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“I’m not here to do damage. I’m here to live.” That’s what Honorus tells the two warriors that have summoned him to the summoning stone outside of the Scarlet Monastery. They’ve seen his little Knightly Longsword, and compared to the … Continue reading

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A new technique. And the wife was just blown away. She was laughing with power. “That’s what I’m talking about.” The new idea? For us at least. Honorus gathers together a handful of mobs, she melts them with AoEs. We … Continue reading

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Just the two of us. Happier wearing, not singing, the Blues. I see the crystal raindrops fallAnd the beauty of it allIs when the sun comes shining throughTo make those rainbows in my mindWhen I think of you some timeAnd … Continue reading

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And, something completely different: Troll Paladins. Troll Paladins. No, not the race. Paladins able to regenerate insane amounts of health. Like a Troll. I brought Honorus out last night, and he quested a bit with Effilda. This is our Human … Continue reading

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New Blood. Kaelstra, Paladin. On a PvP server to boot. Kaelstra dinged 12 after playing 5 hours. (Droonda is on her way to Italy on a bus at the moment.) He ran into Bloodr and signed the charter for Bloodr’s … Continue reading

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Can you go back? A return to my Paladin. And how being good looking hurts you. I spent over an hour trying to log onto WoW last night. When I finally did manage to get onto WoW the start time … Continue reading

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