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Gear Score, Schmear Score. But, wait…

So there I was.  Looking for the eight remaining burning embers I needed to complete the latest Wintergrasp Daily.  We’d already lost, so I figured everyone Horde was going to be gathered outside of the Vault looking for invites.  Or shopping, or hearthing.  You know, what winners do.

But the embers were all ashes and there were bones scattered here and there.  I was alone except for just 2 other green names.  I don’t leave the raid so we can continue to share our efforts.  Turns out there must be multiple raids, because we were basically soloing.  One guy’s kill is not lootable by me.  So be it.  “Divided we fall.”

Anyway I see a green name, Death Knight, run by below, and then a red name.  A Shaman.  Oh, this isn’t going to end well for the Shaman, right?

Except the Shaman was chasing the DK down.  :/  Hmm.

Well, he’s a brother in arms, this DK, and it’s just a Shaman.  So I join in.

The Shaman destroys the Death Knight. 

And inbetween the flashes of Holy Light and Lightning I see the gear.  Okay, it looks like basic PvP stuff.  The maces are orange, so they’re the Crusader Seal maces.  Two of them, nice.  Except why is this guy smoking me?  I’m not hitting him, he’s destroying me.  WTF?

I check the combat log afterwards.  He actually /flexes to add insult to injury.  Let’s see Dodge, dodge, dodge,dodge, miss, miss, miss.  Hmmm.  That’s my results on him.  Destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy.  Those are him on me. …  Did I have my fishing pole equipped?  I check.  No.  Am I wearing my nobleman’s monacle perhaps?  No, I’ve got my epic helm equipped.  What just happened?

I alt-tab out and go into the Armory.  Seems our Shaman has over 1000 Resilience.  Dag.  I’m running 400 or so.  He also had 7k health on me, and double the mana.  Those maces weren’t Crusader Seal maces, not doing up to 608 damage each.  That must have been arena weapons.

Okay, I’m beginning to get the picture.  He’s on two Arena Teams, 2s and 3s.  Face to face type.  He’s gotten himself the Conqueror title, so exalted with every battleground.  He’s wearing solid pvp gear from his head to his toes, pinkie finger included.

And, granted, even if his gear hadn’t been top notch, this guys been PvPing since he left his crib.  I’ve been PvPing since the last couple of weeks.  I’d be outmatched if he was dual wielding spaghetti.

I know there’s mouseover “gear score” add-ons.  I figured why did I need to have that?  Like I needed the boost to my ego (rather, the kick to it’s head) over and over?  “Oh, look.  The NPC vendor selling breaksticks has a higher gear score than me.”  :) )  I don’t need a “gear score” ability.

Well, if I’m sizing up the competition and deciding whether or not I’m going to be a hero, or a lemming, a little more information would certainly come in handy.

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All our honor are belong to us.

I hate those mothers.  They have great concern for our welfare no doubt, that’s why I refer to them as *mothers* (when those mothers may just as easily be kindly hearted brothers, sisters, dads, layabouts, rascals, and/or scoundrals), that manage to tut, sigh, and shake their finger at people they feel should not be in a Battle Ground.

“Mother points at you.”  “Mother sighs at you.”

Hey, lady, all our honor belongs to all of us.

Yes, yes, you’ve PvP’d enough to be dual wielding gladiator maces.  You’re mostly stealthed so I have no idea what your gear level is.  I don’t care to target you and examine the rest of your gear.  I’m sure it’s on par with the weapons.  (And they aren’t arena weapons.  I see that.  Mini Ragnaros hammers.  Season 1 or 2?  And you “tut” me?)

Anyway, you see me, and my gear.  That happens to be because I’m buffing everyone before the gate goes up.  Marks of the Wild for everyone.  (With the likes of you around you’ll understand why I don’t spend money on reagents to buff you ingrates by the group.)  I’ll spend the entire wait buffing as many as I can.  (I use SmartBuff so it’s just a key press.)  I think I got everyone last night since I was done before the gate went up.  Leaving me time to read raid chat.

Other than your tutting, I do read the call to battle, and knowing my group, I go where I’m expected.  A couple of times I’m expected at the Relief Hut.  Where I wind up.  I do know enough to stay below the flag and try to capture it in the confusion.  I’m pretty good at that and do it often.

Other times, more seldom, I’m in the Galv and Towers group.  I know I can apply a mangle to Galv, and apply a dot, and I do have Tranquility to heal everyone, when I’m not just dropping HOTs on them individually.  I do pick up the odd enemy passers-by, curious about what Galv is up to.  Don’t crash the party!

I do keep my radar up, and yes, as you and I defended Tower Point (imagine my surprise to see you there with me, and not back in the cave being all critical), I pinged the map for approaching enemy, and imagine again my surprise as you followed me out and headed to the ping.  And didn’t we intercept that undead mage as he moved up the tower ramp?  I pounced him and bought a few seconds, and then he frost nova’d.  I broke that and continued the chase.  We weren’t the only defenders, and it certainly looked like there were a few more of them than just the mage, but in the furball we killed them all and the Tower went up in flames.  You kind of stayed quiet the whole time.  Is armchair time the time for criticism?

I now head to Frostwolf Keep where the Alliance proceed to yet another victory.  Greenclaw’s record in AV is a 72% win rate.  Not bad.  But don’t pin that 28% loss rate on me.  The suggestion that Alliance would win 100% if folks like me didn’t show up is ludicrous.  The AV level band *is* 61-70.  Take it up with Blizzard if you don’t like it.

If it truly was concern about my welfare, I’m going to be fine.  Another night like last night I’ll have acquired enough honor to be purchasing the season 2 gladiator dragonhide gloves.  It’ll go fine with my season 1 dragonhide helm, and my season 2 dragonhide shoulders.  And maybe before I hit the magical 70, maybe I’ll pick up the season 2 chest and legs.  Happily, being honored with Honor Hold and the Cenarian Expedition provide me with blue dragonhide pieces, so I’ve 3 epic, 2 rare pieces of decent gear when I ding 70, and double +resilience set bonuses isn’t a bad thing.  However, I will probably wait till I’m least 68 or 69 before going after the necessary Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch marks.  Of course then I’ll be top of the heap in those bg’s.  Then, crossing fingers, maybe 39 more marks from Eye of the Storm and I can get me some boots too.

All that aside, remember, all our honor belongs to us.  Me and you, my concerned teammate.  Cheers, and may all your mace hits be crits and stuns.

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Getting into the Spirit.

The Tabards appear to be free for playing.  Be in a battleground to the end and they’ll reward you with a tabard.  I’m not sure a win is even required.  Get into the Spirit of things.

The Spirits of Competition are said to be randomly awarded to winners.  Greenclaw was in a few winning AV’s, and checked and found one in his mailbox.  Msaker was in a single game tonight, and a win, in Eye of the Storm.  Both had presents waiting for them in the mail from The Committee.

I love the random doodads you can pick up here and there.

And, yes, sometimes I do get confused.  Are the Taurens the one’s I’m attacking or helping???

Sad, odd, note.  Horde side guildie comments in guild chat he hadn’t gotten a medal yet.  Well I ran into him outside of Vann’s earlier.  He was in the frontline of a Horde push that came too little, too late.  The group I was in was racing for a four minute win.  Something about an achievement??  Well, we didn’t make four minutes, but we did win.  Oh, yeah, he’s a Druid, and I was on my Night Elf Druid.  Ackward conversations at the water cooler, wouldn’t you say?  :)

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What’s up with Horde dominance in Arathi Basin?

From what I can tell:

Horde die less.  Do a sort on deaths in the score card after a Horde victory (99% chance) and you’ll notice Horde die less than Alliance do.

Horde kill more.  The corollary is that Horde get more killing blows than Alliance do.

Over and over.  Horde players appear to be better and more skilled than Alliance.  Maybe two years of raiding E-Z mode with Paladins has made them complacent.

I don’t know why.

Perhaps it’s the Alliance complainers seeking fast wins calling for “Let them just 5-cap so we can get fast badges.”  Except, dude, that makes it just as fast for the Horde, and they get triple the badges.  Which amounts to gear that bit more faster.

And don’t get me started on the Horde’s new AV habit of “back capping” towers nearly captured by the alliance and recoiling all the way back, through Frostwolf Graveyard, into Frostwolf Hold, harrassing the Alliance trying to kill Drek with all the Tower Masters up, all the while the Horde quietly kill Vann.  It’s happening more and more.

It’s not a good season to be Alliance it seems.


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Too easy?

My first epic.  And 3 pieces of the “faction pvp” gear.

Oh, I’m getting ahead of myself here.  I’m only level 61.  That’s just me messing around with some items I’ve put into the bank waiting for me to turn level 70.

That’s right.  That’s the Season 1 Arena armor helm.  I soooo wanted those antlers.  There’s that whole Druid/Cenarian thing, my Shan’do’s got them for crying out loud.  And the Season 2 helm looks weak.  Itarilde will be getting the Season 2 moon helm.  It looks great on her.  (Everything does.)  Me?  I wanted those deer antlers from Season 1.  And I pvp’d up the 14500 honor points and got them.

The last stretch of honor earning I was back in Alterac Valley.  Now the lowest of the low and not at the top of the game like the previous pvp sessions.  There are two to four level 51-60 AV matches on my server, and twenty to thirty 61-70 matches.  Obviously I’ll never be wanting for a match.  And my win-loss record there is 19-2.  That’s a lot pre-61 in that score, but the last 4 out of 5 AV matches we won too.

Now what does a level 61 Druid contribute to an AV?  Screenshots or it didn’t happen, you say?

I was 7th in Killing blows.

As a level 61 Druid my job was to stay out of sight, and pounce on the weak, the running, the clothies.  Preferably interrupting a spell they were casting.  I do die.  Very easily.  Some ‘Lock cast some corruption on me, and I was taking 360 damage a tick.  I have 3600 health.  I’m dead quicker than I can do the math.  Tracking people is also good.

I know Alterac Valley, I know the goals, I can contribute.  (Even if it’s just extra healing on the Drek fight, or removing a curse or poison from a teammate.)

Next honor purchase will be the Season 2 arena shoulders.  The ones with the flowers growing on them.  It’s a Druid thing.

And the new Rogue, Sunstriker, is coming along.  Level 22 and geared.  Well, in true Belf form, I’ve got to say he looks good in the Defias stuff.

And Droonda and Msaker are Exalted with the Shattered Sun Offensive.  And Stormsoul will be in the next week or so.  Then Arcarius.

Even if it’s easy, it’s still fun.

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A Druid in Alterac Valley

I’ve long complained about Alliance performance in Alterac Valley in the Rampage Battlegroup.  Arcarius, in the 61-70 bracket there, can’t catch a break.  Horde are just too good.  Alliance loses over and over and over.

But then what explains the next lower brackets success?  Greenclaw is in the 51-60 bracket, in fact he’s 60 now and loving being at the peak.  And he hasn’t lost an AV yet.  6 wins, no losses.  There was one match, Alliance were struggling at Galv, and yet they won anyway.

See, typically they ignore Galv.  Take the Ice Blood Graveyard.  Take the Ice Blood Tower and Tower Point.  Move on Frostwolf Graveyard.  There’s a LOT of fighting done at Frostwolf Graveyard.

See if you take Frostwolf Graveyard all the defenders spawn at the Frostwolf Relief Hut.  What you don’t want.   Take the Hut first.

But they do it anyway.  We crush the horde at FWGY and move into the keep.  And it’s a punch out, knock down, fight all the way to the Relief Hut.  And we take that.  We wait for the Towers to cap.  Half the time we win through reinforcements, the other half we actually kill Drek.

In none of these matches was Stormpike ever threatened.  Oh, a renegade will take Snowfall, and they’ll take a bunker here and there.  The match I played last night was a complete shut-out.  Alliance beat Horde 470 honor to none.  Greenclaw was not in the top 10 damage, he was in the top 10 for kills, and he was #2 for HK’s (105 versus #1′s 106).  (Sweet, sweet stealth offense.)

I’m not in a rush to ding 61 if the 61-70 record for Alliance is still 95% losses.  (Maybe they’ve learned.)   Which reminds me:  60 means I can only do AV now.  Joining any other battleground at 60 means I’m in on the ground floor.  I’m the caddy boy to the golfers.  I’m the bear rug others steamroll over.  The situation is bearly tolerable.

Lots of fun.  Work is keeping me way busier than I like and I can’t commit to raiding.  (Last night they downed Teron Gorefiend too!)  But the PvP keeps me busy and there are rewards for it at the end.  (I’d love to get the Season 1 antlers but I’m afraid they might not sell it to a level 60 character with the right amount of honor.  Maybe my PvPing is capped at 75k honor till I’m 70.)

And Itarilde and I are both freaking 60 now!  That’s great too.

Which reminds me: here’s a Druid guide you might find useful.  (The rest of it perhaps moreso.  ;) )

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Morons. But maybe I’m harsh.

So Arcarius ventures back into Alterac Valley.

He won the last two matches he played there last night.  Would tonight continue the successes?

Alliance takes the first graveyard.  That’d be me capping Snowfall.

Alliance kill Galv before Horde kill Balinda.

The towers are taken.

We take Frostwolf before they take Stormpike.

We take the Relief Hut before they take the Aid Station.

Yet, we lose.


The team at Drek is comprised of Mages, Boomkin, Hunters, and Rogues.  No Warriors, no Feral Druids.  No Paladins.

“HEALS ON ME” I see.  Ah, we’ve got a tank.

No.  A Rogue.

Next “HEALZ”.  Tank?

No.  A Hunter.

We never got a Tank.

Come to think of it, we never had any healers either.


I mean we’ve got victory in our grasp, but our hands were full.


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When it’s good, it’s okay. When it’s bad, it’s terrible.

Last weeks near-shutout of the Alliance by the Horde in AV notwithstanding,  Horde are usually losing.

I don’t do pre-mades.  Once or twice, and only limited ones at that (five in our guild, on vent, in 15 man Arathi Basin).

For me, a premade team in Arathi Basin means a quick mark of honor.  I’d prefer they didn’t rub it in our faces and camp the last graveyard.  When they do that I stop feeding them honor by declining to rez for them.  Hey, you’ve got the organization.  Take the victory, be clean about it, and move on.  When they don’t, it’s terrible.

But I love it when a game goes well.  I don’t need great.  Well is fine.  And victory is just icing on a good game.  If both sides have accumulated good honor, hk’s, and kb’s, they’re both doing what they ought to be.

I’ve not stuck my head into WSG in ages now.  (I might for the marks for a piece of armor.  Or I might not.)

In EOTS I’m 1-1.  That was great.  I might retire on those laurels.  :)

In Arathi Basin we’re actually 3-2 now.  The 2 losses were to premades.  The 3 wins… I don’t know.  Flukes?  They’re classic wins.  Grabbed farm, then lm and and bs.  Hold.  Harrass the stables to keep them locked down on what they have.  Watch them sit at the stables unsure of what to do.  Fend off late game desperation rushes.  Take a fourth resource, the mine, or the stables perhaps, to speed up the intevitable.  Thank the healers before the match closes.

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Success in other endeavours. (But not in AV.)



I’m glad there’s more than BG’s.

Tonight it was an all but Lady V clear of SSC.

Because afterwards, in Alterac Valley, it was massacres over and over.  Horde would send in two man teams to take the bunkers.  They did, over and over.  We had 5 defending 2 bunkers and 2 graveyards.  In the end Alliance held Stonehearth Graveyard and had earned 41 honor.  Horde had captured everything else before Alliance reinforcements ran out.  Alliance earned 600 honor to the Horde’s 41 or so.  2 wins to 19 losses since I started keeping track.

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Alliance of Rampage Battlegroup. WTH happened to you?

Last battle, Rampage Battlegroup: Horde 627, Alliance 0.


At that point there is no difference between at least trying and boycotting.

Continued Alliance losses means the Horde get better and better (gear, and morale) leaving the Alliance in worse and worse shape.

Which means Horde will win more and even more. This is where the pumps can no longer keep up with the water coming in and your ship is going down. No matter what you do.

What happened? Alliance used to always win. Always. The map is the same. It’s been made easier, in fact. (None of those pesky tower guards.) The one difference, perhaps, is that sitting in the cave is no longer a viable means of earning phat honor. So the Horde actually try now. Alliance always tried. Why not? They were always winning. Horde were going to lose, so why bother? Earn your honor in the cave. But they’re all out of the cave now. And man for man, or orc, Horde are simply better players? And previous Alliance gear advantages were due to exclusive use of Paladins in raids prior to the introduction of the Blood Elves?

And how can this even be turned around? If it’s all 70′s, then the difference is gear, and if they’re earning, consistently, 4x to 5x the honor, you can see the obvious problem.

Now I’d say Horde are better players, but then you haven’t played Horde in the Vindication Battlegroup. Where Horde are the losing side more often than not. And it all just reinforces itself. The winning side just gets stronger and stronger in relation to the losing side. There is no “reset” until the Expansion comes out. (This isn’t Warhammer where it’s going to reset after every strategic win. And then what kind of “reset” is Warhammer going to have? The winners will bring nothing to the next campaign from their previous win? What, meaningless titles and tabards and stuff? Is that going to fly? Of course, if you’re just in it for the challenge, maybe it would. The Arena Server that WoW is going to introduce will be just that from the sounds of it. Everyone gets everything, and it’s skill vs. skill. Guildwars PvP for the masses. And paying for it rather than playing free.)

The next match after writing the above, we actually scored a 125 honor loss against the Horde’s 500 something. Hey, hey.

P.S. One positive note: Queues only take less than a few minutes. No more 40 minute waits. (Maybe more Horde have server transferred to a winning Battlegroup and with equal numbers, albeit a low number of actual battles, the waits are down.)

P.P.S. It ain’t getting better the later the day gets.  If we hadn’t killed Galv in the last moments of the last match we wouldn’t have gotten the 62 we did get.  Otherwise we were slated for another shut-out.  Stunning.  Absolutely mind-numbing.  And there is zero reason to expect this to change.  It’s not me.  It’s not the individual fault of every BG player on the Alliance side in AV on the Rampage Battlegroup.  But, damn.  This is really pretty sad.  Zero points given for taking a graveyard (which I did).  Zero points for defending it (which I did).  Zero given for capturing a mine (which I did).  Unless I’m pumping arrows into targets, and getting killing blows and honorable kills, strategy be damned, I’ll get no honor whatsoever.  Zero points if you’re Alliance.  QQ, yeah, but this really is to the point of ridiculousnessity.

Getting my PvP gear, is going to be a long road.  (Positive note is I’m sitting on 100 AV tokens (everything I’m getting lately just sitting in the mailbox expiring), 54 AB tokens, and a handful of WSG tokens.  I’m set to get the Gladiator’s Shoulders in a day or two.)


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