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Merry Christmas everyone

So I moved to North Dakota expecting some snow this Christmas.  Turned out I picked the wrong border.  The southern border was the place to be for snow.  I’m sure they are wishing they didn’t have all that snow down there, and I’m sure they’re happy up here enjoying another Indian Summer.  I swear, I think a lot of the trees we passed today on the 2 were budding.  Once the cold returns, if it does, surely it will, the buds will be frozen and the plants that jumped to the front of the line will be slow in budding once Spring really hits.

Anyway, here’s wishing you all a Merry Christmas.


See you Orgrimmar and Ironforge as we collect our presents from under the trees. I wonder what Greatfather Winter is bringing this year.  Last years zeppelin was pretty good.


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Four years of posts, five years of play.

I notice, by looking at my monthly archives, at the bottom of the page on the left here, that I’ve been posting stuff since December of 2005.  Which means I’ve been posting now for four years, and playing for over five.  Yow.

In that first year of playing I went from being a solo player on an RP server, to being a raider on a PvP server.

The second year playing I delved with my guild further into Molten Core and Blackwing Lair and then I dropped out of the raiding scene due to an overseas transfer.  Also I got my wife hooked and Droonda was born.

The third year we were overseas and out of synch with the server by 7 hours.  But between the two of us, a friend who worked with me overseas being on my server, and a guild we’d found with some nightowls, we found plenty to do.

The fourth year I returned to stateside, reestablished some acquaintences from earlier and got back into raiding.  This time through the Burning Crusade, into Serpentshrine Cavern and the Black Temple. 

The fifth year, when I realized I wasn’t carrying my weight (and Taurens are heavy) I dropped out of the raiding scene again (You can dance, if you want to.) and returned to my solo, now duo, ways.

I do look forward to the cross-server pick-up group feature coming in 3.3.  That should mean a lot more people available for getting into some instances.

We’re still enjoying the PvP and it’s “public quest” aspects.  Wintergrasp and Alterac Valley remain enjoyable pasttimes, no matter how many times I’m stunlocked. 

Anzu, Anzu, Anzu.  We’ll be riding you soon enough.

And bring on the Cataclysm.  I’ve got a Warlock to play!


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I play what I want to play.

I was there, 2004, having to choose between EQ 2 and World of Warcraft.

I never played EQ 1, and I had played a little bit of Warcraft.  I have some very fond memories of some matches played in the office over the network at lunch.  So when seeing a new MMO to play after Lineage II and my stint at combat arms in Call of Duty, I jumped into WoW.  And I’ve yet to surface.  The stuff I’m still seeing new each day amazes me.  (I’d never ridden the back of a crocodile until my 2nd time into Sholazar Basin.)

I did try Warhammer.  Got accounts for me and the wife.  Yes, yes, it’s a PvP game.  Or is it?  There’s PvE to be found there.  But put side by side with Warcraft, it just wasn’t providing me the fun I wanted.

Now, see the header?, I’ve gotten a LotRO account and I’ve joined my wife in Middle Earth.  That is just as different as WAR is to WoW.  What LotRO has that Warhammer didn’t?  Crafting. Meaningful creation of stuff to use and wear.  I like that.  (I’ve got leatherworkers and blacksmiths cranking out gear for our characters.  I’ve leveled up Inscription and Enchanting way past personal use on one character.  I dig the crafting.)  And in Middle Earth we aren’t surrounded by bodies and chaos.  I like that too.

And don’t get me wrong.  We’re going strong in World of Warcraft yet.  Two couples in Outlands, two couples in Northrend, and a couple of couples in Azeroth yet, eyeing that portal and the great beyond.

I play what I want to play.  I’m a lemming to my own personal idea of fun.

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Do you remember?

There we were.  Our mid-40s Forsaken returning from Brackenwall in Dustwallow Marsh to Orgrimmar to complete a quest.

In flight on the windriders.  I was alt-tabbed out, catching up on news during the flight.

The wife makes a remark passing through the canyon outside of Orgrimmar, the one filled with those electric dinosaurs.  I turn to look at her screen.  Did the flight always go through like this?  I think so.

Then the windrider sweeps up and over the bridge between Durotar and The Barrens.

“I remember when Droonda first crossed that bridge,” she says.

You know that “Quantam Leap” thing, or something like it, when all reality just kind of tunnels up and you rush through it, and there she was, white-maned Droonda, leather gear, level 11 or so, taking her first steps beyond the already dangerous Durotar.  Steps?  Running.  She was running into the next adventures and challenges.  And so long ago.  A couple years now.  But I had the picture of it in my mind, as clear as what I was watching as she flew over that bridge and on into Orgrimmar.

For some, the point is reaching the end.  They just need one big ol’ DING – Game Over – Scrolling Credits to know they’re winners.  That’d be like being born to sit in the guest of honor’s chair at our own retirement ceremony.  Woot!  You’re Dead.  Thanks so much for playing.  Next. (And don’t let the door hit you on the way out, and go quietly.)

For me, every step is worth remembering.  I don’t want to retire, or be retired.  And you kind of live forever if you remember.  (And, heck, you can always repeat the journey, or do it a new way, or in new clothes, or with new wisdom.)

I do screenshots when I come across neat stuff.  Nice sunsets, beautiful vistas, unusual sights.  But what about the milestones?

One of my favorite add-ons is called Ding Recorder.  It quietly sits in the background and waits for those special moments.  When you “Ding,” and get the swirl of light, it takes your screenshot for you.  (You will want to change the set-up so it won’t send out the guild notification every time.  On a level 5 character, in a guild with 70′s trying to do something… ;) )

It’s a nice record of where you’ve been, a photo diary if you will, and what’s gone into making you what you’ve become.

Sunsets, bridge crossings, and AV wins are on you to screenshot.

Sometimes I dream of the future
And sometimes I travel down Memory Lane
With the Yesterday Daily Review
Memories carefully kept in a pile
Like newspapers stacked in the corner
To relive my yesterdays once in a while
Although they are faded and worn
They remind me
Once in a while
Of far away places and long ago names
Yesterdays back down the road that you came
Somewhere behind you down Memory Lane
Joe Walsh - 1987


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