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Bind on Account Enchants for your Head and Shoulders

Here’s a simple list (info per WoW Head) of Bind on Account Head and Shoulder enchants, who to get them from, and when.

You’ll need to be level 80 to apply the enchant to your own gear.  And remember you can mail them cross faction, your Horde character to your Alliance and vice versa.  It all depends on who’s got your rep and money.


Arcanum of Blissful Mending
Binds to account
Requires The Wyrmrest Accord – Revered
Use: Permanently adds 30 spell power and 10 mana per 5 seconds to a head slot item.
Cost: 128g

Arcanum of Burning Mysteries
Binds to account
Requires Kirin Tor – Revered
Use: Permanently adds 30 spell power and 20 critical strike rating to a head slot item.
Cost: 128g

Arcanum of Torment
Binds to account
Requires Knights of the Ebon Blade – Revered
Use: Permanently adds 50 attack power and 20 critical strike rating to a head slot item.
Cost: 128g

Arcanum of the Savage Gladiator
Binds to account
Requires Alliance Vanguard/Horde Expedition – Exalted
Use: Permanently adds 30 Stamina and 25 resilience rating to a head slot item.
Cost: 120g

Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector
Binds to account
Requires Argent Crusade – Revered
Use: Permanently adds 37 Stamina and 20 defense rating to a head slot item.
Cost: 128g


Greater Inscription of the Axe
Binds to account
Requires The Sons of Hodir – Exalted
Use: Permanently adds 40 attack power and 15 critical strike rating to shoulder armor.
Cost:  80g

Greater Inscription of the Crag
Binds to account
Requires The Sons of Hodir – Exalted
Use: Permanently adds 24 spell power and 8 mana per 5 seconds to a shoulder slot item.
Cost: 80g

Greater Inscription of the Pinnacle
Binds to account
Requires The Sons of Hodir – Exalted
Use: Permanently adds 20 dodge rating and 15 defense rating to shoulder armor.
Cost: 80g

Greater Inscription of the Storm
Binds to account
Requires The Sons of Hodir – Exalted
Use: Permanently adds 24 spell power and 15 critical strike rating to a shoulder slot item.
Cost: 80g

Anyway, I hope this is of some help.  With all the running around, and quest chains and rep grinds to get involved in, it’s easy to lose track of every opportunity.  And your Pug group will thank you for thinking of it.

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Rage against the machine.

Well, us actually. And he fared none too well.


I didn’t expect to get this far in the game. Tonight the guild took advantage of Blizzard’s largesse and ventured into Mount Hyjal.

Rage Winterchill rages no more.

They say he is the easiest boss there. No matter. It was a fun fight. And now that Chain Lightning no longer breaks crowd controlled mobs, all the waves we fought before the boss were just a monster mash.

And the trash was kind to Stormsoul. I finally replaced my DS3 chest piece, my last blue item, with the Chestguard of Relentless Storms.

P.S. What’s up with the new gear available at the Faction Vendors.  At Honored with each you can pick up a piece of gear.  For Shamans at least, there is an Elemental, Enhancement, and Resto piece of gear available for purchase.  Five factions, five pieces of armor for a complete set.  It matched the look of the Tidefury, but red rather than blue.  Not bad at all if I were still at that stage.  They’re really taking care of the 70′s now.  Did the other classes get something like this?

P.P.S.  It would appear all the classes will find this kind of gear.  Each of the factions sells one piece (per spec) of pvp-related (it’s got resilience), blue, level 70, armor that will comprise a set with bonuses.  Each piece is available at Honored with that faction.  My Nelf hunter, who’s done very few instances, is actually already Honored with the Cenarian Expedition and Honor Hold.  That would get him legs and gloves (if he had the cash).  Now I just need to figure the quickest way to Honored with Lower City, Shatar, and the Keepers of Time.


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Now wait just one flippin’ minute, McBlizz.

What the hell are you doing?

This D3 gear drop table you’ve got has me scratching my head.

You’re making Arms/Fury Warriors do four different Heroics in order to get most of their Doomplate gear?  This is their D3 stuff.  If they’re running Heroics over and over… *What* gear are they using to get to, and maintain running, Heroics?

Feral Druids also need to visit four different Heroics.  And none of their D3 drops in the Cenarian’s area of focus, the Coilfang Reservoir.  Ain’t that a laugh?

 Wouldn’t they simply be picking up their Tier 4 stuff running Heroics?  (What do I know, I haven’t made it into a Heroic yet.)

Half as bad off are Enhancement Shamans and some Hunters.  They’ve got to run two different Heroics in order to get the last of their Desolation set.

So the classes least likely to comprise a 5-man instance group, not only have to run these instances over and over and over to get their keys to run Heroics… then they have to farm Heroics. Who’s carrying these guys along?  (Though last night in Shattered Halls, I tanked, we had a Hunter, Shadow Priest, Resto Shaman, and an Arms Warrior along, the Arms Warrior out DPS’d the Hunter.  He’s got the 2-hand version of my Planar Axe.  Yeah, we cleared the place.  But he was taking a lot of damage, and he replaced someone who could have shed a little aggro.)

Mages, Warlocks, and Priests, providing they toe the party line (i.e. DPS, DPS, Heal), they get their D3  in ordinary instance runs.

Rogues, Hunters, Protection Warriors, Resto Druids, and Elemental and Resto Shamans, also don’t need to run a Heroic to get their gear.

There’s something wrong with this picture.

Why should the same ilevel gear be exponentially more difficult for a Feral Druid to get than a Holy Priest?

P.S. Holy Priests and Warlocks get 2 pieces out Shadow Labs.  Hunters and Mages get 2 pieces out of the Steamvaults.  Feral Druid has to run 4 Heroics and a Normal (and none in CFR) to get their gear, the Clothies and Hunters only need to run 4 Normals.


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Two on the Path of conquest.

Msaker and Droonda. Tonight we did The Path of Conquest quest chain. Just the two of us. Flying mount was pretty much required for us to do it alone. Nachmahd gave us a hand on the very last part, healing while we killed our last two Crazed Colossi. There was a nice +Defense and +Shield Block ring for Msaker, and Droonda took the +Attack Power, of course.

Two worlds collide. Ours vs. Theirs. We win.

Who’s crazy now?
Two too pretty.

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A year and a half late. (More easy enough gear.)

Remember Molten Core? And Onyxia’s Lair? Probably not. Anyway, remember the gear out of there? Again, probably not. “Onyxia’s where?” Right.

There was once a day you could get some good, and good looking, gear out of level 60 end-game instances. That’s when you ran them. The Molten Core “Tier 1″ sets and then Onyxia, Ragnaros, and Blackwing Lair for the “Tier 2″ stuff.

Now there’s a new shot at Level 70 versions of it. Well, some of it. Well, the helms.

The “I’m a rabid dog, and these keep me from scratching my ears” or “Halp, my head is stuck in a bear trap!” Warrior helm out of Molten Core is available. And the Dragonstalker Hunter’s helm, and the Helm of Ten Storms Shaman’s helm from Onyxia as well. (And the Rogue and Druid helms too.) And for running a few quick quests in Shadowmoon Valley. You’ll need a flying mount, and a tank, but otherwise it’s easy enough.

The quest chain involves Teron Gorefiend. You’re first stop, for the Horde(!), is Chief Apothecary Hildagard in Shadowmoon Valley. He sends you out to get 15 ash piles. Sooo easy. Just fly south out of the village and collect them along the green goo coastline. (They look like little volcanoes spewing green clouds.) If you want to collect fast, fight some stuff. If you don’t want to fight, no problem either. There’s a lot of it out there.

Next step is to kill ghosts. You’ll be given some “Spectrecles” to see them. And, dang, if you aren’t already surrounded by the ghosts right there in the village. Kill a dozen why don’t you. They don’t aggro and you won’t see them, even with the Spectrecles on, if you’ve killed them and completed that part of the quest.

Next stop Hildagard sends you out to find an “Ancient Shadowmoon Spirit”. Some alter on the edge of the world and there’s this ghost. He wants three things from you. Teron Gorefiend’s old Cloak, Truncheon, and Armor. The Cloak is easy to solo. There’s some ghost clerics around, one of which has it. They don’t run from the fight, they don’t cast anything, and they’ve spread themselves out enough so you can fight them one at a time.

The Truncheon is a little more difficult, and you’ll want a friend. It’ll drop from some so-called Ghostriders. (Or you can come back to your lifeless corpse, rez, and loot the one that you did manage to kill by yourself.) They ride the road that runs in a circle around the Hand of Gul’dan. Take the road and you’ll run into them. (Or plant yourself and they’ll run into you.)

The last part, the Armor. Oh, noes! Five-man! Yeah, yeah. Like Dimensius the All-Devouring required five too. Yeah, right. Something about being a Protection Tank, if you know that you’ve got healing around, you feel like, no, you know, you’re invincible. Msaker took Droonda, DPS Shaman Princess, and Nachmahd, Shaman Healer, and figured we were good. We flew to the highest peak where Vhel’kur was circling around. He’s got the Gorefiend’s armor.

What he doesn’t have is a cleave, nor a kickback, nor an aoe attack. This is a pure “spank and tank” exercise. He hits hard, but nothing a Resto Shammy can’t handle. And with Droonda cranking out DPS we got our armor in no time. Oh, yes, I’ve read some notes about pulling to an area, clearing out some of those flayers… Nuts to that. We three huddled on the very peak of that mountain and fought him standing still. Our battleground for this fight was like a square meter large. (Orcs are metric. Check the lore.)

Then it was back to the “ancient spirit” to whom you turn in Teron Gorefiend’s gear. Psyche! You’ve been punked! That was no innocent “Ancient Shadowmoon Spirit!” That was Teron Gorefiend himself. And he’s got one last trick to play on you. He makes you take control of him to defeat a big Draenei called Karsius the Ancient Watcher. You get a pet/minion bar with an attack button and some abilities. Trick is to use every ability as soon as the cooldown is over. I use OmniCC and I get actual numbers counting down on my buttons. This is a godsend. Anyway, for this fight, Karsius appears. I moved a little closer, and then dropped the aoe with Karsius at the outside edge and me on the opposite edge. That way when he moves in to me he’s still in the aoe. Then I drop the shield, and then I drain the life. Repeat each as it’s cooldown ends. Easy. And, woots, I, and Droonda and Nachmahd, returned to Hildagard to collect our reward. Our reward for releasing a revived Teron Gorefiend onto an unsuspecting world again. (What’s wrong with this picture? Black Temple raiders should be rewarding me for freeing him so he can drop loot for them.)

Msaker got his Molten Core helm. Droonda took the Shaman helm. Her eyepatch from the Blade’s Edge Mountains was better AP then the hunter’s helm. And her headband of Simmonz from Nagrand was better healing. What the Shaman’s helm provides her is some spell damage. And some very cool looks.

Then we watched some fireworks.

Then Blackhoof came out. He recruited some guildies, including a warrior to tank, hunter and rogue to dps, and we did the same thing. Some glitches. Even though I was wearing the Spectrecles, I could not see the dragon. When he attacked I did not see him. I could heal my guildies, but could not see him. In fact, being a little confused, our warrior died. And I could out-of-combat rez him, and did. And he kept fighting. And then they stopped fighting. WTF? I unequipped the Spectrecles. And then reequipped them. Dead dragon at my feet. Looted it for the armor. Sweet. I took the Shaman helm because it’s slightly better than the headpiece I was wearing from Blade’s Edge. And in the Battlegrounds a little more spell damage never hurt.

And, damn it, it’s about time Onyxia gave up a Shaman Helm for me. Even if I had to wait a year and a half to get it, and after seeing and then killing a different dragon.


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Easy gear, for Shaman or Tank. Bring a healer. Or three.

Last night Msaker, Droonda, and our friend, Nachmahd, went to Netherstorm to run a little quest for Professor Dabiri at the Protectorate Watch Post. The quest chain is a mere 3 quests long, and the middle quest is a simple bombing run for which they provide the mount! The starting quest is called “Recipe for Destruction.”

The rewards are lucrative. 20 gold and some nice gear. +88 Healing mail armor for the Shamans, and a +30 Defence trinket for me, the Warrior.

We spoke with Captain Saeed, who stands close to the Professor, and he brings a group of Ethereal soldiers with him, up into Mana Forge Ultris. There we square off with a huge voidwalker called Dimensius.

Tanking is simple enough. The healer’s job undoubtedly tougher. I sundered and devastated and shield slammed and fun was had by all. Dimensius is slain and we go and collect our loot.

But Msaker isn’t the only toon in town. What of Blackhoof, recent convert to the Restoration side of Shamanism? He could certainly use a +88 Healing chest piece.

So Blackhoof flies out and the 3 Shamans take the fight on. Droonda didn’t tank, none of us did. We simply kept the Captain alive. And kept him alive. And kept him alive. And and and… Well, the sun’s set, the cow’s have come home, glaciers recede, advance, recede, bonds mature, investements accrue, seasons change, and we healed a little more.

Yes, it was a lot of healing. We healed in shifts, kept Mana Spring and Mana Tide totems down, and we pulled back and drank when we ran low, healing in shifts. Yes. You can actually back away to where you can simply sit and drink Draenic Water to restore your mana. Why waste a potion???

And in the end the Captain prevailed, and Blackhoof got himself some nice +Healing armor.

Funny part about this fight is that it seems the 2nd person on Dimensius’ threat list gets to be a “mini bomb” That had them “blowing up” in a purple flash and hitting the cieling. In the last fight Nachmahd, our friend, was “the bomb.” It was kind of amusing (that’s how long a fight it is) to watch him drinking and blowing up and eating and blowing up. It got to where we was hanging out in door openings so he wouldn’t be blow so high. First fight, unbeknownst to the tanking Msaker, it was Droonda that played this game.

All in all, an easy fight, even for three, provided you can get some good healing in. The three of us went with first two, then three healers, and it amounted to easy loot.

Later on Msaker returned to the Shadow Labyrinths. Easy. No wipes and every boss on the first try. And, again, no shield off Hellmaw, and no shoulders off Murmer. Good thing reputation with the Lower City continues to roll in.

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Being 70 means Crush.

Being 60 meant I could log out anywhere I wanted. No more looking for Inns in which to stop. At 60, when 60 was the limit, I could log out in the bank in Everspring, dammit. Wherever I wanted. Nobody and nothing was the boss of me.

Now, being 70, means I can do stuff. I’m sought after. (Well, being Fury I’m not the Tank everyone really wants.)

Droonda has never been on a successful Ramparts run. Killing the Nazan the Dragon eluded her. Not last night.

New guildie in the Outlands. Druid. Level 60. Wants to run the Ramparts. It’s early in the evening. So do we. While we wrap up a quest in the Blades Edge Mts he gathers a group. He’s ready, are we?

We steal a bag from some big Gronn guy via a well-trained boar, and then drop our group and get invited to our guildies, and then get summoned.

Level 62 Warrior, Level 70 Pally, our Guildie, Droonda and I. “I’ll Tank,” I say. The Pally says “Don’t worry about it. DPS, use a two-hander, whatever.”

Now this is the same Pally I grouped with the night before in Shadow Labyrinths. Over 10,000 mana pool. And just an incredible healer.

Droonda and I were neck in neck in DPS, topping the charts. Everything got mowed down. The Pally kept us all alive and never dropped below half mana.

We kill the Rider before the Dragon lands. Then I Fury DPS’d Nazan the Dragon, with my The Planar Edge and Blackout Truncheon*.

Woot. Job done. And turning in the quest Droonda picks up a set of blue gloves. The same gloves Blackhoof has yet to replace. (Blackhoof needs to get out more.)

*The Blackout Truncheon procs a haste buff called Blinding Speed.

The Planar Edge is a 2.7 speed weapon. The Truncheon is 1.5.

When the Truncheon procs, the haste speeds that up to about 2.1 and 1.0. Same damage on the weapons, and noticeably faster. More DPS. It’s an amusing off-hand.

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PUGging hasn’t been too bad.

Over the last two nights Blackhoof has conquered the Ring of Blood (and got a great +Healing one-hander, Mogor’s Anointing Club) and slain Durn the Hungerer (and got a fast combat one-hander, the Hungering Bone Cudgel).

For the first one I joined after being whispered by a guildie looking for some help, and was joined with three other non-guildies. The second one I was with Nachmahd killing beasts and I figured “Why not?” and announced “LFM” for Durn in /general and got three more.

I met some good folks (Masstiff was in both parties, a real good Feral Druid) and got something accomplished.

Folks don’t like PUGs but I’ve had more positive than anything experiences with them.

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Life in the Swamp. What’s up with the gear? One of these races is not like the other.

The questing continues. Blackhoof discovered that windfury weapon buffs on two weapons do not both proc, unless they’re different ranks of the buff. He felt pretty powerful there. But, being Shaman, there is a nerf incoming.

Msaker and Droonda also started the quests there in the Marsh. The Lost Ones fell to our Orcish invasion of Umbrafen Village, and we rescued the Cenarion Refuge Tauren lady. Next stop for them will be assisting the Sporelings

I’m enjoying the Swamp.

And Msaker is still wearing his rare PvP gear. Now some of the greens that are dropping, or are quest rewards, they’ve got a bit more +Stamina on them, and more Armor, but none of them have any decent crit rates. I’ve even sold a few socketed greens because the +4 Crit Chance gem I can buy for it just doesn’t seem worth it. The synergy of having the full PvP armor set is still greater than the Outland greens, and I’m singing the blues.

I like crits. I party with a healer. What do I need a lot more armor for? And, by the time I need to behave like a responsible warrior, and be prepared to tank for others, I’ll have level 65+ greens and blues. Other than the mining helmet I got from the goblin who ran the mine under Thrallmar I’ve vendored all the Outlands plate I’ve gotten. And the items I could actually use, belt and bracers, I had to find those on the Auction House.

And, for love of all that is Holy, or Shadow if that’s your ticket, why is all plate in the Outlands for Paladins? The Maghar Orcs are giving out Paladin plate for crying out loud!

Work with me here:



(The two don’t mix! Seriously.)


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Onyxia Again.

In twentyfive minutes.

It used to seem impossible. Now it takes twentyfive minutes. Unbelievable! Gear matters.

No deaths.

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