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Druids to watch out for. Two wipes then a Paladin.

Wife and I were in Westfall. We wrapped up the Defias quests and escorted the Traitor to the Deadmines. We were ready to go after Van Cleef himself.

We ran back out to Moonbrook, she an 18 Druid, me a 19 Warrior. One of the group was a level 20 Druid. Rather, it was a level 20 cat. He’d joined us for the traitor and so, running alongside him, I asked how he liked the cat form. “Great! I love it!” Did he take the Feline Swiftness talent? “Huh?” “You know, run speed of 115% first point, 130% second point?” “Oh, where is that?”

We put the group together. A level 17 Priest, who did know his stuff, and a level 18 Rogue I believe.

As you are fully aware, level 20 Druids in cat form are immune to most forms of damage. As we zoned into the instance he runs ahead and aggro’s a mob of workers and 3 of the elites. He was not immune to any form of damage. And we weren’t either. We run back to our bodies. “I’m the Warrior, I’ll pull, I’ll tank.” That’s a reasonable request, isn’t it? I’ve got a shield, I’ve got a Priest, two druids, and a rogue behind me. Except the 20 cat runs to the right aggroing as he goes, the rogue shoots at something to left and I simply stand there in stunned disbelief. Hell, at that point it’s pretty much a Dance Off! for all the good resistence is going to do.

I message the priest “Take care.” and the wife and I simply leave the party, take the spirit rez, and fly up to Redridge. A warrior and a druid are pretty handy together and we clear out a few of the quests there. But then we decided to take another stab at the Deadmines.

I’m whispered by a guildie of the new guild we (Freewind, Itarilde, Greenclaw) are in. “Deadmines?” “Sure. Got room for 2?” “No, sorry, only one.” Well my wife, Itarilde, is aching to get back to Guild Wars so she says “Have fun.”

The guildie is a level 20 Warlock. With us were an 18 Druid, a 18 Priest, and a 17 Mage or so. The guildie was first time ever in the Deadmines. The Mage knew the place. The Priest didn’t say thing one. The Druid. … I wonder if you see where I’m going with this.

We zone in, the Druid changes to bear form and charges. He’s being beaten like pancake dough by a mob of defias stuff, he cries “Help” and I run back out of the instance with the others. We zone back in. “I’m the tank. Let me pull with my gun.” “Shut up” the druid says. “I’m doing DPS.” I run recap and in fact, tanking, I was #1 in damage output. The Warlock’s Succubus was #2. The druid was #3. Whatever. I’ve also /ignored him. I think he added “I want to hurry this up because I power grind.” Not being to hear his response I informed the group “This isn’t grinding, it’s an instance. Patient wins the day.” Or something to that effect.

And it goes well. I don’t get a lot of heals from the druid, but I pull the mobs, one or two at a time, and hold their attention tanking them. Very manageable for us. Before we get to Smite I’ve taken him off /ignore.

So far, so good. They get the adds, I pull Smite away from the boat and hold him. The adds dead we hurt Smite enough, and yada yada yada, Smite’s dead. Some sword drops. Nothing special. I simply greed it. It’s no upgrade. The druid is beside himself. Fourth time there and still no hammer for him. We work up the ramp and then we have our first blue item drop. It’s a one-handed sword. I ask if I can need it. Nobody objects. So I do. So does the Druid. He wins it. At this point I should have told my guildie “Kick him or I’m out of here.” But I’m new in the guild, there’s more depending on finishing this than the druid (who’s only there for loot anyway).

We continue on. The Warlock’s succubus manages to be given a target on an upper deck. Next thing we know there’s 20 defias around us. Most of us die except the mage who’s ran up and jumped on the big wheel. We rez and return, and the mage jumps down. We proceed up the and manage to be wiped by Greenskin. We return to the instance and it’s reset.

So we had this reckless Druid in catform, we had this Druid ninja looter, and we’re getting sloppy. The druid has no reason to remain, and we get the offer from a Paladin in the guild who’d come and help. The Druid won’t leave. “This is good xp” he says. But, at least he leaves, the Paladin joins us and we run up and get Van Cleef. (The place had respawned for the most part as well.)

The Cape of the Brotherhood dropped. Warlock, Priest, Mage, and Warrior there. (The Paladin is beyond that level.) They all greed it, and, nice guy that I am (I’m no Ninja Looter) I greed it too. The Mage came away with a nice +Agi & +Sta cloak. Wonder if I could have put it to better use and should I have needed it?

So, I turned in the head, got new mail leggings, and wondered how many runs to have the /random chance at getting the things I want by luck, and without the ninjas.

Druids in cat form are very viable. Like I already told you, my cat form Druid topped the damage charts on run by simply backstabbing mobs otherwise working on hunter pets. But a cat that thinks he’s Superman, lose him like he was a leper or something.

Ninja Looters? Give them the boot immediately. They’re only going to Ninja the next thing they want too.


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Agent of the Forsaken. Life on a PvP server. Life’s not over until you’re 60. Life ends at 60 rather often. Enjoy it.

Darkhoof took the night off. No doubt ruminating on some of the grasses of Mulgore, recovering from the blistering he got in Molten Core Wednesday night.

Oddity though, lazy Orc that he is, has been just resting up a storm in the Undercity. Level 38 and some amount of rested xp built up again.

It’s time to hit the pavement Orcy boy. “Lok’tar!”

I make sure my gear is repaired, my bags are empty, I check the mail and grab the stuff that didn’t sell and run it back to the Auction House again.

I’d got an invite to go later to Razorfen Downs but that companion-in-arms had not appeared in the realm yet.

I exit Lordaeron (Thanks, Human Race, for the nice city. Too bad we’ve got it now!) and turn westwards. I don’t know why I decided to run, but I did, and I headed out to the Sepulcher.

On the road I saw some younger characters heading the same way. One had acquired a Worg and the Worg was chewing his butt but good. He might have kept going and the Worg might have lost interest except the Worg had managed to daze him. I got to within charge range and let that Worg have it. I looted the body and saw the Worg’s heart was still collectable. I gave it to it’s intended victim since I know he would shortly have a quest to recover more such hearts. I ran on after he’d thanked me and I’d cheered.

I reached the Sepulcher but then decided that what I wanted to do was clear up some quests in Hillsbrad. “Ganksbad” is what they should call it. Gank Mill and South Gank. :) I jest. But I also wasn’t running there to PvP. I’ve got 40 to reach, and by gum, I will. Eventually.

First quest on the list was to collect a few more skulls from the pesky humans. The poor Deathguard in Tarren Mill, stuck there guarding the place, had sent me out to do his business. And his business had me collect him 30 skulls. Nice. Agent of the Forsaken is what I am.

I’ve seen leper gnomes. I’ve seen dark dwarves. I’ve seen Undead elves and humans and trolls.

We Orcs were torn from our homeworld of Draenor. We were once noble, we embraced nature and it’s forces. But the Scourge came and corrupted us.

I guess unlike the other races, where pure representatives are still to be found, Orcs are, to a man, woman, and child, corrupted forms of our once noble selves. I’ll be very happy if one day I can return to Draenor and find an Orc cousin who remains untouched by the scourge. Would he be a tusked brute driven to constant warfare? I think not.

But here I am. Product of the scourge. Tusked and with fire in my eyes!

So, Orc Think here: You need 30 skulls? Okee dokee.

And I also had to get some shards from some Forsaken traitors being held by, or in the protection of perhaps, the mages of Dalaran. And I needed to collect some stones off these mages and researchers as well.

Since Dalaran was closer to the Sepulcher than the village of Hillsbrad, that was my first stop.

The prison camp is easy enough to find. The guards are laughably inadequate to keep a warrior such as I out, and one by one the traitors met their end, leaving me with the shards they had sought to turn over to the Dalaran mages. The last of them was guarded by a mage who dropped a journal. It accounted her tests of the shard. It accounted her attempts to establish the material characteristics of the shards. It accounted for about 12 pages more than me, a brute Orc, cared to read. “Ah, maybe somebody cares back in Lordaeron!” Into the bags it went. “Zug Zug!”

I then moved out to the old city of Dalaran. Most of it’s been bubbled, whether it is protected or devastated inside is a question. Outside it’s only ruins with the odd Dalaran researcher wandering around. They carry stones for some purpose and I managed to pry a few from the more than few cold, twitching, fingers.

Now Dalaran is on the “run path” for the Alliance to go to the Scarlet Monastery. The Scarlet Monastery is the questing destination for both sides, from about the mid-30′s to 40 or so. What that mean is every so often I’d spot Alliance, individuals or small groups, running past the place. One such Alliance, a Druid, ran rather close. I checked the level, 34 or so, and figured “Me Orc! Me have business to do!” so I turned my attentions back to the folks of Dalaran.

Now after this Druid had passed a Dwarf rode up on this massive Ram. (Them’s good eatin’!) His level was ??. Karma, remember that? He waved, I waved, and he rode off.

And shortly I had the shards I needed, and the stones too. Next on my list of jobs was to collect 30 Human Skulls.

So I went to Hillsbrad Fields and I played out the neverending battle between Orc and Mankind and it took a while but eventually I had my 30 skulls. (How is it possible that these Hillsbradians don’t all have skulls? What’s up with that? Are they degenerates? What’s holding them together??) While I whittled down the population, and whittled down their successors, I did see a few Alliance scurrying about. Usually at a distance, always moving the other way. Yay! (Ooh. I forget to mention I dinged 39 at Dalaran. Yes, the skulls quest is below my level, but a quest is a quest, I can earn reputation with the Undercity, and sometimes it just feels good to harvest skulls.)

Bags full of stones, shards, and skulls, I made my way to Tarren Mill and turned it all in.

A freind whispers me and asks if I need help in Stranglethorn Vale. You bet, I reply.

So I flew from Tarren Mill back up to the Undercity and then took the Zeppelin down to Grom’gol Base Camp in Stranglethorn Vale. This friend was Onaeveim who has helped me in the past.

Camp Nesingwary’s is a little busier than normal. And while I hunted tigers and raptor and panthers there are more than one or two misunderstandings there between Horde and Alliance.

There was a ?? Rogue wandering the area. At one time I came within a hairsbreadth of me and another killing him. His vanish foiled since I’d put a Rend on him. And there! He lets out a last breath! As I let out mine. :( No Honor Kill for me. Later he’d find me alone and kill me without too much threat to his neck.

But I do manage to get a good bit of hunting accomplished. Ona joining me at times, other times ranging ahead, or looking for trouble behind. He encounters a Paladin and a Mage and makes a, most likely astute, assumption as to their possible sexual orientation. Further on we run into a hunter, or rather Ona does, and then this ?? Warrior runs into me, and then all hell breaks out. There’s Ona, 60, me, 39, and like 4 Alliance, 2 or 3 ?? to me. “Darkhoof’s got to come!” says Ona. “Okee dokee” says Oddity. Oddity leaves the world in the Spirit form, and Darkhoof comes alive in Orgrimmar (dust, not grass, he’s been munching on it would seem). I, as Darkhoof now, astral recall myself to Kargath and then jump a pridewing down to Grom’gol. Before I land I see that Grom’gol is under attack. Good. Not far to go to find the fight.

There’s Ona, surrounded by 4 Alliance, all level 60′s, some younger ones, the Orc guards are out fighting too, some Horde players as well, and I run in, Frostshock one on him, and then a Flameshock and it dies. I’m rooted and then a 60 Hunter starts firing! I Frostshock! and Frostshock! and come free and knife the little guy to death with my Sorcerous Dagger! Earthfury gear for the win! (Since I’m not at all Elemental specc’d. I’m a healer. Not a fighter.)

It’s raging. Back and forth. I do die twice. But I get 8 HK’s. It’s late and we’ll have to leave soon. But Theido joins us. A guild Druid. And Ona and I change to Ghostwolf form and Theido gets into cat form and we run up the coast. Ooh, I’d hate to run into us. Little Gnome Warlock with pink Princess Leia buns? Left without the means to self-motivate. Night Elf Hunter lady. Remember us? We remember you!

And Ona says “This is what I’m talking about.” Yeah. It was fun. I’m sure it was fun for the Alliance too. We live a little, we kill a little, we die a little. We need to have fun. (And keep company with at least one level 60 friend around.)

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Droonda and Oddity visit Shimmering Flats. Pick up broken goblin parts. Wonder if goblin engineering is really all it’s cracked up to be. (All the parts would say “Yes” to that question.)

We had gotten a note from some Orc warrior in Orgrimmar to go visit another Orc stationed at the edge of the Shimmering Flats, that vast expanse of salt and crusty beats at the bottom end of Thousand Needles.

There was something up that involved the insects we know as the Silithid. Folks know them early on because a small hive can be found in the barrens south of Camp Taurajo. Our next place to encounter them is in the western end of the Shimmering Flats. There is a large hive area in sands of Tanaris, and yet another below the swampy waters in Un’Goro Crater. Like stepping stones leading to a war, the largest concentration is in Silithus, and what nightmares await us beyond the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj?

But Oddity and Droonda weren’t taking on the armies of the Qiraji. We were going to simply harvest some parts off a few randomly skittering about bugs.

They are curious things. Sometimes you can kill one quite close to a neighbor. Other times you attack one that is all alone and they’ll call for help and you find yourself surrounded by them and running for safety. Being a level 38 Warrior it was not a difficult quest. (There is a follow on quest attained by collecting a bug part.) Oddly, we entered their hive there, with the glowing egg sacks hanging from the cieling, and we dispatched these creatures here one by one. I even mined a few ooze covered mithril veins, so it was more than just bug parts.

We returned to the Orc stationed on the border and concluded our business with him, given, of course, the quest to follow-up elsewhere again.

But the evening was early and the expanse behind us was calling. I thought Droonda might enjoy seeing the Goblin racing track. While there we were given a few quests to accomplish and we set out accomplishing them. Killing Basiliks, killing scorpids, collecting goblin racing machine parts.

Those parts were scattered everywhere. And yet folks trust those Zeppelins?? And yet the other alternative for cross-world travel is boats, and who builds boats? Ever been to the Dead Mines? Right! Goblins. It’s therefore no small wonder that every now and then, when you’re expecting a comfortable flight across the world, you will instead find yourself falling from great heights into the unknown. You may remember the recall so many months ago, when Captain Placeholder was brought in while the boats, and the Zeppelins too I assume, were being worked on.

With all those quests accomplished what was surprising was there was no fights with Alliance. There was something in the local defense channel. Some Night Elf Druid had attacked someone while they were fighting something but the Druid was run off without a death. I later saw the Druid, level 30, and on seeing me and Droonda he immediately changed to cat form and disappeared. We encountered a level 31 Dwarf Hunter in some big water filled blast hole but we’re banking karma so we let him be. I know that someday that Dwarf Hunter will plant as many arrows in our back as he can, and I hope the karma I’ve banked will find him squashed flat, like some Looney Tunes ‘toon, by Sulfuras, The Hand of Ragnaros, wielded by an avenging guildmate. That mace is coming. I see the descending shadow now.

And while we watched the start of one of the races a ?? Night Elf Warrior appeared. She rode around but did not dismount. And then her ward appeared. A level 39 Night Elf Hunter who appeared to be speaking with the same goblins as we were. Walk tall, carry a big stick, and have a level 60 guildmate cover your six. [Recipe: For Success].

After the races we headed back. I continued on to Stonetalon Peak and did a few circuits of the Charred Vale to mine some more mithril and iron.

The hammock in Sun Rock Retreat was a welcome sight.


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The Solo Warrior needs bandaids.

Droonda and Oddity were accompanied by Ona, a guild Shaman, as we took on Razorfen Kraul. We needed to wait for Droonda to get to level 32 so we could do all three quests there. Get Razorflank’s Heart (which I’d done already) for someone in Thunderbluff, gather a sample of bat guano for the silly alchemist in the UC, and take some gophers in to gather blue tubers for the goblin in Ratchet.

I enjoy Razorfen Kraul. As I already related, with a group of five, this was a simple enough dungeon crawl. The pigs are rarely in groups larger than two. Cleave with a big axe works wonders here. And Ona can heal and deal damage. It was fun. He’d launch a chain lightning and I’d charge in. I’d hamstring runners until I could outright land an execute on them. Droonda stayed in back and was primarily our healer and cast earthshock to disrupt casters and frostshock to slow runners. Ona had been through once or twice so we took on the mini-bosses. Those Death guys. Droonda got herself a wonderful blue axe out of the deal. It didn’t take long and we’d gotten the last boss and no small amount of loot. I think Droonda enjoyed it. I remembered her early days in Ragefire Chasm and she had gotten quite stressed with all the activity going on. She’s much more confident now, and she should be! She’s a Shaman. A Shaman with some big friends. That never hurts.

We concluded the foray into Razorfen Kraul by escorting a goblin held prisoner back out. The path we took constituted of a line of armored boars which we’d already cleared. A few additional boars charged from out of nowhere but they were quickly dealt with. Quest reward, a +6 ring, I took the Agility one, I soon sold to a vendor.

Outside we waved goodbye to Droonda as she headed north to the Crossroads and Ratchet. Ona and I had one more mission to accomplish. There was a renegade Forsaken to be found across the Gold Road in Razorfen Downs named Ambassador Malcin. We entered the Downs and tracked down Malcin, but I died before I could take his head. Ona resurrected me but I was quickly tracked down and died again. The second time I was rezz’d I moved clear away and up a thorn and sat overlooking Malcin’s tent and Ona. We waited and waited and waited. Ona told me about his past life in another place where he played a Dark Knight and the adventures there amongst the stars. Malcin wasn’t going to reappear it seemed. Ona went out and found Malcin had moved tents! We found him and this time I got his head. Success. I returned to the Undercity and returned the head to Varimithas, the bat guano to the apothecary, and then all the way back up to Ratchet to turn in the blue tubers. I’ve found the next quest now, and that’s to pay Razorfen Downs a visit and kill the Lich there.

Oh, yes, almost forgot my point. If you’re a Warrior you’d better be good at making bandages. Lately, when I’ve had a bit of spare time I’ll run up to the Scarlet Monastery and beat up on those punk Crusaders. They’re elite so they’ll do a little bit of damage. After every third fight I apply a good heavy silk bandage and then move on. What’s nice is in addition to dropping lots of loot, they also drop the silk I use to make the bandages I need in order to keep killing them. That’s pretty much come to a stop now that I’ve dinged 37. I’ll have to get Droonda up a few levels and then we’ll head out to Desolace. That’s a change of scenery for Droonda. (And being a Shaman we’ll have it easy with her casting water breathing on us. :)

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Alliance to the right of them,
Alliance to the left of them,
Alliance in front of them,
Suff’ring blades from the shadows
Storm’d at with magical hell
Boldly they rode and well
Into the Molten Core
Into the mouth of Hell
Rode the Requiem Forty.

Darkhoof entered Molten Core tonight. Many hours later left following Baron Geddon’s demise. 5 bosses isn’t a bad run for us.

The Earthfury Epaulets dropped but I was outbid by another Shaman. Sigh. All the DKP in the world won’t help you win a roll.

Later Oddity recovered his body in the waters outside of Nesingwary’s Camp in Stranglethorn Vale. He’d been left there by a trio from some Alliance guild, a warrior, a rogue, and some other such. On coming back, finding the surroundings empty, he proceeded to engage the young tigers and panthers for the first of the hunting quests. When all of a sudden along comes a 40 dwarf hunter. Sure enough if I were to wave I’d be ganked. If I ignored him I’d be ganked. Now I was on a tiger, and a panther caught wind oh him, and of a sudden this cat comes out of stealth to attack me. I allow some rage to be built up and then fear them. This cat flees and I kill the tiger. I’m in no mood for PvP so I move on into the jungle.

Well the Hunter proceeds to put a Hunter’s Mark on me. So, I knew I’d shortly have a cat on my butt and he’d be firing arrows at me from afar. Sure enough, a concussive shot hit me. Then, oddly, he starts waving. I proceed to cut him down, landing an execute that drops him to the jungle floor.

If the Hunter’s Mark was to get my attention, and the concussive shot merely to slow me so he could approach, and the wave a sincere indication of friendship, then I appear to have overreacted and for that I’d apologize.

But after the earlier ganking I’d gotten from the trio, and the Hunter’s Mark is a slap in the face of an enemy, I was in no mood to die over the matter.

I hate Gank Nesingwary’s.

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35 with a Bang Howdy.

Well, on reaching level 34 I was very confident my wife and I could handle a little questing in Thousand Needles. She was a level 29 Shaman and I was a Warrior with a big freaking axe and a healer along for company. So we met in Orgrimmar after she’d completed a successful run through Shadow Fang Keep with Darkhoof, her mentor.

From there we, she and Oddity, hopped on some Wyverns and flew up to Thunderbluff in Mulgore.

Oddity and Droonda above the hills of Mulgore.

Mulgore. It’s beautiful countryside. I love the ambient sounds of nature, the pine trees, the chill blue pools, the high walls enclosing the area like a mother’s loving embrace. Thunderbluff itself is quite nice. Awesome vistas from the bluffs overlooking the green plains and the wandering kodo and striders. One doesn’t feel more in tune with nature than visiting Thunderbluff. It stands to reason that the Tauren race undertook the mysteries of the Druids. This is also where the Horde comes to train in guns. Peace, and the means to keep it, at least in this corner of the world.

To be forever on the run from the Scourge, or the other, newer, evils that are arising just now, just doesn’t seem right. Perhaps Draenor can’t be recreated, and is forever lost now, but perhaps a spot can be found here on Azeroth where folks can raise their little ones in line with their own creeds. Mulgore seems a beautiful spot for it. Wasn’t that all Thrall wanted for his clan? That and, perhaps, a little revenge?

It was a quiet day when we arrived at Freewind Post there in Thousand Needles. And there were quests aplenty to undertake. A dedicated Warrior with a healing Shaman to support him made short work of everything thrown before us. We raided Grimtotem Village for the documents. We returned to rescue a young Tauren woman. We returned yet again to summon a monstrously large windserpent. We returned one more time to relight the summoning fire, and again slay the windserpet. We tracked down an alien egg, we hunted down a hyena of some strength, we raided the Harpies outpost, and we raided the centaur outpost, and we started the Tests. Droonda completed the Tests to the point of visiting the Scarlet Monastery, and Oddity later completed that part as well.

It was a glorious day. During the quests and the running around Droonda dinged 30! Congratulations, my dear. She returned to Orgrimmar and Oddity moved on to the Undercity where he would wait for an expedition into the Scarlet Monastery. But Droonda was not quite done yet for her level 30 Shaman quest returned her to Thousand Needles. Darkhoof accompanied her, gentleman cow that he is, and dispatched a sneaky snake level 43 Night Elf Rogue that was prowling around. She got her new Air Totem and we returned back to the safety and warmth of Orgrimmar.

Later that day the battles got more intense.

Oddity with his new Sword of Omen.

The shield shown, the Commanders Crest which I won by slaying Commander Springvale in Shadow Fang Keep, is of lesser rank now, and I only keep it because 1) It goes with the white and light gold Illuminati guild colors, and 2) I can’t use the Aegis of the Scarlet Commander yet, for which I’ll have to be level 39 first. Until then it is stored in the bank. And before that, at level 37, I’ll be able to use Herod’s own Ravager, taken from his dead fingers, a very slick looking two-handed battle axe. With these in the bank is Herod’s Helmet as well.

I got all this phat loot after I entered the Scarlet Monastery, at the behest of Varimathras, with some good friends. Carlspackler, the largest Warrior I know, a Tauren wielding a Halbeard of Smiting. Lexia, Mage extraordinaire, and keeper of every pet I’m familiar with, including Murky, a Murloc orphan who she’s trained to dance the most delightful little ditty. Gambi, Priest, decurser and healer, and not your usual undead. Oddity left there, enriched and enthralled with the warrior ethos, level 35.

Oddity was already wearing the Scarlet Boots, the Scarlet Gauntlets, and the Scarlet Wristguards from the Auction House. He acquired the Ravager on an earlier run with Egan the Warlock, and Ona the Shaman, and the Helm on this run. A friend has the level 32 Scarlet Belt and promised them to me.

What he has left to acquire at the Monastery are the level 34 Scarlet Chestpiece, level 37 Herod’s Shoulder, and the level 38 Scarlet Leggings off Herod.

And then, before I know it, I’ll be level 40 wearing Plate and riding a wolf.

Walk tall, follow three level 60 guildies, and you can’t go wrong.

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A Warrior’s Journey. From obscurity to getting a real nice axe.

Dinging Level 29 with my Warrior Oddity seems like so long ago. I vaguely recalled the moment I turned 29 and vowed to enter the Warsong Gulch and fight for honor till I’d earned my Sergeant’s stripes, or I dinged 30, whichever came first.

And did I ever fish up a storm. I mean the waits to get into Warsong Gulch are everlasting. I sometimes waited an hour, killing time by speaking with the Battle Master in Orgrimmar and heading out to the Crossroads and then running up to the Oasis up North where Deviate Fish spawn.

But one third of my way to Level 30 and I thought to myself “This sucks. I’m getting nowhere.” I’d earned all of two stripes for my time spent here. So I decided to head out into the real world and return to the Way of the Warrior.

I’d gotten a Warrior quest back when I was level 20. The Brutal Armor quest. I’d gone to Stonetalon Peak to get some ore out of one of it’s mines. I’d already mined some of my own iron ore and smelted it into bars. And I’d gotten some powdered Azurite from the Azureload Mine in Hillsbrad. What I had left was to get some Phlogistone (or something like that, Me Orc! Me Smash! Me not so bright always!). But I wasn’t worried about it. The quest reward for completing that armor set wasn’t as nice as what I could already make myself. BUT it was a Warrior quest and I figured I’d have to complete that one to get the one I really wanted, my own Whirlwind Axe.

Not really going anywhere and on my way south of Camp Tarajo to look for green mobs to kill I heard a group was looking for a tank for Razorfen Kraul. Checking real quick I realized the component I needed for my Warrior quest was actually found in RFK. Yay! And I had one quest there already, that was to get the heart of Razorflank. So I volunteered my axe and shield and was invited into a group.

It was a glorious run my friends. I the level 29 Tank, the Mage 30, the Priest 28, the Rogue 29, and a Hunter 28. I tanked and was 2nd on the DPS, the mage coming in first, and we did not have a single death. Not one. We were through there in a little over an hour. We were stoked on completing that one. A pick-up-group that good is something few and far between. Turning in the heart of Razorflank saw me dinging 30, and already having gotten a nice shield out of RFK I opted for the mail girdle quest reward. And with the phial of phlogistan I went to the armorer in the Barrens and he made me the promised Brutal Haubrek. This piece of chest armor was as nice as what I was wearing, but in different ways. One emphasized Strength and the other Stamina. Both could have their purpose.

But there was more to the Brutal armor set as I was to learn. Gloves, Leggings, and Helm as well. These turned out to be easier to acquire. I got the component for the Helm by killing a Chimera in the Charred Vale, and I returned it to the armorer and had a helm made. It wasn’t as nice as what I was already wearing.

I then turned my attention to the new Warrior quest set for me. That was to journey to Fray Island and speak with The Islander. (Yes, it’s a pun. :) I had to prove myself and it was just so easy. Even the big guy, Will, he fell to my blows without me even breaking a sweat.

So now I had the quest to go get my Axe. I volunteered the help of a guildmate and for that help assisted him with his own character. What a sweet axe for a level 30 Warrior. If you can get your hands on one, do so. With new axe in hand I continued on my journey to complete my Brutal Armor set.

The Brutal Leggings would be fashioned for me when I returned to the armorer with the shinbones taken from Dragonmaw Orcs. These are the Dragonmaw Orcs that patrol the Wetlands. To get to them I had to journey first from Hillsbrad to Hammerfall in the Arathi Highlands. This would be my first run there. It was a quick journey and I avoided the attention of the various beasts by sticking to the road. I even escaped the notice of the one Alliance I came across and that was a Level 60 Warlock. (Whew.)

On reaching Hammerfall and getting the flightpath there, I then turned south and headed into the Wetlands. Again, no Alliance and the Dragonmaw’s fell to the Whirlwind Axe like there was no tomorrow. And I dinged 31 while doing it. Not bad.

Now having gotten the shinbones, and being so far south already, I decided “Why not?” and decided to head out to the Badlands. I journeyed up the Dwarven tunnels, killing a couple of defenders very easily (that Whirlwind Axe is AWESOME!) and making my way through the Loch Modan region.

Actually entering the Badlands was equally anti-climatic. The wolves spotted me right away but I just kept running. My Warrior abilities kept me healthy with their every blow it seemed and I eventually arrived at Kargath.

From there I hopped on a Windrider and flew south to Grom’gol where I’d been the day before collecting tusks for the axe quest. I love the sea.

I then hopped on the Zepplin out of there and flew up to the Undercity where I turned in the legbones and collected my Brutal leggings.

I then hearthed back to the Crossroads and then flew north to Splintertree Post. I had one last piece of the Brutal armor set to get and that involved collecting Satyr hooves. So easy. I wasn’t one-shotting these level 28 Satyr, but close enough. Cleave is a wonderous thing. (One cleave hit was 456 points of damage!) And while a collected my hooves I noticed I was making good progress on the experience front as well. Before my hearthstone had cooled down for reuse I dinged 32. On dinging, I hearthed back to the Crossroads, flew to Orgrimmar, got some more Warrior training, and then ran down to Sin’jin Village where I collected the last piece of my Brutal Armor set, the gloves.

You know, if you can get all these quests done, you’re already wearing something better than the quest rewards. For a newcomer with modest means maybe it’s a good set. For someone twinked and pampered like Oddity, well, it was a bit of a let down. But, wasn’t that fitting afterall? For do we not find tears at the end of every Warrior’s journey?


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