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Druids to watch out for. Two wipes then a Paladin. Wife and I were in Westfall. We wrapped up the Defias quests and escorted the Traitor to the Deadmines. We were ready to go after Van Cleef himself. We ran … Continue reading

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Agent of the Forsaken. Life on a PvP server. Life’s not over until you’re 60. Life ends at 60 rather often. Enjoy it. Darkhoof took the night off. No doubt ruminating on some of the grasses of Mulgore, recovering from … Continue reading

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Droonda and Oddity visit Shimmering Flats. Pick up broken goblin parts. Wonder if goblin engineering is really all it’s cracked up to be. (All the parts would say “Yes” to that question.) We had gotten a note from some Orc … Continue reading

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The Solo Warrior needs bandaids.Droonda and Oddity were accompanied by Ona, a guild Shaman, as we took on Razorfen Kraul. We needed to wait for Droonda to get to level 32 so we could do all three quests there. Get … Continue reading

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Alliance to the right of them,Alliance to the left of them,Alliance in front of them,Suff’ring blades from the shadowsStorm’d at with magical hellBoldly they rode and wellInto the Molten CoreInto the mouth of HellRode the Requiem Forty. Darkhoof entered Molten … Continue reading

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35 with a Bang Howdy. Well, on reaching level 34 I was very confident my wife and I could handle a little questing in Thousand Needles. She was a level 29 Shaman and I was a Warrior with a big … Continue reading

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A Warrior’s Journey. From obscurity to getting a real nice axe. Dinging Level 29 with my Warrior Oddity seems like so long ago. I vaguely recalled the moment I turned 29 and vowed to enter the Warsong Gulch and fight … Continue reading

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