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Spirits in the machine

Pays to police an area looking for your prize.

After popping in and out on Arcarius the past week, and actually this time flying in from Zul’Drak where I’d been looking for Gondria as well, I came across my 2nd Spirit Beast, Arcturis, and he’s mine.

I’ll level him farming eternals and gathering leather.  Two more to go.  (Gondria and Loque’nahak.)

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Hunters do the craziest things.

The Ancient Gaming Noob has a new post up today, about Swimming to Silvermoon.

See, his daughter wanted a Dragonhawk, and being only level 26, there was only one place to get them.  Eversong Woods.  Oh, and they’re Night Elves.

That so reminded me of the wife and I’s run to Teldrassil a long time ago.  I wanted us to have Owls.  And at our level, barely Level 10 if I remember right, the only place to do that was to go to Teldrassil.  Did I mention we were Taurens?  (See end of post for the screenshot of us with our Owls in the Crossroads.)

That was pretty much just what we did, again, with our Draenei Hunters.  Eh?  That’s right, we ran them, couldn’t have been much more than Level 10 either, to the Eastern Plaguelands and got ourselves Dragonhawks.  I picked a “Hunter of Worlds, C.J. Cherryh” name for the character, Iduve, and named my Dragonhawk, Vaikka, a name meaning “Pride,” or something like that, in the Iduve language.

And with the release of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, or that big patch just prior, we had a totally revamped Hunter pet system.  No longer did you you have to level up something waaaaaaay below you to enjoy it as a pet.  Any pet tamed would be at least within 5 levels of the Hunter doing  the taming.  So I went on a white pet binge.

First stop was to Azuremyst Isle where I tamed the two headed white frost hound named Kurken.  What was annoying was there was a Blood Elf Hunter there that was interrupting all attempts to tame.  (It is absolutely a given that every gamer you meet in the game is an absolute moron, cretin, psychopath, cross dresser.  And if you meet someone that is truly decent, and you aren’t being deceived into letting your guard down, you’ve been fortunate.  Well, maybe it’s not that bad.  But, man, I’ve been made aware that the cream of humanity does not play video games so many times it’s not funny.)  But, I logged out, logged back in later on, helped a Dwarf Hunter tame his Kurken, and then I got mine.  Named him Frostfire.

Then I spent about a week in a cave in the Ungoro Crater, waiting for the white ape Uhk’loc to spawn.  I’d log in, look around, check the radar for the name, wave to the other waiting hunters, then log back out.  I eventually got him and named him Urbane.  (Urbane Gorilla.)  Because that’s what Apes are, right?  Polished and polite?

Then I returned to Darkshore and tamed a Ghost Saber.  Named her Frostbite.  But she’s just a stand-in for when I can track down and tame Loque out of Sholazar Basin.  Of course my Hunter is a level shy before even attempting a taming, and it might be difficult for another couple more before he get’s flight.

I tamed one of the Rhino’s of the Borean Tundra, as white as I could get one, to enjoy the massive size and huge thomping footsteps and his name, Nosejob.  I had one earlier named Rhinoplasty, but I like Nosejob better.

I tamed a Ravager in Hellfire Penninsula and named her Darkense.  It’s an incredibly dark name, based on her shape and an Iain M. Banks story.

I had a Hunter track down Takk the Leaper, after he got nerfed, just to have him.

I spent too much time in the Badlands looking for Broken Tooth, pre pet nerf.

I spent no small amount of time trying to level up an earlier Ghost Saber before the “within 5 levels of the hunter” rule was created.

I tried to level up an armored pig out of Razorfen Kraul.  I named him Parma.  You can call him Porkchops now.

Anyway, I’m starting to wander in my reminiscing.

The point was, Hunters tend to do the craziest of things in the pursuit of, and caring for, their pets.

You think Warrior’s name their maces or crafted gear like this?  Make those “Have to do it, just because” journies across the world?

Hunters are unique in their craziness.  The hunt never ends.


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The taming of the Druid.

New pet to tame with today’s patch. The Dire Ravens up in Blade’s Edge Mountains.

It looks just like a Night Elf Druid in flight form.

I was tempted to name him Captive, or Nomanatoshift, but went with Xaxas instead.

Xaxas being a Darnassian word, meaning Chaos, or Fury, and is the name we Night Elves gave Deathwing.


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Lolz. I am not unique.

I knew I’d gotten enough honor to purchase the Season 1 shoulders with yesterdays honor earnings, so I logged out in the PvP vendors area. Today, I log on, and buy my shoulders. I wasn’t alone there. Guess who I had for company.


(Your’s truly is the handsome devil on the right.)

Nelf Hunters of the world, unite!

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Druids are not broken. The lonely Hunter. The world is broken. Pretty cool.


Last night we brought the Druids out to play. Sending some money out of the “Epic Mount for Arcarius the Old Fashioned Way: We Earn It” fund, Itarilda respecs and goes Feral. She’ll be the Tank and Greenclaw will be the DPS. (Being a Bear is easier, she says. And she did me proud, charging into most every fray with zeal.) One little incident aside, Col. Kurzen got himself taken down, got himself taken downtown, express bus, no stops.

“Hey, man, you don’t talk to the Colonel. You listen to him. The man’s enlarged
my mind. He’s a poet-warrior in the classic sense. I mean sometimes he’ll…
uh… well, you’ll say ‘hello’ to him, right? And he’ll just walk right by you.
He won’t even notice you. And suddenly he’ll grab you, and he’ll throw you in a
corner, and he’ll say, ‘do you know that “if” is the middle word in life? If you
can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
if you can trust yourself when all men doubt you’… I mean I’m no, I can’t…
I’m a little man, I’m a little man, he’s… he’s a great man. I should have been
a pair of ragged claws scuttling across floors of silent seas…” (from
Apocalypse Now)

Yeah, yeah. Hubris. Downfall.

So the Druids did pretty good last night. Arcarius is a little poorer, but what the hey.


Speaking of Arcarius… Many moons ago Arcarius once travelled down into the Swamp of Sorrows. He was after elusive prey, the Swamp Jaguar, with it’s rumored high rate of attack speed. The swamp jaguar tamed, the pair took to further adventures.

When at last the 40th season came, Arcarius returned to Darnassus and selected his mount. He took the white spotted saber. It fairly matched the jaguar and that made it cool. It was quite a nice sight. To ride across the land, faithful pet at one’s side.

But those days are gone. Hunters must choose. To ride on their mount, or be accompanied by their pet. Why? Huntards with flying mounts. Too lazy to dismiss pets, annoyed that the land based pets would run after them, anywhere. Why couldn’t Blizzard simply auto-dismiss pets upon mounting a FLYING mount. Leave us old-timers alone. Let us have our pets back. Give us our pets back. Our partners in crime. Our friends. Let them run alongside us as they’ve done for 30 levels of our lives now. Mounted Hunters have become loney.


Anyone else notice glitches in the world? The distance flashes with blocks of terrain flickering. (Changing visual effects doesn’t change that.) The bats in EPL have green in their wings and look wierd. The Elder Mistvale Apes, one of them was hopping about like a Gnome Mage, about 2 meters in the air. We fought it while it was in the air. The Reaver of Hellfire Penninsula has developed a new hobby. Ice skating. The world rumbles, as if with every stride, but he’s ice skating. My wife’s interface, which is pretty clean of add-ons, no unit frame add-ons, her target isn’t always showing, or it’ll not update. I noticed that with X-Perl too, figured it was an add-on problem. But since she had it too, I suspect it’s the game. Not my add-ons.

I basically unloaded all my add-ons. Then I reloaded the ones I can’t live without. (Cartographer, MetaHud, Healbot, X-Perl, KTHM, Damage Meter, simpleminimap, etc. etc.) and found I’d left like half in the old folder. Hmm, might not have needed them after all.

ALL of my add-ons pretty much worked post patch, after updating them via UI Central and WoW Ace Updater. (Keeping Ace mods up-to-date is super easy with WoWAceUpdater. And their collection of add-ons, extensive, get updated nearly daily it seems.)


Arcarius did some more Zangarmarsh quests last night. I’m seriously trying to clear out the quest log so I can take more in Nagrand.

Anyway there was a quest to go return to the Broken in Feralfen and talk to them, ask them to come to our side.

The quest involves turning myself into one of their bird spirits. It turned me into a Arakkoa.

Now I had five minutes to play with this.

Naturally, the first thing everyone does turning into another race: /dance!

Interesting. The Arakkoa have their own dance.

Then I waved. It looked like a creepy granny wave. Palm open facing out, and the fingers closing in a wave.

Then I saluted. Kind of like a two finger boy scout salute.

You know what they say. SPECULATION RUMOR MILL: If they program a race to have all these emotes, they could make them a playable race. WoW Wiki says they have “sage” and “warrior” classes, and they’re pretty smart. And they have owl companions. Mage, Priest, Warlock, Warrior, Hunter, Rogue.

Naga for the Horde, and the opening of the Maelstrom, and Arakkoa for the Alliance, with further outlying Outlands found.


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Hellfire Ramparts through the eyes of a Beastmaster.

Last night was Arcarius’s turn into the Ramparts. So far I’ve taken an Enhancement Shaman on healing duty, and a Protection Warrior on tanking duty, so now I was going in as a Beastermaster Hunter on DPS* duty. (*I use “DPS” lightly because I achieve half of the numbers that BRK’s dwarf, Damh, gets. I removed my damage meters last night, but I might reinstall them. I’m not one that prints them out in chat, “WOOT! LOOK AT MY LEETNESS!”, but I do think knowing my relative contribution to the efforts (healing or damage) is important.)

Did I get sidetracked or what?? Anyway, using the Looking for Group tool I was relatively quickly matched up with a Mage (pink ponytailed fire meteor throwing mage), a 60 Arms Warrior (“No shield, I’m Arms. … By the way, I don’t have a shield.”), a 64 Druid (Feral/Balance), and a 65 Paladin, of talent spec unknown.

So, I’m yanked from Zangarmarsh and wind up outside the instance. The LFG tool, and the summoning stone thing, are wonderous. So much easier going instancing with these tools. Good job, Blizzard!

The Mage is the party leader and we simply start. No marking. The first two pulls are easy, and we start into the Ramparts, and on the first or second dog packs we wipe. Ouch. All except the Arms Warrior who’s managed to reach the exit. We recover and move on. That was our last wipe.

And I started by laying freezing traps, to immobilize one of a group, but the Paladin said he wanted to AoE them so just lay a frost trap. The Paladin had a shield and that worked pretty well. The Mage had a propensity for gaining aggro, but I’d jump to that as I could, sending in my new Ravager pet (loyalty level 2, noob) to protect her, and interrupt spell casting with Intimidation.

We got into a comfortable rhythym and that worked very well. The first boss was a joke. His first healer was melted, the second was grazing on grass, and he went down. The groups were easy enough, no challenges there. The demon boss was a cakewalk. The dragon was next.

Now, the dragon has wiped every party I’ve been in so far. And while Blackhoof has seen him killed, Msaker is missing that satisfaction. But this time, with this group, he dropped like he’d taken a whippit shot. His health dropped so fast I thought I was watching lame duck poll numbers. Flawless I thought.

That was a good run. I’m pretty pleased with that.

My new ravager… The former one, which I tamed for the Gore 8 ability, and the cool looks, was a green one with purple highlights. I named him Outlandish. He reached loyalty level 4 or so. But he wasn’t all that. So I dismissed him right outside the Cenarian Expedition and tamed a new ravager. This one is all purples, with red glowing eyes. I named him, or her rather, Darkense. (It seems I may have mispelled that. It should be Darckense. Ah, well, no loyalty loved or lost there. A new one will be tamed tonight and properly named.)

Anyway, I can be pretty oblique sometimes. Anyone want to speculate why Darckense is the most chillingly perfect name for a Ravager?

I mean, I wasn’t even really going there. I was looking for a good name, of a protaganist or so, and wound up spotting and settling on this one. And the reason behind it, and she’s a Ravager, is perfect to a T. (And the source is an incredibly excellent read as well. Don’t read too much background though, cause the spoiler is a Crying Game type twist. If you’re at all into the genre it’s one of my favorites.)


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When does the Fat Lady sing?

I’ve been browsing blogs for a few months now.

What I find surprising, but is no surprise really, is how reaching 60 can be quite a let down for some.

I remember when Kinless reached level 40. The noob hadn’t been really trying to raise cash in anticipation of that day, and all of a sudden he had a requirement to find 90 Gold to buy his mount.

What’s a Hunter to do? Grind on monkeys in Stranglethorn Vale. I spent a couple of days there if I remember it right. Just rolling through the apes and cats and skinning every last one of them. I crafted the leather (free) into leather goods (cost of thread) and sold them to the vendor. (I wasn’t very Auction House saavy back then.) Well all this grinding also served to give me a lot of xp. I was level 43 when I finally dinged 90g. I travelled to Darnassus and bought the white spotted riding Tiger.

There I was! Woot! So I rode to the noob area thinking “Look at me! Look at me!” I jumped around the area a bit. Then I rode back to Darnassus, hopped the flight to Auberdine, and sailed to Menethil. Then I rode to Ironforge, and entered it’s halls. I’d made it. Woo. That was a lot of work, getting that money to get that mount. But I’d done it. Yeah.

Hmm. Press the space key and the riding tiger yawns. Move forward and press the space key and he’ll jump. On a run, if you jump, and twist midair, you can do a 360 in the air before landing again. And … that was it.

Okay, ride to a raid on Splintertree Post from Astranaar, with the leet on their mounts, that was pretty good. But otherwise? It was okay I guess.

It was kind of a let down actually. I don’t know, I was expecting a new game I guess.

I took a Dwarf Hunter, levels 18-22 to Warsong Gulch. For the hours I spent there I got Sgt! Woo. So I went to the quartermaster. The Sgt’s cloak wasn’t available to me until level 30. What’s up with that? It’s a piece of cloth. So he got deleted and I made a hunter that could Shadowmeld while her cat stealthed. That would own. But I don’t play her much.

I’ve noticed some other Blogs, dutifully record ding after ding in their quest to 60. But when they reach 60, what then? They find they had a life, or their game card expired, and otherwise what was the point of all that time spent? :/

I was an altoholic on four servers. I now play on just two. I’ve got 3 Warriors on two servers. A Shaman, two Druids, two Hunters, a Priest, a Warlock, a Mage. A Rogue. Another hunter. (Last two I don’t play on the other two servers.) Two Paladins on two servers. Okay. I’m still an altoholic. This is what lets me keep playing this well after a year of buying it and let’s me hold out for the Expansion.

I found that some who’d appeared to be on the brink of leaving at 60 seem to rediscover the game by simply trying something new in the game. They made an alt, for example.

If I can no longer raid MC with my guild due to scheduling problems, I’ll probably respec from Resto into something more Solo based. I’ll go from the top ranked (healing output) healer on our raids to do 5-man PUG stuff, inspired by a video which has a Shaman tanking General Drakkisith. My level 60 Shaman will effectively become a new alt, going Resto to Enhancement will be like a new (again) class. Maybe try my hand in the Battlegrounds. Get a set of PvP gear and put the Earthfury into the bank for the day I might rejoin the raiding.

If you’ve just dinged level 60, or 40 even, and you see the Fat Lady lumbering up on the stage, but you like the game but you question still playing it, don’t worry. Just try something new for a change.

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