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Questing myself into a quandry following quarrel resolutions.

Last night Nachmahd, Droonda, and Msaker journeyed up to the frozen valleys of Winterspring. Droonda and Msaker first worked on the Deadwood Furbolgs of Northern Felwood for the Timbermaw guy outside the entrance to the Timbermaw Hold. (We were already Unfriendly with them and had passage, but we have quests requiring that we be Neutral with them first before continuing.) On completing that, we rode through the tunnel and collected the quests to kill the Winterfall Furbolgs of Winterspring. We hooked up with Nachmahd near the warm springs and cleared the camps. Then the Dorf lady, Snowden, sent Msaker and Nachmahd up to kill the Chief of the Winterfall, and Droonda joined us to work on Ursas and Shamans. (She being one quest behind us.) A group comprising of a Warrior and two Shamans, out doing non-instance quests , is a force to be reckoned with. I didn’t really realize the Winterfall Chief is a level 59 Elite. Nachmahd and Msaker are 58, Droonda 52. No problem. We actually attacked him and his buddies a second time because he is accompanied by an Ursa and a Shaman as well. Break their bones. Slay them all.

After Nachmahd and Droonda departed, leaving Msaker to his own devices, he journeyed into Alterac Valley. Twice. For two loses. In my days there, and since my add-on has been recording the info, Horde vs. Alliance in Alterac Valley is 13 to 20. Getting to the point where Alliance win twice the number of fights Horde does. Lately it feels like they win all the fights. This isn’t just me talking. Check out all the blogs and they’ll say the same.

Horde, take note: In a race, and you DO NOT put up a Defence, Alliance will win.

Because the Alliance will actually defend their stuff, with just a handful of gnomes. We need to defend some things. Galv for instance. That’s Defend, D-E-F-E-N-D. Look it up, you’ll find it in Websters. They hold onto their stuff with a handful of people, and we rush north. And your forces will get throttled at the low road to the SPGY, stymied, because you REFUSE to take the high road, and Alliance wins. Again and again.

Again, in a race, Alliance wins. There are exceptions, but mostly Alliance wins. Mostly.

So I suffered twice in AV, “Oh, the agony,” and got 3 AV marks in my bag. Ah, relief. It’s getting late but do I have time for a quick WSG? I’m actually nearly friendly with them. (AV rep is earned SOOOOO MUCH FASTER than either of the other reps. Why is that? Something’s amiss here.)

So I wind up in a WSG game. PUG vs. PUG. (50-59 bracket, but of course. Who twinks their 50′s?) We’ve got no coordination. We just kind of all ride out, head north to the Elvish side. Well, it’s a bit of a long game. I fought a few times in the Alliance flag room. Never grabbing the flag, but keep folks busy while our runners did. I escorted the flag carrier more than once across the field into our base. I stayed back and provided some delay if chasers got close. My favorite moments were, upon hearing our flag getting captured, returning to the tunnel and retaking the flag. I defended towards the end, scything through Alliance bold enough to die gloriously to our defenses. I cut through Alliance forces from their flag room to ours and everywhere inbetween. Ice Barbed Spear, now with a +5 damage enchantment, thanks to my wife’s enchanter, in hand, an Orcish battlecry in my heart, I came out top scorer. 37 Killing Blows versus the next highest player who had 27 Killing Blows which happened to be an Alliance Mage. Granted, I had 18 some deaths, almost the highest deaths count, but, booyah, Msaker did good. And I wasn’t farming kills. I was actively recovering flags. Actively defending runners. Actively putting up delays. Actively defending. Active. A few elves felt my wrath. (That gnome mage only died once.) I had 14 kills against some Nelf Rogue with Crusader and Fiery enchants. (His swords looked like light sabers.) I had 10 or 12 kills against some Nelf Warrior with some Trident thing, also with Fiery enchant on it. It’s not about the Killing Blows now. I know that. It’s about winning. We did that. 3 for us, 0 for them.

Now here’s my quandry, this is what’s bothering me now.

At level 58 I can hold my own, and then some, in low level crafted gear (2 pieces of Imperial Plate, shoulders and helm (I purchased)), some cheap purchases off the auction house (2 pieces of the Valor set, bracers and belt, and some nice greens), and the Ice Barbed Spear, which happens to be freaking awesome. (I want 2 pieces from the PvP set, the boots and gloves.) Gear matters.

I’ve got to complete my Sunken Temple quests, and then I have the entire slew of quests in Blackrock Mountain and in the Plaguelands. (LBRS/UBRS/Scholo/Strat. I.e. get my Tier 0 set.)

But if I keep questing, and Ding 60, then I’m done, for a long time, in WSG and AB. Because Gear matters. And in the 60 Bracket, if you aren’t in BWL gear, or wielding Warlord weaponry, then you’re in Molten Core gear, and wielding ZG and MC weaponry. A level 60 in auction house gear is going to be the guy who runs back and gets tea and biscuits for the real guys in the real gear. I don’t know, maybe not. At 60 I *will* have my The Unstoppable Force. (And a respec from Polearm specialization to Mace specialization. I am a Mortal Strike Warrior. I can eat Fury Warriors for lunch. Trust me. I’ve done it. It’s close, but I mostly prevail. At least those in my bracket.) At 60 I *will* have an Immovable Object. Maybe at 60 I can then concentrate again on the dungeons, leave WSG and AB behind for a bit, and concentrate on AV for the honor I need to feed the machine.

We keep our ranks when the ranks go away. I want to be an old soldier, with scars, and the honorary title above my head. “Champion” Msaker, perhaps, if I can reach that, and at least First Sergeant as of this week. I’ll be a titled veteran of the wars, and what is more appropriate in a world of Warcraft?


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Warsong Gulch. Mixed performance there.

After the wild Arathi Basin win I signed up for Warsong Gulch. I wanted to get enough marks to turn in For Greater Honor (i.e. 3 each marks from WSG, AB, and AV).

Not up against a pre-made (entire team from same server, i.e. a pvp guild on vent = you’re pwned) we stood a chance.

We did win 3-1 but, boy, some gnome warlock was giving me lots of trouble. She was the top of the killing blows list as well. I was tied for 2nd right with another Hordie right behind her though.

It’s a whole other game. You’ve got your quests, and then you’ve also got your Honor grind (via any of the BG’s) and your Rep grind (depending on your goals). I’m figuring the longer I save Sunken Temple and Blackrock Depths and beyond, the better geared I’ll be. The better geared I am the easier it will go. (The Immoveable Object should help the tanking in any case.)

Otherwise Nachmahd and Msaker were up in Winterspring working on getting in nice with the Timbermaws, and doing a little hunting. Last night we found and slew Ursius. Tonight it will be Brumegan.

Dinging 60 and Exalted+900 with Frostwolf at near the same time will be sweet.


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A shout-out to the healers! (Especially Nawah, a Druid from Illidian.)

I came into the AB match after it started. We had 3 resources,the Alliance 2. I left the top scorer. Why? Towards the end we rushed the Stables, didn’t have to, we just wanted to, and I scored like a mad man. Why? Good healing. I was cutting them up and staying alive to dish out more.

Thanks for the heals!

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Bubble Boy Chase.

Or, how to keep four morons busy. (See below.)

How to keep four morons busy. (See above.)

I’ve got a fever, and the only cause is more Pally.

Geeze loueeze Horde! GG. WTF? You’re making this Warrior QQ.

Six losses in a row. In fact every match I could bear playing, we lost. First match I got into, three minutes in, folks are asking “Why do we always lose?” Hell, six matches later folks were still asking the same thing.

Did you know that in six matches we captured, and held, Stormpike Graveyard once? 1 time. One. Once. We actually reached the Aid Station too, once, and held it for some 30 seconds. 6 in a row, every game I could bear playing last night.

Otherwise six games, 6, sssssiiiiixxxxx games, we lost. We were beaten like batter before a bake sale. We had our clocks cleaned. “I’m tellin’ ya, they kicked some ass there. Boy, they whupped your hide real good!” Uh, yeah. No kidding.

(My 51 Night Elf Hunter is soooooo going to own you Horde noobs! Just come to Alterac Valley! Please. Because, as I understand it, Horde still do very well in WSG and AB.)

So, as I, Msaker, and 3 others, chase a single Pally from Icewing Bunker down to Stonehearth Outpost (Balinda’s Place), and he couldn’t be bothered to properly die, I’m wondering “WTF are we doing?!” Seriously. It took four of us across a quarter of the map to kill one guy? Was it worth it? We don’t have an offense, but, boy, we chased that Pally to hell and back. I’m a moron.

And Pallys. Hmm. Let’s see, charge the Frostwolf Relief Hut. Drag all NPC defenders off it, and drag all the player defenders off it too, hold them on the lake in the back corner, for, oh, fifteen minutes I’d say, Got Bubble?, while half the Horde army tries to kill you. You’re buddies can waltz in and cap it. Where’s the honor in your bubble, Bubbleboy? Got Stun? Our priests will cut your reign short soon enough. Two words: MASS DISPEL. (soothing sounds, snip, snip.)

Oh yeah, isn’t it insanely stupid to prevent the Alliance to just ride past us at Icewing Bunker. Every Alliance we kill there, respawns at our goal, Stormpike Graveyard. We create their own reinforcements that way! As we try, and I say try in the meekest, weakest, and flimsiest way, to take Stormpike Graveyard, you got Horde yahoo’s in back, who aren’t defending Galv, who aren’t assisting the Offense, they’re just sending Alliance reinforcements directly to Stormpike Graveyard. WTF folks! Are you daft? Let them have Snowfall, and kill them at the Frostwolf Graveyard if you got to farm your HK’s, weak, and they’ll return to Snowfall. Let’s drain Stormpike of them. (Let’s not keep sending them back there!)

6 out of 6 matches, lost, and with half the honor (i.e. half the accomplishment) of the Alliance side.

Remember how I was astonished that over the weekend I was actually in 3 of 3 wins? It really looks like there are A-Team players, and over the weekend they were in AV, and we held our own. Looks like the A-Team has moved to the other BG’s now and the scrubs are left to their own devices trying to get Frostwolf Rep. I’m 56, 10% to Exalted, and there’s nothing available to me now until level 60. No The Unstoppable Force. No Immoveable Object. I don’t even have the Revered gear available to me until 60. Hey, that’s good news for me. I’ll go find the A-Team and work on PvP Rank instead.

Oh, yeah, and I also need to run Maraudon so my lovely wife, aka Droonda, can get herself a Hypertech Buckler, and some guildies can finish up some quests there. And then there’s the Sunken Temple to go visit. The three of us now have our level 50 Class Quests to do there.


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It ain’t over ’til the fat dwarf dies.

Three incursions into the Alterac Valley.

That the first would be a win was a given. We mounted up and headed north. Apparently the Alliance mounted up and headed south. Everyone. We captured the Aid Station within 15 minutes game time. I always thought: In a race, Alliance win. In a fight, Horde win. We had a race, and here we were pulling Marshalls. I wondered how the Alliance was doing. We got to Vann and I went in and just followed the man around his keep, banging on him with my Ice Barbed Spear. 20 other people hitting him so often and so hard it was like watching a puppet mistaken for a pinata. We beat him like batter for a cookie bakeoff. Almost felt bad accepting the Marks of Honor. Almost.

The second time in, what a difference. My gosh, we were strung out from Frostwolf up to Stormpike. At one point Alliance had turned every graveyard and destroyed every tower. I could not ride north for the life of me. Any avenue I’d take I was polymorphed, rooted, stunned, blinded, gouged, blasted, dead. I rezzed in the tunnel so often, in one moment of boredom I etched my name in the rock walls. “Msaker was here. Dead.” Look for it. Eventually I make my way north, and was working on trying to help capture the Stormpike Graveyard. BOOM! Score screen pops up. Blue alliance name on top. “Horde Wins” above that. Son of a gun. How’d we manage that? Yeah, I was bemoaning our lack of plans, tactics, success in the raid chat and we won. Sorry about that. I’m going to keep my mouth shut from now on. (If you need to keep talking about Favre as we appear to be losing, that’s okay.) Saying the obvious things like “WTF are you doing capping Snowfall?” and “Balinda? OMW.” and “Lok is moving” I’ll continue though.

Third time in. Well, maybe Horde is back to their usual mode. Being area rugs and door mats for Alliance wins. I helped defend Galv for a while. I think the alliance finally bypassed him for a while. I helped defend Frostwolf for a while. That’s probably good PvP practice. The fights around the Stormpike Graveyard are different. In the wide open place around the Frostwolf Graveyard a Warrior can really start his stance dancing. Battle to charge, Berserker to intercept, etc. We lose Frostwolf eventually but I see we are soon going to cap the Stormpike Graveyard. We also don’t hold the middle ground. I’m killed by some defense at Ice Blood. Rather than rezz in the tunnel and try again I come up with a new tactic: I run up to Stormpike Graveyard in ghost form. When I reach there I have just a few seconds before the Spirit Healer appears and offers me new life. I take it and ride into Stormpike. The group’s light, but competent, and I’m soon pounding on Vann again.

Horde wins. Three times in a row.

Why? I wondered that. I’m suspecting the good players have been following the BG Weekends. Msaker is a scrub and has been working on Frostwolf reputation so that’s where he’s been lately. But this weekend we get all the good players in AV with us. Maybe the rule should be Good Horde vs. Good Alliance = Horde win.

Flush with the victory Msaker travelled out to Dreadmaul Rock and earned the last 15% of level 55 and dinged 56. Today I’m wondering how much higher the PvP rankings I climbed.

I have put together a little gear set from the Auction House and smithing. I have two pieces of the Imperial Plate set, Shoulders (that I made) and a Helm (that I bought). I have two pieces of the Valor set, Belt and Bracers (Auction House. About 30g for both You can make decent money selling off greens you don’t want, and stacks of mageweave, etc. The Dreadmaul Ogres are fairly lucrative. Libram of Resilience off one of them netted me 55g.) And with PvP Rank 7 I’ll be getting the Blood Guard Gloves and Leggings. That will net me 2 piece bonuses from 3 different sets. +200 Armor from the Valor. +100 Armor from the Imperial. +40 Attack Power from the PvP set. Not shabby bonuses for a Warrior levelling up to the likes of Dire Maul and the dungeons.

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Getting those mallets was too easy.

Jintha’Alor. Msaker, Nachmahd, and Droonda, and two guild Warlocks take Jintha’Alor and teach the Vilebranch Trolls a lesson: Don’t mess with the Horde. What a hoot. We rode through there with 95% single pulls. One troll at a time. Too easy. Not enough pots, but that’s a different story. The only point where we had multiple mobs was in the cave with the Keeper. It was her and two guards. Sure, Nachmahd and Msaker are 55, the Warlocks, Derier and Azghul, mid-50′s, and Droonda, 48, made easy work of it.

Msaker later went into Alterac Valley. He was, level 55 mind you, in Auction House [Greens], #8 in Killing Blows. Woot.

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Warsong Gulch. Silverwing Sentinels. 2,543,400 reputation needed till friendly.

Ha, ha. Just kidding. Only like 2,200 needed till friendly. And that’s after a whole lot of battles.

Ogresson, my Dwarf Hunter. He’s a soloist, and not otherwise involved with a lady friend like my other characters on Kirin Tor are. He’s out there, with his pet, earning levels and fighting in Warsong Gulch on behalf of the Silverwing Sentinels, a group of Night Elves who have sworn to not rest until every last Orc is thrown out of Warsong Gulch. (I.e. kill them and send them packing to their cemetery. Preferably over and over.)

He’s level 22 now and returned to the Gulch last night for some battlegrounds action. At 22 he’s also at the bottom of the level range for the battles he finds himself in. However, he’s a tough s.o.b., with some mean pets, and he found himself at the top of the kills lists. Not bad for playing “D”.

He did well during the 18th & 19th levels, battling without the aid of Aspect of the Cheetah to chase runners down, or Freezing Traps to protect the flag. And he scored highly in those matches as well.

All told, after 3 or so matches (and winning the last one after a long drawn out battle) last night he’d gotten 205 Honor Kills. And he was tops in the Kills list again. (Silverwings never said exactly how those Orcs were to be removed. Bodybag sounds fine to me. Scum.)

And that last battle, the one where we were tied, was a doozy. We had their flag up on our roof. And they had our flag up on theirs. Defenders of the flag on our roof were me, a Warlock, a Mage, and the Dwarf Rogue Lady who was holding the flag. I kept the entry under freeze trap lock. Very effective. (Kneeling down looks like I’m placing traps – for you sneaky types wondering if that’s a trap I’m laying before you. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t.) They sent a Rogue after us. A stealth capable Druid. A low level Mage, a high level Mage. I’d gotten so many kills on these same battlegrounders that I wasn’t even getting “educated honor” for them anymore. At last we got our flag back and we capped theirs. WOOT! Hard earned tastes sweetest.

But earning reputation. What’s the deal with that? I have to eat and sleep and hold down a job. Exactly what’s it take to get friendly with these folks? They have faction rewards for the level 10-19 Range. A nice ring, for Exalted. EXALTED! I can’t even get friendly with them.

On the pet front, I’ve done well. I tamed Ressan the Needler, an albino bat that roams in Tirisfal Glades right outside the Undercity, when I was level 12. He’s a fun pet, rather rare, moreso for an Alliance Hunter. He’s learned Growl, Bite, and Screech. Last night, as he clung to the faces of our enemies like Clingwrap to a pudding, I kept hearing that piercing Screech, Screech, Screech. (Such an annoying death I’m sure. Big bat wings buffeting you, that screeching in your ears, my arrows in your back. Zounds! Pray for a quick deliverance to the cemetary!) I named him (her? You check.) Sorrow. The other pet, downgraded I’m told by Blizzards nerf-bat was Takk the Leaper. A dark green with purple mottling Raptor that I tamed north of Ratchet in the Barrens. Named him Sableclaw. He appears to be decently fast. Not overwhelming.

An armored boar out of Razorfen Kraul remains in my future I think. Till then, Sorrow and Sableclaw will see you, yes, You! Mr. Orc, in Warsong Gulch. :)


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