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Every game in AB is the same.

I sign up for the first available. 8 times out of 10 I join something in progress, and always, ALWAYS, Horde control 4 resources and Alliance is struggling to hold on to the stables. I can’t tell you how often I join a game in that state.

It’s amazing that 15 Horde can 1) manage to take and hold four resources, and 2) still mount a MASSIVE assault on the stables. It’s even more amazing that Tauren Warriors and Orc and Forsaken ‘locks and Rogues look so awesome and our Nelfs and Gnomes are … where the hell is everyone? We’re all dead. Looking pretty with our shiney armors and stuff.

It’s massively sad.

And on games where I do start with a locked gate, Alliance will take the stables, head for the mines, a smattering will head for the lumbermill and nobody goes to the blacksmith.

Do I have such an incredible influence on events? I mean when I play my Horde, the Horde are the village idiots and the Alliance the rampaging heroes. Can I, little ol’ me, make such a difference? It certainly seems to be so.

On the plus side I only have 7 more AB’s to go, i.e 7 more AB Marks, and I’m done with the place. That’ll get me the 70 Marks I need for all the armor pieces.

And I guess I’ll keep my level 48 Guttbuster because I’d sooner gouge my eyes out with a spoon than suffer another 40 more losses in AB to get the High Warlord’s gun.

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How did they do it?

Arcarius played a lot of AV matches. Made 118k honor last week. He went from Rank 4 to all of Rank 5.

Msaker played in as many losing AV matches as he could stomach, and earned 69k honor. He went from Rank 6 to higher in Rank 6.

Well, hell. Now that I’ve gotten this close to Rank 7, I can’t stop now, can I? I mean when the Honor system is revamped and all this accumulated honor and rank and standing just vanishes, I’ll have to work like a dog, again, to get the PvP rewards.

So they’ve replaced the Grind-with-Decay (aka Swim-or-Sink) with a Grind-grind-grind system. (Anyone remember raising cash for a mount?) I envision, however, just as many people spending just as much of their lives, post change, to be the first, the next rather, to be fully equipped in Warlord’s gear. IN FACT: I imagine that since everyone now has access to the Warlord’s gear, with the change, everyone will be going for it. Good news being more people PvPing and more honor rolling in, and rewards costing fixed honor amounts, everyone will get what they want. This becomes a viable alternative (if you care to do it) to hours long raiding in the dungeons for a shot at a possibility of a chance of an increase in the likelihood in getting what you need.

How much time did the current high rank PvPers spend getting to where they got? That’s a rhetorical question, and one to which most would admit “Way too much time.”

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Weekend in the Valley.

This is the first weekend where the honor/rep grind seemed like work. Almost. :)

Msaker, with two marks of AV honor in his bag, would have been happy with just a loss. No, it was a long, drawn out win. And a few more losses after that to round things out. He did ding 999/1000 Exalted with Frostwolf, and nearly told /bg “You can kiss this green Orc’s butt Out of here!” But, no. Picking up my purplez, and respeccing out of Polearm specialization, he returned to the Valley anyway. Fool’s rush in.

Arcarius played in a string of quick Alliance victories. In the last match he left Jaguarete in the stables and picked himself up a frostwolf he named Draka, in honor of the defenders of Drek. (Draka, per lore, is the mother of Thrall and a tough fighter in her own right.) But then came the shocker, a loss.

How did that happen? We raced to Galv, and that was easy enough. It was a prolonged fight at the Iceblood Graveyard. Then the assualt on Frostwolf Graveyard, which happened to be defended by 50-some Warlocks and Shadow Priests. Maybe it was just 5. It was enough. They were sending us back, one by one, to the Aid Station in Dun Baldar. “Mmm, Game over,” I told myself.

Oh, that’s not to say we didn’t try. The one by one assault never really works. When I realized that’s all the Alliance were going to do I decided to take care of a little business. I went to the Proving Grounds in the Icewing cave to do that quest for the trinket.

When Blackhoof went to his Proving Grounds, level 60 Shaman in lots of epic gear, he had his furry butt handed to him by scads of Troggs. He didn’t manage to solo it.

Arcarius, on the other hand, with a new a brand new level 50 pet knowing only Growl, proceeded to go through the cavern Hunter-style. I.e. he easily made it to the banner and recovered it. On the way back out, taking his time, one harpy at a time, Draka dinged a level of attitude and got trained in Bite 7 and Dash 3. Things went more quickly from there. It was laughably easy. Level 54 Hunter, level 50 pet equipped only with Growl, pwned, if you will, the Icewing Cavern.

With Jaguarete he solo’d the level 54 elite Dragonkin Menace quest from Morgan’s Vigil. One Dragon at a time, he did them all. (And got a couple black dragonscales to boot. Whoever has the patience of farming black dragonscales for leatherworking … jeeze, good luck on that.)

Draka will be nice since she’ll be a medium health, armor, and dps pet. (Jaguarete is a fragile killer, low health and armor, albet high DPS.) Just like Thrall’s mom, I’m sure, a dreadnought.

Anyway, coming out of the Icewing Caverns the battle is still going on. The defense of Dun Baldar is holding them off. Probably why I wound up with 300+ HK’s for the game. I recognized a few of the Horde from down south so when we finally wound up rezzing in the tunnel I headed south to Frostwolf, thinking the defense would be gone. No, as strongly held as ever. We eventually took the RH and starting pulling, but we didn’t beat the Horde this time.

Nevertheless, Arcarius is 16000/21000 to Exalted with Stormpike, and I’m looking forward to see how both Arcarius and Msaker make out honor-wise. Together they earned 100k+ honor this week.

P.S. To those who rail against folks on RP servers: Stuff yourself. When I say “Things aren’t going well,” in the raid chat, don’t single me out because I’m from Kirin Tor*. Oh, yeah? We’re all jerks? You’re so smart? My 3rd character in the valley, seeing both sides. When the tide is coming in, I am knowledgeable enough to say “The water is rising, we need to do something different.” WTF does it matter that I’m from an RP server? So, Kristill of Hellscream, or whatever your forgettable name was, who /afk’d out rather than even make an attempt**, two things: You’re 1) a loser, and 2) a quitter. Enjoy your deserter buff. Or did you just log in shame? Nice MC gear. Class leader are you? Not in my eyes. Stay out of the Valley if you aren’t up to it, and aren’t up to dealing with things.

*Leave Kirin Tor, and the other RP realms, out of your list of excuses for your personal shortcomings and lack of accomplishment. We’re there 2 or 3 at a time tops. Your ownership of any loss is a far greater portion than ours.

**As for making an attempt, I was there when we did finally take the Relief Hut. In fact, I capped the flag. A Paladin mounted up and pulled the guards. A few came in to occupy the defenders, and I capped it. (I couldn’t do it alone, but I was there when we as a group got it done.) And then I ran, shooting all the way, into the graveyard. And, an hour and a half later, who was right about the outcome? I was. And who was there till the bitter end? I was. All you “If it ain’t less than 20 minutes I’m afk’ing out” types: YOU give your faction/server a bad name.

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Horde progress. From learning to defend, we’re now up to winning occasionally again. Nice.

In anticipation of the Alterac Valley weekend, I decided last night after dinner to get a quick loss under my belt with Msaker. He was sitting on two honor marks, and needed the third for a turn-in.

My wife was waiting to play our Hunters, so I let her know it’d be quick. It usually is. Not this time.

Some nut job said “How about 10 come defend Galv with me.” So we did. It wasn’t easy, but it was a purpose. Third time running back I see the Alliance have moved into the room with Galv. I follow in and find targets. And that’s where we proceeded to wipe them. (And Galv survived the entire match unharmed.)

We defended Galv and Iceblood, and you know, I think this set the Alliance rush back. Confusion.

Well, all this defending makes one’s bag full of armor scraps and blood and such, so I rode south to Frostwolf. A Priest was there asking where to turn the flesh in. I rode up and pointed out the bat stand. It’s all peaceful. There’s a battle outside at Frostwolf and so I ride out and we engage a sizeable force. It’s touch and go there. I was despairing. But then, before too long, we’re chasing alliance stragglers north past Tower Point. We’ve wiped them again.

Then I see one of our Towers is being taken. I recall we don’t have much in way of defense so I ride up. Over the course of the next 15 minutes this Night Elf Hunter manages to sneak into the base and keep trying to capture towers. He’s playing kind of dumb so I wonder if it’s a tower stealing bot. He doesn’t get the tower. A Rogue and a Warrior try later, and we, a mere handful, keep them at bay. From my perch in the tower I can see our guys at Frostwolf graveyard holding off a smattering of Alliance skirmishers. We got the defense down. And we’ve spanked the Alliance’s butt several times now.

But their own defense is holding. Someone says “Too many on D, some of you come help the O.” Huh? I open the map and count. We had like 7 on defense between the Frostwolf graveyard and the keep. “We’re 7.” “Too many.” Whatever. This is getting old. I ride out. But, to be honest, if so few were defending, and we had most everyone up on offense, our offense needed a little boost.

Now, Msaker is not one to beat his drum. He’ll beat Gnomes, and related Ilk, but not his own drum.

There they were. In their usual place, fighting on the Bridge. Attackers, us, dying and rezzing behind the bridge at the Stormpike Graveyard. Defenders, them, dying and rezzing at their Aid Station. Stalemate. How to break this stalemate? Easy. You’ve heard it. “Everyone ride past the flag and fight in their graveyard.” So, I mount up and ride for the Aid Station graveyard. I nearly make it to the flag before I’m dead. Mount up and ride again. This time I reach the flag and die. Mount up again, and this time I manage to get a little past the flag and die. Next time, I mount up, ride past the flag, pulling the guards, I jump over a few Nelf heads, and I’m there. Woot. So I kind of just ride in circles leading a train of Dorf guards around and keeping a few Alliance busy. I die. Again, I mount up and ride up the hill and then in circles in the graveyard, keeping them busy with me. I dismount and do some whirlwinds. Again, mount up, ride to the cemetery and just hop around looking like something that needs attention. And then…

And then I turn and look and see arcane explosions ripping through the crowd at the flag. Our arcane explosions. Bring in the squishies! And then WHAM, score, we capture it. We got the Aid Station. The defense of Dorf and Nelf just dematerializes. Woot. So, we pull a few Marshals, slap a few recallers, concentrate on Van, and Horde Wins. ! (I even capture a screen shot to prove it to myself later that it happened.)

Lessons: Defense counts.

Msaker retired and Paakanti joined Hialeah for a little hunting in Mulgore. Two tauren hunters with Teldrassil Owls for pets. It was a peaceful break. (Hunters are awesome soloists. Two of them are unmatched.)

Then Arcarius came out. Cocky and assured of victory, he’s alliance afterall. He went home broken. The Alliance never managed to break past Galv and Iceblood. The Field of Strife became a field of tears as rogues patrolled. Mages and Priests, Forsaken rotting corpses, ran rampant. Frost novaeing and holding in my Dead Zone while they crit me to death. The Primalist summoned Loklahr and the Alliance were pushed back to oblivion. What a crushing defeat for the Alliance. Shameful.

Two horde victories in a row. Again, Defense matters, and Offense requires guts and grit.

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On War.

It’s not easy going to enough battlegrounds with two characters to level up their ranks. (And I also need to take my wife’s character, Droonda, since we both think Grunt is the least desireable of rank titles. Sergeant will be fine. And she’s not a PvPer.)

Most of the time last night was spent with Msaker. Making Rank 6 last week, he’s got his sights on 7. That should be doable. Rank 8 would be nice, but so would sleep.

Three battles in Alterac Valley, three losses.

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit. I am not the best at PvP. I swing a big polearm, and that’s about it. I personally can’t ninja a tower, nor could I personally, and alone, capture a graveyard. It just won’t happen. For that, my fellow Hordemates, I apologize. See, I figure this string of losses must be my fault. Because I know I suck. And I know since I can’t accomplish any of the things required on my own, it must all be my fault.

Or, if it’s intended to be a group thing, then, frankly, you all suck too. (Surely 39 of you aren’t given a hall pass to go fishing while I try my best?)

In these three battles I never saw anyone swing off to defend Galv. (My fault, because when I play Alliance I do see that occasionally.) We race, like hells bells were hounding us, to Stonehearth. Woot! Then we take the low road and get bogged down trying to take Stormpike Graveyard.

Any of you read your battlegrounds chat? Does “TAKE THE HIGH ROAD” not make sense? High is not the low road.

You know that meat grinder we run into every time? That’s the low road.

You know how you can sneak around the hill and assault the flag direct? That’s where you can get to via the high road. You can also drop onto their cemetery from the high road.

Two battles we don’t even take Stormpike Graveyard. We couldn’t manage it. Now that second battle I recalled and was part of a really good defense of Frostwolf. It last like an hour. But defense can only buy you time. It can’t win a battle for you. That’s the job of offense. I know you all aren’t fishing. What’s up?

The third battle started the same. Except there was no defense. We raced north, got Stonehearth and then assaulted Stormpike Graveyard, and actually took it. Self-congratulatory back slapping “See, that’s how it’s done.” turns into offense fighting the rest of the battle on the bridge. “RIDE PAST THEIR FLAG AND FIGHT IN THEIR GRAVEYARD!” Okay. Sounds good. Except there’s a sea of red names between me and that. So I do it anyway. I ride. And about where the flag is I’ve been rooted, stunned, ice trapped, frost novaed, poisoned, soul drained, pyroblasted, and just plain hosed. Thank you, Sir, may I have another?

See, good advice, but perhaps it’s my lack of skill, I can’t do it alone, and, frankly, I didn’t see any of you with me. When 10 Alliance concentrate on me, a few of you could get through.

I do that five times. Not being a ranged fighter the bridge battle kind of sucks. I charged one hunter over and over, but since he’s got a healer I wound up rooted, stunned, ice trapped, frost novaed, poisoned, soul drained, pyro… you get the picture.

This isn’t a battle for me. I recall to turn in all the armor scraps. I’ve collected loads. Frostwolf remains defended. The keep that is. The graveyard has been long in the hands of the Alliance. We defend there for almost an hour. It was absolutely a blast. Holding that passage up between the two towers… None shall pass. Okay, the Paladins always can. Their freaking bubbles. (Aka How to keep four idiots busy: Send a Pally through. But, then again, it’s not like we shouldn’t try to stop him. Freaking bubbles. There’ll be tears in Stormwind Cathedral the day the Blood Knights show up!)

Our offense remains on the bridge for an hour. Eventually the Alliance mount up, and to a man, ride into the keep. All of them. We can’t stop that.

Shoot. Look at that. All of them, in unison, storm the keep. And we can’t stop a one. That would be like mounting up, riding past the flag at the aid station, and fighting in their graveyard in Stormpike. Alliance can do it, Horde can’t.

Defense doesn’t win battles. Offense does. We ran out of time and lost.

That’s three battles, three losses, most of the night.

Arcarius needs a little more honor this week too. So Msaker goes to bed a broken Orc, and I sign Arcarius up for AV, and then head out to the burning steps for some grinding while I wait for the invite.

When AV pops I’m dreading a long drawn out battle like Msaker faced. Somebody says in bg chat “Last fight was 2 1/2 hours.” My friend Nachmahd was in that battle I think. I, thankfully, missed that one. “Let’s not turtle,” somebody else says. “No, let’s not,” says another. Hear, hear.

So, we ride out and head south. Past Snowfall (captured) to Galv. He’s undefended and we take his lieutenants, and then him. (Stonehearth is taken by the Horde.) Some defenders show up late and we kill them. We then move to Iceblood Graveyard and take that. Tower Point is next. We’re killing Horde stragglers riding north. Tower Point taken, we ride to Frostwolf which is wrapping up in our favor. Taken we ride up into Frostwolf Keep and take the towers. There’s no defense. (Stormpike Graveyard is taken by the Horde.) Across the little bridge we assault the Relief Hut, and take it. (Four minutes later the Horde take the Aid Station.) We pull Warlord’s one by one, and kill the odd defender that shows up via recall. Quickly the Warlords are down and the leader says “ALL IN.” Drek doesn’t stand a chance. 23 minutes and Alliance wins.

Again, in AV, in a race, Alliance wins.

Again, in AV, defense can’t win your battles.

(And an earlier AB with Msaker was no better. Absolute silence as people ride out. I figure, “Whatever, I only need 1 token for the turn-in.” Towards the end of the battle I’m wearing my tuxedo and fighting with my fishing pole. Look, if I were on a team that were actually trying, I’d try too. If not, I’m going to have my fun. No coordination, no planning, no holding what you got. No call outs. BS BS BS. That’s right, “Bullshit.” The Alliance steamrolled us. I wore a tuxedo. I even remarked in bg chat that the only reason I wasn’t wearing my birthday suit, instead of my tux, is because I didn’t have the bag space. I personally can’t be expected to take 3 resources, and flippin’ hold them. You wanna do what you wanna do? So will I. “Whatevah, I do what I want!” as Cartman once remarked. And, don’t forget, in AB, defense will win your battles.)

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Hello?! What’s this?! Horde defending?!

What’s up with that?


So, here we are, doing the usual Alliance charge out of it’s home base, racing past Snowfall (taking it) and heading for Galv’s.

And this time I see a sea of red names. They are … defending?! What’s up with that? What’s wrong with this picture?

Good lord, Horde were all over the place. Defending Galv and the Iceblood Graveyard like it mattered. (It does.) We had running battles all over the place.

And then I heard the call go out to summon Ivus. Well, I know where Lok gets summoned, but Ivus? Do I ask in /bg chat “Where do I go.” and have someone respond “L2Level”? Nah. Ivus appeared shortly thereafter anyway. Cool. I’d never seen him. Once, a while back, as he was charging Frostwolf at the tail end of a long loss by the horde.

But, then, oddly, Lok spawned! Ivus and Lok were both rampaging in the Field of Strife. So that’s how that field got it’s name!

Oh, we were cocky too. “Ivus is bigger cause he’s been killing more. Don’t steal his kills.” Well, Ivus must have gotten indigestion because not long afterward the message goes out, “They kited Ivus back and killed him.” Hmm. What’s Lok up to? Mmm, pwning Alliance as he headed north.

Dag, what a rout! Yowza. My wife was waiting for me so I had to /afk out.

My friend Nachmahd played three matches on the same day. He was in three Horde wins in a row. 2nd game he was defending Iceblood most of the game.

It seems that both Alliance and Horde are adjusting tactics. Nice to see some thought process going on for once.

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That’s just a real shame. For the Horde that is.

It seems the Alliance have developed a new strategy. That is to farm HK’s on the way to their win. Since when do the Alliance take and hold Stonehearth Graveyard? Since this last weekend. I know. Msaker was among those struggling to take it from them. How is it CONCIEVABLE!?!?! that the Alliance can hold anywhere with 3-5 people? It’s absolutely absurd, and outrageous. Further, why can’t Horde manage to take it? And why is my Warrior always out there, on point, alone? Good grief everyone.

So, good news for Arcarius. He’s getting more HK’s now, i.e. even more Honor than usual, since Alliance seems to be farming them in the push south. I’m just loving it, hanging out at the Iceblood Graveyard flag, picking off Horde travelling north. I’m thinking “There, but for the grace of alts, go I. … Pew, pew, pew. Meet Kitty. ‘Hello, Kitty!’ Ah ha ha!”

They were harder wins, these latest for the Alliance, but wins nonetheless. Again, Alliance defended with half it’s force, and only needed like 1/4 of it to get into FW Keep and eventually take out Drekk. Again, Horde defended, via recall, not a standing defense, with a handful of victims … er, brave souls.

I found out something really cool too. Yes, the queue for Alterac Valley for Arcarius, Alliance, is 30-40 minutes now. (So strange that for my Horde characters it’s just 1 minute. Is that because everyone wants to be on a winning team, and nobody wants to be on a losing team?) But that wait is okay, since he’s level 51, the flight to Searing Gorge from Ironforge is a minute and a half. Yow! 1.5 minutes. You know how long it takes to get there from the Undercity? Forever. This is absolutely ideal for an Alliance character in his 50′s, grinding his way to 60, and doing as many BG’s as he can. Yet another terrain advantage given to the Alliance.

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Tall, dark, and handsome. Short, bright, and perky. Yin and Yang. Arcarius and Winkydink. Alterac Valley goodness. Arathi Basin badness.

She thinks he’s handsome. At least that’s what little Winkydink, my wife’s Gnome Warrior, thinks of Arcarius, my Night Elf Hunter. In the Stormpike tabard, with an Ice Barbed Spear, I’ll let the little Gnome think what she will. (Gnomes have a bonus to their intellect stat, so who am I to argue?)

Msaker and Droonda were taking a break. Dreaming Orc dreams of Draenor, recovering from the battles of the week. So last night it was time for a little Alliance action. And when I say little I’m talking 3′ tall with green pony tails. Winkydink, my wife’s Gnome Warrior. Isn’t she the coolest little thing? (No, wait, that’s just a speck of dust in my eye. … Ah, got it.)

Tauren health bonus not included, all races produce pretty much identically capable Warriors. She’s reached level 20 all on her own because Warriors rock. Time for the Deadmines.

However, neither of us wanted another pick-up-group from hell experience with some guy “needing” loot for another character of his. Nuh, uh. Not us. So Arcarius decided to accompany young Ms. Winkydink to the Deadmines, and we’d go on our own.

If my level 45 Rogue can handle it solo, then a 51 Hunter should do fine. And we did. So much more effeciently than with a Rogue too. No wonder Hunters are the farmers choice for class.

Jaguarete came with us. She’s my Cat, a tamed jaguar from the Swamp of Sorrows. She’s level 50 and is trained to dash in and rip and bite the bad guys. She’s trained pretty good. And Arcarius is fully invested in the Beast Mastery talent tree so Jaguarete is a very capable partner in crime.

I do have a boar in the stables as well. A recently tamed armored pig from Razorfen Kraul. Only level 28 though and I’ll have to work on him. But his purpose will be to tank more than Jaguarete since boars have better armor and health than cats, just not the DPS. A real tank. The boar I named Parma. Which carries several meanings. If you are thinking “Parma Ham” very good. That’s one reading of it. But if you’re thinking “Small shield carried by Roman army skirmishers” you’re actually more right. Since the boar will become my shield, and tank, and charge in to engage my enemies first, he is literally my skirmisher with armor.

Anyway, this is not my first time in the Deadmines. I know when *I* open a door, there’s no back patrol heading our way. I know when *events* open a door then I know we’ll have a patrol behind us that we need to take care of before proceeding further.

Where my Rogue used vanish a few times, and lots of bandaids, Arcarius and Winkydink basically watched Jaguarete do all the work. I of course I had to off a few shots to claim the kills, and I worked a little on my Polearms skill. Winkydink charged in now and then so her armor didn’t rust up on her. Especially the big bosses. Mr. Smite: Here’s Gnome in your eye.

None of the bosses were tricky in the least. Smite was pulled clear back on the dock, so by the time he’d gotten off his stun and run back for better weapons, and returned, we were waiting for him again. Up the docks, Winkydink staying a little to the back and on the outboard side, we just cleared the place like janitors after hours. Van Cleef? Do you need to ask?

Well, he dropped his Chest Armor. What Rogues and Hunters might enjoy, Winkydink merely sighed. We did get two pieces of the Defias armor set to pass on to Ombria, her Night Elf Rogue character.

At the exit Winkydink and Arcarius bade their farewells to one another, and Arcarius hearthed to Ironforge and prepared to engage in the wars.

Queueing up for Alterac Valley, usually like a 40 minute wait (1 minute wait, average, for my Horde characters), I also queued up for Arathi Basin, this being AB weekend.

It’s absolutely pathetic. Alliance performance in Arathi Basin is embarrasing. On Msaker, in the 50-59 matches, Horde were undefeated. On reaching 60, he went once, and we won there too. It was tougher though. They got better gear, we got good gear too, but the Msaker has below average gear and suffers above average deaths. (Outlands, here I come!!)

But in the 50-59 matches, Alliance may as well just sit in Trollbane Hall and eat snacks. We start okay. … No, we don’t. We don’t really need 4 trying to cap the Stables flag. Honest. To watch 4 guys run to the stables and all 4 dismount and try to cap the flag… pathetic. Because that’s 3 that aren’t on the offensive to catch the next flag.

Two out of the three matches, I thought we started well. We get the Stables, boy, do we! The rest split into two groups and we take the Lumbermill and the Blacksmith. We got 3, let’s hold them. Nah. Defense is for wusses. (Ask the Horde about Defense in AV.) So, sitting on a victory, some folks ride off on their own. The mines (dead). The farm (dead). So the Horde are strategizing. Having some Horde characters of my own, I’m somewhat in synch with their thoughts. While the Horde watch us, the careful thinkers in their group, those studied up on Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” and von Clausewitz’s “On War” and Macchiavelli’s … you get the point, these Horde strategists are watching the Alliance and thinking “Damn, those guys are noobs. We’re losing in AV to these guys??” The PvP’ers amongst them are probaly thinking “ROFLCOPTERZ WTFBBQPWNED!!111!one!” and ride out and win the game. Third game they actually five capped us.

Alterac Valley, an altogether different story.

We ride out of our mine. We ride straight for Snowfall. Actually first match I’m there they’re all riding past. I ride up and capture it myself. It remains ours the rest of the match. I catch up with the group.

We then set about attacking Galv. First the Lieutenants outside, then Galv himself. We don’t bypass Galv. Ever. We attack him with pretty much our entire force.

Now think, do the Horde ever take out Balinda on their push north? Never. They leave her like it was an aside. An optional thing to do. When they’ve got five folks to spare, that when they do it. When they’re losing, they rush to grab these last few points of honor and rep.

Now the Alliance is quickly done with Galv and they take Iceblood. The whole groups takes Iceblood. By now most of the Horde has rode past and is at Stonehearth.

It’s at this point where the stragglers are cut down at the chokepoints. For the Alliance it’s as they’re riding south at Icewing Bunker. For the Horde it’s as they head north between Iceblood Graveyard and Tower. That’ll occupy an army for a while. My experience has been Horde will have a lot of people killing a few. Alliance will have a few killing a few. Where are the rest of the Alliance then? Glad you asked.

After Iceblood GY is captured…

Let me add something at this point. While we wait in the tunnel for the gate to open, “we” being Alliance in this case, two games of the three, some silly person yells in /bg chat, “IB!!!”. So, that is proof positive that Alliance employs strategery in this BG. Because that’s just what we do. We take IB.

So, after Iceblood is captured we ride south again. This time Frostwolf Graveyard is captured.

Oh, yeah, there appears to be no Horde defenders at all here. None. Not at Galv or IBGY or FWGY. Where are they all? Farming HK’s at the Icewing Bunker? That’s what I see playing as Horde.

After FWGY is taken we enter Frostwolf Keep. There are no NPC defenders that I can see. Either they number so few, or they’re taken out so fast. I, a level 51 Hunter, typically can ride from the FWGY to the bridge leading to the Frostwolf Relief Hut without worrying too much. If I’m taking arrows from the Towers I simply ride as far as I can. I help take out the FWRH guards and boom, phase 1 is done. Typically 15 minutes and the Alliance has taken the Relief Hut.

I have an addon which shows me who’s gotten what and the progress on it. We’ve taken most of the map, in 15 minutes. Does that sound familiar? It should if you’re Horde, and you’re in Battlegroup 7.

So now we simply wait for the FWRH to cap and we get to work. There aren’t a lot of Alliance with me in the Keep either. As Horde, it always seems everyone and their brother is assaulting Dun Baldar. As Alliance they just send a group down. The rest stay home defending.

On a good game, we pull Warlord’s one by one. And then we go and get Drek himself. Being a slighly reduced crew, we do die a bit. Drek’s a meat processer, and we’re sausage. But we respawn quickly from the RH and quickly rejoin the action.

Horde, on the other hand, are usally beating on Van in a solid mass.

On a bad game I’ve seen several Warlord’s come out, and when there’s two of them running around our little group, it gets ugly quick. BUT we manage to pull it off and continue.

Last game we had: a Warlord left, Horde defenders recalling to the Keep (Thank’s for the free HK’s off you by the way.), and Drek. We’re inside the Keep and it’s a flurry of activity. I’m just firing shot after shot, always tabbing for targets. If you’re a player, I particularly make sure to get you down.

In a race, Alliance wins. If Arcarius keeps going to AV I’m hoping I can get some PvP gear out of it. How bad can PvP gear be for a Hunter vs. the environment?

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Storming Frostwolf Keep. Ten of us.

Valerie: Bye bye, boys!
Max: Have fun storming the castle!
Valerie: [to Max] Think it will work?
Max: It would take a miracle.
Max and Valerie: [waving] Buh-bye!
(Princess Bride)

And, no, no miracle required. Seeming miraculous though.

Storming Dun Baldar with Msaker follows a series of long battles. The seeming endless pushes to take Stormpike Graveyard. Crossing the bridge. Alliance defenders constantly harrassing us. Assaulting the Aid Station. Seemingly endless quantities of NPC’s to wade through. And then the Marshals. They hit real hard too. And then there’s Van. By the time we reach him most of the horde is there, and, horde-like, we pummel him with 30+ it seems.

Alliance on Drek is altogether different. We rode to Snowfall and took it. Rode up to Galv’s. No defenders. So we move in and kill him. Iceblood Graveyard is right there, so let’s take that! Ooh, some defenders. More likely they were just the last to leave the tunnel. Hey, I admit I died out there on the push. I’m level 51 and I’m wearing +Agi gear. I’m killed pretty quickly. But, I resurrect at Snowfall and head south to Frostwolf.

Now keep in mind this is all backwards for me. For months now I’ve been seeing this through Horde eyes: Red is good, we push north. So, now, I’m Alliance: Blue is good, we rush south. We race south. In a race, Alliance wins. I’ve said that before. It still applies.

Anyway I approach Frostwolf Graveyard and see we’ve killed the guards and are mopping up strays.

I ride through the gate and cut right, riding up the hill, no NPC’s at all!, and then into the tower and then up the hill between the towers. The Archers are gone. The place is clear and I see the flag at the Relief Hut is gray. There’s no more than 10 of us. And they start pulling Warlords, one at a time. I hang back and shoot arrows and these guys are killed quick. Marshals don’t go down that fast, even with more attacking. At least that’s how it seems to me. And then we move in. There’s still only like 10 of us. Yeah, Drek is killing us bouncing around like some pinball with cleavers and we just rez at the Relief Hut and rejoin the battle. And this constant attention to him, and no defense, and he’s soon dead. Alliance wins.

Where were the rest of us?? Half appear to be down south in Frostwolf, the other half are still up north, defending Stormpike. Woot.

That was one battle.

The next battle, which we won, was a little harder. There were actual defenders taking part this time. Oh, we still raced to Snowfall, killed Galv, took Iceblood Graveyard, and Frostwolf Graveyard. This time though the Horde kept up some defense. I remember riding, unstopped, up into the high compound. And that’s where I see red names. I send in my cat and begin tabbing for enemies. Dang. I’m hit with something, hurt, and my cat’s dead. Aw. So, I’m thinking “Where can I go to safely heal and revive my pet? The Keep of course. The enemy won’t dare follow me in. Oh, look, the path’s clear too.” So I run for the keep and breath a sigh of relief. I’m all alone. I’ll just move to the center and get busy healing. “Hello. What’s this?” All the names are red in here! Orcs. ORCS! OH Noooo….. Well, needless to say, I don’t make it. I was thinking like Msaker when I made that bonehead move. :)

But, yada yada yada, we win again.

Alliance do race. And we do so mostly unopposed. And we defend. And our base is imminently defensible. And it’s so much easier to race when you’re unopposed. Blizzard must really hate horde.

(WSG and AB are still Horde Crush Alliance though. Read somewhere that there must be some advantage to the horde side. I don’t see it. I know the Stables are 99.99% of the time taken first. Then the Farm. Then … it’s up in the air for the rest. Seriously, where’s the advantage? We have Shamans and the Alliance Paladins? If that’s the case, then Blizzard, in giving the Alliance Paladins must really hate Horde! :)

Msaker is a good, hearty, tank. I can gear him up easily. Afterall, anyone running an instance NEEDS a tank.

They don’t need a Hunter though. I think getting Aracarius his PvP gear will be easier than getting Msaker’s his. Who knows. It’s all fun.

For My Team!


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ZOMG! Alliance in AV is Easy Mode. Mostly.

Well, first ever time Arcarius, my Night Elf Hunter, got into Alterac Valley, the Horde decimated us! It was incredible. After losing so many times with Msaker I was expecting quick wins. No such luck for me. First time in AV was a loss.

I also hate the fact that for Msaker the AV queue pops in less than a minute, Arcarius waited over 30 minutes for each of the matches he played in. The 2nd two times: Wins. And so easy. Arcarius can literally ride up to the keep with only the archers in the towers troubling him. NPC’s don’t aggro. You’ve got to go out of your way to find them.

Anyway. I’ll head back for more with him. But first impression: Alliance, don’t know why, just have it so easy in AV. Yay for Arcarius.

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