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Bugs amongst us.

My first exposure to the Silithids as an Alliance character was when Kinless, my Night Elf Hunter, began exploring Tanaris. Up until that point in his career the worst he had to fear from hardshelled beasts were the scorpids of Desolace and the spiders of Duskwood. Down in Tanaris a hive has apparently burst from the soil with skittering and flying creatures.

The Horde characters are exposed to the Silithids very early on. In the Barrens there are two Silithid area where adventurers are sent to collect eggs. As a warrior I was tasked to collect a twitching leg of one. In the Shimmering Flats there is another hive of them. In Un’Goro Crater, past Tanaris, there is yet another hive or two of them.

And down in Silithus they are everywhere.

If it sounds like an invasion of your home by roaches, it most certainly ought to, because it is. That’s their plan, that’s what these bug want. To take over Kalimdor.

If you at all play with your eyes open you will have realized the Alliance and the Horde are united in attempting to stop this. On Smolderthorn the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj are open and the portal to the ruinds of Ahn’Qiraj beckoned.

Too, promises of a nice ring, cloak, and weapon set, earned not as loot drops off the bosses per se, but from scarabs and idols found there in the ruins, and when presented with the necessary reputation, your gear to help fight them will be provided to you by the Cenarian Hold.

A new instance, our first time there. With the help of someone a bit more experience there than we could be, we managed to kill two bosses.

Kurinnaxx, the Sandreaver was the first boss we met. The sandtraps he uses were the worst trouble I had. They hurt, they silence, and a silenced Shaman taking damage is a very sad person. The raid did not survive this first contact. The second time we knew just what to expect, and we sent him back to the depths from which he’d crawled.

That was quite nice for us. Downing Kurinnaxx was easier than our first downing the Priestess Jeklikk (Bat Aspect) in Zul’Gurub. (Of course at the time we were geared with equipment from UBRS and Stratholme and such. Now we’re in Molten Core equipment. Gear matters.)

After this battle we cleaned the ichor off the armor, divvied out the loot, and proceeded to the next encounter. General Rajaxx. The mighty Qiraji who commands the Qiraji armies in battle.

This was an interesting fight. Suffice to say we decided to let the Lieutenant General Andorov, a Human in the most minimal chest armor, and his four Kaldorei Elite Night Elves, looking decidedly more suitable for battle than their human leader, simply watch us initially. That involved taking down 7 successive waves of Qiraji Swarmguard Needlers and Warriors. The last member of each wave we kept alive as we fully recovered health and mana.

The last of the last wave killed, General Rajaxx comes out to attack us. The NPC’s now join, or are asked, to help. This was a little confusing for me. My heals didn’t seem to be working on me. There is an odd attack of the General’s, but apparently his attack takes “half of your health.” Half, then half, then half, then half = never actually being killed by it. This doesn’t occur to me until I sit here recounting the event. Alas we did not succeed in keeping LTG Andorov alive this time. But General Rajaxx was ours.

Following this encounter we set out for the next boss. It was running late, but we did manage to get Buru the Gorger’s shell off. But that wasn’t enough. Not this time.

We all admitted the Ruins of AQ were a fun place and we look forward to our next forays into it’s walls.

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Onyxia Again.

In twentyfive minutes.

It used to seem impossible. Now it takes twentyfive minutes. Unbelievable! Gear matters.

No deaths.

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Onyxia down! Another first for Requiem.

The guild has done it again. On an unschedule raid, with less than a weeks notice, some 39 of us got together in Brackenwell Village in Dustwallow Marsh. Our goal was to go trouble Onyxia again.

We’d been there a few times before. I was in on two or three tries. Last weekend they tried again. But last night the stars were aligned, the gear was arranged, the potions were bought and brought, and lady luck was smiling on us.

Our first attempt we took Onyxia down to 5%. Now common to this kind of fight, our health didn’t outlast the damage we were taking.

Our second attempt, maybe we got comfortable, but she took a deep breath and wiped half the group.

Our third attempt was charmed. Down to 1% felt so easy. Everything was in synch. The whelps were being handled. I was in the Main Tanks group keeping totems down and everyone healed. I didn’t survive but Onyxia dropped a breath or two after I did. Excellent! This is a good guild.


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Hakkar killed. Good job Requiem.

I remember a long time ago when the gates of Zul’Gurub first opened. I was not ready to travel there yet, and the guildmates who were found out quickly how difficult it was.

Now, so many months later, I’m there with our first kill of Hakkar.

Sunday the guild eliminated the first two aspects that server Hakkar. The Bat and the Snake.

Last night we entered and took out the other three. The Panther (which we’ve done, but has stymied us for a while, but last night we did it first try), the Tiger (which took us four tries, but it’s our first kill of him), the Spider (which we did before, but not reliably, but last night first try).

Phat lootz included the Will of Arlokk, the amazing cobra staff of healing. But I lost the roll. (Trying so often and when we succeed, and it drops!, I lose. :( ) But we learned and will go back often and it’ll be mine someday.

After all the aspects were dead we were ready to confront, at long last, Hakkar, the giant winged serpent that inhabits the central temple.

Now that the Aspects were killed, he would not receive their buffs.

We wiped once, I’ll be honest, but on our second attempt he died. (He basically killed himself, if you are familar with the strategy.)

What a thrilling, and all too late, night for the guild.

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Agent of the Forsaken. Life on a PvP server. Life’s not over until you’re 60. Life ends at 60 rather often. Enjoy it.

Darkhoof took the night off. No doubt ruminating on some of the grasses of Mulgore, recovering from the blistering he got in Molten Core Wednesday night.

Oddity though, lazy Orc that he is, has been just resting up a storm in the Undercity. Level 38 and some amount of rested xp built up again.

It’s time to hit the pavement Orcy boy. “Lok’tar!”

I make sure my gear is repaired, my bags are empty, I check the mail and grab the stuff that didn’t sell and run it back to the Auction House again.

I’d got an invite to go later to Razorfen Downs but that companion-in-arms had not appeared in the realm yet.

I exit Lordaeron (Thanks, Human Race, for the nice city. Too bad we’ve got it now!) and turn westwards. I don’t know why I decided to run, but I did, and I headed out to the Sepulcher.

On the road I saw some younger characters heading the same way. One had acquired a Worg and the Worg was chewing his butt but good. He might have kept going and the Worg might have lost interest except the Worg had managed to daze him. I got to within charge range and let that Worg have it. I looted the body and saw the Worg’s heart was still collectable. I gave it to it’s intended victim since I know he would shortly have a quest to recover more such hearts. I ran on after he’d thanked me and I’d cheered.

I reached the Sepulcher but then decided that what I wanted to do was clear up some quests in Hillsbrad. “Ganksbad” is what they should call it. Gank Mill and South Gank. :) I jest. But I also wasn’t running there to PvP. I’ve got 40 to reach, and by gum, I will. Eventually.

First quest on the list was to collect a few more skulls from the pesky humans. The poor Deathguard in Tarren Mill, stuck there guarding the place, had sent me out to do his business. And his business had me collect him 30 skulls. Nice. Agent of the Forsaken is what I am.

I’ve seen leper gnomes. I’ve seen dark dwarves. I’ve seen Undead elves and humans and trolls.

We Orcs were torn from our homeworld of Draenor. We were once noble, we embraced nature and it’s forces. But the Scourge came and corrupted us.

I guess unlike the other races, where pure representatives are still to be found, Orcs are, to a man, woman, and child, corrupted forms of our once noble selves. I’ll be very happy if one day I can return to Draenor and find an Orc cousin who remains untouched by the scourge. Would he be a tusked brute driven to constant warfare? I think not.

But here I am. Product of the scourge. Tusked and with fire in my eyes!

So, Orc Think here: You need 30 skulls? Okee dokee.

And I also had to get some shards from some Forsaken traitors being held by, or in the protection of perhaps, the mages of Dalaran. And I needed to collect some stones off these mages and researchers as well.

Since Dalaran was closer to the Sepulcher than the village of Hillsbrad, that was my first stop.

The prison camp is easy enough to find. The guards are laughably inadequate to keep a warrior such as I out, and one by one the traitors met their end, leaving me with the shards they had sought to turn over to the Dalaran mages. The last of them was guarded by a mage who dropped a journal. It accounted her tests of the shard. It accounted her attempts to establish the material characteristics of the shards. It accounted for about 12 pages more than me, a brute Orc, cared to read. “Ah, maybe somebody cares back in Lordaeron!” Into the bags it went. “Zug Zug!”

I then moved out to the old city of Dalaran. Most of it’s been bubbled, whether it is protected or devastated inside is a question. Outside it’s only ruins with the odd Dalaran researcher wandering around. They carry stones for some purpose and I managed to pry a few from the more than few cold, twitching, fingers.

Now Dalaran is on the “run path” for the Alliance to go to the Scarlet Monastery. The Scarlet Monastery is the questing destination for both sides, from about the mid-30′s to 40 or so. What that mean is every so often I’d spot Alliance, individuals or small groups, running past the place. One such Alliance, a Druid, ran rather close. I checked the level, 34 or so, and figured “Me Orc! Me have business to do!” so I turned my attentions back to the folks of Dalaran.

Now after this Druid had passed a Dwarf rode up on this massive Ram. (Them’s good eatin’!) His level was ??. Karma, remember that? He waved, I waved, and he rode off.

And shortly I had the shards I needed, and the stones too. Next on my list of jobs was to collect 30 Human Skulls.

So I went to Hillsbrad Fields and I played out the neverending battle between Orc and Mankind and it took a while but eventually I had my 30 skulls. (How is it possible that these Hillsbradians don’t all have skulls? What’s up with that? Are they degenerates? What’s holding them together??) While I whittled down the population, and whittled down their successors, I did see a few Alliance scurrying about. Usually at a distance, always moving the other way. Yay! (Ooh. I forget to mention I dinged 39 at Dalaran. Yes, the skulls quest is below my level, but a quest is a quest, I can earn reputation with the Undercity, and sometimes it just feels good to harvest skulls.)

Bags full of stones, shards, and skulls, I made my way to Tarren Mill and turned it all in.

A freind whispers me and asks if I need help in Stranglethorn Vale. You bet, I reply.

So I flew from Tarren Mill back up to the Undercity and then took the Zeppelin down to Grom’gol Base Camp in Stranglethorn Vale. This friend was Onaeveim who has helped me in the past.

Camp Nesingwary’s is a little busier than normal. And while I hunted tigers and raptor and panthers there are more than one or two misunderstandings there between Horde and Alliance.

There was a ?? Rogue wandering the area. At one time I came within a hairsbreadth of me and another killing him. His vanish foiled since I’d put a Rend on him. And there! He lets out a last breath! As I let out mine. :( No Honor Kill for me. Later he’d find me alone and kill me without too much threat to his neck.

But I do manage to get a good bit of hunting accomplished. Ona joining me at times, other times ranging ahead, or looking for trouble behind. He encounters a Paladin and a Mage and makes a, most likely astute, assumption as to their possible sexual orientation. Further on we run into a hunter, or rather Ona does, and then this ?? Warrior runs into me, and then all hell breaks out. There’s Ona, 60, me, 39, and like 4 Alliance, 2 or 3 ?? to me. “Darkhoof’s got to come!” says Ona. “Okee dokee” says Oddity. Oddity leaves the world in the Spirit form, and Darkhoof comes alive in Orgrimmar (dust, not grass, he’s been munching on it would seem). I, as Darkhoof now, astral recall myself to Kargath and then jump a pridewing down to Grom’gol. Before I land I see that Grom’gol is under attack. Good. Not far to go to find the fight.

There’s Ona, surrounded by 4 Alliance, all level 60′s, some younger ones, the Orc guards are out fighting too, some Horde players as well, and I run in, Frostshock one on him, and then a Flameshock and it dies. I’m rooted and then a 60 Hunter starts firing! I Frostshock! and Frostshock! and come free and knife the little guy to death with my Sorcerous Dagger! Earthfury gear for the win! (Since I’m not at all Elemental specc’d. I’m a healer. Not a fighter.)

It’s raging. Back and forth. I do die twice. But I get 8 HK’s. It’s late and we’ll have to leave soon. But Theido joins us. A guild Druid. And Ona and I change to Ghostwolf form and Theido gets into cat form and we run up the coast. Ooh, I’d hate to run into us. Little Gnome Warlock with pink Princess Leia buns? Left without the means to self-motivate. Night Elf Hunter lady. Remember us? We remember you!

And Ona says “This is what I’m talking about.” Yeah. It was fun. I’m sure it was fun for the Alliance too. We live a little, we kill a little, we die a little. We need to have fun. (And keep company with at least one level 60 friend around.)

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Tonight is MC Night. So grab your stuff, your ankhs, and get down to Kargath. We’ll be leaving at 8:50 p.m. sharp. Or thereabouts. Don’t forget to repair before you set out, Noob!

I start this thread hoping that I’ll be able to add to it as the action tonight unfolds.

A run to Molten Core with Requiem, a horde guild on Smolderthorn.

(Well, I’ll be taking you on the run we do on Wednesdays. We aren’t “leet” enough yet to do it all in like five hours or so. Eventually, but not quite yet.)

It’s T-3 hours now and I’m just getting this together so it’s ready to go when I am.

I’ve got my, Darkhoof’s, Astral Recall spell set to Kargath. There’s a reason for it that I’ll get to.

Too, the only real raiding I do nowadays happens to be in Blackrock Spire and Kargath is a far superior jumping off point than Thorium Point is. God, what a PvP nightmare that place is. Heh. Ever try to turn in 1,000′s of Dark Iron Ore, 5 at a time, to some thick Dwarf while Night Elf rogues are prowling about? That’s just no fun.

Okay, so it’s 5 minutes before meet time and I am attempting to connect to the server.

Ummm. This happened last night while we wanted to go to ZG. And the last time. And the time before last.

Still connecting. What’s up Blizzard? I was just on a realm. I move over to a low population server (Smolderthorn) and I can’t log on? Vent’s up so I tell my guildies I’ll be a little late to Kargath. Others are experiencing the same thing. While I wait I’m already typing in the blog here. (I am now updating this since you can’t type in a blog and heal your charges at the same time.)

But, no worries. I did manage to log on, and I was already in Kargath and I got an invite to the raid right off. Nice.

Darkhoof leaves the inn at Kargath and it’s like the scene from a Turkish Bazaar. There are people everywhere! Two or three different guilds. Preparing to run Molten Core or Blackwing Lair or maybe just go to Upper Blackrock Spire or such.

I tracked down Lexia, our mage, and she gave me some of her wonderful water. Like mana, or ambrosia. Quite restoring to the mana pool. Lexia is usually very difficult to find. Yes, she’s got some nice colorful robes on. Her eyes are like little beacons. She has a happy dancing little murloc as a pet. But imagine a slight Undead Mage amongst a sea of huge Tauren Shaman, Warriors, and Druids. It’s like horns and manes is all one sees. A quick /target revealed she was close by so I open a trade window with her and in exchange for 5 snowballs she gives me 40 Conjured Waters. (I’ve got the snowballs to spare and she enjoys hurling them at Ona the Orc Shaman.)

I’ve got water, my gear is repaired, and so I kill a little time. I get my Worg Pup out, change into Ghostwolf form and run around like a mad dog.

I’m not much of a PvPer. But I’m undefeated in the ghostwolf vs. ghostwolf category. Such a simple and feral fight. No spells, no heals, no windfury procs, just good old teeth sunk into somebody elses fur. It’s a slow fight, we 60 Shaman have a lot of health, but I whittle them all down eventually. Master of the Pack. At least in dog form.

I ran into an old friend and waved as he managed to defeat a Warrior. He is a Shaman. It’s our healing powers that gives us an advantage. Kind of like a Paladins “bubble heals,” our lesser healing waves can be improved with talents so they aren’t as easily interrupted. With +218 healing I can recover a goodly amount of health while still fighting. (A 60 Warrior once found that out when we ran into him down in Stranglethorn Vale.)

At the appointed time, 8:50, we set off for Blackrock Spire. We like going as a group, because, like they say, United we stand, divided we fall.

We aren’t alone as we enter the gates of Blackrock Spire. There is a pathway of skeletons down the ramp. Before I even leave the tunnel I’m rewarded with an Honor Kill. (I love when I get Honor Kills and I don’t even see the death. This particular Honor Kill was a Knight-Lietenant.) Then another. I spot the red names now. One is on the floor under a mob of Horde. Dead or very short. Two more are on the rocks above the chain. A level 60 Mage and one other. I’m hoping it is not a Priest as I jump on the chain and move downwards. For the Mage I drop a Grounding Totem to absorb any spell he might thrown my way. Now a Priest, as I’ve already once told you, will Mind Control you and dump you in the lava. Halfway down the chain, out of habit, I drop an Earthbind Totem. Don’t need anyone following me too closely now. “I need space!” I make my through the center and back onto the next chain leading to the bottom and at last get to the Blood Elf and his gem. I touch the gem and am transported into the Molten Core. (Outside the shimmering portal I can see the end of Blackrock Depths. I’m glad there is a shortcut to reach this place.)

Sidebar: As we collect inside Molten Core someone tells the story of a friend of his. His friend is just level 56, first time ever anywhere. Proud to finally be getting to go someplace as famous as Blackrock Spire, he makes his way here, across the Searing Gorge, enters the gates, comes down the ramp, and, first time mind you, is promptly mind controlled and run into the lava. The person telling the story then says as of that day all Alliance, of any race, level, or creed, will die if he can manage to get to them. At the point where a war becomes personal, watch out. Bad things start happening. For both sides.

Not all of us had left the same time. A handful of folks were asked to go repair. Some were asked to put their clothes back on and then told to go repair. I thank the gods that loin clothes aren’t a removeable article of clothing.

While we wait in the entrance of Molten Core we hear people talking about entering Blackrock Spire. Uh oh. Those Alliance we ran into? They weren’t there to cause a little trouble. They must have been gathering for a raid as well and in between our passing them and our stragglers reaching them they’d reinforced their numbers.

But, at 9 p.m., our appointed time again, we pulled the first Fire Lords.

These battles are becoming second nature now. And our Warriors and Hunters are confident enough to stay ahead of the game. The mana of the healers barely, and not always, restored before the next fight starts. But that’s how it’s supposed to be done. Just a moving wave down into Molten Core to the first bosses.

Now Molten Core has what we call “trash mobs”. They include Fire Lords which are massive giants, made of molten lava. They usually come in pairs. Our raids always have a Main Tank and an Off Tank and no matter what your talents build is before reaching 60, if you’re going to be of use, or want to be out front, you’ll have a Protection Build to go raiding. Warriors are there to take damage, not do it. Mages, rogues, hunters, and elemental shamans, are there to do the damage.

Another form of trash mob is the Fire Elemental. These are like the elementals you might find in the Arathi Highlands. But immensely more powerful. Level 62 or 63, and Elite.

Then there are the Rock Elementals. You’ve probably seen these in Thousand Needles or the Badlands. And there’s a few versions of each of these trash mobs. Some of the Rock Elementals run person to person and smash up people. Others have a big hit that sends everyone around them flying. (Think Matrix.)

Then there are the huge two-headed Core Hounds. Either individual, or in packs. And they have multiple talents as well. They might breath fire. They might stun the entire raid. They might send you scurrying about in fear.

All of these trash mobs, if handled wrong, can wipe out a 40-man raid.

How? you ask? Well, funny story from this very raid. We have two hunters out front. One pulls some elementals from one side, the other pulls some dogs from another. The classic “Doh!” moment. We’re capable enough raiders that we can only but laugh at this. Too funny. “You pull.” “No, you.” “No, you.” We’re close enough to the entrance that a few survive by running back out of the instance. That could result in death anyway if the Alliance are right outside. On the way out a mage dropped dead next to me. He’d been dotted (damage over time had been cast on him) by something. Almost! Well, short of it, we survived, returned, rezzed, and were back in business.

We continued on into the Core on the way to our first boss, Lucifron.

One thing a little different than other instances. The respawn rate of trash mobs is very quick. You have maye 20 minutes and these things reappear! Don’t stop! And don’t forget to make a note of when you killed what. You don’t want to be picnicing when something is due back. However, yay for us, we’ve gotten good enough that we move so fast we don’t worry about keeping timers going.

We kill some more elementals and then prepare to fight the Fire Imps. (Right. Just like the Grell kin found in Darkshore. But level 62, Elite, and swarming in packs of a dozen.) This is usually the death of at least a couple of our mages, but this night the Imps fall under a whither rain of fire and frost and lightning. We run through them so easily this time.

Lucifron is there before us. And we’re there for him.

There are some Core Hounds yet to remove from our way and then we prepare for the fight.

I’m in the Main Tank’s group this run. First time.

And I die. Video can be found here.

But Luci goes down. And Cenarion Boots and Felheart Gloves drop. Every boss will drop at least two [epics].

After the loot is distributed we get going on the next task. This is to kill Magmadar, an even larger two-headed hound. Magmadar makes the Beast in UBRS look like a Chihuahua dressed in a funny little people clothes.

To reach Mag we need to go through some Core Hound packs. These aren’t quite as difficult as the Core Hounds that wander about the Core, but they come in groups of five, and if you don’t kill them all at pretty much the same time, the surviving hound will resurrect the dead ones. All five have to die at the same time, and then someone has to pour a bucket of water on the ashes to make real sure they’re really dead for sure. “Only you can prevent wildfires.”

There are like five or so of these packs. And we take them out one at a time. Our Warriors tank the dogs and everyone else rains hellfire down upon them.

Until we stand before the Big Dog. Magmadar. He’s … relatively easy. Not much to do here. The Main Tank beats on his nose and everyone just shoots stuff, casts stuff, or stabs him from close range. If you aren’t the Main Tank, and you see teeth, it’s time to lay up the damage!

Magmadar isn’t just a big slab of beef though. He breaths fire and can launch this fire thing that lands on you like napalm. He casts a fear spell that has everyone not protected by a Stonetremor Totem running about the place like boys at Neverland Ranch. Even with a totem you’ll initially run off. You simply come to your senses earlier. (Whew, Michael is out of town!) And he bites I suppose. I tend not to get too close. I drop my totems and keep an eye on our other casters mana levels, in case I need to drop a Mana Spring or Mana Tide totem, and otherwise heal the boss.

And then Magmadar goes down. So easy this time. 1 1/2 hours into our raid. Woot.

See the video here.

When we first started we would typically, on a Wednesday, only do Luci and Magmadar.

As we got better we could move to the next boss. At that point though all those trash mobs we’d cleared through earlier would be back. We’d have to fight all the way out to where we turn to the next boss. At this point we’d strip off our durability items (death causes damage, repairs cost money) and make a suicide run out. I.e. run and and be killed by the first mob. Then run back from Thorium Point in spirit form and then reappearing at the entrance with not too much harm done. (If you find yourself at Thorium Point, in spirit form, and you’re surrounded by a mob other other spirits, and none of them are wearing anything, that’s what they’re doing. (If they’ve just wiped then they’d still be wearing their gear.))

But this time, we’ve done so well, we simply go back out the way we came. The Fire Imps have respawned but they are non-issues this run. And we find ourselves on the hill overlooking Gehennas area. And we start down.

It’s not so bad. I used to seem impossible. But here we are like scouts on a hike. There are Fire Lords and Fire Elementals and Rock Elementals on the way to Gehennas but they’re not tough. Gehennas has two guards and they’re just seperately tanked, killed one by one, and then all attention goes to Gehennas. This is a tough fight. He’s got his regular attack and he’s got some curses he likes. One time a shadowbolt found me and hit me for 2,100 points of damage. Ouch. (Yes, being in the mere presence of a good rogue will cause about that much damage, but here on top of everything else, it’s deadly.)

Gehennas goes down 2 1/4 hours into our raid. And it’s all over. Booya.

And we aren’t done yet.

Last stop tonight, kids, is Garr. A great big bunch of rocks piled on rocks.

This room is like a mall at Christmas time. There’s a dozen trash mobs in the area. If you had one of these in your neighborhood it would fold onto itself and create a black hole. Heavy, man.

This is how we do Garr. Four Warlocks take and banish 4 of the 8 Firesworn who protect Garr.

Firesworn are Rock Elementals. Moving pebbles stacked on each other. But can they hit. And once you kill them they’ll explode and everyone around goes flying. And if you kill one, you only make Garr stronger.

So the Warlocks banish and hold 4 of the Firesworn and keep them out of play. Four Warriors have the other 4 Firesworn. And then one by one the Firesworn are killed. As each is killed the group attacking the remaining Firesworn gets larger. When the 4th is killed all attention is turned to Garr.

And it was such an easy fight for me. I healed the Main Tank, kept the totems up, and since he took so little damage the healing easy.

But, as Ron Popeil says, Wait, there’s more. Well, we are almost done.

On killing Garr the fights not yet over. Remember the four Firesworn banished by the Warlocks? One by one the banishment is broken and the Firesworn is killed. With the 8th dead then it’s time to count the loot. I think another Earthfury Helm dropped and since I already had one, this raid didn’t get me any loot. :) But it’s fun nonetheless.

So, at end of the night we had taken down 4 bosses in 3 hours. That’s 8 epics, or about 1 per group of 5. Would you invest 3 hours for an epic item? Sure you would.

With the last of the loot in it’s new owners hands, the portals open to the Undercity and Orgrimmar and I step through. One moment in the Molten Core at Blackrock Spire, next in the dry streets of Orgrimmar.

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Woot. The Majordomo sent to the children’s table.

Gehennas, Garr, Shazzrah, Sulfuron, and Golemog downed.

Majordomo told “All your minions can’t save you.” and they don’t. We loot the chest he leaves when he runs off. Not a bad night’s work.

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Darkhoof’s got new boots. Another great run into MC.

Our Wednesday Night raid into MC was another good one. Heck, they’re all good.

Well, we did aggro a Surger and some Fire Imps, and then aggro’d some Fire Giants and a Core Hound, but when we had the bosses in our sights, Lucifron and Magmadar, they went down first tries.

Loot for Darkhoof this run was a pair of Earthfury Boots. I now have the head, shoulders, and foot pieces of the Earthfury set. Not only looking pretty cool, all molten lava flowing between the rock and metal, they provide a +10 yard range on my totems. I am still wearing 3 pieces of the Elementals set and that’s getting me +50 armor still. And otherwise my gear is giving me +218 Healing. (And, yes, I’m still the top healer on the raid. :)

For anyone first raiding Molten Core, it so much more intense than anything else you’ve encountered. When UBRS to Drakkisith gets easy, Molten Core’s first mobs, the so-called “trash mobs”, will give you a butt whooping you won’t soon forget. And then there’s the actual bosses.

But it all gets easy. Every boss has a weakness, every battle a strategy. Every wipe is just one more step in the direction of victory. And, Good Lord, the epics sure are sweet.

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Bummer. They downed Majordomo Executus without me.


It was the Saturday where the raid starts early and I can never make those. This time everything was cleared to Sulfuron (we got Golemag Friday night and I was there for that).

Seems my guild downed Sulfuron and the Majordomo. We’d reached him last Saturday when I was along. And this next week he went down. We rock! Nothing really great dropped (three trifling epics is all) and I missed nothing except being there when the Majordomo was taken down.

Friday night I managed to score the Earthfury Epaulets. These are a nice replacement for the television antenna Pauldrons of the Elements.

And this weekend I can look forward to going all the way! Maybe Ragnaros will get his this week. You never know with us.


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Cautionary Tale.

There is a funny story associated with my new header graphic. It’s sunset in Azshara as taken from Lord Hydraxis’ island.

I’d gone out to the Island in search of the Lord in order to conclude the last of my current business with the Hydraxian Waterlords. This involved turning in the hands of several of the Fire Lords found in the Molten Core. Lucifron, Gehennas, Shazzrah, and Sulfuron. Following our successful guild run last week I’d gotten all four hands. So I made the long run out to the island. Lacking the necessary fish oil to run across the wave tops I instead swam, equipping my Hydrocane (gotten so many levels ago in Gnomeregan) to enable water breathing.

Turning in the hands the Lord told me my reward was to be found in below the waves to the south of the island. I jumped in from the height and there it was. A large stone box. I opened it and claimed my Tidal Loop Ring. Not the greatest of rings but with the Fire Resistance a welcome addition to my inventory.

I returned to the top of the island and remarked how beautiful the scene was with the sun setting behind the Elven ruins. And so it occured to me to pose a few shots so I could use one of them for the header here. I turned off my interface and danced a little, rotated a little, jumped, preened, etc., and took several shots. The fun ended when I found myself turned into a sheep.

By the time you’ve been sheeped you can count on losing more than half you health in the next few moments.

Again, in no mood to play with a Gnome Mage, I moved into the water where I died. I watched the mage swim back to the island. Now, here was my 2nd downfall: I saw a second set of legs kicking in the water above. But they were moving TOWARDS the island. I waited for a bit and ankhed. I was immediately gouged and killed by a stealthed Night Elf Rogue. Sigh. Sneaky snakes. All gnomes and enemy rogues must die.

I’d gotten the water to douse the fires in the Molten Core, used in summoning the Majordomo, and I simply took the Spirit Healers offer and hearthed back to Kargath.

The guild was gathered to enter Molten Core again. The timers reset all the usual mobs were there. It’s becoming, happily, routine, and we moved to Lucifron and Magmadar finishing the hound, and the raid for the night, in record time. Our plan is to run the first two bosses on a weeknight, and Friday night is the big push into the Core, and Saturday see how much further we get. (Last Saturday we stood at last before the Majordomo.)

On this run a pair of Salamander Scale Pants dropped. Leather, with +Int, +Sta, and most important for me, +51 healing and 9 mana regen/5 s.

I want my Earthfury Set of course. Magmadar drops the Earthfury Leggards but he didn’t this time. And when would he? (I’ve been on numerous Baron runs and never once saw the Elements leggings drop.) And when they asked for bids on this none of the Druids wanted it. They were going to disenchant it?? They kept saying “Oh, those are Druid pants.” One Druid was being played by his brother and I guess he wasn’t sure of his brothers plans for the character. The other was feral specc’d for BG goodness and wasn’t interested. I had over 400 dkp and these were only about 100 so I thought, why not? (I’d already lost the roll for a pair of Earthfury Gauntlets that run.)

And if you look at the stats, the pants have less stamina and intellect, certainly much less armor, but they have the Molten Core Friendly Fire Resist bonus (the Earthfury has Shadow Resist??), and they have +51 Healing vs. the leggards +12 spells and healing, and 9mana/5s vs. 6.

So, I could afford it DKP wise, I’ll certainly use it (#1 in healing on every Molten Core run I’ve ever been on), and putting them on with the rest of my fire resist gear and I’m at “Fair” when it comes to fire resistance, before I drop a Fire Resist Totem or get Mark of the Wild. Not shabby.

Back to my earlier admonition: If you’re posing for photographs have some friends watch your back.

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