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Alone again, or

One of my favorite songs.  I first heard the Ufo version of it, “Alone again, or” back in college, one of my roommates had the lp, and I loved it.  I didn’t know at the time that it was apparently originally done by a group called Love in 1967.  The Calexico cover of it, video embedded above, is actually very good as well.

My Death Knight in Stratholme, before the Culling began.

Well, he made that table himself, and with pugs for company made it to 80, and 4 pieces of Tier 9 and the helm one Tier more.

That’s not to say I adventure alone.  The lovely Droonda, Shaman Princess, is often at my side.  Lately in Wintergrasp.  Where, it seems like, she’s the only other member of the Horde there with me.

And just last night Droonda reached another plateau.  Reaching 80 was a while back.  Now she’s in a full set of Gladiator gear.  And looking very spiffy, thank you very much.

You’ve come, as always, a long way, baby!

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Mama’s got a brand new ride.

“Or rides.”

That’s the Mrs., and she was rather pleased last night to ding 40 and pick up not one, but two new mounts.

A black war stallion and a purple hawkstrider.

When business calls, go in style, and armor plate.

(Yes, even the bikini top is plate.)

Otherwise enjoy the basic pleasure model.


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“You’ve come a long way, baby.” Part 3.

Droonda.  Dragonslayer.





Of course all the rest of Karazhan as well.

You’ve come a long way, baby.  :)

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I’ve been kind of quiet.

Raids and alts have been keeping me busy.

As I alluded to earlier, I transferred servers to find a guild with friendly raid times in my own time zone. Success. It really didn’t hurt that they started SSC and TK. And very lucky for me that Blackhoof, now called Stormsoul, was SSC ready. My first instance run with them we faced off against the Lady Vashj. It was a learning experience, if you know what I mean. Anyway, this week I got to be with them from the start of the instance. On the first night we got Hydross the Unstable and The Lurker Below. On the next night we got the Fathomlord Karathress and Morogrim Tidewalker. Tonight we will get Leotheras the Blind, and square off against the Lady V again. Now I haven’t been with them to Tempest Keep’s The Eye yet, but they’ve gotten 4 of the 5 bosses down there as well. They are really pushing to get to the Black Temple and Mount Hyjal before Blizzard swings open the gates, so to speak, with the next patch. This is absolutely fun, exciting stuff. I’m loving it because raiding at this level is like raiding Blackwing Lair pre-TBC. And that’s where I’d left off with Darkhoof (aka Blackhoof, now Stormsoul).

They can do near-full clears of both SSC and TK in one night. But this last week’s participation was kind of spotty, enough folks, just not enough tanks or healers. But what did they do in between the SSC runs? Karazhan.

First off Stormsoul got in on a group. We got through the Curator and called it a night. This was the One Tank, Two Rogue run. Anyway, last night the call came out to complete it by downing the Prince. (They’d already gone back in once before and gotten to the Prince, but did not kill the Prince.) When they mentioned the raid id# I signed back up. They were missing a healer. DROOONDA!! :) “Invite Droonda. She’s a healer.” I whisper the raid leader. Droonda’s coming along too. Cool beans. This guild takes the “Tank him wherever, and move to avoid the infernals” approach. This works. (And makes marking the 30 yard person even more important.) I do like the niche better since our first shot at the Prince and upon the first enfeeble, and infernal drops on the group and kills them, a wipe. Second go we had four infernals down, but we never had to move and the Prince dropped like a rock. The Light’s Justice drops. (And some T4 helmet token for Mage, Hunter, and something.) We’ve got two Restoration Shamans along. The first rolls a 27. Droonda’s got it for sure! She rolls a 28. TWENTYEIGHT! woot. Hey, hey! The lovely Droonda, Orc Shaman Princess, has picked up a very nice healing mace.

The other Karazhan run I’d gone on was with Msaker. That’s my “Retired Tank, let me DPS now,” Fury Warrior. Who tried the “Slam Build” with Gorehowl and found it very timing intensive. “Stand still so I can whack ya!” Trouble is Astral Flares don’t listen well. So now he’s the more typical “Fury Build” with Rampage and Flurry and all the good stuff. (And with one more Karazhan run he’ll have enough badges to upgrade The Planar Edge to The Black Planar Edge. That and dagger off the Prince himself and he’s not doing too bad.) Anyway, on Msaker’s run, it was a full clear, minus the dragons, and he made it to #3 on the DPS spot. I’m okay with that, and I’m working on the upgrades to improve that. Right now I’m using the 3 pieces of the Ragesteel set, and still using the Doomplate Chestpiece. Getting the t4 gloves and helm shouldn’t be a problem. (And I might not have mentioned it, but if the guild gets 25 folks wanting to do it, Gruul’s Lair is cleared in half an hour. Stormsoul’s second raid run with them was to Gruul’s Lair where he won the t4 leggings/kilt.)

On the alts front we’re starting a crew of them on Earthen Ring. So far we’re:

Twoaxes (Tauren Warrior) with Fivefaces (Tauren Druid)

Legrim (Forsaken Rogue) with Lamort (Forsaken Warlock)

Kruel (Orc Warlock) with Oggra (Orc Warrior)

Sunblade (Blood Elf Paladin) with Loriandel (Blood Elf Mage)

Zydeco (Troll Hunter) with … someone not yet born

(Yes, I am powerless against the beginning-game in World of Warcraft, and must create Alts to breath. Happily, I’m seeing the end-game as well.)

Anyway, that’s what’s up with me at the moment.

P.S. Let me add this about my new guild. They take the “structured chaos” approach. There is no raid schedule other than “We raid 4 nights a week. Be there.” And then they mention the nights, and the times, the raiders are expected to be present ready to go. There are no more planned runs for Karazhan or the other “Tier 4″ places. These just happen as filler for gearing up alts and new people. They’re very much about learning new content, and their fallback/reward is doing the instances they’re comfortable with. And their raiding times just got even better for the wife and I, being 7:30 to 11. And they’re very good about stopping at quitting time. They do play late, I’ve been there till 1 a.m. once with them, a weekend night, but their raids don’t go past quitting time.

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“I like the green,” she says.

“But the red one looks bad ass.”


And the festive, “For the Horde,” red one it was.

After shaking down all her characters, and me shaking down all of mine, we put together the 5,200 required for lessons and mount for Droonda. She’s blown away by the blistering speed. And we’ve both started the Ally of the Netherwing daily quests now.

I remember way back when just getting the normal flying lessons was such a big expense. Now, some months later (a lot, I guess) here we are, both of us on swift flying mounts. We’re sooo ready for the expansion pack. (Other than she getting leatherworking to 375, and me getting my blacksmithing to 375 (371 now!), we’re ready in every way for the next expansion.)

Now it’s back to the dailys, to grind out another 5,200 for Blackhoof this time. :) The game keeps delivering.

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And the hits, they keep a’coming

WoW Insider reports a little love coming for Enhancement Shamans in Patch 2.3.

I know one Princess who will be pleased with this.

When a well equipped Tank, ah hem, can’t keep her from gaining aggro, something is both right and wrong with her DPS. The deal with Spirit Weapons looks pretty good.

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WordPress Blogroll has pretty good stealth ability. New to an instance. The other xp. Freakish happenstance. (Is the world coming to an end? Horde wins??!!)

It keeps disappearing on me. It’s there, like it’s playing a game or something, when I go look for it in the Blogroll section of the Dashboard. Then I review the page and it’s back.

Kara feels a lot like Molten Core.

Molten Core was easy-mode. ZG was tougher, AQ tougher still.

Kara is certainly easier, I think, than some of the 5-mans I face now. And Heroics? I’ve never even been in one.

My wife’s Droonda went to Black Morass without me last night. She was there to get her Master’s Key. I was having computer problems. Zone Alarm just fubared my machine. (So on a guildies recommendation I picked up AVG. So far, so good.) Anyway, she’s going to Black Morass. With a Shadow Priest (same that I went with), a Rogue, a Druid Tanking and a Paladin Healing. She was in charge of the adds and was just frantic. Being an Enhancement Shaman there really was no other role for her. I was sitting there beside her, telling her she was doing great, because she was. But the strain of being responsible for something this importat was getting to her. She was doing fine. I was just in awe of the numbers flying off her screen as she dual-wielded and got hits of 1000+. Some trinket dropped that upon getting a Crit her Attack Power would go up by 300 for a bit. And she won the recipe for the Stylin’ Jungle Hat. (Our Alliance Druids will be quite happy to be stylin’.) Alas the gig was up around wave 12.

The group reformed at the entrance. I was invited to take Droonda over. Msaker, finally, was sitting in Shattrath, /afk, ignoring the Kara invites.

I click a lot less. It’s enough to turn the attack train on. Throw down Stormstrikes with partnered Earthshocks, bring up Shamanistic Rage for mana regen (if I recall correctly), and away we went. Argh! 17/18 and we wipe. Dag. But, yeah, being in charge of the adds with an Enhancement Shaman that doesn’t raid much is kind of tough.

But, once she’s gotten her key and gets into Karazhan, she’ll be set. Because Karazhan is easier in a 10-man than doing some of these 5-mans. Just like the old days (kind of).

The other xp is what you get with time and experience. The ability to remain cool regardless. Things might be going bad, or not. It might look hectic, but you’re doing fine.

Blackhoof, my Resto Shammy, returned to the Wars. Healing up a storm to top the lists, getting a few Killing Blows in, getting as much honor as anyone on the Horde side out of the deal. And, dag, Horde won. What the heck is going on? Horde wins??? In Alterac Valley? Are the planets all aligned in the House of Mars or something?


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Two for the Outlands.

Congratulations to Droonda, level 70 Orc Shaman Princess.

Well, she came a long way. Always by my side. Through thick and thin. Out of Durotar, across Azeroth, into the Outlands, and then back in Time even.

So I collected a few snapshots of our journey together.

Could almost be today. Traveling through Mulgore.

Ah. The Shimmering Flats.

No more walking!

The merry band.

Letting her hair down. Orc style.

Getting ready.

In style.

Yowza. Almost there. 69 and ready to rock.

Unstoppable. (Yes, we were two Resto Shamans, one Enhancement Shaman (Droonda), and two Fury Warriors, Msaker tanking. We did it.)

No, really.

And here we are. Kind of full circle. Again on tawny Windriders. This time they’re our very own.

Msaker is a lucky Orc to have such a Princess by his side.

Grats, Droonda! You’ve come a long way, Baby!


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