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Joust doing it

I’d been wondering if I’d ever done it.

Then I did it and kept all *seven* of debuffs on me for the jousting.

Oh, I wasn’t always the jousting machine.  I would do the whack-whack-whack-charge-whack-whack routine.  Took forever.

Now I give them a whack as they ride away, I throw a shield breaker, then charge, then wheel around with another shield breaker, and while they’re asking themselves “WTF?” I’ve closed back with them and whack-whack-whack until they disengage again.  Rinse and repeat.  The shield breaker *then* charge is a new move for me.  But I’ve gotten comfortable with the jousting, being on my 7th character doing so now.  The stuff we do for bling.

Anyway, there’s an add-on I really like and it’s called Joust Do It! It’ll equip your lance when you need it, and reequip your weapon when you don’t.  And it speeds up the NPC interaction as well.


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Group oriented quest watch frames

The wife and I quest a lot together.  In fact it’s pretty much exclusively questing together.  I’ll tank odd runs with my Paladins, or run as DPS with my other characters, but she and I pretty much stay out of instances and kill rats and do other various adventurer type things.

About as close the game lets us track each other’s progress is the fact that the quest log will display how many *other* people in the party are on the same quest as you.

She’s my party member, so (1) is good.  Nothing is bad.  That’s Blizzards nod to party questing.  Raids they’ve got nailed.  (Go figure.  From which source does Blizzard earn most of it’s subscription fees?  Raiders or Questers?)

I also tend to level up faster than my wife does.*  My jewelcrafting Pally is level 71.  He’s been working the Dalaran quests since level 68 and is now 450 with his Jewelcrafting.  (So far I can cut all 3 primary colors of epic gems so far.  Red strength, blue stamina, and yellow critical strike chance.  And the blue dragoneye stamina cut.)  So he had to level up.  And he did a few quests in Howling Fjord, but not too many.  Because Halcyon, his partner, is level 65 and in the Outlands still, and she’ll want a partner to quest with.

And doing quests with only one person on the quest is awkward at best.  I’m always asking her what direction her quests objectives are.  How many rats does she have left to kill.

I’m using QuestMods as one add-on to help alleviate this.  It announces quest progress and completion.  But I’m still blind about where we need to go.  (And the view party members quests will display the log, but not the details.  “Quest not found” is the error I get in the quest details screen.)

I was using Tekkub’s Quecho to help questing together, but the changes to the watch frame in 3.3.3 appear to have broken it.  When it worked it would put the quest progress of your quest partner on the bottom of your own watch frame.  QuestMods presents it as raid text on the screen, but the Quecho version lingered a lot longer.

I think Blizzard ought to improve on this, to allow people a better experience playing together, even if one person is ahead of another in the quests.

*Though, boy howdy, her Night Elf Warrior just dinged level 60 and we’re into the Outlands.  (Again.)   This time her partner, my Night Elf Rogue, is only a few quests ahead of her.  (He just had to get to 60 in order to create a flying machine pretty much the day it was possible for level 60 characters to fly.)

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Dalaran Orphan Quest

WoW.coms’ already got a write-up on the Dalaran Orphan quest.  But they picked the Gorloc, go figure.

I elected to take Kekek out, the Wolvar pup.  Now I figured I got the better part of the bargain.  Man, the wolvar pup is feisty and cute.  (But it sounds like the Gorloc tadpole is the same way.)

I wasn’t planning on doing this.  But I’d just taken my level 72 Paladin to Dalaran, thank you Tome of Cold Weather Flying, and was running around, thank you Pursuit of Justice, and spotted the Orphanage Matron.

I picked Kekek, and with my new flying, easily took him everywhere he wanted to go.

I was a little worried about taking him to go play with the Snowfall Wolvars.  But it was a non-problem.  I called him out, and then mounted my griffin and flew him into the Glade.  He followed along, found a playmate, and had himself some fun.  I flew back to the Kulak camp and completed the quest.

It really was a cute quest and you need to pay attention to all his interactions with the NPC’s.

Supposedly I should be getting some mail from him soon.  Cool.


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Breathing free and easy in Stranglethorn Vale

As the wife and I played WoW this weekend it occured to us that the old places continue to be fairly populated areas.

Over on Steamwheedle Cartle, my wife’s Priest and my Warlock knocked out a few quests, killing bad undead for our side’s undead, and we weren’t alone. We were doing quests that we might have done 4-5 years ago, back in “Vanilla” WoW, and others were too. Not everyone it seems needs to roll a Deathknight to get their “noob fix” in. Or, by now folks have had their chance at leveling multiple Blood Elves and/or Draenei to level 80. It’s kind of like “Old School” now. The equivalent of a beer on the back porch. Just hanging out and leveling up.

I’m curious, but how many truly new players are joining our ranks? Folks who see the Mt. Dew commercials and think to themselves: “Hey, that’s cool. Convenience Store Wars! With swords!” And go pick up a copy at Best Buy or something. When these young ones advertise paying 1g to be boosted through an instance, you know that’s not the deal, that those aren’t real beginners.

Back on Kirin Tor our Draeneis were working their way up and down Stranglethorn Vale. (And the Vale was busy too. Are folks now setting their sights on level 40 for the new epic rides?) The old “repair my crockery” quest was made a thousand times easier by 1) My level 72 Pally, out farming for mithril, picked up the necessary bloodstone ore in the Arathi Highlands, 2) We both have mounts, and we could ride the distance that previously one had to hoof, and 3) There’s a flight point in the Rebel Camp. You just fly down to Booty Bay, get the ore out of the mailbox, go see the goblin, surprise him that you’ve planned ahead, get the repaired pot and fly back up to the camp. Job done. So we both dinged level 40 there in the Vale.

Later, trying to prepare some for an Uldaman run, I happened to be in the Badlands. I got a quest to return with a Black Drake Heart for a weapon enchant item. I figured since the wife didn’t need such an enchant, she very rarely needs to melee, and would much less want an aoe proc, I’d just do that on my own. Oh, it was a lot of whelps. But my level 40 Warrior, in that fantabulous new version of the old “Steel Helm” (+24 Strength. Blue now, not white. Say what???) cooked through them with nearly no downtime, a few bandaids and a couple pots when I managed to aggro more than a couple at once, and still wielding the level 30 Warrior quest whirlwind weapon. Arms is handy. By the time the drake heart dropped, I’d made a ton of progress towards level 41. And when I went to collect the power stones, I found what was once a rare drop is now actually a double drop off each and every dwarf. They each carried one of each of the two power stones you need. So I got all the stones and turned them in. Argh. 99%. So I went back, kicked a few more dwarf butts and dinged 41. That said, it took absolutely no time to knock out a couple quests, and grind on a few mobs, to get an entire level.

I’m also wondering, have they nerfed the very first quests? If I create a new Night Elf Hunter, and start at Aldrassil, I have absolutely nothing to worry about. I can’t die. I barely sustain scratches. But I believe that wasn’t the case more than 4 years ago when I did if for the the first time. That spider cave was absolutely frightening. Those level 4 spiders were tough. I ran a few times. Did I get better at playing this game, or have they nerfed the beginning content to make it easy for the playskool set?


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Last summer, if you’ve been reading here that long, I told you about my level 42 Druid stealing flames from the three Horde cities.  Only to learn he had to be level 50 to activate the quests from those flames.  “Till next year” means today!  Yay!

You know the sound effect?  From those game shows?  When you get the answer … wrong.  That “Wha wha whaaa” sound.

That’s what I heard when I went to turn in the fires I’d gotten from Orgrimmar, Undercity, and Thunderbluff.

Say what?  I need Silvermoon City’s flame?  How hard could that be?

So I flew up to Light’s Hope Chapel.  Then rode into the Ghostlands, making sure to pick up the flightpoint at the Zul’Aman entrance.

Then on to Silvermoon City.

Careful now.  Kitty Mode full on.  Sneak, sneak, sneak.  Nobody here.  Look away.  Just another bright day in town. …  Dang, those guards at the main entrance have got some olfactory nerves on them because I was jumped like some Gloucester High teen as soon as I stepped into the city.  (Low blow, sorry.  No offense intended against the fine guards of Silvermoon City.)

Anyway, I recovered my body after I sent Stormsoul in to investigate where the fire even was.  End of the Murder Row just into the Court of the Sun.  Oh, how à propos.

Carefully avoiding getting too close to anyone, I stealthed into the heart of the city.  A little lost I wound up stealthing through one of the Inns.  Finally I made it to Murder Row.  Scouting ahead I see two more guards.  I couldn’t sneak through the last pair stationed like this.  I could take the death and advance further.

But, wait, there’s more.  There’s some 70′s doing the silly games near the fire.  Oh, yeah, that’s going to work.

So I sat stealthed in the Warlock Trainer’s area.  Inside the curtains, occasionally looking out to see what was going on.

Nobody there?  Just the NPC’s?  Level 70 Troll Priest at the south end of Murder Row, just sitting there.  So I turn north, and go through the two guards.  Whoa.  Made it.  And into the pond when the mechanical guard goes by, with his stealth detection on.  He’s going down Murder Row.  I’m getting my fur wet, and I’m a cat.  Pfft.

I jump out and run behind the bonfire.  Last year I think I activated a pole to steal the fire.  This year I simply clicked on the bonfire.   This was easy.  Again.  The Fire of Silvermoon City was mine.  I walk to the back corner and hearth home.

Turn in the fires, grab my crown.  Now I linger, just slightly longer than I had to, at the mailbox.

P.S. Stealth capable classes for the win!

P.P.S. It only got better.  Turning in four flames from the enemy cities earned me 100 flowers.  I used those to buy the summer chest armor.  And, watch out, I’m on fire!

On fire

P.P.P.S. Be sure to check out WoWInsider’s Flames article.

P.P.P.P.S. Using another location guide, Itarilde and I visited a bunch of flames in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms.  She quit once she got 350 flowers and her Captured Flame.  I got my Brazier of Dancing Flames and then kept going until I’d visited every single flame, Horde and Alliance.  Actually, finally, got ganked in Netherguard Keep by an Orc Shaman and a Tauren Warrior, both 70′s.  Oh well.  A Troll Shaman died in Stranglethorn Vale and the balance was restored.  When you added up how many flames there were, and realized you earned 5,000xp for honoring a friendly flame, and 10,000 xp for desecrating an enemy flame, it was like riding all over the world turning in quests.  I earned a small bit of gold doing it as well.  And lovely Itarilde dinged 62 as well.

One more update: In Nashville for a conference.  So I took the lovely Itarilde for a run to capture the enemy fires.  Undercity was a piece of cake.  I did need to wait for the lingering 70 Warlock to move on.  Second he did I made my move and captured the flame.  Next stop, Silvermoon City.  Like Greenclaw, first death was inside the gates.  On collecting my body, and studying the patrols, I again went through the inn to Murder Row and then walked between the two guards.  Nobody around.  I grab the flame and restealth.  3 70′s appear.  Alliance.  One bows to me.  They grab their flames and mount up.  I mount up too and say “Let’s blow this pop stand.”  We ride out, they in the lead.  Sweet.  Next up, Orgrimmar.  The first guards get as I enter via the back entrance.  Some mage makes sure to Arcane Explosion as well.  Woots for him.  Stealthing I move to where I remember the fire was last year.  Nope.  It’s just to the south of there.  And guards somehow spot me, and a Warlock too, for good measure.  I died in the house next to the fire.  I come back and scout around in wisp form.  I watch the Warlock make an utter hash of the torch tossing.  I find the rogue in the same guild obviously waiting exactly where I’d expect me to be.  (I like how rogues think alike with regards to tactical stealthing.) So I rez at a safe distance and move to a new hut and log off.  This morning I log on and easily grab the flame.  I take a portal to Moonglade and then head to Thunderbluff. That was the easiest flame to steal.  Nobody around.  There was a tricky moment there, passing through two close guards going into an inn leading to the walkway to the Elder Rise.  The guards turn, but don’t aggro. I’d made it. All in all, 3 deaths, 100 flowers, 1 crown.  I turned the 100 flowers in for the chest armor and Itarilde too is a true spirit of summer.


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It’s time to take the kids out.

Here’s the link to an excellent guide to this weeks in-game activity, Children’s Week.

I’ve picked up Whiskers the Rat on Mourneblade, and Peanut on Stormsoul. I need more pets.

(And it’s 1600 Lower City Rep for those interested in such things.)

Maybe it’ll be a one-eyed Willy this year. Hmm.

Edit:  Turns out the wife, Itarilde, wanted Willy.  Go figure.  So I, Greenclaw, was going to get Eggbert.  And clicked on Peanut instead.  Argh.  So Arcarius came and got Eggbert for himself.  I think it’ll be amusing to guard a resource in a BG, stealthed, cat in Prowl mode, with Eggbert running all over.  Solo attackers won’t know what to expect.  Maybe Greenclaw will get Whiskers as well.  (Black cat and white rat, surely a good match.)  Leaving Msaker to go collect Willy tomorrow.  And those Orphans behave like they’re blind most of the time.  Standing up there on the stairs at the Dark Portal.  For the second time.  Waiting, waiting.  I quip: “Maybe the parents were the lucky ones.”  Not nice, I know.  But could the kids be a little more attentive??


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Play them, and they will level.

The Druids came out of their Emerald Dream for a bit this weekend, slaying Trolls down in Tanaris, and reaching the heady new level of 49.  They also rescued Sharpbeak, which offered some real nice leather pants (real nice) as a reward. 

This used to be a fairly difficult quest, given Jintha’Alor swarmed with elite Trolls.  No more.  They’re still spaced as if they were supremely difficult elite mobs, but they’re just ordinary Joe’s, punching in in the mornings, drinking a cup of boiled blood with a breakfast bar, and then manning their posts.  We could either kill them, yawn, or simply stealth past them … straight to number one.  We grabbed the egg from inside the cave while a Blood Elf Hunter soloed the priestess and her two guards, and then we grabbed the other priestess, the one with the key to Sharpbeak’s cage, and pulled her aside for a little “personal counseling”.  Oh, she gave us the key.  And upon getting it had no further objections to our having it.  “You sure you’re sure?  Well, okay then.” Sharpbeak was freed, we got our real nice leather pants as reward, and then returned to Tanaris and turned in the egg in Steamwheedle.  Oh, Emerald Dream save us, now it’s into the Sunken Temple.  We’re lucky in that while some guildies are raiding end-game now, they’ve got alts too that are about our level.  It’s a pretty casual guild, with people that have gotten places.  That and Maradaun, and then, dare I say it, we head out to assist the Cenarian Expedition in the Outlands.  Soon.

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Two on the Path of conquest.

Msaker and Droonda. Tonight we did The Path of Conquest quest chain. Just the two of us. Flying mount was pretty much required for us to do it alone. Nachmahd gave us a hand on the very last part, healing while we killed our last two Crazed Colossi. There was a nice +Defense and +Shield Block ring for Msaker, and Droonda took the +Attack Power, of course.

Two worlds collide. Ours vs. Theirs. We win.

Who’s crazy now?
Two too pretty.

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A year and a half late. (More easy enough gear.)

Remember Molten Core? And Onyxia’s Lair? Probably not. Anyway, remember the gear out of there? Again, probably not. “Onyxia’s where?” Right.

There was once a day you could get some good, and good looking, gear out of level 60 end-game instances. That’s when you ran them. The Molten Core “Tier 1″ sets and then Onyxia, Ragnaros, and Blackwing Lair for the “Tier 2″ stuff.

Now there’s a new shot at Level 70 versions of it. Well, some of it. Well, the helms.

The “I’m a rabid dog, and these keep me from scratching my ears” or “Halp, my head is stuck in a bear trap!” Warrior helm out of Molten Core is available. And the Dragonstalker Hunter’s helm, and the Helm of Ten Storms Shaman’s helm from Onyxia as well. (And the Rogue and Druid helms too.) And for running a few quick quests in Shadowmoon Valley. You’ll need a flying mount, and a tank, but otherwise it’s easy enough.

The quest chain involves Teron Gorefiend. You’re first stop, for the Horde(!), is Chief Apothecary Hildagard in Shadowmoon Valley. He sends you out to get 15 ash piles. Sooo easy. Just fly south out of the village and collect them along the green goo coastline. (They look like little volcanoes spewing green clouds.) If you want to collect fast, fight some stuff. If you don’t want to fight, no problem either. There’s a lot of it out there.

Next step is to kill ghosts. You’ll be given some “Spectrecles” to see them. And, dang, if you aren’t already surrounded by the ghosts right there in the village. Kill a dozen why don’t you. They don’t aggro and you won’t see them, even with the Spectrecles on, if you’ve killed them and completed that part of the quest.

Next stop Hildagard sends you out to find an “Ancient Shadowmoon Spirit”. Some alter on the edge of the world and there’s this ghost. He wants three things from you. Teron Gorefiend’s old Cloak, Truncheon, and Armor. The Cloak is easy to solo. There’s some ghost clerics around, one of which has it. They don’t run from the fight, they don’t cast anything, and they’ve spread themselves out enough so you can fight them one at a time.

The Truncheon is a little more difficult, and you’ll want a friend. It’ll drop from some so-called Ghostriders. (Or you can come back to your lifeless corpse, rez, and loot the one that you did manage to kill by yourself.) They ride the road that runs in a circle around the Hand of Gul’dan. Take the road and you’ll run into them. (Or plant yourself and they’ll run into you.)

The last part, the Armor. Oh, noes! Five-man! Yeah, yeah. Like Dimensius the All-Devouring required five too. Yeah, right. Something about being a Protection Tank, if you know that you’ve got healing around, you feel like, no, you know, you’re invincible. Msaker took Droonda, DPS Shaman Princess, and Nachmahd, Shaman Healer, and figured we were good. We flew to the highest peak where Vhel’kur was circling around. He’s got the Gorefiend’s armor.

What he doesn’t have is a cleave, nor a kickback, nor an aoe attack. This is a pure “spank and tank” exercise. He hits hard, but nothing a Resto Shammy can’t handle. And with Droonda cranking out DPS we got our armor in no time. Oh, yes, I’ve read some notes about pulling to an area, clearing out some of those flayers… Nuts to that. We three huddled on the very peak of that mountain and fought him standing still. Our battleground for this fight was like a square meter large. (Orcs are metric. Check the lore.)

Then it was back to the “ancient spirit” to whom you turn in Teron Gorefiend’s gear. Psyche! You’ve been punked! That was no innocent “Ancient Shadowmoon Spirit!” That was Teron Gorefiend himself. And he’s got one last trick to play on you. He makes you take control of him to defeat a big Draenei called Karsius the Ancient Watcher. You get a pet/minion bar with an attack button and some abilities. Trick is to use every ability as soon as the cooldown is over. I use OmniCC and I get actual numbers counting down on my buttons. This is a godsend. Anyway, for this fight, Karsius appears. I moved a little closer, and then dropped the aoe with Karsius at the outside edge and me on the opposite edge. That way when he moves in to me he’s still in the aoe. Then I drop the shield, and then I drain the life. Repeat each as it’s cooldown ends. Easy. And, woots, I, and Droonda and Nachmahd, returned to Hildagard to collect our reward. Our reward for releasing a revived Teron Gorefiend onto an unsuspecting world again. (What’s wrong with this picture? Black Temple raiders should be rewarding me for freeing him so he can drop loot for them.)

Msaker got his Molten Core helm. Droonda took the Shaman helm. Her eyepatch from the Blade’s Edge Mountains was better AP then the hunter’s helm. And her headband of Simmonz from Nagrand was better healing. What the Shaman’s helm provides her is some spell damage. And some very cool looks.

Then we watched some fireworks.

Then Blackhoof came out. He recruited some guildies, including a warrior to tank, hunter and rogue to dps, and we did the same thing. Some glitches. Even though I was wearing the Spectrecles, I could not see the dragon. When he attacked I did not see him. I could heal my guildies, but could not see him. In fact, being a little confused, our warrior died. And I could out-of-combat rez him, and did. And he kept fighting. And then they stopped fighting. WTF? I unequipped the Spectrecles. And then reequipped them. Dead dragon at my feet. Looted it for the armor. Sweet. I took the Shaman helm because it’s slightly better than the headpiece I was wearing from Blade’s Edge. And in the Battlegrounds a little more spell damage never hurt.

And, damn it, it’s about time Onyxia gave up a Shaman Helm for me. Even if I had to wait a year and a half to get it, and after seeing and then killing a different dragon.


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Easy gear, for Shaman or Tank. Bring a healer. Or three.

Last night Msaker, Droonda, and our friend, Nachmahd, went to Netherstorm to run a little quest for Professor Dabiri at the Protectorate Watch Post. The quest chain is a mere 3 quests long, and the middle quest is a simple bombing run for which they provide the mount! The starting quest is called “Recipe for Destruction.”

The rewards are lucrative. 20 gold and some nice gear. +88 Healing mail armor for the Shamans, and a +30 Defence trinket for me, the Warrior.

We spoke with Captain Saeed, who stands close to the Professor, and he brings a group of Ethereal soldiers with him, up into Mana Forge Ultris. There we square off with a huge voidwalker called Dimensius.

Tanking is simple enough. The healer’s job undoubtedly tougher. I sundered and devastated and shield slammed and fun was had by all. Dimensius is slain and we go and collect our loot.

But Msaker isn’t the only toon in town. What of Blackhoof, recent convert to the Restoration side of Shamanism? He could certainly use a +88 Healing chest piece.

So Blackhoof flies out and the 3 Shamans take the fight on. Droonda didn’t tank, none of us did. We simply kept the Captain alive. And kept him alive. And kept him alive. And and and… Well, the sun’s set, the cow’s have come home, glaciers recede, advance, recede, bonds mature, investements accrue, seasons change, and we healed a little more.

Yes, it was a lot of healing. We healed in shifts, kept Mana Spring and Mana Tide totems down, and we pulled back and drank when we ran low, healing in shifts. Yes. You can actually back away to where you can simply sit and drink Draenic Water to restore your mana. Why waste a potion???

And in the end the Captain prevailed, and Blackhoof got himself some nice +Healing armor.

Funny part about this fight is that it seems the 2nd person on Dimensius’ threat list gets to be a “mini bomb” That had them “blowing up” in a purple flash and hitting the cieling. In the last fight Nachmahd, our friend, was “the bomb.” It was kind of amusing (that’s how long a fight it is) to watch him drinking and blowing up and eating and blowing up. It got to where we was hanging out in door openings so he wouldn’t be blow so high. First fight, unbeknownst to the tanking Msaker, it was Droonda that played this game.

All in all, an easy fight, even for three, provided you can get some good healing in. The three of us went with first two, then three healers, and it amounted to easy loot.

Later on Msaker returned to the Shadow Labyrinths. Easy. No wipes and every boss on the first try. And, again, no shield off Hellmaw, and no shoulders off Murmer. Good thing reputation with the Lower City continues to roll in.

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