P.S. Stealing into Thunder Bluff was a piece of cake. Cow pie. Died twice and then I was home free.

Update 2: Thunder Bluff’s flame stolen.

P.P.P.S. Stealing into the Undercity wasn’t even necessary. They like the old throne room for such festivities. So do I.

Final Update: UC’s flame stolen.
P.P.P.P.S. I’VE BEEN ROBBED!!! NOOOOOO. There appears to be a minimum level for getting the quest after stealing the flames.

I cry “Foul!” There was no indicator that I was not high enough level. (Other than trying to take the quest from the items.) There should be an indicator or something.

Don’t know what it is. But it ain’t 42. Three more bank slots taken. Till next year then.


Heh. “Why?” “Why not?”

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The Scarlet Monastery at last completed. Except for the detail of one small scarlet key.

But, I got my new sword, the Sword of Serenity, and a nice new shield, the Aegis of the Scarlet Commander, out of the deal.

And I’ve reached level 39. One more and I’ll be riding in style.

Now if I could get in on a successful Library run, my day would have been made.

P.S. “Honorus” is not “Honor us.” It’s a bit of an uncommon spelling of the Emperor Honorius’s name. And it’s the proper spelling for a few Popes. Honorus III in 1216, for example. I think it’s not a bad name for a Paladin. And if I manage to display some good playing skill, by all means “Honor us.” ;)


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PUGging hasn’t been too bad.

Over the last two nights Blackhoof has conquered the Ring of Blood (and got a great +Healing one-hander, Mogor’s Anointing Club) and slain Durn the Hungerer (and got a fast combat one-hander, the Hungering Bone Cudgel).

For the first one I joined after being whispered by a guildie looking for some help, and was joined with three other non-guildies. The second one I was with Nachmahd killing beasts and I figured “Why not?” and announced “LFM” for Durn in /general and got three more.

I met some good folks (Masstiff was in both parties, a real good Feral Druid) and got something accomplished.

Folks don’t like PUGs but I’ve had more positive than anything experiences with them.

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“And if I live, something will die.”

We were two Level 36 Paladins and we completed a level 39 elite quest in Stromgarde.

Seal of Light stacks with Judgement of Light. I know that today.

And Reckoning with a very fast weapon just puts out a flurry of attacks. Very cool.
Folks say Paladins are at their strongest in their 30′s. Does this power go down in later levels?

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Two are better than one.

Blackhoof was in the Bone Wastes the other day. Slowly, and methodically, working off quests given to him by the folks at the stranded caravan. One quest involved entering the Shadow Tomb and recovering some artifacts. I worked my way down into the tomb and discovered a Dwarf Hunter, named Bluntte, and his bear, Oscar. He was going into the same side room as I was. It quickly became clear that we were working on the same quest, and that fired off the partnership. He’d pick one of a pair, I’d get the other, and we’d help the other finish theirs off. Left and right sides taken care of and we moved to the end room. We cleared this using the same tactic and were at least at the big four armed lady there. He pointed at her, and pointed at me. Ah, he’s letting me have her and her loot. Thanks. So we kill her, no loot of note, and grab our artifacts.

Now this room also contained a Broken prisoner, Akuna. And he needed rescuing. So I pointed at him, then at Bluntte. And we were off.

Well, Akuna (I hope I’ve got his name right) is one annoyed Broken. Rather than quietly, and quickly, coming with us to his freedom, he walks till he spots one of his Orc captors, and runs to attack them. Much hilarity ensued, however, we did manage to get him out into the night air. And out onto the sands and heading to the caravan. Except for the group of two that materialize around him, joined by two more that were already there, and the two skirmishers that just rode up.

Akuna the Maroona, was dead. Bluntte cried, I sighed, and he turned and pointed back to the tomb. I nodded. If at first you don’t succeed…

So we head back down, and Akuna is there again, none the worse for the wear. Bluntte points at me, then Akuna. My turn. We head back out, trying to keep him safe. As we clear the tomb Bluntte goes ahead and clears the path. Excellent. And Akuna instead runs to the right, behind some tents, and finds two more we didn’t even consider threats. Good grief. What an angry Broken.

But, lo and behold, the pre-clearing worked and Bluntte and I got Akuna to safety. Now I pointed back to the tomb, and we both returned.

And once again Akuna was recovered and delivered to safety.

Bluntte and Oscar, of the Rangers of Kirin Tor , I salute you.

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Just the two of us. Happier wearing, not singing, the Blues.

I see the crystal raindrops fall
And the beauty of it all
Is when the sun comes shining through
To make those rainbows in my mind
When I think of you some time
And I want to spend some time with you

Halcyon is level 20. An up-and-coming Paladin. Ready to serve the Sin’Dorei causes. One new mission was laid before her by her Paladin Trainer. To acquire the materials for the Blood Tempered Ranseur, the trade-mark weapon of the cadet Blood Elf Paladins.

There was a part to be retrieved from Deathholme, but we would save that for another night.

The other parts appear to be slightly more difficult in getting. But Halcyon has friends. Powerful friends. She knows 800 pounds of bovine intelligence: Blackhoof. And, well, in the old world a level 65 Enhancement Shaman is a force to be reckoned with. If you happen to be one of the beginning instances.

So, our first target was Shadowfang Keep. He met in the Undercity, she porting in from Silvermoon City, and I from Shattrath City. We both hopped bats to the Sepulcher, and ran to the Keep. Rawr. (Sorry, but you get to feeling like that when you revisit old instances, particularly ones that gave you problems.) We make our way down to the jail cells, whack, whack, turn the dogs to bone. We speak with Sparky, the Keep’s new (NEW?!?!) prisoner in the jail cells. He reveals the secret of where the ingot, the first material she needs, is to be found. In a box in the stables. I can’t kill him, pink skinned human, (URGES!) and oddly, I can’t lock the cell again. (Heh.) And then we speak with the Forsaken prisoner who gets us into the courtyard. And there I am unleashed rage, a Shaman on the warpath. I leave everything dead, and those already dead, they wind up deader. WOP WOP WOP WOP dead dead dead dead. Hooah! /flex. And there’s Sparky, in new skin. Furry skin. Thin skin. Paper thin. Aw. Poor Sparky.

Halcyon enters the stables, her path cleared before her like she was royalty. I wish I had some rose petals to dust the path before her with.

And I decide it’s just a minute or two more until we reach the ghostly Commander Springvale, so let’s pay him a visit. And we leave Springvale pushing up daisies and Halcyon loots him. The Commander’s Crest drops. (A nice, blue, level 23 Shield: [623 Armor, 13 Block, +6 Str, +3 Stam, +3 Spi]) She’s dinged 21 by now, and in 2 levels she’ll be able to use it. Nice. We shake the dog fur off our gear and make our way out and back to Tirisfal Glades.

The next step was the zeppelin flight to Orgrimmar, and into Ragefire Chasm. Halcyon happened to be on a quest there already, and the two tomes she needed quickly dropped. (What are Orc hooligans doing with reading material??) But the real goal was killing a named Orc and activating the orb behind him and summoning a demon. Demon summoned, and we’ve got his blood. Two materials acquired. When we departed the average intelligence, and beauty, of Orgrimmar’s populace plummeted. (Blood Elves have behaved themselves remarkably well on Kirin Tor. The feared nekkid belf dance parties on the mailbox outside the bank never materialized.)

Next stop was to make the trip into the Night Elf lands. We ran to the Crossroads, picked up the flightpoint, then turned north for the long jog to Splintertree Post. That flightpoint in hand, we veered west and travelled around Astranaar (“Hello you lop eared bastards! Get into the sun more you freaks!” /wave – Life on a PvE server isn’t all death and bloodshed!) to Zoram Strand. The last materials we’d get in the old world was the gem, and those drop quickly off the naga outside of the Blackfathom Deep’s entrance.

It was a long night. Halcyon and Blackhoof visited three world instances, on two continents. And Halcyon is just short one material, the insignia of the Blood Knight. That task will fall to her and Sunstriker when next they return to Deathholme and complete the last of the missions they have there.

Just the two of us
We can make it if we try
Just the two of us, just the two of us
Just the two of us
Building castles in the sky
Just the two of us, you and I

(Just the Two of Us, 1980, by Bill Withers.)

P.S. My wife *hates* pugs and enjoys it best when it’s just the two of us. And I love seeing her happy, wearing, not singing, the blues.


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Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!

Other than falling off the mesas a few times in Thousand Needles, I’ve got to say a level 25 Priest, coupled with a 27 Warlock, can rock a few Grimtotem camps.

I was very surprised how well Darbanville and Zauber did last night. Darbanville is my Forsaken Priest, and Zauber is my wife’s Forsaken Warlock.

We had a Blueberry for a tank, and that was pretty good. And Darbanville can do some damage. Most of the Tauren we faced in the Grimtotem village were Orange to Darbanville. And yet she could even solo them. (Zauber was waiting, alive, on a bridge removed from her. She had to contend with wandering guards to reach him.)

If your Priest is surprised, getting a fear off buys you time to then get ready and deal with it. A second fear isn’t too far behind if things aren’t wrapping up well.

A bubble worked wonders shedding surprise aggro. Being level 25 I was aggroing hyenas, cougars, and those darn Grimtotems. But I found that I just shielded and ran, they’d give up on me shortly after the bubble wore off. A fear will also send them running so far once they resume the chase, you’re long gone.

As for damage output, Darbanville was doing as much DPS as Zauber was. I know ‘Lock DPS sneaks up on the victim and all, but it was satisfying enough to finish off mobs with mind flays. And Spirit Tap… I was only short on mana a few times.

Priest isn’t half bad. And a guildie asked when we’d be ready for the Scarlet Monastery. Sure, we could run folks through with the 60′s, but we’re also trying to experience the place properly, i.e. on our own and appropriately for our level. I look forward to it.

Bring out your dead, indeed.

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Questing myself into a quandry following quarrel resolutions.

Last night Nachmahd, Droonda, and Msaker journeyed up to the frozen valleys of Winterspring. Droonda and Msaker first worked on the Deadwood Furbolgs of Northern Felwood for the Timbermaw guy outside the entrance to the Timbermaw Hold. (We were already Unfriendly with them and had passage, but we have quests requiring that we be Neutral with them first before continuing.) On completing that, we rode through the tunnel and collected the quests to kill the Winterfall Furbolgs of Winterspring. We hooked up with Nachmahd near the warm springs and cleared the camps. Then the Dorf lady, Snowden, sent Msaker and Nachmahd up to kill the Chief of the Winterfall, and Droonda joined us to work on Ursas and Shamans. (She being one quest behind us.) A group comprising of a Warrior and two Shamans, out doing non-instance quests , is a force to be reckoned with. I didn’t really realize the Winterfall Chief is a level 59 Elite. Nachmahd and Msaker are 58, Droonda 52. No problem. We actually attacked him and his buddies a second time because he is accompanied by an Ursa and a Shaman as well. Break their bones. Slay them all.

After Nachmahd and Droonda departed, leaving Msaker to his own devices, he journeyed into Alterac Valley. Twice. For two loses. In my days there, and since my add-on has been recording the info, Horde vs. Alliance in Alterac Valley is 13 to 20. Getting to the point where Alliance win twice the number of fights Horde does. Lately it feels like they win all the fights. This isn’t just me talking. Check out all the blogs and they’ll say the same.

Horde, take note: In a race, and you DO NOT put up a Defence, Alliance will win.

Because the Alliance will actually defend their stuff, with just a handful of gnomes. We need to defend some things. Galv for instance. That’s Defend, D-E-F-E-N-D. Look it up, you’ll find it in Websters. They hold onto their stuff with a handful of people, and we rush north. And your forces will get throttled at the low road to the SPGY, stymied, because you REFUSE to take the high road, and Alliance wins. Again and again.

Again, in a race, Alliance wins. There are exceptions, but mostly Alliance wins. Mostly.

So I suffered twice in AV, “Oh, the agony,” and got 3 AV marks in my bag. Ah, relief. It’s getting late but do I have time for a quick WSG? I’m actually nearly friendly with them. (AV rep is earned SOOOOO MUCH FASTER than either of the other reps. Why is that? Something’s amiss here.)

So I wind up in a WSG game. PUG vs. PUG. (50-59 bracket, but of course. Who twinks their 50′s?) We’ve got no coordination. We just kind of all ride out, head north to the Elvish side. Well, it’s a bit of a long game. I fought a few times in the Alliance flag room. Never grabbing the flag, but keep folks busy while our runners did. I escorted the flag carrier more than once across the field into our base. I stayed back and provided some delay if chasers got close. My favorite moments were, upon hearing our flag getting captured, returning to the tunnel and retaking the flag. I defended towards the end, scything through Alliance bold enough to die gloriously to our defenses. I cut through Alliance forces from their flag room to ours and everywhere inbetween. Ice Barbed Spear, now with a +5 damage enchantment, thanks to my wife’s enchanter, in hand, an Orcish battlecry in my heart, I came out top scorer. 37 Killing Blows versus the next highest player who had 27 Killing Blows which happened to be an Alliance Mage. Granted, I had 18 some deaths, almost the highest deaths count, but, booyah, Msaker did good. And I wasn’t farming kills. I was actively recovering flags. Actively defending runners. Actively putting up delays. Actively defending. Active. A few elves felt my wrath. (That gnome mage only died once.) I had 14 kills against some Nelf Rogue with Crusader and Fiery enchants. (His swords looked like light sabers.) I had 10 or 12 kills against some Nelf Warrior with some Trident thing, also with Fiery enchant on it. It’s not about the Killing Blows now. I know that. It’s about winning. We did that. 3 for us, 0 for them.

Now here’s my quandry, this is what’s bothering me now.

At level 58 I can hold my own, and then some, in low level crafted gear (2 pieces of Imperial Plate, shoulders and helm (I purchased)), some cheap purchases off the auction house (2 pieces of the Valor set, bracers and belt, and some nice greens), and the Ice Barbed Spear, which happens to be freaking awesome. (I want 2 pieces from the PvP set, the boots and gloves.) Gear matters.

I’ve got to complete my Sunken Temple quests, and then I have the entire slew of quests in Blackrock Mountain and in the Plaguelands. (LBRS/UBRS/Scholo/Strat. I.e. get my Tier 0 set.)

But if I keep questing, and Ding 60, then I’m done, for a long time, in WSG and AB. Because Gear matters. And in the 60 Bracket, if you aren’t in BWL gear, or wielding Warlord weaponry, then you’re in Molten Core gear, and wielding ZG and MC weaponry. A level 60 in auction house gear is going to be the guy who runs back and gets tea and biscuits for the real guys in the real gear. I don’t know, maybe not. At 60 I *will* have my The Unstoppable Force. (And a respec from Polearm specialization to Mace specialization. I am a Mortal Strike Warrior. I can eat Fury Warriors for lunch. Trust me. I’ve done it. It’s close, but I mostly prevail. At least those in my bracket.) At 60 I *will* have an Immovable Object. Maybe at 60 I can then concentrate again on the dungeons, leave WSG and AB behind for a bit, and concentrate on AV for the honor I need to feed the machine.

We keep our ranks when the ranks go away. I want to be an old soldier, with scars, and the honorary title above my head. “Champion” Msaker, perhaps, if I can reach that, and at least First Sergeant as of this week. I’ll be a titled veteran of the wars, and what is more appropriate in a world of Warcraft?


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Getting those mallets was too easy.

Jintha’Alor. Msaker, Nachmahd, and Droonda, and two guild Warlocks take Jintha’Alor and teach the Vilebranch Trolls a lesson: Don’t mess with the Horde. What a hoot. We rode through there with 95% single pulls. One troll at a time. Too easy. Not enough pots, but that’s a different story. The only point where we had multiple mobs was in the cave with the Keeper. It was her and two guards. Sure, Nachmahd and Msaker are 55, the Warlocks, Derier and Azghul, mid-50′s, and Droonda, 48, made easy work of it.

Msaker later went into Alterac Valley. He was, level 55 mind you, in Auction House [Greens], #8 in Killing Blows. Woot.

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Maraudon and the Princess dies.

No offense, but if you’ve 3 faces and 4 hands and horns and crap? You’re going down. For your own good. Primordial Titan or not.

Last night Nachmahd, now level 54, Droonda, now level 48, and Msaker returned to Maraudon. We ran into a priest friend of ours, Ferinthul, and he left the group he was with and joined us. To that other group: Nyah nyah. (Quite a vote of confidence I must say.)

We partied with Ferinthul our second time to Maraudon, as we worked through the Purple Side and collected the Celebrian Diamond. Our first time we worked through the Orange Side and got the Celebrian Rod. Now Ferinthul was missing this part so last night we again went through the Orange Side. Our 1st night we went with a Warlock in the guild, Azghul by name. The other two nights we went with Ferinthul, a level 47 Priest.

We rocked the house. Nachmahd hits like a Mack truck, and Msaker can do a little damage himself, but he’s mostly trying to keep aggro. (Holding aggro is more important than dealing damage.) Anyway, we returned to Celebrias and freed him. And we continued on to the Princess. And we downed her. Two Shamans, a Warrior, and a Priest? Pwnage. And, man, that Warrior is getting some heals!

We all had flight points in Moonglade from attending some party there earlier in the year. So that worked out great.

We’ll want to get back into Maraudon. I think Droonda would look pretty cool with a Gizmotek Buckler. That was the same buckler that Blackhoof until he went to ZulGurub and got the Zulian Defender. (The old style defender too, it was HUGE!)

Otherwise it’s Alterac Valley weekend and we’re enjoying that too.

Tonight, Jintha Alor and getting that Mallet made so we can get back to ZulFarak and get our trinkets. Veggies are good.

Msaker out.

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