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Well, that’s us.

“Another 100,000 Beta Invites Sent to Annual Pass Holders.”


Woot.  (At first I thought it was the usual account hacker come on for a free mount.)

But it’s legit.  Expected, at some point.  Nice.

Next post will be of some initial reactions and thoughts.

Argh.  Do I play at “Playable” and 29% loaded?  Or do I wait and get back to my chores.  Let’s see how “Playable” “Playable” is.

(You know you’ve been gone a while, there just not posting, when WordPress creates a brand new posting window and you didn’t know it.)

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Prot AoE

The Scarlet Monastery is a bit of a test bed for me.  I can go there alone and run through and check out stuff like killing speed and tenacity.

Grorc, aka Msaker on the Beta server, has been checking out Protection builds every time a patch wipes them out.  Short of it, I can AoE down probably the entire Cathedral, Morgraine and Whitemane included.

I did mention I’m a Warrior, right?  Thunderclap, Shockwave, and that reactive damage thing have turned me into an AoE tank, fueled by Rage, not Mana.

That was a 2,485 Revenge hit on Commander Mograine.

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Escaping the Mist

I left Warsong Hold last night with my Prot Warrior, Grorc.  I wound up down on a beach covered in mists.

I was given a couple tasks to do there on that beach.  Recover some artifacts, some metal plates, and a machine.  A came across a Tauren girl in a misty hut littered with Warsong bodies who needed help getting to safety.

And I’m going to say Wow, that it was a great experience.  It was just a couple of short quests.  “Go collect some stuff and bring it back to me” type.  But the whole experience.  Entering the mist, having my vision altered, narrowed down, and then bringing memories to life.  It was really, really great.  And when Mootoo said “I’m so cold” I half expected her to be a ghost herself.  Lost in a broken past.  Endlessly trying to get back to her dad.

It was a little laggy.  But this is all new stuff for the game.  New ways of having players interact with the environment, changeable and “maturing” environments (DK area), tanks.  Yes, tanks.  We’re not jumping the shark here, we’re going out to kill it.

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For Death Knights, Orange is the new Green.

Let me start off by saying I’ve completed the Death Knight introductory quests.  The experience just got better and better.  At one point you’ll be in a barracks, and you’ll be reintroduced to an old friend of yours, and it’ll hit home.  A seed of doubt will be sown in newly fertilized ground.  You’ll fly a dead dragon against the Scarlet Crusade.  Did you know archers, still kicking and screaming, restore mana?  Just really wild stuff.  And you come out of it with a full gear replacement.  All your greens will then be blue.  And getting there, the story line, the quests you do, is just great.

They could offer a slightly slower introduction to the new Death Knight abilities however.  It was a whirlwind of furious flurry the whole time.  At some point one might want to slow down and analyze what’s going on in order to get the most out of it.  Running rampant works pretty good at the moment though.

First stop for the graduating Death Knight is meeting with your faction’s main leader.  Curious, I went and got the key to the Scarlet Monastery.  Stuff died very quickly.  I’m not sure what all was it work, but my scrolling combat text was a riot of numbers, and I you’ve got diseases of every flavor at work.  Then it was off to Shattrath City in the Outlands.  On the ride through Hellfire Penninsula I stopped and did a death grasp on the first boar I saw.  I didn’t even check the level, but it was orange to me.  Pork chops, in very short order.  Orange is the new green if you’re a Death Knight.


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Fun in the WoW Beta.

The lag’s been cleaned up a bit in the WoW Beta.  Or there are fewer people trying to log in and running around and it was improved for me so I could actually explore some.

I got the arrows my Death Knight needed collected really quickly.  Killed a few more villagers, made some ghouls for the soul man.  I’m feeling downright evil as a Death Knight, you know?  Of course, granted, the Scarlet Crusade isn’t particularly the most morally righteous group.  Still, villagers are villagers, and I’m a little conflicted about it.  Surely there is redemption to be found.  :)

I got to the cannons quest down on the beach and what’s happening to my UI really speaks to a lot of changes and additions to the game.  Remember Call of Duty when they introduced vehicles?  The wife still remembers the sound of tanks rumbling through small dorfs rumbling the house.  The trajectory graphics, pitch, yaw, yow!  This ain’t my grandma’s World of Warcraft anymore.

And, frankly, now that I’ve seen both, can anyone tell me who influenced who?  Did Blizzard get the idea for the use of cannons from Warhammer, or vice versa?  Or are remarkably similar techniques introduced at remarkably similar times in remarably similar games just a coincidence?  And, I’m going to go ahead and say it, isn’t the Blizzard implementation just that bit more slick?  If it just boiled down to graphics splash, and who doesn’t enjoy that, I think Blizzard won that.  Now if that’s the best Blizzard’s got, and I haven’t yet seen the better implemented ballistics as I move on in Tier battles in WAR, maybe it’s a tie.  And Warhammer’s ranged, at least the cannons, you actually target in sniper mode.  The Warcraft cannons you basically relied on area effect damage, not direct hits.  But you know what?  Regardless, it’s fun and that’s great for the gamers.

And my Death Knight is slowly replacing his green starter set with the blue “graduate” gear.  Almost there and I can then go check out the Outlands.  I hope the OP feeling stays with me.

Msaker got logged on finally.  The Horde start in the Borean Tundra is completely different from the Alliance start there.  The layouts, the quests, everything.  From my quick perusal, the Alliance get offered weapons to begin with, Horde get offered armor.  I didn’t take too close a look at the other types, but the plate leggings had more crit on them then my epic pvp leggings.  All the other stats were less.  But still.  First quest out of the starting gate, and a green offers an upgrade to one of my stats.  And the starting area.  Nice.  Really, really different.  I’m fortunate that I’ll be able to enjoy both sides, both starting scenarios, with my characters.  I put my talents into the Protection spec to play around with it.  It was still laggy, a lot of folks running around, so I couldn’t test the top talent, Shockwave, but the 2,000+ shield slam crit made me happy.

All in all, I can’t wait till the 13th of November.

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WoW Beta Scam. If it’s from an Oxyhost address, it’s not real.

Remember that 2nd Beta key I told you about that I thought I’d just gotten?  Right on the heels of the first one?

Well, I did not click on the link offered in the e-mail.  Hovering over it I now see it is a worldofwarcraft dot oxyhost dot com address.

It starts out


Wrath of the Lich King™ Beta Test

Congratulations! You have been selected to participate in the beta test of World of Warcraft®: Wrath of the Lich King™.

In the beta test you’ll get an opportunity to test the first zones of the new Northrend continent, and the new levels above 70. We look forward to your feedback on the overall experience, including quests, monsters, zones, aesthetics, and more. We would also appreciate reports on any bugs you may encounter. These can be logged using the /bug command explained below.

I wonder how many people have fallen for this?

The real deal’s first paragraph does not start with Congratulations!   The real deal’s paragraph ends with Welcome!

Be careful, and be absolutely certain about where your clicking will take you.

The real beta invite sends you direct to

The fake beta invite is to a site, which I won’t repeat here, hosted by this oxyhost, as per above.

It’s always a good idea to question stuff too good to be true.  In this case it wasn’t.  Be careful.  Blizzard does not need to use free hosting websites!

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When it rains, it pours. Betas. In stores November!

I got a second WotLK beta key in the mail today.  Hmm.  Yay?

Trouble is the beta is nigh unplayable at the moment.  For instance, I’m doing the Death Knight quests.  There’s one where you go collect arrows in the fields of Havenshire.  I spot an arrow.  Nobody around it.  Just sparkling like you please.  So I go to pick it up.  Picking up, picking up, picking up, picking up, “Object already in use”, Huh??, and all of a suddent there is a swarm of Death Knights around me, all having just zoomed in from different directions, homed in on my arrow like hungry dogs to kibbles & bits, moving at a pace that would make Benny Hill proud.  All we’re missing is the Yakety Sax theme music.  C’mon.  Over and over.  I got maybe 3 arrows (feels like hours) in the fruitless 30 minutes I spent trying to do quests.  Are there truly so many Death Knights the client can’t even load them all?  I did manage to score the mount.  (Tip: Watch your action bar.  It’s going to be flipping faster than a politician running for office.  When you grab your mount, you get a new action bar, purposeful for the mount you’re on and the quest you’re doing.  I think this must be the mechanic for the rideable/operable siege engines and such.)

I have gotten to Northrend.  I did a couple of quests there with Greenclaw before it became unplayable and/or unaccessible.  I sent Msaker there as well, but can’t log him in to play with any talent builds.  Lag prevents getting any true feel of new mechanics and such.  There must be some other kind of server where it’s actually playable.  I’ve seen the videos afterall.

All the Death Knight abilities are instant cast.  There is nothing instant at the moment.  At least I’m not expected to be fighting like leveled mobs.  That would be sure death over and over otherwise.  They, these DK’s, do seem powerful.

And I’m in the Warhammer headstart.  Wilhelm von Grimenhagen of Ostermark at your service.  Witch Hunter.  I have to say the experience is so much richer with headphones on.  The sound effects that I’ve otherwise missed over my sorry speakers are incredible.  The wife is enjoying the game as well, wanting to check things out.  She made a Bright Mage.  Altoholics that we are, we’ve got characters on both sides now.  No issue with lag here, and it’s not really a beta afterall, but the PQ’s have been causing my system a little bit of grief.

So, it’s a bit of rain all around.  But, truth be told, I like rain.

P.S. And now I saw it over at Galoheart’s: Confirmed! WotLK in Stores 11/13/08

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I pity the fool. Gear. Druids and Death Knights, it’s not too late.

When the real Mr. T gets a hold of him…

This is a live shot, btw.  Yep, that’s Kinless.   I’ll be waiting for you, Mr. T.  Right behind the rhino.

Greenclaw took the name Catmando.  Like Commando, like Catman do, or Cat, man, do!, like the exotic Kathmandu to give a nod to Nepal and the snow covered Himalayas.  And that’s all I’ll say about that.  Oh, and “Yeehaw!”  (Yeah, yeah.  I didn’t need one, but when one came in the mail, I was pretty happy.  Now if they let me regenerate mana…)

And imagine my shock, chagrin, and pleasure, in seeing one of the first quests replace the staff I got in the Ring of Blood in Nagrand.  The best blue staff before 70 and instances, and I just kill 10 bad things and get a better weapon.  This is a godsend for casuals.  Epic armor, once I hit 70, and green weapons.  So begins a new expansion.

As for the Death Knights.  Cool.  And definitely something to let die down a bit once it goes live before starting my own real one.  You can’t have a feel for the fluidity of the mechanics when 50 folks are doing the same thing you are within 50′ of you.  However, first impression: Bring the Lich King, and everything else, with him and quickly!  And I’ll have to reserve a block of bank space to keep the starter DK outfit it is that cool looking.

One thing though.

Consider that Druids can only be played by Night Elves on the Alliance side.  Nobody has a problem with that.  That’s the Lore.  Okay, the Taurens too.  They aren’t bad guys at heart, and they’re Earthy, so sure, why not, and the Horde get Druids too that way.

Do you, in all honesty, really think Gnomes should be able to play Druids?  Or Draenei play them?  Or Forsaken?  Because if they could, they would.  I think most would support, and understand the reasoning behind it, the fact that Druids are playable by two select races.  Because it keeps with the Lore and if you lose the lore then you’re just playing a spreadsheet, no?

Night Elves and Tauren, and each Faction has a Druid.  Blood Elves and Draenei, and the expansion brought Paladins to each Faction.  Nobody is pushing to see  Orc Paladins, are they?  There aren’t mass protests down in Irvine, at Blizz HQ, demanding Forsaken Paladins.  Of course not.  The Lore doesn’t really support Orc Paladins.

So why, why, good grief why, do we have to see Gnome Death Knights???  When the Scourge was coursing through Azeroth, it was pretty much the Humans who took the brunt of it.  Burning Legion was a more “coalition” thing.  But when you see “Scourge” you think Humans, Forsaken, and the lands of the Eastern Kingdoms.

You’ve got to have Death Knights in both factions.  I think Blizzard decided it’s too hard to balance encounters for two vastly different game mechanics, i.e. Shamans or Paladins, and never, ever, both.  And that’s cool.  You got Druids in both camps, allowing both camps to get their buffs.  And Paladin auras were mobile versions of the fixed-in-place Shaman totems.  Similar in effect, just different in mobility.  And aura’s never went away, blessings lasted five minutes, and totems last like two tops.  Paladins > Shamans, but each had a benefit to the raid.

Back to the Death Knights.  Both Factions have to have them.  But no sense in taking Lore out back, after getting him drunk, and beating the living daylights out of him, making him regret ever going out on a Friday night in the first place, ruining his shoes and clothes, wishing he was dead, and wishing he’d never been born.  Don’t make Lore regret a world where Gnomes become Death Knights.  That’s all I’m saying.

Maybe you’ll argue that the Lich King would have taken all sentients.  He didn’t discriminate.  So show me the Furbolg, and Naga Death Knights.  Or did the Lich King simply go after player types?

Forsaken and Humans should be the only Death Knights.

I could also go with Night Elf and Blood Elf Death Knights as well.  The Lore includes the Lady Sylvanas afterall.  She wasn’t a Death Knight, but death becomes her.

Anyway, that’s just me.

P.S. I told you so. :)


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