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Bad Attitude is Bad

Three new folks later in our Halls of Stone run and I had to laugh.

The first person left because they were called to dinner.  Apparently by Mommy.  After needing for an off-spec item, purple no less.  Not before posting the one fight where they happened to top the damage output list.  (I didn’t want to embarass sonny by posting the overall damange report for the instance.)  So off went sonny boy, to eat dinner.

The second person that left our group was a Warlock.  When the Tree Druid encouraged the Prot Warrior to chain pull, Halls of Stone, he didn’t stop.  We’re in that location with the little crystal mobs and the dwarves… Well one of the crystals aggrod on the ‘lock.  By now the Warrior was already 2 mob groups ahead of everyone.  I’m a Blood Spec DK, I have a 2-mob AoE so I keep up with the tank.  I could have deathgripped the mob off the Warlock, but tanks get pissy, and I mean pissy like sissy little girls, when you aggro or taunt something on purpose, so to heck with that.  Warlocks under the care of the Warrior.  I mean, the Warlock didn’t die, the loose mob died, so no harm done.  But the Warlock said in chat “You forgot one back here.”  The Warrior responds “You shouldn’t have aggro’d it.”  Warlock comes back with “Huh?”  And drops group.  We four-manned the boss.

DPS being dime a dozen we had an instant replacement.  Who was annoyed that he was getting 2 badges less for the run.  Tough timing.  But it wasn’t long before the Warrior states “Hunter no pull.  I’ll pull.”  “?” is the Hunter’s response.  Bye bye hunter.

So we’ve replaced 3 DPS now in 3 runs.  And we had a different healer each time as well.

I don’t know.  This Warrior had the personality of a jackass.  Unguilded.  Likely to remain so, despite the gearing up he’s been doing via pugs.

Civility costs nothing.  You can give it out for free.  Try it sometime.

P.S. And it’s no fluke.  The Oculus appears to be far easier than before.  4 runs, 4 runs complete.  Twice with the all Ruby Drake + land based Healer, and twice with the standard 2+2+1 setup.  Easy loot.


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