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It must be the common denominator.

On my Alliance 70, on the Rampage Battlegroup, he loses 9 AV’s out of 10. This was the battlegroup where the Alliance boycotted for a while because they always lost.  Still do.

On my Horde 70′s, on the Vindication Battlegroup, they’ve lost 9 AV’s out of 10.  It’s known to be a “Horde loses battlegroup.”

Can I pick the servers or what?

Just interesting how these servers, populated by players all starting with the same characters and classes and gear, can be so very different one from the other.


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Aw. (Sniff.) (Honk.) Hand me another tissue.

Average wait time for Alterac Valley is now 47 minutes. For my Horde characters.  On Alterac Valley weekend.  It used to be 2-3 minutes, tops.

Why?  Something about an “Alliance Boycott.”

Why are the alliance boycotting?  Because they lose now.

Aw.  Sniffles.  Cry me a freaking river.

Did we turn the tables?  Did the Horde all of a sudden get Stormpike as a base, and the Alliance Frostwolf?  No.  Everything’s physically the same.

Did Horde all of a sudden get some Overpowered class?  No, classes are the same for both sides.  (Wasn’t always the case.)

Did the Alliance fourteen year old bully boys that got so used to playing like petulent children, and still winning, are they now getting their arses handed to them over and over because, shockers, skill and ability count for something now?

Don’t forget, I play on both sides.  An Alliance group is a lot different from a Horde group.  We also come from a long, long period of having things a certain way.  Alliance alway won AV.  Now they’re always losing.  (Exceptions granted.)

Ya know, this is Blizzard’s fault.  The Horde “boycott” of the early days was to /afk in the cave.  Blizzard took that away.  Alliance can’t simply /afk in the cave like the Horde used to.  Their solution to the problem?  Stop playing in AV altogether.

C’mon, you Alliance.  Get into the valley and try and take Frostwolf!  I dare ya!  “I don’t wanna.  I want my mommy,” isn’t good enough.


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Two more 51′s into Alterac Valley.

I scanned the archives and back in October of 2006 Arcarius was in Alterac Valley for the first time.  There’s the picture of him with the Ice Barbed Spear and wearing the Stormpike Tabard.  It’s been so long ago, but how could he have gotten the Tabard so quickly if that was some of his first goes?  The spear you get for being in a winning game.  The tabard?  (Granted, Alliance was winning nearly all the time at that time.)

Regardless, now I have two more characters that have entered Alterac Valley.  Greenclaw and Darkhand, my Druid and Rogue Night Elves.

My reaction, after playing half a dozen games with them?  Well, for starters, I’m kind of low level to be in there.  However, if I was just going to quickly level them up, then why would wait till 60 to go enjoy some battlegrounds action?  I’d level up to 70 and go to the ultimate end-game.  However, my gear will be outright horrible at that point, they not being mains, and that wouldn’t be fun.

Now Darkhand is a mace spec Rogue.  So he’s got the stuns working for him.  He also took Blade Twisting for more daze effect.  But I’m not at all skilled in PvP with Darkhand (having come off a PvP server years ago) so I was just mucking about.  Took off a few heads, stunned a few runners and watched them taken down.  Lasted long enough to get credit for capturing a graveyard and a tower, completing those quests, snuck into the harpy cave under Stormpike and retaking the banner, *and* being there for the rare Alliance win and getting the Bloodseeker Crossbow.  (Next stop was to go to Stormwind City and train in Crossbows.  Till then I’d been a gunman (Engineer).)

Greenclaw is a Feral Druid, and I’ve directed him and his gear for cat dps.  BG’s start the same for both.  They ride to the battleline, dismount and stealth into the action.  His pounce ability is pretty cool.  Nothing more fun than starting a fight stunning the opponent, or joining a fight and stunning them mid cast.  He too got a win in, and picked up the Ice Forged Hammer.  Not that it’s worth having, since I’m using Blanchard’s Stout now.

Can I persevere with both, or either even, in order to aquire some PvP gear at level 60?  That’s probably so not worth it anymore.  When Msaker did his grind, he reached Centurian, which got him 4 of the 6 pieces of the rare (blue) PvP armor set.  They changed the honor rules, no more titles, and he simply ground the rest of the honor to get the final two pieces.   The set looked really cool (Samurai-like shoulders, etc.) and did pretty good in instances, good stamina to let me tank even though I wasn’t specced for it.  But I started replacing pieces almost immediately upon hitting Thrallmar.  He did it because there was nothing more for him.  Molten Core was out since it also wasn’t worth it on the eve of the Burning Crusade coming out.  Running the old instances for the Valor set?  Really not that much of an upgrade on the PvP set, and that PvP set stuff was guaranteed me.  (I remember a Druid running Stratholme 13 times and still no Druid legs for him.) 

It’ll be worth it in one way.  I do BG’s for fun.  And I suppose by 70 I’ll have accumulated enough to drop the honor earned on some decent gear.  Until then I do the battles for the amusement and enjoyment of it.  I’ve got my end-game Raider.  I’ve got my end-game grinders.  I’ve got my low- and mid-level alts.  And now I have two similar, yet different, battleground fighters.  And if Alliance keep mostly losing in this bracket, then I’ll really have to get my level 43 Horde Priest to level 51 and into the action, staying back, healing her little undead heart out.


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Major Bug in Patch

Horde win?


What’s up with that?

C’mon Blizzard. Get the programmers a salary already! ;)

We have not had a win in a while. And the AV queue was a mile long.

Nice seeing interest for a change. Interest in playing, and actually winning. Yes, it was a race and kind of a half-assed win with that in mind. But, a win is a win. And it was win-win with Alliance for honor points, except I’m sure they wait an awful lot longer to play us than vice versa.

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It just takes a little bit.

Just a modicum of effort, and teamwork, and Horde can get some pretty decent honor out of AV, even in the 61-70 AV bracket.

So we lost Iceblood.  We always do.  It becomes a gauntlet that we have to fight through to reach the front within five minutes of a match.  But we took Stonehearth.  The bunker and the graveyard.  Then Icewing, and Balinda down in Stonehearth Outpost.  Sure, the Alliance juggernaut has steamed south, and although we only get as far as taking Stormpike Graveyard, holding (heh) the bridge, when the fat lady sings we don’t have much less honor that the Alliance, and they’ve won.  We’ve got a 3 minute queue, they’ve got a 30 minute queue.  With just a little effort a Horde player’s honor gains can really quickly surpass that of the Alliance.

And is a swing of the pendulum possible in the other direction?  Would Alliance ever care as little as Horde seem to?

I returned to AV, with my Night Elf.  Horde is actually doing something spirited, again.  And the Alliance have 12 AFKers.  12!  Outrageous!  (For Alliance.)

If the Alliance always figure “We win.” and don’t bother and sit in the cave, then once it gets tough for them, would they start AFKing more and more?  (By AFK I mean the psuedo-AFK of hopping once a minute to avoid the AFK flag) 

Nah, I don’t think so.  After waiting 30 minutes or more for the queue to pop, I’m sure they’re much more likely to wish to do something.  Horde with back to back losses in quick succession, that just becomes routine, routine like tapping a spacebar every now while you watch American Idol reruns.  (P.S. Diana DeGarmo loses.  Yeah, I know, I know.  But she does.  I just wiki’d that little fact and it’s got to be true.  So no point in watching anymore.  C’mon out of the cave and help us win now.  Thanks.)


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Rampage Battlegroup Horde, 61-70 Bracket in AV, you SUCK!

There.  I said it.  It’s just utterly absurd how bad Horde is.  They don’t even try anymore.

It’s all self-reinforcing.  We lose, so why bother, so we’ll AFK, so we lose worse, so we bother less, so we AFK more, and we lose even worse, so we bother even less, and so we AFK even more.

All the while the Alliance, after waiting 40-50 minutes to log on, basically have free reign to do what they want.

I know.  My 66 Night Elf Hunter rarely encounters anything one might refer to as “opposition”.

Tonight, I log into AV.  On Blackhoof.  True, blue, Horde.  And you know you’re in a bad position with a game in progress.

Not just in progress, the map is blue.

Wait, it gets worse.

So the maps blue, and Alliance are coming into the cave.

This is the worst I’ve ever seen.  Literally everyone who wasn’t on Drek, what 10-15 of them?, the rest where attacking us in our own cave?

We made a few forays outside the cave, but this is what I joined.  A total insult to the Horde.

And someone said “This is punishment for AFKers.”  WHAT??? They’re mocking us at this point.  Out and out dissing us.  There’s absolutely no reasons whatsoever to show us a modicum of respect.  We’ve lost all of it.  We deserve absolutely none.

So, I do what I do.  I heal.

I think my heals helped push us outside the cave entrance.  Where we fought our last battle, before we lost.

See, this didn’t punish the AFKers.  What it did was earn them HK’s!  That’s right!  Rather than the usual 0,0,0 “I poo on you” score, these wipes actually earned HK’s.

Me, oddly, for joining late, I top the heals chart for Horde.

Alliance earned 501 Honor for this.  Horde 82.

You know, I guess the comedy of it is, in the end, Horde probably gets equal honor since they don’t wait nearly as long for queues to pop.

Rampage Battlegroup, Horde, 61-70 Bracket in AV.  C’mon.  Reroll your Gnome Rogues already.  Clear out and let us get some players in here.


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AV surprises. Guild meltdown.

Guild meltdown first.  The guildmaster hasn’t logged in for a week now.  He’s got 3 70′s raiding instances.  He doesn’t appear to sleep.  He’s been away.  Playing LOTRO apparently.  Good for him.  Taking breaks is good.  But bad for us.  Tuesday is everyone’s Karazhan day.  I log on at the appointed time and make my way to Stonard.  We have 10 people online, one isn’t 70, another isn’t attuned.  A minute after start time it’s called.  I ask in guild chat “Who needs to go where to get keys?”  (My wife’s Shaman for one.  To Black Morass.  But since she isn’t keyed, isn’t going to Kara, and Kara being the big thing for the night, she’s playing an alt.)   No response.  Two that aren’t on need it.  …

“Hey, RL > WoW,” some guildie says.  Uh, what’s that mean?  “Yeah?  I have a real life, *and* I play WoW.  So go play soccer, watch some TV, take up a hobby in the garage.  But raid night is raid night.”  RL means you can do what you want like wheneva?  So sorry to interrupt your couple hours here.  Let’s have 10 people just simply decide on their own when we can get this done.  Yeah, right.  A third of the people log and disappear.  A couple relog onto alts.  Double you, Tee Eff. 

So I do the same, relogging onto my Mage alt, Sunstriker.  The wife, playing her Pally, Halcyon, and I continue our tasks in Hillsbrad.  She’s the tank, I’m the AoE.  (Much like when we play our Druids and she’s the Bear and I’m the Cat.)  I keep checking the /who Guild.  Sigh.  Down to 5, then down to 4.  I log on later again (our Belf alts aren’t guilded) and it’s me and a Warrior.  Meh.

So Blackhoof is brought out.  To heal up a storm in AV.  The first match I join in progress.  Alliance control the entire map.  We can’t move without being killed.  Next AV there is an actual group and the lot of us head out.  We spend too much time around Stonehearth, but we’ve killed more Lt’s than normal, and we do take the Aid Station before our loss.  Horde and Alliance have 390 and 400 honor respectively.  Not shabby.  Next match I’m above the Aid Station throwing heals alongside another Shaman.  (He’s got some arena gear.)  “Nice healing,” he says.  “Thanks.  I’ve got to do something around here.”  The crossing Chain Heals looks pretty cool.  I think we win.

So, later, I’m looking to buy my first piece of level 70 PvP armor.  What to get?  Hmmm.  Well, it seems my future is not to be instancing. And at 70, and soloing, it’s not doing a lot of PvE stuff.  So I take the gloves (because I’ve got AV marks) and take the pair with +Spell Damage & +Healing.  Then I visit the Shaman Trainer and respec to Elemental.  I’m sure I made a hash of the talent setup, but I just want to go into the BG’s and do stuff.  To contribute.  40 Points in Elemental, and 21 in Restoration for Nature’s Swiftness.  It’s probably going to be well worth the respec cost in amusement factor.

So I’m in the Champion’s Hall for a long time.  There’s no guildies on.  Then I see a guild Rogue join the channel.  Then leave the channel.  Eh?  I thought I was alone.  Ah. The non-RP side channel.  Hmm. The guild ranks are down by 10 from just a few days ago.  Yowza.  That Rogue isn’t in the guild anymore.  WTH?  Where did he go?  I fired up Armory and see he’s in a new guild.  I scan their roster and spot one of our Resto Shamans.  Huh?  (And one of our longtime guildies is leaving as well.  Bought a house, his girl is moving in, and he’s ready to spend some time with RL.  That’s 5 there as well that have yet to drop from the rolls but will.)

Another Resto Shaman had gotten in touch with me a few weeks ago.  Where was he?  (He and his guild were in Karazhan.)

So I cruise to their websites.  The Rogue’s joined a guild that “features strong language, whorelocks, sexual content, partial nudity, full frontal nudity, *******, violence, idiots and disturbing scenes and dialog, not necessarily in that order.”

I can see the conversation with my wife now.  “I’m not really sure what Whorelocks are.  The rest is kind of clear.  What do you think?”  Hmmm.  They had me with Idiots.  I’m sure they have a blast.  So the Rogue and the 2nd Resto Shammy have found a good home, and they’re downing bosses like Gruul.  Good for them.

So the Shammy that’s in Karazhan tonight (Tuesday), his guild is recruiting level 20+ for membership.  They’re working on gearing folks up.  They’ve got every instance on “farm” and they’re working on Kara.  There website intro reads “Are you Horde enough?”

Am *I* Horde enough?  Aye.  And the wife’s still got a shot at going to Kara herself.

And our new Alliance guild seems to be a hoot too.  Their website is quiet, but their in-game Guild Calendar is hopping with events across the board.  Old content, gearing/keying up for Kara, etc.  The wife, and I, might see the inside of a few more places with guilds like this.

P.S. The guild the Rogue and Shammy joined?  A warlock freind of theirs, and another former guildie, is already there.  And now I see one of our Tanks has applied as well.  Yowz.


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If ya can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

That’s pretty much what I did.

After Itarilda and Greenclaw both dinged 44 and trained in Darnassus, and returned to Feralas for a little more adventure, Itarilda, true to her bear form, went into hibernation.  Greenclaw took a cat nap there at the inn.

Then the redshirt guy came out to play.  Blackhoof mana’d up and hit Alterac Valley.  Screaming.  You just know your side sucks goblin balls when three Alliance guys camp your cave exit, and the only place the few who die are spawning and have to leave, since Horde controls NOTHING else on the entire map.  Nothing.  We killed Balinda and get beaten back to the Cave.  Alliance literally dominate the entire map.  Alliance Wins.  500 honor for the Alliance (5-freakin’ hundred) vs. 100 for the Horde.

But Blizzard is okay with handing out Epics to AFKers, so why put any effort into it?  Free epics and you don’t have to do anything more than jump every now and then and respond to GM whispers.  Just cut to the chase Blizzard.  Just send every Horde player in the Rampage Battlegroup a full set of level 70 PvP armor and weapons in the in-game mail.  Just do it.  You’re doing it slowly and it’s killing me.  Put the damn things into the mail and be done with it.  You won’t fix the problem, so just reward it already.  That would really cut down on the AFKers, no?  They’re only there to leach gear.  Give it to them.  Let the rest of us get back to having fun battles again.

I get out, try to do things.  I was there for the Balinda kill, I was there trying to defend the Stonehearth Graveyard capture, I was there trying to hold onto Iceblood Graveyard.  And later I got my tauren butt handed to me over and over by the same three guys outside of our cave.  Resto Shaman is utterly worthless in a Battleground.  But Enhancement is even moreso.  Elemental?  Perhaps.  Well Resto is worthless when it comes to killing other folks.  I am, however, in the top 5 in healing in every BG I’m in.  And, as opposed to some healers, I’ll actually get some damage in, and some Killing Blows as well.  But my little personal victories just pale when compated with the overall losses we suffer.

But, hell, what does it feel like to be on the Alliance side?

Arcarius logs on.  Level 66.  Now there’s a bit of a wait to get into Alterac Valley for the Alliance.  So I queue up for Arathi Basin as well.  AB pops.  We ride out.  Win.  Three to two, but only after holding on to four for the longest.  Queue up for AB again.  Pop.  We ride out.  Stables grabbed.  I follow somebody to the lumber mill.  I see a swarm of humanoids riding up from the other side.  Uh oh.  I inform the raid.  Hopefully they’ll take something else.  Horde’s got 4 resources and are steamrolling us.  It’s not a pre-made.  Just a pug.  Fair turnaround.  AV pops.  I exit and take the AV battle.

I ride like the wind.  We blow past Stonehearth, no Horde in sight.  Snowfall.  We kill whatshisname in Iceblood Tower.  We kill the two outside.  We kill the guy in Tower Point.  By the time I arrive at Frostwolf Graveyard that’s taken.  I’ve seen no Horde anywhere.  We ride into Frostwolf Keep.  Somebody pulls guards and I grab the Relief Hut.  It’s peaceful and we pull the Warlords one by one.

They call “all in” and we have Drek and his two wolves.  He’s dead.  My stats are 0 deaths, 0 killing blows, 2 honor kills, and 400 something honor.  Horde have 100 something.  You’d have to look at damage done to tell if I’d done something or not.

But ain’t that the funniest thing?  I’m in AV, level 66, and I see a win without seeing any Horde.  What’s up with that?  Is that across the battlegroups or just Rampage?

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WordPress Blogroll has pretty good stealth ability. New to an instance. The other xp. Freakish happenstance. (Is the world coming to an end? Horde wins??!!)

It keeps disappearing on me. It’s there, like it’s playing a game or something, when I go look for it in the Blogroll section of the Dashboard. Then I review the page and it’s back.

Kara feels a lot like Molten Core.

Molten Core was easy-mode. ZG was tougher, AQ tougher still.

Kara is certainly easier, I think, than some of the 5-mans I face now. And Heroics? I’ve never even been in one.

My wife’s Droonda went to Black Morass without me last night. She was there to get her Master’s Key. I was having computer problems. Zone Alarm just fubared my machine. (So on a guildies recommendation I picked up AVG. So far, so good.) Anyway, she’s going to Black Morass. With a Shadow Priest (same that I went with), a Rogue, a Druid Tanking and a Paladin Healing. She was in charge of the adds and was just frantic. Being an Enhancement Shaman there really was no other role for her. I was sitting there beside her, telling her she was doing great, because she was. But the strain of being responsible for something this importat was getting to her. She was doing fine. I was just in awe of the numbers flying off her screen as she dual-wielded and got hits of 1000+. Some trinket dropped that upon getting a Crit her Attack Power would go up by 300 for a bit. And she won the recipe for the Stylin’ Jungle Hat. (Our Alliance Druids will be quite happy to be stylin’.) Alas the gig was up around wave 12.

The group reformed at the entrance. I was invited to take Droonda over. Msaker, finally, was sitting in Shattrath, /afk, ignoring the Kara invites.

I click a lot less. It’s enough to turn the attack train on. Throw down Stormstrikes with partnered Earthshocks, bring up Shamanistic Rage for mana regen (if I recall correctly), and away we went. Argh! 17/18 and we wipe. Dag. But, yeah, being in charge of the adds with an Enhancement Shaman that doesn’t raid much is kind of tough.

But, once she’s gotten her key and gets into Karazhan, she’ll be set. Because Karazhan is easier in a 10-man than doing some of these 5-mans. Just like the old days (kind of).

The other xp is what you get with time and experience. The ability to remain cool regardless. Things might be going bad, or not. It might look hectic, but you’re doing fine.

Blackhoof, my Resto Shammy, returned to the Wars. Healing up a storm to top the lists, getting a few Killing Blows in, getting as much honor as anyone on the Horde side out of the deal. And, dag, Horde won. What the heck is going on? Horde wins??? In Alterac Valley? Are the planets all aligned in the House of Mars or something?


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Why Horde lose very AV I’ve been in. Bruised monkeys, the lot of them.

Rampage-US Battlegroup. The last AV I was in:

The names my change as the battles do, but the habits and trends don’t. Every AV I’ve been in has been a loss. The battles aren’t even close anymore. We don’t even reach Stormpike nowadays. We lose the entire map. There are Alliance packs everywhere. You only need 10 to kill Drek afterall.

If you find me in the battle, I’ll be near the top of the chart, in healing, and healing my Resto Tauren butt off. I’ll pick a Warrior, Earthshield the guy, let him do his thing, and keep him going. My small part in the effort.

What I’ve seen is typically 15-20 Horde sitting in our cave, and maybe 5 Alliance sitting in theirs. But, as you can see, winners will eventually get off their butts and make an appearance and score an honor kill somewhere. But losers? Losers are just yanking their monkeys waiting for the loss to end. How far the Horde has fallen. I bet the Blood Elves regret joining us.

P.S. The Arathi Basin match I was in before this? A win. Go figure.


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