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And now, something completely different.

Logged on as Honorus tonight to join Effilda in her Duskwood quests.

I so very much enjoyed playing the Paladin tonight. So much so I leveled him from level 27 to level 29. It felt pretty powerful. I felt like a noob a few weeks ago in Redridge helping Effilda with the Gnolls there. Lower level, but many of them, and I was powerless.

Now, fighting equal, or higher level mobs, one or two at a time, we were quite the destruction machine. And vs. the Undead, Exorcism is just incredible for pulling+damage, and Righteous Fury helps me keep the aggro on me, and not my dear Effilda.

I’d been wondering, if I was limited to 10 characters on a server, who would I delete off Kirin Tor? My two choices were Paakanti, my Tauren Hunter, or Honorus, the Paladin. Having seen Paladins in action in the various Battlegrounds, they are capable. And I have a Hunter already in Arcarius. And a Tauren in Blackhoof. So I’m going to have to bid adios to Paakanti if we don’t get any extra character slots. Because, today, being a Paladin felt great.

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What’s in a name? How I named my (currently held) alts.

Kinless, semi-retired, Night Elf Hunter, Argent Dawn (RP): I actually picked this name for him because seeing a hunter was supposed to be a solitary sort, and it was my first WoW character, and I knew noone on the server, and it had this melancholic tone about it. Kinless, without kin. Blizzard’s name police actually changed it on me. To something random looking starting with an A. They invited me to respond, and so I did. I cited the use of epithet’s throughout history as my precedent. Longshanks for Edward I of England. Longsword for William, Duke of Normandy (the Conqueror’s greatgrandfather). So they restored the name. A little later he got an invite to a guild called, ironically, The Kindred. It was fitting but in his retirement he’s since become Kinless again.

Darkhand, semi-retired, Night Elf Rogue, Frostmane (PvP): This was a rogue. He’s a Night Elf. Darkhand. What else could it have been? I’d pulled him out of his retirement once to go solo the Deadmines. As I was riding there I got a whisper. “I hate you.” “Huh?” “You stole my name.” “No, I’ve had this for six months now.” “Jerk. That was my name.” /ignore (some dwarf thing).

Bohemond, semi-retired, Human Paladin, Frostmane (PvP): Crusader name for a Paladin. I was actually whispered in-game saying it was a good name. Bohemond was a legendary giant. Mark, son of Robert Guiscard, Duke of Apulia, and of the Hauteville dynasty of Normans, later become known as Bohemond.

Darkhoof, active, Tauren Shaman, Smolderthorn (PvP): I left Darkhand on Frostmane and created a Horde character on Smolderthorn. Darkhand became Darkhoof so my friends would recognize me. In keeping with the name he’s got a black coat of fur and black horns. I gave him the pleasant face, blue eyes, and he does not wear the nose ring of the subjugated cow.

Oddity, active, Orc Warrior, Smolderthorn (PvP): An Orc. What kinds of names did they have? Thrall. Gazz. Zugzug. All so brutishly simple. But Orcs weren’t always the brutes as we know them as today. They came from Draenor, another planet. Wait, he’s an alien. A space alien from another planet.

This is Major Tom to Ground Control
I’m stepping through the door
And I’m floating in a most peculiar way
And the stars look very different today

Space Oddity – David Bowie.

So I gave him purple hair, he’s got a Tuxedo in the bank, and I gave him the most reasonable Orc face I could. He’s a bit of, if you’ll allow me, an Oddity.

Darbanville, semi-active, Undead Priest, Smolderthorn (PvP):

My Lady D’Arbanville,
Why do you grieve me so?
But your heart seems so silent
Why do you breathe so low,
Why do you breathe so low?

I loved you my Lady,
Though in your grave you lie
I’ll always be with you
This rose will never die,
This rose will never die.

My Lady D’Arbanville – Cat Stevens

Yes, I made an character to use the name I loved from the song. I even managed to get her a rose.

Morticai, active, Undead Warrior, Kirin Tor (RP): The undead was human once. They have all sorts of human names. Morticai uses Mort, for death, so Morticai just seems to be a natural name for a dead guy.

Mortiangelo, semi-active, Undead Priest, Kirin Tor (RP): In my backstory, he’s Morticai’s brother. Both took new names after succumbing to the plague. Originally they were Caius and Angelos (Emperors of Rome and Byzantium) since their father was a bit of a fantasy buff and there was this Empire once upon a time founded on the shores of a vast sea in the middle of the earth. (Get it?) Morti-angelo also sounds a little like Angel of Death.

Makeda, semi-active, Troll Hunter, Kirin Tor (RP): Makeda, the name of the Queen of Sheba who had relations with King Solomon of the bible. I wanted to make a Troll Hunter. The guys are just so gosh darn ugly. The women though have a nice exotic look to them. Orange eyed, orange haired, the least tusky of the race. Exotic like the Queen of Sheba. Makeda was made.

Greenclaw, active, Night Elf Druid, Kirin Tor (RP): The Druids are all about the Emerald Dream. Emerald = Green. Feral spec’d Druid for soloing goodness. Greenclaw. Too, most elves have a fanciful first name and then a very nature feature sounding last name. Whisperwind. Silvermoon. Etc. So Greenclaw is actually a better last name than first.

Freewind, active, Night Elf Warrior, Kirin Tor (RP): Again, in keeping with Elven naming I struggled to find something that involved a pale moonlike movement. Wind had to be in the name. We arrived at Freewind. It turns out there’s also a song that kind of fits.

The howling wildwind blows, eternal freedom calls
Its soul is running free from care
Its spirit’s wild and free flowing in the wind
The taste of freedom’s in the air

Freewind Rider – Running Wild

He’s darker skinned with white hair tied back in a pony tail. (Warrior chic.) His wife, Itarilde, a Druid, is pale with the same brilliant white hair. (Her name from Tolkien, meaning something along the lines of “Shining Bright.”)

Procyona, active, Night Elf Hunter, Kirin Tor (RP): This is my hunter elf. She’s a loner, as most hunters are.

Her name was inspired by my wife wanting to reserve Halcyon for her Blood Elf (when the day comes.) Halcyon is either a Kingfisher bird, or the state of being calm and restful (as in a nesting Kingfisher who’s magic has calmed stormy waters.) I thought it was the name of a star.

So I thought of Procyon, which is the name of a star. And it meant, I looked it up after thinking of it, “before the dog.” Procyona was the feminization of it.

PROCYON (Alpha Canis Minoris). The eastern anchor of the Winter Triangle, Procyon is the luminary of Canis Minor, the smaller dog, and at magnitude zero (0.34) is the sky’s eighth brightest star. At a distance of only 11.4 light years, it is the 14th closest star system, which largely explains its brightness. The Greek name means “before the dog,” as in northern latitudes the star rises before Sirius, the “Dog Star,” and its constellation Canis Major, announcing their quick arrival.

Sounds like a great name for a hunter. Now I need to get out and tame Timber, the white wolf that prowls the lake outside of Iron Forge. (But first I need to reach level 10!)

Lastly, I reserved the name Kaelcyan for my Blood Elf character. It’s close enough to Halcyona (since Halcyon had already been reserved), and the Kael- prefix is typical Blood Elf. Cyan is the color that’s kind of blue.

SO, as you can see, I do put a little thought into the names I’ve chosen. Sometimes the name comes quick and it’s the character that follows. But I’ve got a reason for each.

I so hate seeing names like “Idontheal” on an RP server. Or “Generalpain” or “WTFPwndjoo” on the PvP servers. Yeah, my wife and I have been playful with names. We made a troll couple on Runetotem once. Gumbo (me) and Jumbalaya (her).

All I ask of the World of Warcraft gaming community: Spend more than 10 seconds on the name. Please? Oh, pretty please? Do you not care? You’re named Boiledbunny and you’re level 60? Why did you bother? Did the Playstation break and you had a spare 6 days?


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World of Warcrack. The game goes on. And on.

I’m sure any player can appreciate what an addiction this game could be.

It’s not that there’s been nothing going on, it just that so many different things are going on it’s hard to catalog it here.

Darkhoof continues in the weekly raids to Molten Core. He missed last weeks Onyxia run where the guild finally took her down again.

Last night we wanted to do a little World PvP. Not PvP per se. Our plan was to raid Stormwind City. We hit the Cathedral and attempted to take down the Benedictus guy there. He was tough and the guards zerged us worse than Murlocs. We did manage to get the guards all down but then resurrected again down in the crypts below. This was in fact our initial staging area. And as we were gathering our numbers, now this is deep deep down below the Cathedral mind you, what happens? Some level 53 Dwarf Warrior just happens to wander (WANDER!!!!!) down into our midst. Since we’re on his turf we can’t touch him. He starts dancing, and hoping to maybe distract him, I show him a few Tauren dance moves. Like I said, Benedictus is real tough, we didn’t get very far. (Our raid, a team building exercise, was kind of small. Too many feared the possibility of what getting 1 DK would do to their hard earned Honor Rank. (I heard 1 DK = 1/4 of your rank lost.) So after rezzing we left the Cathedral and moved to the Tram station.

Now, Shamans, have a nice advantage here. I was following our main tank, keeping him healed, and dropping Earthbind Totems. I was one of the first to reach the station. We took the train to Ironforge and made our attempt on the Gnome King. For a short guy he’s pretty tough. And, zounds!, the guards zerged us here too. And the worst enemy was the Ironforge LAG! I zoned into Ironforge and wound up dead. I resurrected and returned to the station side. Whew. There was someone causing some trouble and I followed him, and managed to rezone back into Ironforge. When the screen appears I’m already dead. Now the tunnel is full of some high level alliance. I run back from Kharanos (I am very familiar with these places) but it seems a little strange seeing them as a dead Tauren. The snow is even whiter to a dead man’s eyes. I resurrected in the Ironforge tunnel and make a run for the portal back to the Tram station. The lag is so bad that it won’t zone me though I’m running against it. I’m cut down again. I didn’t reach the Tram station, but instead I’m brought back to life in Elwynn Forest. Live and no rezz sickness. While the rest of the raid is attempting to recover, somewhere, I head to Redridge. I greet a few of the Alliance players I meet there. (Hello. Meet FROSTSHOCK!) Then a Mage introduces me to Polymorph and FIREBALL. I rezz in the nearby graveyard and then make my way to Darkshire. (The raid is still gathering itself somewhere.) I visit the undead crypt. Yeah, you thought those skeletons and ghouls were tough. Heh. Did you expect to find a bored 60 Tauren Shaman in there? You could have zerged me. United you stand, divided you fall.

But at last I hearth to Kargath and we reform a smaller raid group. This time we’re off to find the real King of Stormwind. Apparently he’s being held on an island off Theramore, protected by Hydra’s, Naga’s, and some Gnomes. We’re an MC raid crew so we didn’t have much trouble getting into the jail on the island. No King. We did give our source a hard time for it. :) And then we came across a Gnome called Weevil. How hard could he be? He was level 63. Well, our Main Tank called out “He’s resiting my taunt” and then he got Mind Controlled by this Weevil. He did a Shield Slam for 999 against one of us. He one-shotted another. This is our former Main Tank! The Weevil guy was hitting us for, oh, 14k I heard one hit was. Apparently, as it turns out, this guy is designed to be taken on by BWL raiders working on getting the Scepter to open the AQ gates. We encountered him on a lark with 12 people.

With that as the evenings conclusion we returned to Orgrimmar. (Where the server shut down on us.)

So I went to Kirin Tor to do a little business.

On Kirin Tor I’ve already told you about Morticai, my 24 Undead Warrior, and perhaps Mortiangelo, my lvl 9 Undead Priest. (These play across from my wife’s Zauberin, a level 22 Undead Mage.) We’d already made Greenclaw and Zaniah (NE Druid and Warrior) and Freewind and Itarilde (NE Warrior and Druid) there. We’ve now made Grimtounge and Theodora (Human Warlock and Priest), and Weisenheimer and Minkypoo (Gnome Mage and Warlock). I’ve also made Ogresson, a level 20 Dward Hunter. His pets include Dottir, the white bear that ate some Dwarf Pilot, Sorrow, a rare white bat I tamed outside of Brill, and Whambam, a boar that I used in Warsong Gulch because he has a nice little charge/stun move going for him. I wanted a Horde side Hunter and created a Troll Huntress, Makeda. My wife made a Troll Shaman named Nzhinga. I thought two hunters working in Tandem would be affective so she created an Orc Huntress named Amazulu. And so I created an Orc Warlock named Unkulunkulu. And, unbeknownst to me, she’d also created a Dwarf Paladin named Tapfer.

These are the twelve steps of World of Warcraft Anonymous.
1. We admit we were powerless over WoW; that our lives have become unmanageable.
2. We come to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.
… Oh, wait, got to go. The guild’s thinking of raiding ZG and I need to repair and get some potions made. I’ll finish this later.


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Levelling. My characters. Some speculation.

Where do people appear to find the time??? I’m referring to those leet level 60 characters that are already milling around in Ironforge that you’ve only just reached for the first time. And the server isn’t a month old.

Kinless took me pretty far in the game. He quested through most of Stranglethorn Vale and had just started the tasks in Tanaris. But his trips to the Auction House in Ironforge were fraught with lag, and then, for the first time, he would have to queue to actually enter the realm! (Yep. Blizzard has something here. This World of Warcraft would do well. Look at all the players.)

And so new realms were to appear in the Warcraft multiverse, to borrow an idea from Michael Moorcock. Unfortunately there are no heroes that can cross from one realm to the other … well at will. (The overrun of Smolderthorn, a new realm, by the elite veterans of Skullcrusher, an original realm, was quite a shock. Imagine encountering freakishly deadly Paladins. That’s an oxymoron.)

Anyway, when these new realms appeared they included several PvP servers. I created a character on Frostmane and as I attempted to log on … another queue! The goldrush was on. I waited a few days and then gained entrance. Darkhand, the Night Elf Rogue, began his career.

It was a mob scene. Elves were running rampant throughout the Tree. The boar and tiger populations took quite a hit that day my friends, let me tell you.

But Darkhand took it in stride and move out and onward. About the time I reached level 5 there was talk on the general chat channel of people seen that were level 30. Before I left the tree a few days later, characters on mounts had appeared.

Somehow the four-five hours I was playing a night was not nearly good enough. From some bizarre dimensional rift players were finding spare hours to somehow level their characters at rates approaching the speed of light.

Shame on me. I was actually attempting to do all the quests. The secret appears to be: quests aren’t the answer. The early quest rewards are not worth the time lost running around doing them. Grinding and farming were the secret. Go out with empty bags and cut down green level monsters until your bags were full. Return to base, auction and vendor the things you’ve gotten, and repeat. You pretty much do that right up to 60. Minimize downtime and earn xp while you earn cash.

And I can attest to that. Kinless did a lot of solo work, and concentrated on his skinning and leatherworking. At level 48 he’s 300 in skinning and could well be 300 in leatherworking too. (Perhaps not since he’s started the Tribal Leatherworking quest series. He chose that speciality for the cool looking armor pieces, not because it would improve his hunting ability any.) If the quests weren’t mostly farming (i.e. the hunting quests in STV) he did not do them. That’s why at level 48 he has less reputation in the several factions than Darkhand did at 28.

Quests are a timesink that slow down levelling. But my characters on the PvP servers have studiously done all the quests because reputation has value and the story is important.

Too, lots of characters are a timesink as well.

Characters I have and play/played:

On Argent Dawn, RP server
o Kinless, level 48 Night Elf Hunter, skinning/leather
o Kinsman, level 16 Night Elf Rogue
o Moonbeam, level 16 Night Elf Druid, herbalist/alchemy
o Schaden, level 12 Gnome Rogue, skinning/engineering
o Bohemond, level 12 Human Paladin, mining/blacksmithing

These are all inactive. All too often one gets the queue waiting to log onto Argent Dawn.

On Frostmane, PvP server
o Darkhand, level 45 Night Elf Rogue, mining/engineering
o Bohemond, level 25 Human Paladin, mining/blacksmithing
o Msaker, level 22 Night Elf Druid, skinning/leatherworking
o Rogier, level 6 Gnome Warrior

On Smolderthorn, PvP server
o Darkhoof, level 60 Tauren Shaman, herbalist/alchemist
o Darbanville, level 22 Undead Priest, tailor/enchanter
o Oddity, level 29 Orc Warrior, mining/blacksmith
o Denada, level 20 Troll Rogue, skinning/mining
o Lakota, level 14 Tauren Druid, skinning/leatherworking
o Xojak, level 14 Undead Mage, mining/engineering

On Emerald Dream, RP-PvP server
o Dreamrunner, level 29 Night Elf Druid, skinning/leatherworking
o Bohemond, level 15 Human Paladin, mining/blacksmithing
o Nightsown, level 14 Night Elf Warrior, mining/blacksmithing
o Garbanzo, level 5 Gnome Mage, will be mining/engineering

Okay. That’s it. Honest.

Okay, you got me. I have space left for 3 on Smolderthorn and that will be some new Blood Elf characters.

And on Emerald Dream I’m hoping the new race will the Worgen. Accursed humans of Gilneas who have sealed themselves behind the Graymane Wall to avoid the plague that has otherwise overrun Silverpine and Tirisfal Glade, but yet still succumbed to another plague, that released by Arugal in neighboring Moonbrook. Perhaps in their isolation the Gilneans have devised a means to control their lycanthropy and the new race will be Human that can transform into Worgen at will. (Similar to the Druid transformation into a Moonkin form.) One can only hope.

Many think the Blood Elves were given to the Horde to help balance play. Few would play Horde because of the ugly races. So give them a pretty race and the sides will balance out some.

And that means the Alliance will have to get an ugly race. The Draenai were mentioned once. They are from Draenor, like the Orcs and Ogres, but were their enemies. You can find them now in a village in the Swamp of Sorrows. They are pug ugly.

Furbolg’s is what I’ve recently heard. And if you’ve been to Ashenvale, Winterspring, and Azshara, this is viable. You have the Timbermaw Tribe with which either side can become friendly now. And if you do, when you travel to Azshara, there is a huge concentration of them near where one finds the Blood Elves up in the north. These are ugly enough and fit in well with the whole Emerald Dream slant the expansion will be moving towards.

The developers have promised that the race is already in the game, and everyone will go “Huh?!” when it is revealed as the next alliance race.

Anyway, that’s just rumors I’ve read.


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