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Mean, but squishy. And, when do I step up to the plate?

My Death Knight is Blood Spec DPS.  And he does a good job of it.  (Recount+GearScore tell me so.)  So when I join the Looking for Dungeon queues I do so as DPS.

I’ve enjoyed the instance running since I started it at level 72 or so.  I’m now 80 and in Tier 9+.  And I’ve run every dungeon, in Heroic Mode, through the Pit of Saron.  (I’ve been to the Pit of Saron twice, and on the 2nd visit managed to free some slaves.  7/15 so far.  I have to free them all, 15 at least, to complete the quest and move on to the final 5-man instance in the game, the Halls of Reflection.  If I’m not mistaken.)  That’s to say: I’ve been around the block with my Death Knight as DPS.

Now since I’m obviously one Death Knight in the group, and the LFD tool doesn’t tend to stack multiples of the same class on purpose, I’ve very rarely partied with a tanking Death Knight.  (On an oddball run with my wife’s level 71 Death Knight, we found ourselves in the Nexus with 3 DPS Death Knights.  I kid you not.  There were more ghouls than you could shake a stick at.)  But, again, I’ve not had any experience with partying with tanking Death Knights on my Death Knight.  Once, in the Halls of Stone.  He did pretty good and I was making mental notes of how it was done.

But Cenotaph has pretty much rounded out his kit now.  You can’t accrue any meaningful amount of Badges of Frost running the daily random dungeon.  2 a day isn’t a lot.  And I got my 50 and bought a cloak with it.  To accrue enough to buy the full set of Tier 10 will take 1,234 days, or some such, and I’m not going to put myself through that.  And with the gear I have I can see all 5-man content and I’ll have to content myself in picking up the best of the 5-man content offerings on a catch-as-catch-can basis.  There *are* some upgrades yet and I look forward to getting my hands on them.

However, and the point of the topic, I am now running the random dungeons with my Level 80 Paladin.  I PvPed him into a full set of Deadly Gladiator gear, with additional Titan Forged items and a PvP ring.  He’s also got the crafted DPS gear (iLevel 200 helm & boots & titansteel destroyer) so his hit rating is heroics ready.  And so I took him into some random heroics, as DPS, where, as luck would have it, in the few runs I’ve done, I’ve mostly had Death Knights tanking.  They may look mean and have all the right plate in the right places, but dang, they sure do take a lot of damage while they’re tanking.  One was dual wielding, the other two-handing it.  The one with the two-hander did a better job of holding mobs and surviving the fights.

I’ve always maintained two sets of gear on my Paladin.  DPS (3 sets actually, full PvE Hit, PvP Resilience) and a tanking set.  (The tanking set includes iLevel 200 crafted helm, boots, and shield.  I’ve got the tourney axe as well.)  I’ve got 534 Defense in his tanking gear.  So I’m 1 point short of what Heroics will need.  Trouble is I haven’t tanked anything since the Headless Horseman last October.  Queuing him as a Tank, I’d have seconds to wait till a group popped for me.  (Not the 12-15 minutes required for DPS runs.)  I’ve got the basics down.  I’ve followed the recommended talent build.  I’ve set up the 96969 sequence and spent a bit of time on a practice dummy getting the flow of it. (In Seal of Command my mana dropped like the gas gauge on a ’71 Plymouth Roadrunner.  With Seal of Wisdom up it felt like I could continue the cycle forever.)  Anyway, being a Paladin, my heart is not in DPSing, but tanking.

How do I handle a group when I start tanking for them?  I’ve run every instance in heroic mode, as melee, so I’ve got the gist of what happens.  As a test I went into normal Utgard Keep and tanked my way solo past the entry and the burners.  I’m not some paper-thin strawman.  Do I let them know “I’m new at this, bear with me.”  ?  If I offer to let them kick me, and they do, does my dungeon cooldown start or am I free to try again immediately?  With 12 minute waits for DPS, I’d say the world needs more tanks.  I have a tanking class, and from what I can tell, Paladin’s tanking make for the smoothest runs.

And I figure I’d better get used to tanking with my Paladin before I venture into Death Knight tanking ala dual wielding Frost. (That Rimefang’s Claw that dropped for us, which I won with a 100 greed roll (earning me “Greedy”) would be a shame to waste and should be a good compliment to the slow mace that I got in the Tournament of Champions.)

Alas, there’s no practice dummies for tanking.  Only unwitting party mates that queue up and get stuck with you.


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Paladin Flexibility

So there I was.

To catch you up briefly, Msaker, by Orc Warrior, used up a lot of good crafting mats to equip my Human Paladin in some decent (non-raider, non-instancing) gear.  Tempered Saronite Helm and Boots for tanking, and Spiked Saronite Helm and Boots for DPSing.  (I.e. the iLevel 200 stuff.)  My hunter used up the last 4 Arctic Furs in all of existence (Dear World, Please forgive me.) to make the Nerubhide and Icestriker cloaks for him.  And the Orc also made the Human his Titansteel Destroyer and Titansteel Shieldwall.  And working on the tournament I picked up the Teldrassil Defender.  (Spiffy graphics, and even though the moon already glowed, it was enhanced with a quick and cheap Crusader enchant.)  So Honorus has been the greatest benefactor of a huge portion of my hardwork in materials gathering.  (That and the wife and I have 9 characters between us with Artisan Flying.  The tournament has been beddy beddy good to us.  It’s not “casual” gameplay at all!!!)

Anyway, so I’m interested in getting a Horseman’s Helm.  (And just getting the achievement to kill him.)  Msaker has the old (level 70) one and loves it.  I wanted to get an updated version for my Paladin.

I spec Retribution and travel to the Scarlet Monastery.  There’s a crowd, but not a lot of talk.  Then folks start talking.  Deathknight /s “DPS lfg.”  Warlock “DPS lfg.”  Umm.  I see where this is going.  DPS folks all gathered around waiting for 1) someone to tank for them, and 2) someone else to heal for them.  (Then off they go to their happy DPS lives while the healer and tank respec to DPS as well and carry on with their lives.)

Well, hell.  I appeared to be part of the problem.  There I was.  Ret Pally, LFG.  Good grief.  (See, tanking is a responsibility.  Healing is a responsibility.  DPS fails to kill a boss?  “Tank better” or “Your healing sucks.”  Hey, sign me up for the acid eye wash.  Bring it!)

Well, the Deathknight says “I’ll start a group.”  Warlock says “Invite me.”  Deathknight says “LFM.”

Well, heck with it.  I’ve actually spent more than a couple Titansteel bars to let them sit unused in my bags.  “Invite me.”

Invited I linger a bit in Ret spec.  “So, what are you?  Tank, healer, or DPS.”  The Warlock lol’s “I’m DPS.”  I tell them I’m Ret.  But: I can spec Prot, if your good DPS can make up for my bad tanking.  (I haven’t tanked an instance, for reals, in … forever.  Not on a Paladin.)  I respec, equip my tanking stuff and we wait.  Two more Paladins join the party.  The first is actually geared with a Titansteel Shieldwall as well.  And he’s got 27k health to my 22k.  I guess he’ll be tanking.  Except all of a sudden his health drops to 12k.  Huh??  I hover over him and it says he’s Holy now.  Okay, so we’ve got a healer.  The other Paladin stays Retribution.  (He’s wearing an Explorer’s tabard.  I don’t even care what his gear is.  Later, after a fight, while we waited for his mana to recover on his own … That takes FOREVER by the way, I offer him some mana replenshing tea.  “No, thanks.  I have potions for that.”  And so we wait a while longer.  And we wait.  DIVINE PLEA YOU MORON! (I quietly say inside.  Having only discovered this wonderful ability a short hour earlier myself while perusing Paladin Tanking over on ElitistJerks or Maintankidin website.)

Anyway, long story short, I tank five summons of the Horseman.  No deaths.  And none of us were geared in anything exceptional.  Horseman ain’t so tough.  Or my tanking wasn’t so terrible.  (And no helm, or mount, either.  Sigh.)

Then it was back to the Tournament as Retribution.  (The best 2,000 gold (after cold weather flying) that I’ve spent was to dual spec my Warrior Arms/Prot and my Paladin Prot/Ret.)

I am loving the flexibility of the Paladin. 

And, yes, I have LOTS to learn yet to play him effectively in any role beyond smashing weak non-raid single targets.

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Le Sunstriker est mort. Viva le Sunstriker!

Once upon a time there was a Blood Elf named Sunstriker.  I’m not even sure what his class initially was.  I’d like to think it was a Paladin.

But the wife created a Blood Elf Paladin as well, we know her as the lovely Halcyon.

So, Sunstriker the Paladin was deleted and Sunstriker the Mage was created.  With the red hair and the green eyes he was a veritable scion of the Sunstriker family.

And such great progress this Sunstriker made.  Fully geared from visits to Shadowfang Keep and the assistance of an Orc, he cut quite the figure in his mid-30′s.  Partnered with a Tank+Heals+DPS Paladin, this new Sunstriker was the literal icing on the cake (and other assorted mobs).

But then we noticed a certain lack in our kit of characters.  What to do with all the locked boxes that kept dropping off mobs up and down the length of Azeroth, the Outlands, and now Northrend?  A Rogue was needed!

Sorry, Sunstriker, ol’ buddy.  Time to hang up those robes, those nice robes, and time to don something a little more sinister.  Sunstriker was retired, aged mid-30′s, off to studies in Dalaran.  (I like to think he managed to find a way in before they departed for Northrend’s skies.)

Sunstriker the Rogue was created.  Oh, and he was treated good.  Fully geared up in armor of the Defias, sporting crusader and life stealing enchants on various weapons, Blood Elf Bandit face mask, a Blade of the Basilisk for goodness sake.  Reaching level 40, in Nightscape gear, with a few pieces left to level into in his bags, Vanquisher Sword, some spiffy blue dagger, and Msaker, his weapons dealer, considering equipping him with dual Phantom Blades, for the crossed blades in the back look.  There he was, in Stranglethorn, waiting for the patch and the faster land mount.  Working catch as catch can on leveling closer to Halcyon’s level 45 in order to step up as her partner.  And then, inexplicably, he sold off his gear, including the shirt on his back, sent the things he’d collected and were still useable to Msaker, (but he forgot those bags, dangit!), and then with a “Goodbye cruel world,” (yes, there were people there,) he dove into Booty Bay waters and prepared to end it.  No time to create the new Sunstriker, I just logged off.  He in fact had to resurface later to mail the gold he had on him as well, and then, finally, and cleanly, sat down, logged out, and got deleted.

Sunstriker’s lot in life appears to be a fickle one.  His name has been on a character since The Burning Crusade was released.  And he still is.

And thus a new Sunstriker was created.  This iteration of Sunstriker, i.e. Sunstriker IV, is a Paladin.  My wife figures that will let her steer Halcyon more along the Holy Paladin line, and I’ll steer the new Sunstriker along the Protection line, and between the two of us there’s going to be an awful lot of mobs wishing we were gone.

I don’t know.  I think I feel more satisfied playing a Plate Armored (potentially) class.  I’ve got 2 Warriors, 1 Deathknight, and now 2 Paladins as well. 

Msaker, my Warrior, is a master 450/450 blacksmith and gearing up the new Sunstriker will be zero issue.  Cenotaph my Deathknight is nearly 450/450 in both Inscription and Enchanting, so giving young Sunstriker Gyphs and Enchants will not be an issue.  The previous Sunstriker left the new one a Truesilver Commander’s Ring and some other Blue Ring of the Bear, before jumping into the unforgiving waters of Booty Bay and disappearing from history.

And if you at all follow Paladins over the ages, they appear to play a lot differently now.

My first Seal was Rightousness.  My first Judgement was Light.  This before I even left the starting area.  Each hit has a bonus holy damage component and the judgement afforded me heals that came as I did damage.  I don’t remember the playstyle being like this earlier.

So, here’s hoping this Sunstriker is going to last a while. 

On the other hand if I have a compulsion to continue creating new characters then Le Sunstriker est mort.  

Viva le Sunstriker!

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A lack of taunt haunts me. Or… What’s that?

So there I was.  The lovely mage Effilda by my side.  I, the Paladin, guardian of his lady love, and together we would take on the enemies of Honor Hold.

And let me say, Retribution is more fun than Reckoning.

“Let me tell you: There’s gonna be a Reckoning!”

“Oh?  When?”

“I Reckon you’ll notice.”

“Oh, ya?”

“It’s a coming!  Reckoning train on it’s way!”


“Oh, anytime now.  You just wait.”


“I hate you guys.  Die already.”

— Man, that Protection grinding was very effective, in a way, for certain mobs.  It’s like the mobs did me the favor by beating themselves to death on my shield and awesomeness.

But for Outlands goodness, and finishing up the Plaguelands business, I’ve been specced Retribution.  And with the change to 30 minute seals, and the 30 minute blessing glyph, and 30 minutes of Righteous Fury, I can now actively do strikes and judgements and hammers and consecrates.  Oh, yeah, single targets are crushed.

My Retribution spec is going to be a lot more fun than waiting for Reckoning to kill of mobs of mobs.

Anyway, as I was saying, we’re outside of Honor Hold.  We move to the Armory and start taking out ghosts.  And I was thinking to myself “I sure wish I had some kind of ranged pull.”  A couple body pulls later I see another icon up by my Righteous Defense icon.  Hmm.  I don’t play Honorus all that much.  I’ve leveled his Inscription so that Minor Inscription Research provides no more discoveries, but not being 65 he can’t learn Northrend Research yet.

But there it was.  My Paladin taunt.  54 mana, 30 yard range.  The Hand of Reckoning.  Available at level 16.  Four levels earlier than Exorcism which used to only work on Undead, but Demons now too.  I note that Hand of Reckoning does a touch of Holy Damage, undoubtedly put in before “any abilities that causes aggro gets you the tap” was implemented.

Well, they’ve sure dumbed down the Paladins, haven’t they?  So much for the Holy Warrior running into battle.  They can stay out of range of all enemies and strategically pull like anyone else.  Like a Hunter, say.

Paladins go from no range pulling ability, to pulling Undead, to pulling Demons too, to now pulling anything.  Today’s Paladins aren’t going to understand what it meant to be a Paladin from the days of old.  When you walked to Shadowfang Keep uphill, in the snow, both ways, on a PvP server.  They won’t be able to relate to the dedication it took.

And, you know, maybe we’re jumping the shark now.  All classes can do everything.

Raiding is pretty much an AoE fest nowadays.  If you can’t AoE you may as well stay home.  Or maybe they’ll invite you along to bring cookies or something.   I purposefully glyphed my Shaman’s Thunderstorm to NOT knock mobs back.  What was a nice safety feature, and useful in clearing mobs off clothies, became a liability.  “Who threw the patrol back into the group we hadn’t pulled yet??!??!”  But, dangit, I needed a means to go stand in the center of a furball and hit EVERYTHING for at least 2500 damage.  Granted, that’s laughable too.  I think Warlocks sneeze and whole populations go under.

So.  Paladins have two taunts now.  A “ranged pull” taunt.  And a “get off my friends” taunt.  Good thing, I never got the boomerang.

Part 2.

Here’s a lament out to the Gnome Warlock we ran into in Zeth’Gor last night.  Oh, you’re a badass.  Oh yeah, baby.  Got the Fel Guard.  You’re a fearin’ and a cheerin, and you’re saving Humanity.  We’re looking for medallions and there’s orcs running around everywhere, chattering skulls indicating you’d gotten them all.  “Good luck to you,” I’m thinking.  I noticed one of those mobs had a real name.  Nice.  Again, “Good luck to you.”

So, color me surprised when this named mob is running at me.  AT me, I’m it’s target.  With intent to kill.  He’s untapped, his name is in red.  Hmm.  Odd.  “One fear too many, my friend?”  Well, Orcs is for smashing, and we take him down, take him down town.  Bookem, Dano.  Tada!  Achievement time.  It seems the lovely Effilda and I earned the achievement of killing a semi-rare mob.  Woot.  He dropped a blue item, some mail armor with +Spirit.  (Are you kidding me??)  I pass since Effilda will get a shard out of it for use in her enchanting.

So there’s the Gnome again.  “Enjoy the loots,” he /says.  “Thanks. … Why’d you lose him?”  “I died,” he whispers.  “Sorry.”

Ya know, the item was meaningless.  I can make blues to disenchant.  I’d have given it to you.  Except for this niggling little detail:  You’re whiney, arrogant, and assumed we’re petty.  Something comes running at me, to attack me, and I fight back and defeat it, damn right I’m going to loot it.  Do a better job at whatever you Warlocks are good at if you think the “loots” should be yours.

Part 3.

This game continues to deliver.

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Mama’s got a brand new ride.

“Or rides.”

That’s the Mrs., and she was rather pleased last night to ding 40 and pick up not one, but two new mounts.

A black war stallion and a purple hawkstrider.

When business calls, go in style, and armor plate.

(Yes, even the bikini top is plate.)

Otherwise enjoy the basic pleasure model.


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Righteous Defense is righteously dense.

Why do I have to create a macro for it? 

 /cast [help] Righteous Defense; [target=targettarget] Righteous Defense

Wait, a little background.

There we were.  Honorus, my Paladin, and Effilda, my wife’s Mage.  We’re in the Hinterlands, and we’re doing quests.  We’ve wrapped a few up and decide, I decide, to tackle getting us hammers from the Altar of Zul.  I’m level 46, my wife is 44.  We work our way up the steps of the altar, it’s not that easy.  Those casters pack a punch.  But, anyway, we reach the top.  I see our target.  A level 50, sigh, and a couple others.  I assume they’re the same level as what we’re fighting already.  Yellow, and not orange, to us.  Ah, no.

To our credit we actually kill one of the three that come at us, the 50 we want to sheep is resisting my wife’s spell, and we’re borked twice.  (Casters versus Pally sucks.)  Having not played my Pally in a while, I don’t find my “Lay On Hands” spell quickly enough.  Or my Bubble shield.  The wife’s taking a pounding and I try to use Righteous Defense.  But that means I have to untarget the enemies and target her to cast it.  Upon which 3 mobs targeting her would switch to me.  Alas, that doesn’t work. Imminent death isn’t the time for careful target selection.  We try twice and then ride off, simply turn in the quests we’d done, ding 47 and 45 respectively, and call that a wrap.

I’ve now got the macro prepared.

But should I have to create a macro for this spell?

Casting Righteous Defense on a target will pull up to 3 enemies attacking that target and have them attack the casting Paladin.  That sounds downright glorious, don’t it?

And without a macro, there is only one scenario I can see how this is supposed to work.

You’re an Old Style Healbot from pre-TBC.  You’ve probably got a tank targeted for healing.  Heal, heal, heal your plate armored heart out.  I guess, when the crap hits the shinola and your tank is going down, you cast Righteous Defense, rather than a heal, and take up the mob.  Why not?  You’ve got plate.  You’re a tank.  Right?  But do you really want 3 mobs on you.  This “taunt” ability works on 3 targets.  Sure hope you brought your +healing plate because if that mob’s taken out your tank, he’s going to take out a Clothadin.

This wouldn’t work if you were tanking, and you didn’t have the macro, since you’d have a bit of a time trying to find your loose mobs target, since you’ve got a handful of them, right?, and then target that target, then cast your RD and get the loose mob back.  Is the “target of target” frame supposed to make that easy?  When you’re faced with a mob, are you expected to cycle through enemies, find the one targeting something they shouldn’t have targeted, retarget that target, and cast the spell? 

You must be running a grayed out instance too, because in a Heroic, clothies are one-shotted.  You don’t have time to cycle through the mobs and check out what’s up with them, their lives, what movies did they recently see, and what the hell they’re pounding on with intent to kill.  Yeah, the clothies need to let the Paladin secure Aggro, guarantee it, and it’s easy enough for them to do with consecration, and at that point why even bother having a spell like Righteous Defense?

You know, in the old days, when you had 2 mobs to deal with, maybe.  Those weren’t the days of 4 Centurians and 1 Captain all loose on you.  Or those Bog bugs in CFR.  TBC Trash Mobs come in mobs.

It’s broken if I have to use a macro.

And if we all have to use that macro, or one like it, then why isn’t it simply built into the functionality of the spell?  Or, why not just give Paladins a 3 target Taunt?  Yes, I understand how “Righteous Defense” is supposed to work in fairy tales and story books.  But in-game, it requires some adjustment.

And, yes, I use X-Perl.  I could have cast the spell targeting her party frame.  It just seems ackward to do it that way.  Maybe it’s intended to be that way.  I don’t know.  Seems dumb to me.


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You’re never alone. Paladin Level 20 Quest, Alliance side.

I think I alluded to it earlier, but when we rescued Jordan’s wife, a quest I’d been given upon reaching level 20 with my Paladin, it wasn’t just me and my wife’s Warrior there at Ms. Jordan’s farm. There was actually already a group there, who’d helped out another up-and-coming Paladin. I started up the quest before they’d left, they laughed and made mincemeat of the attackers. (Ms. Jordan actually has a gun rack inside her house. Git r done, Ms. J.) With that rescue under my belt I’d became a hero worthy of a heroes hammer. Mr. J. happens to be a hammer crafter. And needs some components.

The first part, the wood, that was earned the old fashioned way. I made the trip out to the Deadmines there in Westfall. I pugged up a great little group and made it to the goblin woodcutters and got the wood. Getting that wood would not have been soloable. But there happened to be just the right people waiting in the Looking for Group channel.

“I do not see coincidence, I see providence.” – Morpheus.

The second part was this gem. That was easily soloable. You don’t go into the instance at all, and the satyrs are demons and you can separate them from the Priestesses with exorcism.

“You gotta keep’em separated” – Offspring

Just don’t rush through the quest text like I did, and try to recall how you did it two years earlier. You’ll need to travel to Auberdine and get a quest from a Night Elf there named Thundris Windreaver to recover a Corrupted Kor Gem. He’ll purify it for you.

The third part you need is an ore shipment. There is a guy in Thelsamar, in Loch Modan, named Bailor Stonehand. He’s inside one of the cave houses. He wants you to recover an ore shipment from the Ogres in the northeastern corner of the area. They used to be elite. They aren’t anymore. You’ll find the shipment near an overturned wagon. If you aren’t blind you’ll even notice the sparkles on it. You give that to him and he’ll give you Jordan’s Refined Ore Shipment. Three parts down, one more to go.

The fourth and last part I needed was a hammer that was left behind in Shadowfang Keep.

“Standing on a hill in my mountain of dreams,
“Telling myself it’s not as hard, hard, hard as it seems.” – Led Zeppelin

I flew back to Menethil and swam to South Shore. No problem with any aquatic bad guys, and I easily reached the place. I grabbed the flight point, and checked to see who was in the area. Only a handful of folks. So I decided to simply run up to Silverpine Forest. Once there I did another /who. Nobody. No. Body. Rats. I’d been hoping that maybe somebody was going to be around to try this with. (Plan B was to clear to the hammer with my Warrior and then reenter with Shatar here, all the while grouped with my wife’s warrior.) But I’m alone. The wife is doing her own thing (healing for her guild’s assault on Illhoof. Illhoof down! :) ). Then it occurs to me to try a “/who Shadowfang”. Voila! Two players. Hmm. Both Paladins. HMMMM. One level 70, one level 20. This might work out. So I whisper the senior Paladin asking if he’d be so kind as to invite me for purposes of getting the hammer. “Sure.” Invited. Awright! I enter, find the hammer, give my undying gratitude, and hearth out. I take the train to Ironforge, go find Mr. J., and get him to craft me my own Verigan’s Fist.

“Stop. Hammer time.” – MC Hammer

And so, folks, just a reminder, if you’re a Paladin hoping to do this quest, and you’re having trouble finding a group, realize 1) the Looking for Group channel works, 2) mobs involved with two out of the four parts were made non-elite, and 3) if there’s nobody in Silverpine Forest, don’t forget to check Shadowfang Keep itself. You’re not alone.

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A Tanks Request.

Posted in the community section.

Originally Posted by Ziloxus from the official forums:

This post is something of a cathartic exercise for myself. If someone gets something out of it great, if not that’s fine too. I feel like I got it out of my system before the next pug either way.

Things every warrior tank thinks every non-tank should know.

My ability to generate threat over an extended time frame is inversely proportional to your ability to generate threat.

Huh? Ok here is what I mean, we will use a mage for this example but the same applies to rogues hunters, or anything else not a warrior or a bear druid.

As a fight commences both of us have two bars. We both have big full green health bars. Under my health bar is a big empty bar. Under your health bar is a big full blue bar. When you do dmg, it drains your blue bar. When I give or take dmg it fills my red bar. You have all the ammo you need at the start of a fight to make all kinds of threat which will pull all kinds of aggro. I don’t have much ammo to generate threat or take aggro, it takes me a minute.

The difference is that at the beginning of the fight, your threat making resource; mana, is full. You at this moment can activate whatever ability you want and instantly create tons of threat. Mine is empty. My resource, rage, fills up as I give and take dmg. Over the course of the fight I will get a lot to spend, so the longer the fight goes on the more and more threat I make.

Problem is at the beginning of the fight I have little or no rage. It takes me time to build the threat to hold aggro off of you.

So what does this mean to you? It means that if you start every pull with your biggest most evil 10 second cast fireball, it”s gonna be real tough for me to get aggro off of you with my empty rage bar.

How to apply this advice: You need to learn to pace your dps. Whether you are a mage or a rogue or a lock whatever (except hunters who feign death whenever the cooldown is up) start off the fight with lighter lower dmg attacks.

As the fight wears on rank it up to the bigger meaner stuff. You can do the same amount of dmg, but instead of front loading all of your dps (and threat) back load it.

Seriously, this is the biggest problem I see with every single DPS class in the game. Yes, I can taunt the mob off of you, but then the taunt is on cool down. What if the mob then does an aggro wipe like a knock down and it goes after you? What if it stuns me right after I taunt so I can’t build threat? You should be trying to play in such a way that you don”t ever have to see the warrior taunt outside of extenuating circumstances like aggro wipes.

When not to stun.

Ok so you have a stun button. I”m happy for you, no really I am. Stun buttons are great. You see a mob start to cast a heal or a “Level 5 Death to Tank” stun him, that”s fabulous. You see something chewing on a healer, stun them, awesome. A mob “attempts to run away in fear” go nuts stun lock them to the floor.

So why insist on stunning a mob I just pulled? Why stun the mob I just taunted? Here is what happens when you do that. When I am tanking I don’t really do dmg to make rage. My little red bar fills up when I take dmg. If you stun early in a pull I don’t get pounded on so I don”t gain threat so I don”t hold aggro, so someone like a healer or a mage is going to get the aggro. This wont usually produce a wipe, most mobs you can stun aren’t a big deal, but seriously, why make things more difficult then they need to be?

If you absolutely need a rule of thumb, wait till there are two sunders on a target before you stun it.

What to do when you get aggro.

The tank won’t always hold aggro. That”s a fact. Maybe the tank sucks, maybe he got feared, maybe he got stunned, maybe you just unleashed a cruise missile that crits the target for umpteen gazillion points before the tank had so much as an auto-attack on the mob. Whatever the reason, eventually you are going to have the mob beat on you.

If you are wearing pajamas and the mob is elite I understand the panic that sets in. You don”t want to get two shotted. I don’t want that either. So let me explain first the two things NOT to do.

Don’t nuke the thing with another cruise missile! You just pulled aggro so why go nuts trying to dps the thing to the floor before it can kill you? This isn’t a lvl 11 Defias Pillager, most likely you wont take it down in time. What you WILL do, is generate another gajillion points of threat that the tank needs to top to get it off of you. Stop hurting it. If you have a threat mitigator (cower, feint, fade, feign death) use it, if not. Just hold still for a sec. It wont be for very long, soon enough you will be sticking it full of sharp metal things or setting the mob on fire again. Just don”t make it harder for the tank to get the thing off of you.

Don’t run for the hills! I am a bit baffled as to where this gut reaction comes from. When you were lvl 40 did you outrun a bear or something? I don’t think you did. Do you think if you run far enough you will drop aggro? In an instance an elite mob will not drop aggro until you are dead or until you have left the instance. Running won’t keep the mob from chewing on your keester the whole time you run around, really it won’t. The mob runs the exact same speed you do. Guess who else runs the exact same speed you do. That’s right, me!

So if train A leaves Pheonix at 5:10 a.m. Pacific time headed east at 45 miles per hour, and Train B leaves San Diego at 5:10 a.m. Pacific time headed east at 45 miles per hour, at what point does train B catch up to Train A? That”s right! Never! So when train A dies in a monstrous fireball or twisted metal and diesel fuel, it is probably even going to blame train B for not saving it.

You need to run TOWARD the tank, at the very least hold still.

Ok Pally OT, bear OT or other Warr OT, when should you taunt off of me?

Um, really close to never. Why on earth are you taunting off of me? Are you trying to prove a point? Are you trying to demonstrate that you can tank as well as me? Great for you! You have tank buttons too. Now I have to burn my taunt to pull the mob back off of you so you don”t die, or so the healer doesn”t waste mana on you. Now my taunt is in cool down if I need it.

The only time you should taunt off the main tank is if I ask you to. When will that happen? Only if the healer dies and I need to bandage, or if it’s a fight that requires a tank rotation. That’s it.

Now of course there are times when things are confusing, something is chewing on the healer and you are trying to save the day and I taunt and then you do too. That”s fine, you did the right thing in saving the healer, don”t beat yourself up about it, you don’t need to apologize to me for it either. I saw what happened, I”m 4% smarter than I look.

When should you bubble me?

I hope this is a priest asking this, I really don’t need divine intervention thanks. If you bubble me I don’t get threat from taking damage. Don’t bubble me before a pull. Don’t bubble me early in a pull. If my bar is mostly red, sure if you think I need the extra mitigation and there isn”t time for a real heal, bubble me.

Don’t BOP me please, it’s a fantastic way to kill healers.

The pull.

Sometimes we aren’t going to fight the mob out where it is standing. Some times I will even shoot the mob and then duck behind a corner. This is not the universal “unleash your mana wielding ranged casting might” signal. What probably happened is I saw a little blue bar under the mob out there; I want him to come to me so I shot him, then broke line of sight. If you shoot him, guess what, he will stand right where he is and shoot back. Then I have to go out there and risk pulling the whole room to get him off of you unless you figure out how to duck behind corners too, that is assuming that the Moonkin and the Hunter standing next to you didn’t just take your cue and unload their blue wad all over the mob you just launched WWIII on.

The sheep

We pull 3 mobs on accident. You can sheep or seduce or scattershot or whatever. That’s a fabulous idea. Don’t sheep the thing I am beating on! You know what will happen? It will break and I will already have another move queued up behind the move that broke the sheep which will break the next sheep you are trying to do since you didn”t change targets. You might not be familiar with the “F” key. Click me, then click “F”, now you are targeted on my target, so target something else, anything else and sheep that.

Multi mob pull

Ok so we just got more than we can handle and I am tanking 3 mobs with no offtank. Attack my target would you? I only have so much rage to spread around. If you start shooting something that I am not concentrating on your going to pull aggro, then I have to decide whether I let you die, or whether I go pull it off of you and risk letting the rest of the party die while they keep attacking the thing I was attacking. The “F” key works great for this too.

The off tanks target

Just because I am the main tank does not mean that my target is the most important target to kill. In fact, often it is the opposite. I am the main tank because I take the best beating. The Hunters wind serpent that is tanking that other orc over there wont hold up as well as me. His target needs to die first. My target should be the last one to die. Those other tanks aren’t built to take the abuse I do, help them out. I will be ok, I have all kinds of squishies watching my back. Seriously, go fight the other guy”s target.

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Unbreakable, I like Naga.

Particulary the STV Naga just outside Booty Bay. They don’t cast.

Me, Honorus, 41 Paladin, and Effilda, 40 Mage, can easily take on two 43-44 Nagas at a time. Without breaking much of a sweat. Seal’s flying, swings landing, our biggest problem was the Nagas were of a level to keep resisting Effilda’s magic. She’s even taken the Arcane Subtelty talents. But that makes her the equivalent then, if my theorycrafting is right, as a level 42. Which means these Nagas had their usual resist chance, or better, against her. Of course a spell resisted is Aggro not taken, so not at all a problem.

Ultimately, the Akiris Reeds we gathered were to be delivered to Theramore.

Stranglethorn Vale gets old, and we were seeking a new haunt for a spell.

Our first quick little business there in Dustwallow Marsh was the level 40 Mage quest given by Tabetha involving some Orb. Let’s say “Big Gun” and leave it at that. Job done.

With that out of the way we retired and the upcoming humankind adventures will be in the Marsh. This is a short, enough, ride down to Tanaris, and Un’Goro, and Silithus. All new, kind of, quest locations for Effilda (and my wife).

Demon Killing. And their minion too. Or does Honor stay my hand?

Blackhoof, 69, went to Azshara seeking some quick mageweave. The elves carry runecloth. The stayrs and ghosts near Valormark carry mageweave. Problem solved. (Mageweave becomes bolts of mageweave become low 40 gear become, hopefully, dream dust, becomes materials for enchanting and getting Darbanville’s enchanting up. 280 right now, with material enough for 4 more skill-ups. 300 is my goal, and a quick run again to Thrallmar, via windrider, not skeletal horse, to train in everything else.) Back to Blackhoof in Azshara… Suddenly I see a yellow name. Names. Warlock and voidwalker. Yellow. Bad people, managed to get flagged. Not being nice he was. Warlocks soooo infuriate me. Oh, please Blizzard. Please Buff Warlocks More! Please! Nerf me, personally, if you need to balance the game. Nerf Shamans so you can buff Warlocks. (Done.) Anyway, where was I? Ah, yes. So I see that this Gnome (yes, double it) and see that he sees me. Stopped in his tracks, then scurries away. What? Like I’d just run over there and kill him? A Warlock? Someone who will gleefully DOT the hell out of me, my friends, and my allies, and laugh and /spit about it? That person needs to live? This steaming pile of dishonor should live in peace? This is why we seem to lose yet win: Honor. I let him be and continued farming my mageweave. Yes, I had 14 levels on him. He was dead. But I left him alone. A little while later he reappears. Blue, killing my ghosts. I laugh, got two stacks of mageweave and it’s midnight, so I hearth home to Shattrath and pop the goods in the mail to Darbanville. Karma.

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“And if I live, something will die.”

We were two Level 36 Paladins and we completed a level 39 elite quest in Stromgarde.

Seal of Light stacks with Judgement of Light. I know that today.

And Reckoning with a very fast weapon just puts out a flurry of attacks. Very cool.
Folks say Paladins are at their strongest in their 30′s. Does this power go down in later levels?

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