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“What do you get when you cross an insomniac, an agnostic, and a dyslexic?”

“Someone who stays up all night wondering if there is a Dog.” – so quipped Groucho Marx.

He’s also the guy that said “I wouldn’t want to join a club that would have me as a member.”  (I’ve probably paraphrased that one.)

Anyway, I applied to two guilds over the weekend.  I know folks in both.  I know more in the one that apparently one-shotted Gruul last night.  I actually accepted guild invites from one working on Karazhan.  Except they’ve got really high standards, no exceptions, to going to Karazhan.  (Three of the four Heroic keys, 4 D3 set pieces, please don’t trouble the mages for water or food.  Better you spend your money for that.  Mages mana doesn’t grow on trees you know.)  And the other night, someone asked in guild chat, “Anyone want to do anything?”  “Do you need a tank?” I asked.  (Silence.) … Guess not.  The five simply got on their five alts, and picked up more Kara prerequisite stuff with themselves.

After joining with Msaker, my Warrior, and appreciative of all their activity (without realizing what the deal was) I also signed up my Shaman, Blackhoof, with them.  Guild’s a guild.

Well, Blackhoof had applied to another guild.  That one that one-shotted Gruul.  They were looking for a Resto Shammy.  Hey, that’s me.  But these guys are raiders.  What do they want with me in blues and greens?  So I joined the other guild.

Not going on any run with them (they’ve got all bases covered in any configuration needed) I was in Ogrimmar doing AFK Valley.  I leave the building and there is a Blood Elf Priest looking at me.  “/s Argh.”  I say.  “Hey, do you want to go to EOTS with us?”  Sure.  It’s the recruiter for the Gruul guild.  So they queued up.  I joined their vent.  (She whispered “Sorry for these guys” as if they were over the top.  But you know, raiders can be funny people.  These were.  One little convo was a guy wanting to transfer to Kirin Tor.  Bring his level 19 Hunter.  “For twenty five bucks I’ll level a Hunter to 19 for you.” one said.  In the raid chat someone typed “Let’s have him transfer, invite him, then /gkick him.”  Surely that was in jest, and that was pretty amusing.)

Anyway, we go into EOTS, we lose one, and we won one.  Yay.  I went there again later, alone, and got my butt handed to me six ways from Sunday.  It was just like being in AV.

For the benefit of the guild members not in Karazhan we got the rundown of loots looted.

The Gruul guild is actually looking for a couple Resto Shammys, and a new Warrior too it seems.  Was I geared for it?  Yeah.  Eternium Greathelm and King’s Defender, added to an already 490+ defense setup.

The wife isn’t in a guild at the moment.  She could be Resto.  Everything is still in play.

P.S. Skettis bombing is easy.  Dropping those bombs on cannon ball stacks while being shot at with flak, isn’t.  Is there a trick or something?

P.P.S. “Well, art is art, isn’t it? Still, on the other hand, water is water! And east is east and west is west and if you take cranberries and stew them like applesauce they taste much more like prunes than rhubarb does. Now, uh… now you tell me what you know. ” – Groucho Marx

P.P.P.S. “Computer says no.”


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And that, folks, is all she wrote.

So I go into Dark Ministry’s forums and ask “What’s up with all the departures?  Thoughts?”  Someone said “Real life trumps everything.”  Someone else said “Sure, but we’re here to play the game as well.”  A couple hours later the Guild Master leaves a farewell.  He’s up and disbanded the guild and moved on, cancelling his account and making his farewells.

So I apply to a couple raiding guilds.  Guess how many guilds raiding Karazhan need a tank?  That’s right: None.  They wouldn’t be raiding without tanks and spares.  Your guild needs 3 Protection Warriors.  Now these Warriors don’t necessarily need to see additional Protection Warriors invited into the guild, or Arms or Fury Warriors trying to DPS and “needing” that plate gear. 

Now if you’re a DPS class, you’re in.  DPS can be switched out on the fly.  Healers as well. 

I’ve got one character keyed for Kara, Msaker.  The other is almost keyed, and that’s the mostly BGing Blackhoof.

Some hardcore raiding guild was seeking a Resto Shammy.  A year ago, before BC, in my 8/8 Earthfury I’d have been invited instantly.  Now with my mix of greens and blues, not a chance.  See, he had it easy.  The guild he joined on the first day of the server wound up being the guild he was in that started into BWL.  Now he’s just a scrub, one of the masses who made it to 70 because you could do that solo in greens.  I applied anyway.

All the while, without a guild everyone is talkative.  We’re all in the ooc channel the guild had created.

Before long the Holy Priest who left the guild for the hardcore raiders, he joins the channel.  “Hey everyone.  What’s up?”  “Not raiding Kara?” I want to ask.  But thems just bitter apples, no?  So the Priest plans on leaving all his alts.  In fact they all think it’s a great idea to make a guild.  For our alts!  Yay!  And this guys toons names all begin with a certain letter, and so does the new guild name.  Excellent.  I don’t go to the Undercity to sign the new charter.  Another guildie recreates an even older guild name.  The sentiment’s nice, but joining an alts guild is out of the question.  I had alts in an alts guild and it just sucks.  Because all the action happens in the main guild.  And alts of the “in-crowd” are in the main guild anyway and get all the help they need.  Alts in an alt guild are like orphans in a mountain monastery.

But, like I’ve alluded, we don’t need anyone to reach 70.  The wife and I can reach 70 on our own with our Alliance characters, and even they’re in a guild.

The wife did express the point “I’m almost there.” with regards to Karazhan so tonight we russle up the friends list and go hit Black Morass again.  This time with a Hunter on the adds.  But could you imagine Droonda going Resto, to be raid/guild worthy, questing with Msaker still Protection?  It’s be like watching Molasses take down furniture.  Yes, time made the Grand Canyon, but damn, I don’t have that much time.  And, heck, unguilded and not running instances, what do a couple 70′s have to do?  Skyguard and Ogrila daily quests, here we come.  And we’ll be in a guild again before long.

And we’re going to get some Alliance to 70 as well.  Druids.  Because the expansion areas look pretty incredible, and seeing it from both perspectives will be great.

P.S. And the new header graphic, with Msaker and Droonda.  That’s a favorite of mine.  That 60 PvP set, with proper sized shoulders, looks absolutely incredible.  That was Msaker and Droonda before the TBC expansion.  We’ll be a little shinier before the next one.

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AV surprises. Guild meltdown.

Guild meltdown first.  The guildmaster hasn’t logged in for a week now.  He’s got 3 70′s raiding instances.  He doesn’t appear to sleep.  He’s been away.  Playing LOTRO apparently.  Good for him.  Taking breaks is good.  But bad for us.  Tuesday is everyone’s Karazhan day.  I log on at the appointed time and make my way to Stonard.  We have 10 people online, one isn’t 70, another isn’t attuned.  A minute after start time it’s called.  I ask in guild chat “Who needs to go where to get keys?”  (My wife’s Shaman for one.  To Black Morass.  But since she isn’t keyed, isn’t going to Kara, and Kara being the big thing for the night, she’s playing an alt.)   No response.  Two that aren’t on need it.  …

“Hey, RL > WoW,” some guildie says.  Uh, what’s that mean?  “Yeah?  I have a real life, *and* I play WoW.  So go play soccer, watch some TV, take up a hobby in the garage.  But raid night is raid night.”  RL means you can do what you want like wheneva?  So sorry to interrupt your couple hours here.  Let’s have 10 people just simply decide on their own when we can get this done.  Yeah, right.  A third of the people log and disappear.  A couple relog onto alts.  Double you, Tee Eff. 

So I do the same, relogging onto my Mage alt, Sunstriker.  The wife, playing her Pally, Halcyon, and I continue our tasks in Hillsbrad.  She’s the tank, I’m the AoE.  (Much like when we play our Druids and she’s the Bear and I’m the Cat.)  I keep checking the /who Guild.  Sigh.  Down to 5, then down to 4.  I log on later again (our Belf alts aren’t guilded) and it’s me and a Warrior.  Meh.

So Blackhoof is brought out.  To heal up a storm in AV.  The first match I join in progress.  Alliance control the entire map.  We can’t move without being killed.  Next AV there is an actual group and the lot of us head out.  We spend too much time around Stonehearth, but we’ve killed more Lt’s than normal, and we do take the Aid Station before our loss.  Horde and Alliance have 390 and 400 honor respectively.  Not shabby.  Next match I’m above the Aid Station throwing heals alongside another Shaman.  (He’s got some arena gear.)  “Nice healing,” he says.  “Thanks.  I’ve got to do something around here.”  The crossing Chain Heals looks pretty cool.  I think we win.

So, later, I’m looking to buy my first piece of level 70 PvP armor.  What to get?  Hmmm.  Well, it seems my future is not to be instancing. And at 70, and soloing, it’s not doing a lot of PvE stuff.  So I take the gloves (because I’ve got AV marks) and take the pair with +Spell Damage & +Healing.  Then I visit the Shaman Trainer and respec to Elemental.  I’m sure I made a hash of the talent setup, but I just want to go into the BG’s and do stuff.  To contribute.  40 Points in Elemental, and 21 in Restoration for Nature’s Swiftness.  It’s probably going to be well worth the respec cost in amusement factor.

So I’m in the Champion’s Hall for a long time.  There’s no guildies on.  Then I see a guild Rogue join the channel.  Then leave the channel.  Eh?  I thought I was alone.  Ah. The non-RP side channel.  Hmm. The guild ranks are down by 10 from just a few days ago.  Yowza.  That Rogue isn’t in the guild anymore.  WTH?  Where did he go?  I fired up Armory and see he’s in a new guild.  I scan their roster and spot one of our Resto Shamans.  Huh?  (And one of our longtime guildies is leaving as well.  Bought a house, his girl is moving in, and he’s ready to spend some time with RL.  That’s 5 there as well that have yet to drop from the rolls but will.)

Another Resto Shaman had gotten in touch with me a few weeks ago.  Where was he?  (He and his guild were in Karazhan.)

So I cruise to their websites.  The Rogue’s joined a guild that “features strong language, whorelocks, sexual content, partial nudity, full frontal nudity, *******, violence, idiots and disturbing scenes and dialog, not necessarily in that order.”

I can see the conversation with my wife now.  “I’m not really sure what Whorelocks are.  The rest is kind of clear.  What do you think?”  Hmmm.  They had me with Idiots.  I’m sure they have a blast.  So the Rogue and the 2nd Resto Shammy have found a good home, and they’re downing bosses like Gruul.  Good for them.

So the Shammy that’s in Karazhan tonight (Tuesday), his guild is recruiting level 20+ for membership.  They’re working on gearing folks up.  They’ve got every instance on “farm” and they’re working on Kara.  There website intro reads “Are you Horde enough?”

Am *I* Horde enough?  Aye.  And the wife’s still got a shot at going to Kara herself.

And our new Alliance guild seems to be a hoot too.  Their website is quiet, but their in-game Guild Calendar is hopping with events across the board.  Old content, gearing/keying up for Kara, etc.  The wife, and I, might see the inside of a few more places with guilds like this.

P.S. The guild the Rogue and Shammy joined?  A warlock freind of theirs, and another former guildie, is already there.  And now I see one of our Tanks has applied as well.  Yowz.


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“Call me Legion.” Lol.

Last night we took it easy, the wife and I.

Our Blood Elves are nearly done with the new Blood Elf area. The Amani Trolls have been put in their place. We’ve poisoned their food, collected their Juju, killed them, and killed their leader. We’ve also killed the traiterous Blood Elf found in Deathholme, we’ve killed the giant dead guys wandering the place, and now we’re tasked with a few final quests, and that is to find and kill his lieutenants and rescue some folks.

Our Draenei are also coming along. Still on Bloodmyst Isle.

I think I prefer the green, albeit gloomy, atmosphere of the Ghostlands, to the red, stifling, atmosphere of Bloodmyst Isle.

But, flipped around, I liked the Draenei northwestern forest feel of the beginning area a little better than Eversong. I guess I prefer cool green to warm reds and oranges.

Anyway, as we were getting our training, and after Zimraphel logged off, a guild recruitment announcement caught my eye. Legion of Light was recruiting.

I thought to myself “I’m all about the Light, being Draenei.” So I ask the recruiter what kind of levels? Casual or endgame? Some 60′s. Casual. Hmmm. I’m about to take the bait. Wait, wait, do you have a website? Yep. (See sidebar.) Alright, they had me at Legion. Sign me up.

Hello. Welcome. welcome, they greet me with. Hello everyone, I say.

Then I mention to her I had a few more characters. I see that there’s not that many 60′s in the guild. No 70′s. The recruiter, Druid, is only a Private. I later meet the guildmaster in person, a Paladin, and he’s not wearing a set. And he’s got no PvP title. And then I look at the guild roster. So many low and mid-level characters. Cool! This sounds like a casual guild.

So I bring Arcarius on. And get him an invite. They’re happy to get another level 60+ character to instance with.

Then I bring Darkhand on. And get him an invite. At this time I say “Call me Legion.” They laugh.

So I bring Greenclaw on, /gquit the abandoned Nightsong Moon (they having left for a new server), and got him an invite.

Then I brought Freewind on. I feel like I’m pushing the limit of something. (On the other hand that’s 2 40′s, a 48, and a 62 that are new to the guild.) The guildmaster is a blacksmith and offers to make me anything I need. Truesilver Gauntlets and Heavy Mithril Leggings. And I had the materials already. Cool.

Then I brought Honorus on. I think I confused them at this point and got a party invite, and not a guild one. Lol’d, and they /ginvited me.

It turns out the guildmaster was going to go help someone in Uldaman because he likes the place. Cool.

Six invites. So I tell them my wife plays a little too. And she tells me that anyone can recruit. Nice.

And the guild chatter was friendly. No rping, though I ask about it. When I mention that my Horde guild rp’s in guild chat and does out of character stuff in an additional channel they immediately create an lolooc channel. And they plan a lolrp channel for heavy roleplaying. And within seconds of getting each guild invite I was promoted twice, getting the ability to recruit, and they recorded my professions in the player note.

It’s past midnight and I bid them a goodnight. “Goodnight, Legion. Lol.”

It’s nice having a friendly chatter in the background again.


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