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Mean, but squishy. And, when do I step up to the plate?

My Death Knight is Blood Spec DPS.  And he does a good job of it.  (Recount+GearScore tell me so.)  So when I join the Looking for Dungeon queues I do so as DPS. I’ve enjoyed the instance running since I … Continue reading

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Paladin Flexibility

So there I was. To catch you up briefly, Msaker, by Orc Warrior, used up a lot of good crafting mats to equip my Human Paladin in some decent (non-raider, non-instancing) gear.  Tempered Saronite Helm and Boots for tanking, and Spiked … Continue reading

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Le Sunstriker est mort. Viva le Sunstriker!

Once upon a time there was a Blood Elf named Sunstriker.  I’m not even sure what his class initially was.  I’d like to think it was a Paladin. But the wife created a Blood Elf Paladin as well, we know … Continue reading

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A lack of taunt haunts me. Or… What’s that?

So there I was.  The lovely mage Effilda by my side.  I, the Paladin, guardian of his lady love, and together we would take on the enemies of Honor Hold. And let me say, Retribution is more fun than Reckoning. … Continue reading

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Mama’s got a brand new ride.

“Or rides.” That’s the Mrs., and she was rather pleased last night to ding 40 and pick up not one, but two new mounts. A black war stallion and a purple hawkstrider. When business calls, go in style, and armor … Continue reading

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Righteous Defense is righteously dense.

Why do I have to create a macro for it?   /cast [help] Righteous Defense; [target=targettarget] Righteous Defense Wait, a little background. There we were.  Honorus, my Paladin, and Effilda, my wife’s Mage.  We’re in the Hinterlands, and we’re doing quests.  We’ve … Continue reading

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You’re never alone. Paladin Level 20 Quest, Alliance side.

I think I alluded to it earlier, but when we rescued Jordan’s wife, a quest I’d been given upon reaching level 20 with my Paladin, it wasn’t just me and my wife’s Warrior there at Ms. Jordan’s farm. There was … Continue reading

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A Tanks Request. Posted in the community section. Originally Posted by Ziloxus from the official forums: This post is something of a cathartic exercise for myself. If someone gets something out of it great, if not that’s fine too. … Continue reading

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Unbreakable, I like Naga. Particulary the STV Naga just outside Booty Bay. They don’t cast. Me, Honorus, 41 Paladin, and Effilda, 40 Mage, can easily take on two 43-44 Nagas at a time. Without breaking much of a sweat. Seal’s … Continue reading

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“And if I live, something will die.” We were two Level 36 Paladins and we completed a level 39 elite quest in Stromgarde. Seal of Light stacks with Judgement of Light. I know that today. And Reckoning with a very … Continue reading

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