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A Tanks Request.

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Originally Posted by Ziloxus from the official forums:

This post is something of a cathartic exercise for myself. If someone gets something out of it great, if not that’s fine too. I feel like I got it out of my system before the next pug either way.

Things every warrior tank thinks every non-tank should know.

My ability to generate threat over an extended time frame is inversely proportional to your ability to generate threat.

Huh? Ok here is what I mean, we will use a mage for this example but the same applies to rogues hunters, or anything else not a warrior or a bear druid.

As a fight commences both of us have two bars. We both have big full green health bars. Under my health bar is a big empty bar. Under your health bar is a big full blue bar. When you do dmg, it drains your blue bar. When I give or take dmg it fills my red bar. You have all the ammo you need at the start of a fight to make all kinds of threat which will pull all kinds of aggro. I don’t have much ammo to generate threat or take aggro, it takes me a minute.

The difference is that at the beginning of the fight, your threat making resource; mana, is full. You at this moment can activate whatever ability you want and instantly create tons of threat. Mine is empty. My resource, rage, fills up as I give and take dmg. Over the course of the fight I will get a lot to spend, so the longer the fight goes on the more and more threat I make.

Problem is at the beginning of the fight I have little or no rage. It takes me time to build the threat to hold aggro off of you.

So what does this mean to you? It means that if you start every pull with your biggest most evil 10 second cast fireball, it”s gonna be real tough for me to get aggro off of you with my empty rage bar.

How to apply this advice: You need to learn to pace your dps. Whether you are a mage or a rogue or a lock whatever (except hunters who feign death whenever the cooldown is up) start off the fight with lighter lower dmg attacks.

As the fight wears on rank it up to the bigger meaner stuff. You can do the same amount of dmg, but instead of front loading all of your dps (and threat) back load it.

Seriously, this is the biggest problem I see with every single DPS class in the game. Yes, I can taunt the mob off of you, but then the taunt is on cool down. What if the mob then does an aggro wipe like a knock down and it goes after you? What if it stuns me right after I taunt so I can’t build threat? You should be trying to play in such a way that you don”t ever have to see the warrior taunt outside of extenuating circumstances like aggro wipes.

When not to stun.

Ok so you have a stun button. I”m happy for you, no really I am. Stun buttons are great. You see a mob start to cast a heal or a “Level 5 Death to Tank” stun him, that”s fabulous. You see something chewing on a healer, stun them, awesome. A mob “attempts to run away in fear” go nuts stun lock them to the floor.

So why insist on stunning a mob I just pulled? Why stun the mob I just taunted? Here is what happens when you do that. When I am tanking I don’t really do dmg to make rage. My little red bar fills up when I take dmg. If you stun early in a pull I don’t get pounded on so I don”t gain threat so I don”t hold aggro, so someone like a healer or a mage is going to get the aggro. This wont usually produce a wipe, most mobs you can stun aren’t a big deal, but seriously, why make things more difficult then they need to be?

If you absolutely need a rule of thumb, wait till there are two sunders on a target before you stun it.

What to do when you get aggro.

The tank won’t always hold aggro. That”s a fact. Maybe the tank sucks, maybe he got feared, maybe he got stunned, maybe you just unleashed a cruise missile that crits the target for umpteen gazillion points before the tank had so much as an auto-attack on the mob. Whatever the reason, eventually you are going to have the mob beat on you.

If you are wearing pajamas and the mob is elite I understand the panic that sets in. You don”t want to get two shotted. I don’t want that either. So let me explain first the two things NOT to do.

Don’t nuke the thing with another cruise missile! You just pulled aggro so why go nuts trying to dps the thing to the floor before it can kill you? This isn’t a lvl 11 Defias Pillager, most likely you wont take it down in time. What you WILL do, is generate another gajillion points of threat that the tank needs to top to get it off of you. Stop hurting it. If you have a threat mitigator (cower, feint, fade, feign death) use it, if not. Just hold still for a sec. It wont be for very long, soon enough you will be sticking it full of sharp metal things or setting the mob on fire again. Just don”t make it harder for the tank to get the thing off of you.

Don’t run for the hills! I am a bit baffled as to where this gut reaction comes from. When you were lvl 40 did you outrun a bear or something? I don’t think you did. Do you think if you run far enough you will drop aggro? In an instance an elite mob will not drop aggro until you are dead or until you have left the instance. Running won’t keep the mob from chewing on your keester the whole time you run around, really it won’t. The mob runs the exact same speed you do. Guess who else runs the exact same speed you do. That’s right, me!

So if train A leaves Pheonix at 5:10 a.m. Pacific time headed east at 45 miles per hour, and Train B leaves San Diego at 5:10 a.m. Pacific time headed east at 45 miles per hour, at what point does train B catch up to Train A? That”s right! Never! So when train A dies in a monstrous fireball or twisted metal and diesel fuel, it is probably even going to blame train B for not saving it.

You need to run TOWARD the tank, at the very least hold still.

Ok Pally OT, bear OT or other Warr OT, when should you taunt off of me?

Um, really close to never. Why on earth are you taunting off of me? Are you trying to prove a point? Are you trying to demonstrate that you can tank as well as me? Great for you! You have tank buttons too. Now I have to burn my taunt to pull the mob back off of you so you don”t die, or so the healer doesn”t waste mana on you. Now my taunt is in cool down if I need it.

The only time you should taunt off the main tank is if I ask you to. When will that happen? Only if the healer dies and I need to bandage, or if it’s a fight that requires a tank rotation. That’s it.

Now of course there are times when things are confusing, something is chewing on the healer and you are trying to save the day and I taunt and then you do too. That”s fine, you did the right thing in saving the healer, don”t beat yourself up about it, you don’t need to apologize to me for it either. I saw what happened, I”m 4% smarter than I look.

When should you bubble me?

I hope this is a priest asking this, I really don’t need divine intervention thanks. If you bubble me I don’t get threat from taking damage. Don’t bubble me before a pull. Don’t bubble me early in a pull. If my bar is mostly red, sure if you think I need the extra mitigation and there isn”t time for a real heal, bubble me.

Don’t BOP me please, it’s a fantastic way to kill healers.

The pull.

Sometimes we aren’t going to fight the mob out where it is standing. Some times I will even shoot the mob and then duck behind a corner. This is not the universal “unleash your mana wielding ranged casting might” signal. What probably happened is I saw a little blue bar under the mob out there; I want him to come to me so I shot him, then broke line of sight. If you shoot him, guess what, he will stand right where he is and shoot back. Then I have to go out there and risk pulling the whole room to get him off of you unless you figure out how to duck behind corners too, that is assuming that the Moonkin and the Hunter standing next to you didn’t just take your cue and unload their blue wad all over the mob you just launched WWIII on.

The sheep

We pull 3 mobs on accident. You can sheep or seduce or scattershot or whatever. That’s a fabulous idea. Don’t sheep the thing I am beating on! You know what will happen? It will break and I will already have another move queued up behind the move that broke the sheep which will break the next sheep you are trying to do since you didn”t change targets. You might not be familiar with the “F” key. Click me, then click “F”, now you are targeted on my target, so target something else, anything else and sheep that.

Multi mob pull

Ok so we just got more than we can handle and I am tanking 3 mobs with no offtank. Attack my target would you? I only have so much rage to spread around. If you start shooting something that I am not concentrating on your going to pull aggro, then I have to decide whether I let you die, or whether I go pull it off of you and risk letting the rest of the party die while they keep attacking the thing I was attacking. The “F” key works great for this too.

The off tanks target

Just because I am the main tank does not mean that my target is the most important target to kill. In fact, often it is the opposite. I am the main tank because I take the best beating. The Hunters wind serpent that is tanking that other orc over there wont hold up as well as me. His target needs to die first. My target should be the last one to die. Those other tanks aren’t built to take the abuse I do, help them out. I will be ok, I have all kinds of squishies watching my back. Seriously, go fight the other guy”s target.

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Almost 70. Do I go deeper Protection, plus Arms that support Tanking? Or is Fury DPS still a viable option for dungeons/raiding?

So I got to thinking about improving performance, and came up with the following build:


Arms Talents – 10 point(s)
Deflection – rank 5/5
Iron Will – rank 5/5

Protection Talents – 51 point(s)
Anticipation – rank 5/5
Shield Specialization – rank 5/5
Toughness – rank 5/5
Last Stand – rank 1/1
Improved Shield Block – rank 1/1
Improved Revenge – rank 3/3
Defiance – rank 3/3
Improved Sunder Armor – rank 3/3
Improved Taunt – rank 2/2
Concussion Blow – rank 1/1
Improved Shield Bash – rank 2/2
Shield Mastery – rank 3/3
One-Handed Weapon Specialization – rank 5/5
Improved Defensive Stance – rank 2/3
Shield Slam – rank 1/1
Focused Rage – rank 3/3
Vitality – rank 5/5
Devastate – rank 1/1

I hate to keep putting money down to test out theories.

And if the guild already has two full Protection Warriors, would I, as a Fury Warrior, find a role as DPS?


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Fury+Protection. Looking for some thoughts.

Can I play a Fury Warrior, and be Protection at the same time? I.e. can I level, and tank, with one build?

My experience with playing a Warrior has been pretty much that of leveling one up. I’ve never been a regular group’s “main tank.”

But I do know a thing or two about tanking, I think, and I always carry a shield and a +STA one-hander for tanking purposes.

A couple of days ago I joined a pug in the Auchindoun. Not sure which part of it. The level 70 Mage that went with us (Shadow priest, two hunters, the mage, and me) complimented me on my tanking. Thanks. Not bad for a Fury + some Arms Warrior I guess.

But I’m always wondering “Can I do more?”

Blackhoof got a whisper the other night. “You Resto?” “No.” Nothing more. Somebody was seeking a healer for an instance, and they decided to go with a Shaman?? Hmm. But I do know, as an Enhancement Shaman, that I’ll sooner or later need to set up one of those “Take a number” units to dispense tickets, and then I’ll call out, in general chat, “Alright. #53. #53? I’m ready to join your group now. /Invite please.” You know everyone wants an Enhancement Shaman along to join their groups. Ah, ha, ha! I jest! qq

Anyway, where was I? Ah, yes, “Can I do more?” Can I be of more use to others than just myself. And, frankly, now that we’ve made Droonda a killer queen, gunpowder, gelatine, dynamite with a laser beam, guaranteed to blow your mind, anytime windfury procs, she does do a little DPS. She gives my DPS numbers a run. Stormstrike and she steals my aggro.

So, could I party better if I were a tank that could do some damage? I.e. keep some of my Fury, to let me put my The Planar Edge to use someday, and still be more of a tank than I am now, go into the Protection tree some?

Can I be Fury/Protection and enjoy the benefits of both worlds? It’s got to improve my tanking from what it is now. But would I give up too much DPS?

What do you think? My reasoning is below…

Link to build.

Warrior Talents TalentsMinimum Required Level: 70Required Talent Points: 61

Fury Talents – 30 point(s)

Cruelty – rank 5/5
Critical strikes are good.

Unbridled Wrath – rank 5/5
Need more rage!

Commanding Presence – rank 5/5
Improves Battle Shout for fighting, Commanding Shout (at 68) for tanking.

Dual Wield Specialization – rank 5/5
I need to remain viable in DPS for grinding/questing.

Enrage – rank 5/5
This leads to Flurry.

Flurry – rank 5/5 (filling this talent last to 70)
This for the fighting.

Protection Talents – 31 point(s)

Anticipation – rank 5/5
Defense skill is good.

Shield Specialization – rank 5/5
Put that shield to use when I’m using one.

Improved Shield Block – rank 1/1
More blockage.

Improved Revenge – rank 3/3

Defiance – rank 3/3
Need threat to hold aggro.

Improved Sunder Armor – rank 3/3
Faster, cheaper, sunders, easier threat maintenance.

Improved Taunt – rank 2/2
“Don’t hold back too much. I’ve got it.”

Concussion Blow – rank 1/1
Stunning. If it’s stunned, it can’t hurt me.

Improved Shield Bash – rank 2/2

One-Handed Weapon Specialization – rank 5/5
This must apply to off-hand one-hand weapons as well.

Shield Slam – rank 1/1

So, to you Warriors out there that Tank and DPS. How does this look? I don’t PvP at the moment so don’t see the need for Mortal Strike.

Now I briefly played around with a 41 point Protection build earlier. I liked the feel of Devastate.

Now with a The Planar Edge in hand, would Devastate be worth getting vice the ten points I’ve put in Enrage+Flurry?

I’m thinking the One-handed Weapon Specialization + Dual Wield Specialization must stack so for PvE/non-tank fights, I’d be dual wielding.

110% damage on main hand + 85% damage on off-hand. (vs. 110% on main hand + 60% on off-hand).

Or I could skip Shield Slam and take Blood Thirst.

Is the 30 rage getting me 217+ damage and +150 health recovered worth it?

Versus the 20 rage 478-502 damage, plus threat?

Thoughts on the proposed build please.

Edit: Some further analyses on my part, and using Llew Mason’s Armory analyses, and the numbers there.

Improved Shield Bash silences for 3 seconds. Ordinary Shield Bash will interrupt the spell and stop casting from same school for 6 seconds. That’s probably enough, and this would be a PvP ability. 48% of Protection Warriors use it. So I could drop that. Improved Revenge is used even less, 43% of Protection Warriors use it.

Now Concussion Blow, Defiance, Shield Slam, and Shield Specialization, all of which I’ve planned, these are the Top 5 talents Protection folks take. Good. Vitality is next, but too far down the tree. Toughness next, and I can take that.

So I’ll drop Improved Shield Bash, and Improved Revenge and put the points into Toughness.

The same 0/30/31 build, but following the crowd.

P.S. Yes, yes, my gear sucks. I’m casual and suffer from self-induced altitis. I won’t be tanking your Karazhan raid. Nonetheless, advice would be appreciated.

Edit: Deflection. 5% Parry. How do I work that into the build? I’d assume 5% parry chance is 5% damage avoided. Which means rage generation is avoided. Keeping One-handed Weapon Specialization over in the Protection tree generates 10% more damage, which implies more rage. Parry would decrease my rage, more damage would increase it. Since I’m also Fury, and need rage, it seems that it’s best to not take Deflection at the cost of One-handed Weapon specialization.


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Msaker has been a Mortal Strike Warrior for some time now. In his 40′s he was Fury, dual wielding for leveling goodness, but upon getting into Alerac Valley, and getting his mitts on an Ice Barbed Spear, he was specced for Mortal Strikes because that was good for burst damage and that’s good in the Battlegrounds.

Yes, I had a shield, and I knew the basics of holding aggro, and I considered myself a “Tank.” But sword and a board don’t a tank make. Yes, I’d tanked Scholomance to good acclaim. But how was I going to stack up in the Outlands? Where, oddly, there are no Warriors tanking. (I see why, since Outlands is clearly Paladinlands with regards to plate gear.)

So, I stepped into the machine, journeyed to the Undercity, and became transformed. I am now a Tanking Warrior. Full Protection down to Devastate, some points in Fury for crit chance, and the rest of the points in Arms. I’m not sure if it’s a typical build, but for me, it seems to fit the requirement. (I am now putting points into Iron Will after being stunned over and over by the Orcs in the Blood Furnace. I can’t tank if I’m stunned.)

(Scene from the Blood Furnace. Yes, that is a Tabard of the Protector from the Dark Portal opening event.)

So, my first order of business of practice with the new build. Into the Armory wing of the Scarlet Monastery. I killed everything, including Herod, and then Thunderclapped his students. I never even paused. Into the Cathedral wing. I killed everything, looking for Scarlet gear for my wife’s Paladin, and even started into the Cathedral itself, pulling, and killing, two at a time. Again, without a worry. I don’t know if I can solo the Cathedral or not, but it looks awfully promising that I can. The build worked, and I’ve got my buttons set up decently.

So, test of fire, back to the Outlands for a real instance.

I didn’t have any quest there, not having done the Ramparts yet, but into the Blood Furnace we went. A Resto Shaman for healing, a lock, mage, and somebody. Woot. One death and we cleared the instance.

So, still full of energy, positive rage, and after dinner, I returned, and this time went into the Ramparts, Paladin, Mage, Warlock, and Rogue with me. No deaths until we hit the Dragon. Woot. And this Paladin, Protection specced, healed like a Priest. I see now why Holy Priests are furious. This guy was main healing, and handled it great.

Protection Warrior Tank. This is going to be an interesting career move.

P.S. Devastate feels a lot like a Rogue finishing move. My MetaHUD puts sunders up like combo points, and while you can Devastate with any number, the more sunders you have, the more damage you do. But, rather than get cleared, the sunders are refreshed! So it’s like finishing moves that you can do over and over. At least that’s what it felt like.


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Life in the Swamp. What’s up with the gear? One of these races is not like the other.

The questing continues. Blackhoof discovered that windfury weapon buffs on two weapons do not both proc, unless they’re different ranks of the buff. He felt pretty powerful there. But, being Shaman, there is a nerf incoming.

Msaker and Droonda also started the quests there in the Marsh. The Lost Ones fell to our Orcish invasion of Umbrafen Village, and we rescued the Cenarion Refuge Tauren lady. Next stop for them will be assisting the Sporelings

I’m enjoying the Swamp.

And Msaker is still wearing his rare PvP gear. Now some of the greens that are dropping, or are quest rewards, they’ve got a bit more +Stamina on them, and more Armor, but none of them have any decent crit rates. I’ve even sold a few socketed greens because the +4 Crit Chance gem I can buy for it just doesn’t seem worth it. The synergy of having the full PvP armor set is still greater than the Outland greens, and I’m singing the blues.

I like crits. I party with a healer. What do I need a lot more armor for? And, by the time I need to behave like a responsible warrior, and be prepared to tank for others, I’ll have level 65+ greens and blues. Other than the mining helmet I got from the goblin who ran the mine under Thrallmar I’ve vendored all the Outlands plate I’ve gotten. And the items I could actually use, belt and bracers, I had to find those on the Auction House.

And, for love of all that is Holy, or Shadow if that’s your ticket, why is all plate in the Outlands for Paladins? The Maghar Orcs are giving out Paladin plate for crying out loud!

Work with me here:



(The two don’t mix! Seriously.)


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Death in the Mosh Pit.

Last night was a good night.

Last night I, Msaker, rustled through my bank account and bags, sold all that I could spare, and amassed another 300 gold. Mind you this was on the heels of my own purchase of the training required to ride an epic mount just days earlier. Not sure how I managed it, but there it was. The last of the auctions collected from the mailbox and tallying the figures, 300 gold.

Now Droonda had already been given some gold. Blackhoof had given her no small amount already, his Outland questing going well enough. (And the big cow has had an epic mount since forever now.) And Darban-”I’m not a bank alt!!!”-ville has been selling a lot of Outland derived loot and materials. Her activities provided a large amount of the cash Msaker needed, and Droonda got some as well.

Anyway, Msaker rejoined the story in progress, in Kargath, and he goes to the Burning Steppes in his quest to get a little more thorium. And in a “pics or it didn’t happen” moment (I’ll add pics later! – added) I actually mined an Arcane Crystal. WTF? I’ve been mining thorium for months and that’s my first one. Ever. I was so shocked I had to screen shot it. When it turns out I need 3 for an Arcane Rod for my enchanter, Darban-”I’m more than an enchanting alt”-ville, my heart sinks a little. (Blackhoof later transmutes it, with a little Thorium, into an Arcanite Bar. Woot! I was perplexed however that the item text wasn’t orange for legendary.)

All the Thorium will buy plans so I can craft an Imperial Plate set for Halcyon, my wife’s Paladin.

So, back to the story, Droonda logs on and I tell her to check her mailbox. She’s got cash. I’ve returned to Orgrimmar and ask her to meet me at the wolf seller. It’s time she bought her epic mount. I gave her the last 250 gold she needed and she picked the Swift Gray Wolf. She’s got her trinket and I’ve now got spurs made and am waiting to put them on her boots. Two Orcs on fast wolves. Nice.

So, that mission done we hearth back to Shattrath and fly back to Falcon Watch to wrap up some odds-and-ends projects.

Not much later we’re asked by a guildie could we please come to Un’Goro Crater. … That’s like 20-30 minutes away. What did he want? His level 54 Blood Elf, Mortannon, had found King Mosh and wanted to kill it and see what loot it dropped, and skin it for mad amounts of Ravasaur Leather.

Well, we fly to Shattrath, port to Orgrimmar, and fly to Marshals Point. The hunt was on.

Well, the first go wasn’t stellar. Droonda was not wearing her “Healing” outfit and the 54 Hunter’s DPS wasn’t that great, and King Mosh has 61,000 hit points, and that’s 10 times what I have. I’m stomped, the Hunter goes down, and Droonda, beloved Shaman Princess, bites the dust of Un’Goro Craters floor.

Alright. Plan B. Mortannon logs off and brings out Maelstrom, his level 65 Undead Warrior. Msaker would tank, Droonda would be healing in her Healer gear, and Maelstrom would DPS.

The first fight I noticed the bear was feared a lot. Msaker was never feared. The second fight I was feared over and over. But with a Tremor Totem out I recovered quickly enough.

And the 2nd time King Mosh did the dust munching thing. Pwned. Shammy and two Warriors.

We loot and King Mosh had a Jade Plate Chest Armor hidden on him (not a bad piece of armor) and Mortannon returned and skinned King Mosh. The big guy dropped 1 piece of Ravasaur Leather. One. :) Ah well.

We saluted Mortannon and hearthed back to Shattrath. We did finish the couple of quests we’d started and then we journeyed to the Cenarian Refuge in Zangarmarsh and logged off for the night.

P.S. Going to Paris for the weekend. Woot. Viva la vacation.

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Ding. The big 6-0. For my second time.

Msaker, aka Oddity, finally reached level 60. My 2nd character to do so.

Some thoughts…

Blackhoof, aka Darkhoof, my Tauren Shaman, reached 60 in a raiding guild on a PvP server. By 60 he was already wearing a lot of his Elements (Tier 0) set. He was a regular to the Plaguelands and Stratholme. His hearth was set to Kargath for the regular Blackrock Spire runs, Upper and Lower. He very seldom ventured into the Blackrock Depths. He was Restoration spec’d and had assumed the role of healer, backup, for raiding groups. No PvP in his raiding days after reaching Sergeant in his 40′s. The “Dungeons,” the holy trinity of Stratholme, Lower Blackrock Spire, and Upper BRS, then Molten Core, were his home for months after reaching 60. (For some reason Scholomance he only went once. First time ever he’d gotten the Coif of Elements, and nobody wanted to go back. He got the key to the place on his own so remains ready to return and get the major mana potion recipe from the ghost vendor.)

Msaker has not done any quests into Blackrock Depths yet. There are a great many yellow exclamation marks in Kargath, but he’s been holding off on them until Droonda is ready to accompany him. (She’s level 54 now. Coming along too. Orc Power!) He has done one single quest out of the Bulwark in the Plaguelands, and that was to plant our banner in a camp of the Scarlet Crusade. Otherwise, getting to 60 involved doing all the quests in Feralas, then moving to Felwood, then doing a lot of the quests in Winterspring. Last night we went to the Sunken Temple and knocked out 6 quests there. Next stop will be BRD. He worked up to level 45 on a PvP server, but finished up on an RP server. He’s halfway to Exalted with Frostwolf. He dinged following a win in the Arathi Basin. Turning in the three marks got him really close. Completing the quest to cap four resources, took him over to the Ding. (And my XP bar is now replaced by a Faction bar. 80 )

(My god, was it really so long ago that I had just reached level 30? Last December, the 28th or thereabouts, to be exact. Here’s the link. )

It is interesting to me, because I see several parallel courses to getting to 60. There’s the Blackrock route, the Plaguelands route, or the Winterspring route.

With Blackrock you are put on the path of fighting Dragons (Nefarian) and the old Elementals (Ragnaros). You visit Blackrock Spire, Molten Core, and Blackwing Lair. Adventuring here takes you from small 5-man parties to 40-man raids.

Ironically the Dragons are opposed by the Elementals, and are pitted against one another in a war to control Blackrock Mountain. And each side has forces sympathetic to your causes as well. Vael is a dragon most distraught about having to decimate you. He’ll help you in UBRS against Rend in fact. And Duke Hydraxis gives you rewards for killing other Elementals.

The Plaguelands find you combating the Scarlet Crusade, yeah, those racist “good guys” that even the Alliance don’t like, and the Scourge operating out of Stratholme and Scholomance. The Plaguelands will find you going from assaulting Scholomance and Stratholme to Naxxramas, from 5-man parties to 40-man raids.

The route of Winterspring appears to be a whole lot more solo orientated. The experience is not gotten by instances but by faction grinding. Kill hundreds of the Timbermaw’s enemies to become their friend. There’s some quests out of Everlook in Winterspring itself. But not one instance in Winterspring or noticeable story arc even.

… It just occurs to me as I type this … expansion’s are promised once a year now. The Burning Crusade and the Outalnds will be this year’s offering. What about next year? The Emerald Dream? Obviously the Timbermaw and Winterspring are nice little lead-ins to this.

And I’d love to see Gilneas and Kul’Tiras be brought on-line. These Coastal and Insular nations would figure into any expansion involving the Naga, the Maelstrom, and their Queen Azshara.

Since neither Blackhoof or Msaker are raiding now, earning Battlegrounds honor and reputation is earning them rewards as well. Even Blackhoof is getting rewards that compare to his Molten Core days, and Msaker is getting some of those for himself.

And I’m still doing quests and seeing places I haven’t already done and seen in going on two years played. Wow. Now we’re adding the Outlands and two new starting areas on top of that. I’ve yet to “complete” the game and there’s even more coming.

Bottom line, there are so many ways of getting to 60, enjoying yourself at 60, getting ahead at 60, and moving on from 60, it’s just never ending.

Oh, yeah: Ding. :)

P.S. How do people have 5 or more level 60 characters? Dear lord, how much time does that take?! Ask my wife, and she’ll tell you, I play a lot. Msaker’s time played to 60 was 18 days. … The enjoyment is as much in the departute, and the journey, as the arrival and plans for more.

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A shout-out to the healers! (Especially Nawah, a Druid from Illidian.)

I came into the AB match after it started. We had 3 resources,the Alliance 2. I left the top scorer. Why? Towards the end we rushed the Stables, didn’t have to, we just wanted to, and I scored like a mad man. Why? Good healing. I was cutting them up and staying alive to dish out more.

Thanks for the heals!

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Getting those mallets was too easy.

Jintha’Alor. Msaker, Nachmahd, and Droonda, and two guild Warlocks take Jintha’Alor and teach the Vilebranch Trolls a lesson: Don’t mess with the Horde. What a hoot. We rode through there with 95% single pulls. One troll at a time. Too easy. Not enough pots, but that’s a different story. The only point where we had multiple mobs was in the cave with the Keeper. It was her and two guards. Sure, Nachmahd and Msaker are 55, the Warlocks, Derier and Azghul, mid-50′s, and Droonda, 48, made easy work of it.

Msaker later went into Alterac Valley. He was, level 55 mind you, in Auction House [Greens], #8 in Killing Blows. Woot.

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Maraudon and the Princess dies.

No offense, but if you’ve 3 faces and 4 hands and horns and crap? You’re going down. For your own good. Primordial Titan or not.

Last night Nachmahd, now level 54, Droonda, now level 48, and Msaker returned to Maraudon. We ran into a priest friend of ours, Ferinthul, and he left the group he was with and joined us. To that other group: Nyah nyah. (Quite a vote of confidence I must say.)

We partied with Ferinthul our second time to Maraudon, as we worked through the Purple Side and collected the Celebrian Diamond. Our first time we worked through the Orange Side and got the Celebrian Rod. Now Ferinthul was missing this part so last night we again went through the Orange Side. Our 1st night we went with a Warlock in the guild, Azghul by name. The other two nights we went with Ferinthul, a level 47 Priest.

We rocked the house. Nachmahd hits like a Mack truck, and Msaker can do a little damage himself, but he’s mostly trying to keep aggro. (Holding aggro is more important than dealing damage.) Anyway, we returned to Celebrias and freed him. And we continued on to the Princess. And we downed her. Two Shamans, a Warrior, and a Priest? Pwnage. And, man, that Warrior is getting some heals!

We all had flight points in Moonglade from attending some party there earlier in the year. So that worked out great.

We’ll want to get back into Maraudon. I think Droonda would look pretty cool with a Gizmotek Buckler. That was the same buckler that Blackhoof until he went to ZulGurub and got the Zulian Defender. (The old style defender too, it was HUGE!)

Otherwise it’s Alterac Valley weekend and we’re enjoying that too.

Tonight, Jintha Alor and getting that Mallet made so we can get back to ZulFarak and get our trinkets. Veggies are good.

Msaker out.

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