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We have to do it every day.

After our walk today, in a matter of fact tone, I mention to my lovely wife: “You know.  We have to do it every day.”

She thought that was funny.

And into Sethekk Halls we went.  Again.

As it turned out, this very day was to be our last day.


Turned out the Raven God has a twin brother.  And he’s also broken to the saddle.

This is really rather cool.

(And with 20 badges, that means 19 tries for 2 mounts.)

And I couldn’t have done it without my loving wife.  Thanks, dear!


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Two Druids staying busy.

Anzu is ours.  Itarilde’s to be precise.

It’s rather easy, except for the random number generator part of it.

One more set of reins to go.


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Ahead by a Century

Ahead by a Century

I don’t know why exactly, but I love this song by the Tragically Hip, a Canadian group.

I first heard them, this song, listening to Iceberg on Sirius radio.  After seeing the cool video on YouTube I was wondering if I’d like the rest of their music as much.  (Oddly, sadly, no.  Ahead by a Century remains the singular favorite of mine of theirs.)

“Ahead By A Century”

First we’d climb a tree and maybe then we’d talk
Or sit silently and listen to our thoughts
With illusions of someday casting a golden light
No dress rehearsal, this is our life
That’s when the hornet stung me and I had a feverish dream
With revenge and doubt tonight we smoke them out

You are ahead by a century

Stare in the morning shroud and then the day began
I tilted your cloud, you tilted my hand
Rain falls in real time and rain fell through the night
No dress rehearsal, this is our life

That’s when the hornet stung me and I had a serious dream
With revenge and doubt tonight, we smoked them out

You are ahead by a century
But this is our life and disappointing you is getting me down.

I think the video is great.  Grainy, artsy, dark.  It’s “light” in the right place, when he’s with his girl in the tree, and then dark, and getting darker afterwards, as she’s doing dangerous things and the group is arriving in the car.  And she knows what’s going on.  You see her seeing him begin to doubt and smiling at him to assure him that everything’s fine.  But it isn’t.  She fiddles with her ring.  She knows they’re coming.  Is she ahead by a century in figuring out life’s tragedies?  Or is there something else going on that I’m not hip enough to get?  Regardless, I love the guitar work and the tone.

So, man, what’s this all about?  This isn’t Facebook.  This isn’t a musical interests blog.  This is a World of Warcraft blog.

Well it sure is.

So there I was, dual speccing my third character.  My Druid, Greenclaw.  He’s been Feral for a long, long, very long time.  And there’s this thing with Anzu, and how you need to heal the Eagle totem… I’ve said too much.  Anyway, I dual specced him into a Tree, i.e. Resto Spec.  But I’d never healed with a Druid before.  I’ve got several HoTs, several direct heals, and I took the glyph selections from Talent Chic as well as a tank-oriented healer talent spec.  I dropped some gold in the Auction House for the i187 healing/caster stuff.  I picked up a ring, and then the Argent Dawn ring.  I crafted myself a Faces of Doom for my off-hand, and grabbed the caster dagger from the Tournament quartermaster.  (Sweet that it’s a Darnassian dagger design.)  And also the caster neck and belt from them as well.  In short, I dropped a ton of mats, seals, and gold, to do it as best I could on a short moment’s notice.  I must be resto NOW.  (Actually, in Feral form, as I tried clearing around Anzu’s summoning spot, the Heroic Level trash mobs thrashed me.  Soloing in normal mode was one thing.  Soloing in Heroic mode, in crafted blues and a couple i200 epics?  Very different indeed.)

But, with the advent of the cross-server PUG, maybe I can start from the beginning, Utgarde Keep, something like that, and learn how to heal.

(My wife’s a druid too, so, together, Heroic Setthik Halls, and Anzu, and more importantly, the Raven God as a mount, shouldn’t be impossible.)

Dude, what’s that have to do with the music lead-in?  What does Anzu have to do with Ahead by a Century?

The two are related in that most “LFG’s” I see in general chat are LFG for Heroic TOC.  Where the hell are the regular folks?  The only people raiding are done with Ulduar?  I’ve never even looked inside.  :/

Is everyone ahead of me, gear/progression, by a century?

(How else could I talk about a video I like and dual speccing into Resto for seemingly my own purposes???)

Anyway.  And since life is fairly fun afterall, let me leave you with Vampire Weekend’s A-Punk.  Makes me wish I was back in UofM, Munich Campus, drinking beer in the Boot Room again, this playing on the jukebox…

We were otherwise listening to Men Without Hats’s Safety Dance back then. 

Way before Heigen stole it.

Ah, those were nights!

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Satisfied. A note to the casual.


Oh, there’s a few more things I need yet.  A belt.  The matching leggings for the arena gear.  Perhaps the chest.  I’ll get my new weapons in Northrend.  The beta has shown me there is a cat form staff in the Borean Tundra, and a bear form staff in the Howling Fjord, available from introductory quests in each zone.

And in the case of my lovely wife, the beautiful Itarilde, who’s been there with Greenclaw most every step of the way, I’d be remiss not to give her my undying Thanks! for all her good tanking.

P.S. And for the observant, yes, that is Braxxis’ Staff of Slumber, which is a tanking staff.  My cat form weapon, and that’s the form that I primarily fight in, is the Staff of Beasts which I got after beating the Ogre’s best in the Ring of Blood.  The reason you see Slumber, and not Beasts, is that my humanoid outfit is my bear outfit.  If I’m surprised, and knocked into combat before I can react with a gear swap, I’m already in my bear/tank/surviveability outfit.  I just switch to bear form and I’m ready.  Cat battles are usually initiated from stealth, and if you can stealth, you can swap your gear.  I use the ItemRack addon for the swaps.

P.P.S.  A note for the casuals and the soloists:  What you see me wearing is the so-called “welfare epics.”  Greenclaw’s not set foot in one dungeon in the Outlands.  He’s been in, maybe, all of 3 in his career.  (I remember the Scarlet Monastery, and a nut case made that trip a fiasco, and that’s all I can remember.  Oh, the wife and I duo’d parts of Maradaun.  Not once into a dungeon in the Outlands.)  I blew past 60 without pausing to pick up one single piece of level 60 pvp gear.  The only pvp gear I ever spent honor on has been the collected stuff in the screenshot.  I purposefully went after getting the Season 1 helm because I wanted the antlers to honor Cenarius.  Then I delayed further expenditures until I could buy the Season 2 shoulders because I wanted the shoulders that flourished with life.  The gloves I got because I had a lot of marks.  Now I’ve got 17 Warsong marks, and 10k honor.  Those leggings will be mine shortly.  Again, I’ve never been in an Outlands instance, and between the wife and I I’ve managed to equip myself fairly well.  I’ll add my biggest expenditure was a recent 400 gold spent on gems for this gear.  The Slumber I picked up for 40g at the Auction House.  I also spent a little bit here and there keeping my gear current for my spec and my level.  I never paid outrageous prices, and dinged 70 with over 700 gold in hand.  Be smart and find the quests you can get done that’ll provide you with good gear for your playstyle.  I dinged 70 wearing gear from a Hellfire Penninsula quest, and the Warden’s Hauberk from the Cenarian Expedition.  WoWhead is a great resource to help you find that equipment.  And if you happen to find yourself in a Battleground, and you’re not the best, i.e. max, level for melting faces, do your best to be the most help you can.  Healing is never rejected.  Being a nuisance is underrated.  Stay stealthed and report troop movements.  Hit them where it hurts.  You can help, so do it.  Bottom line is everyone, with patience, a thick skin, familiarity with the game, and a good attitude, has access to some of the best gear available in the game.

P.P.P.S. Hard to believe that it was April when we first passed through the Portal into the Outlands.

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Just the two of us, part deux.

A couple days ago I told you how the wife and I’s Druids, levels 66 and 68 respectively, duo’d the Nesingwary elite quests, to include the final one.

The other night we successfully duo’d the Forge Camps there in Nagrand.  Those are level 68, 3-person suggested, elite quests.  We had a false start on our first attempt.

And then we got it.  The trick was to off-tank for each other.  One tanked while the other DPS’d and healed.  Mana for heals running low, then time to swap into Bear mode and grab aggro and hold it.  The other healed up, dropped more heals, and then grabbed aggro back.

We managed to bounce the two bosses between us for victories.

On the second boss we managed to grab an additional elite Felguard type.  We’d looted the boss, which we did kill, before we died and that was that.

Stealthed back in to the center, activated the cannons, went and collected some fairly nice pants.

And so we returned to Blades Edge, this time to Evergrove, to continue our march to 70.

Post edit:  Penny Arcade is brilliant today.  Hunter lewt for the mage!

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Just the two of us.

The wife and I completed the Nesingwary elite quests tonight.  Finishing off with The Ultimate Bloodsport.

She’s quite the tank.

Bolstered with this success we started in on Altruis the Sufferer‘s quests.  We finished the night knocking some skulls for a demon in a bar in Shattrath City.  Next time we’ll take out the camps.

Ironically, some Paladin Arena Challenger Wannabee, chased us through Terrokkar Forest as we rode to our last skull to knock.  He loudly asked us to report ourselves to Blizzard for being overpowered in arena and that we suck.  Let’s see: Paladin.  Low level Arena/PvP gear.  Immature.  I think *someone* was up past his bedtime!

Overpowered, perhaps.  And we like it like that.

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One of those “Singular” moments.

I knew I was going to push for this this holiday weekend.  Voila: Flight!

This really, really is cool.  This is one of many highlights.

The Druid has to be one of the more fun classes to play.

Flightform.  There is no subsitute.  :)


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Denied grinding for levels is a loss. Druids: Wild. Xp

I play with my wife.  We do quests together.  Hey, that’s great.  There’s lots of quests.  And I enjoy it.  Right now, as Druids, it basically feels like we’ve hacked the game.  In bear form she takes hardly any damage tanking, and in cat form I’m cranking out dps like a dodge hemi does horses.  We can stealth past most trash and get right to the heart of the matter.  We can heal up after taking damage, and our buffs are among the best in the game.  And we’re close, real close, to flight form.  Upon which, playing the Druids is going to feel like downright cheating.  And, hey, don’t get me wrong, that’s great.

So great, in fact, that I wish I had a way of getting a few levels more quickly.  In the old days I would have ground it out.  Concentrating on easy mobs which yielded secondary benefits like cloth, or leather, drops, for the experience.

See, I need that in order to stay in-synch with the wife and our quests together, but still achieve flight form in, like, oh, now.  :)

If Nesignwary wanted tails, that would be great.  I could go and knock that out on my own.  Then when we played together, all the tails could be hers and it’d be done that much faster.  Benefit to me would be the XP I got for grinding out the drops.  As such I collected the Obsidian Beads from the Warmaul last night, the cargo boxes from the shattered caravan.  But I couldn’t go after the “kill x of y” quests because I wanted to do that with the wife.

And I can’t grind out a level on mobs like in the days of old.  I remember thinking I’d get the last couple of levels on my hunter by farming motes of fire in Blades Edge.  I gave my pet fire protection and set out on the task.  I fill a bag full of primals, well all the primals I needed anyway, and what seemed like a long time, amounted to pretty much nothing xp wise.  I was level 68.  I remained 68.

Oh, now that’s funny.  Do you see the symbol “xp” makes?



It’s an emoticon!  :)  That’s what the game is saying, isn’t it.  Lol.  Xp.  (Dang, that amuses the heck out of me.)

Anyway, true, okay, easy level gain can’t be achieved anymore by grinding, only by questing.  And if you’re questing with a questing partner you aren’t going to become A being of indescribable power.

Plus side:  Druids can complete quests like nobody’s business.  And we’re Druids.

*And, is it just me or is Lacerate really as good as it feels?  Hanging around the Ring of Blood, hoping that maybe there’d be a group that could use my help (I did help a horde group out from the sidelines), I was playing “cat and mouse” with the local ogres.  Except rather than going cat form, like usual, I was going bear form.  And I was using Lacerate very often.  And then looking at the damage log, Lacerate dot’s really added up, amounting to the 2nd largest source of damage, behind the white hits.  Now they aren’t like combo points.  So I don’t build them up like a reserve to then blow with a flurry.  They’re like a sunder with benefits.  I’ll assume Mangle adds to the Lacerate’s dot effect.  And if the lovely Itarilde can tank now, and she can, this is going to really bump it up a notch for her.  Cool.


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Praise be

more cat pictures

This lolcat photo amused me.

I wish the Druids in cat form had a built-in heal.  Well there is “Improved Leader of the Pack.”

I’ve noticed Boomkins appear to be able to heal themselves, but maybe that’s just a quick application of macros?  They seem to sprout a HOT everytime they get in trouble.  I didn’t think Balance had a heal.

From the battlefront, Greenclaw has picked up 2 pieces of the arena pvp gear.  The Season 1 Stag Antler Helm, and the Season 2 Flower Garden Shoulders.  Add to that two further pieces of Dragonhide blue pvp gear from honor reputation with Honor Hold and the Cenarian Expedition, legs and chest if I remember right, I’ll have a half decent set of gear without ever setting another foot in an instance, unless I wanted to.  And, as a bonus, it’s been a real blast bg’ing with a druid.  I prefer the Army Ranger approach to ground combat more than General Issue Warrior stuff.  And my two interrupts make up slightly for the lack of levels.  And soon I’ll be “right leveled” anyway.  I might make a complete set before I even hit 70.  It’s something to work on.  Ding 70 and don complete Arenas PvP set.*  Praise be!

Anyway, our Druids are slowly approaching flight form.  Yay.

*And it ain’t “welfare” epics if you spend more hours in a BG getting the stuff than having 24 other folks run you through an instance for loot drops.  It is a substantial investment in a character’s time accumulating this gear.  And it’ll be Lol time all over again when these get replaced with level 72 green quest rewards.  ;)  But, then again, this is much a “mark of accomplishment” as anything else, like that title over your head, being able to wear something available for only a certain amount of time.  Like the reputation mounts.  Get them before the WotLK makes them all go away.

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Last summer, if you’ve been reading here that long, I told you about my level 42 Druid stealing flames from the three Horde cities.  Only to learn he had to be level 50 to activate the quests from those flames.  “Till next year” means today!  Yay!

You know the sound effect?  From those game shows?  When you get the answer … wrong.  That “Wha wha whaaa” sound.

That’s what I heard when I went to turn in the fires I’d gotten from Orgrimmar, Undercity, and Thunderbluff.

Say what?  I need Silvermoon City’s flame?  How hard could that be?

So I flew up to Light’s Hope Chapel.  Then rode into the Ghostlands, making sure to pick up the flightpoint at the Zul’Aman entrance.

Then on to Silvermoon City.

Careful now.  Kitty Mode full on.  Sneak, sneak, sneak.  Nobody here.  Look away.  Just another bright day in town. …  Dang, those guards at the main entrance have got some olfactory nerves on them because I was jumped like some Gloucester High teen as soon as I stepped into the city.  (Low blow, sorry.  No offense intended against the fine guards of Silvermoon City.)

Anyway, I recovered my body after I sent Stormsoul in to investigate where the fire even was.  End of the Murder Row just into the Court of the Sun.  Oh, how à propos.

Carefully avoiding getting too close to anyone, I stealthed into the heart of the city.  A little lost I wound up stealthing through one of the Inns.  Finally I made it to Murder Row.  Scouting ahead I see two more guards.  I couldn’t sneak through the last pair stationed like this.  I could take the death and advance further.

But, wait, there’s more.  There’s some 70′s doing the silly games near the fire.  Oh, yeah, that’s going to work.

So I sat stealthed in the Warlock Trainer’s area.  Inside the curtains, occasionally looking out to see what was going on.

Nobody there?  Just the NPC’s?  Level 70 Troll Priest at the south end of Murder Row, just sitting there.  So I turn north, and go through the two guards.  Whoa.  Made it.  And into the pond when the mechanical guard goes by, with his stealth detection on.  He’s going down Murder Row.  I’m getting my fur wet, and I’m a cat.  Pfft.

I jump out and run behind the bonfire.  Last year I think I activated a pole to steal the fire.  This year I simply clicked on the bonfire.   This was easy.  Again.  The Fire of Silvermoon City was mine.  I walk to the back corner and hearth home.

Turn in the fires, grab my crown.  Now I linger, just slightly longer than I had to, at the mailbox.

P.S. Stealth capable classes for the win!

P.P.S. It only got better.  Turning in four flames from the enemy cities earned me 100 flowers.  I used those to buy the summer chest armor.  And, watch out, I’m on fire!

On fire

P.P.P.S. Be sure to check out WoWInsider’s Flames article.

P.P.P.P.S. Using another location guide, Itarilde and I visited a bunch of flames in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms.  She quit once she got 350 flowers and her Captured Flame.  I got my Brazier of Dancing Flames and then kept going until I’d visited every single flame, Horde and Alliance.  Actually, finally, got ganked in Netherguard Keep by an Orc Shaman and a Tauren Warrior, both 70′s.  Oh well.  A Troll Shaman died in Stranglethorn Vale and the balance was restored.  When you added up how many flames there were, and realized you earned 5,000xp for honoring a friendly flame, and 10,000 xp for desecrating an enemy flame, it was like riding all over the world turning in quests.  I earned a small bit of gold doing it as well.  And lovely Itarilde dinged 62 as well.

One more update: In Nashville for a conference.  So I took the lovely Itarilde for a run to capture the enemy fires.  Undercity was a piece of cake.  I did need to wait for the lingering 70 Warlock to move on.  Second he did I made my move and captured the flame.  Next stop, Silvermoon City.  Like Greenclaw, first death was inside the gates.  On collecting my body, and studying the patrols, I again went through the inn to Murder Row and then walked between the two guards.  Nobody around.  I grab the flame and restealth.  3 70′s appear.  Alliance.  One bows to me.  They grab their flames and mount up.  I mount up too and say “Let’s blow this pop stand.”  We ride out, they in the lead.  Sweet.  Next up, Orgrimmar.  The first guards get as I enter via the back entrance.  Some mage makes sure to Arcane Explosion as well.  Woots for him.  Stealthing I move to where I remember the fire was last year.  Nope.  It’s just to the south of there.  And guards somehow spot me, and a Warlock too, for good measure.  I died in the house next to the fire.  I come back and scout around in wisp form.  I watch the Warlock make an utter hash of the torch tossing.  I find the rogue in the same guild obviously waiting exactly where I’d expect me to be.  (I like how rogues think alike with regards to tactical stealthing.) So I rez at a safe distance and move to a new hut and log off.  This morning I log on and easily grab the flame.  I take a portal to Moonglade and then head to Thunderbluff. That was the easiest flame to steal.  Nobody around.  There was a tricky moment there, passing through two close guards going into an inn leading to the walkway to the Elder Rise.  The guards turn, but don’t aggro. I’d made it. All in all, 3 deaths, 100 flowers, 1 crown.  I turned the 100 flowers in for the chest armor and Itarilde too is a true spirit of summer.


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