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We have to do it every day.

After our walk today, in a matter of fact tone, I mention to my lovely wife: “You know.  We have to do it every day.” She thought that was funny. And into Sethekk Halls we went.  Again. As it turned … Continue reading

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Two Druids staying busy.

Anzu is ours.  Itarilde’s to be precise. It’s rather easy, except for the random number generator part of it. One more set of reins to go.

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Ahead by a Century

Ahead by a Century I don’t know why exactly, but I love this song by the Tragically Hip, a Canadian group. I first heard them, this song, listening to Iceberg on Sirius radio.  After seeing the cool video on YouTube I … Continue reading

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Satisfied. A note to the casual.

Ah. Oh, there’s a few more things I need yet.  A belt.  The matching leggings for the arena gear.  Perhaps the chest.  I’ll get my new weapons in Northrend.  The beta has shown me there is a cat form staff … Continue reading

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Just the two of us, part deux.

A couple days ago I told you how the wife and I’s Druids, levels 66 and 68 respectively, duo’d the Nesingwary elite quests, to include the final one. The other night we successfully duo’d the Forge Camps there in Nagrand.  … Continue reading

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Just the two of us.

The wife and I completed the Nesingwary elite quests tonight.  Finishing off with The Ultimate Bloodsport. She’s quite the tank. Bolstered with this success we started in on Altruis the Sufferer‘s quests.  We finished the night knocking some skulls for … Continue reading

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One of those “Singular” moments.

I knew I was going to push for this this holiday weekend.  Voila: Flight! This really, really is cool.  This is one of many highlights. The Druid has to be one of the more fun classes to play. Flightform.  There … Continue reading

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Denied grinding for levels is a loss. Druids: Wild. Xp

I play with my wife.  We do quests together.  Hey, that’s great.  There’s lots of quests.  And I enjoy it.  Right now, as Druids, it basically feels like we’ve hacked the game.  In bear form she takes hardly any damage … Continue reading

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Praise be

more cat pictures This lolcat photo amused me. I wish the Druids in cat form had a built-in heal.  Well there is “Improved Leader of the Pack.” I’ve noticed Boomkins appear to be able to heal themselves, but maybe that’s just … Continue reading

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Last summer, if you’ve been reading here that long, I told you about my level 42 Druid stealing flames from the three Horde cities.  Only to learn he had to be level 50 to activate the quests from those flames.  … Continue reading

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