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Hardcore, but sideways.

I don’t know why it bothers me. In the three weeks since release I’ve managed to reach Dalaran. On one character, Stormsoul. I really don’t see the point in reaching 80. There’s so much to see and do, what’s the rush? I’m not 80, but soooo many people are. Why should this bother me? I mean, it’s their characters. It’s not jealousy on my part.  They see what they want to see.  I see what I want to see.  Maybe the guild thinks I’m slacking?  By all indications it would look like I was.  Am I failing them because I’m not ready to undertake raiding for the next two years so soon after the release of the expansion?  They’ve replaced me anyway.  A new Elemental Shaman is already in the ranks.  Moving and shaking.  He was one of the first 80′s we had.

But if “Level 80″ were the only indication of playing, I guess I’m not.  But I am playing.  Just this evening I was working on an Alliance Warrior on another server.  Why?  So I can get him to level 55 so I can roll a Death Knight on that server.  Alliance DK this time.  Gnome.  Because I can.

And why did I get Stormsoul to the elevated level of 74 so far? Elemental Shaman is pretty much the least rewarded class/spec quest reward gear wise. I can’t tell you all the plate I’ve sold to the vendors as trash. I’m leveling a class/spec apparently designed to have no useful rewards offered. Me and the Boomkins, of course. Well, there’s a guild meeting coming up, and it’s going to be held in Dalaran this Wednesday. That meant I had to reach level 74 with him and quickly. As of last night, that’s done. The approach taken, when I devoted myself to it, was to simply knock out quest after quest, after quest after quest, until it got done. And doing so I wasn’t really paying much attention to the story or the lore or the visuals. It felt like a job. And for the folks who did it that first weekend… Grats? A big shout out to all the 80′s who’ve gotten to Exalted with 25 factions already.  Woot!  Now what will you do for the next two years? You’ve already gotten the 25 tabards, you’re riding a moving van mammoth, and are flying the albino drake. Bemoan the lack of content? Your 14 bucks, and I commend you on your focus.

Heck, I’m even falling behind the guild’s new Death Knights. A prominent one is level 78 now. I’m doing instances, instance rather, all of one with Stormsoul (can’t solo them, and I’m an independent sort), with the guild’s alts. Most the rest of the guild is doing the progression grind now, the new heroics and such. With two years ahead of them the end-game will be conquered for sure.

My Warrior, Msaker, is Protection. But I’ve had bad experiences tanking, so I’m Protection because I like it, and I’ll level with my wife’s non-raiding, non-instancing, Enhancement (of course) Shaman. But a Protection Warrior that’s not into tanking is about as useful to a guild as teats on a Murloc, so I’m no longer guilded with them. He and the wife’s Shaman, Droonda, are level 72 now. And he’ll see all the same quests as Stormsoul did, but at his tourist pace, and in good company.

Our Druids, Alliance, are all of level 70. Still. We’ve done a few quests here and there. But Droonda was getting the focus since she was the first to 60, the first to 70, and she’ll be the first to 80.

Her Death Knight and my Paladin, Alliance, have started the quests in Hellfire Peninsula. My Death Knight, Horde, has leveled Enchantment to 350, and Inscription to 145 or so. My Paladin’s leveled Inscription to 220. My Shaman and Druids are out gathering herbs for them. This dual inscription leveling might explain their failure to progress.

My 70 Hunter? He’s tamed the white ape from Ongoro, the white core hound from Azure Myst Isle, I’m frankly dreading to have to roll through all the same quests with him like everyone else. Can I level on Rhinos? My leatherworking would sure be helped.

And in Warhammer the wife and I have reached level 15 with one character each, not to name the usual gaggle of alts that go along with that. And tomorrow I’ll start a Knight of the Blazing Sun and a Black Guard.

I’m not 80 and hardcore in a focused way. I’m focused a tad more broadly, if you can even use the term “focus,” but I’m there, every night, enjoying it and probably deserving the title “hardcore” as well.  I’m just doing it sideways.

P.S. Can you tell they’ve blocked WordPress blogs at my workplace?  :)


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Something completely different.

I’ve probably said enough about how cool Druids are.  They can stealth in, fight very well, can tank or dps, both frankly ever since lacerate was able to fitted to the claws, and heal.  And buff.  And fly.  Whew.

So what’s completely different?  Playing a Mage and a Paladin both in their 50′s.  This ain’t some stealth ranger team, sneak in, accomplish mission, sneak out.  This is a squishy and a masher with huge targets bouncing over their heads everywhere they go.  That target reads “Attention mobs:  Fresh Meat and/or Souls.”

Getting Effilda to 54, where the (rest of the) Plaguelands stuff starts, we finished two quests in Felwood.  The Pally Pull, Exorcism, works on demons too and that made life easy.  She dinged 54 and went to train and we both flew up to Chillwind Camp.

We did the All Along the Watchtowers quest.  It was easy for the most part.  The skeletons and ghouls mostly all pullable.  The caster skeletons with dark mending were annoying.  The searing ghouls, with the fire blast, were downright devastating.  I don’t think it was me switching to Retribution from Protection, and I was trying to keep the Fire Protection Aura down, but those flames really hurt.  The skeleton guard inside the tower is no longer elite so we took him out too.  Death to the Scourge scum.

We cleansed the last two Cauldrons and completed that quest chain.  I did die after realizing I couldn’t do anything anymore fighting the key master.  (My emergency heal was still on cooldown from a previous life and death emergency.)  It seemed the final Cauldron is guarded by mana drainers.  Nevertheless, the key was ours and the cauldron cleansed.

We did a couple quests for Chromie there in Andorhol.  We zapped the worms in the grain silos and we picked up some pocket watches throughout the ruins.  We were asked to do a quest for Chromie where we would pick up some pocket watches throughout the ruins.  We did a … (Sneaky bronze dragons always messing with time.  … with time.)

And with those “jobs complete” Honorus dinged 56 and Effilda nearly hit 55.  (She earned nearly an entire level in just a few short quests?  Yep.  I like it.)

In other news, Msaker managed to finally get to Gruul’s and Magtheridon’s Lair.  Meaning in a week he’d gone through Karazhan (full clear) and the two Lairs.  This is the equivalent of having made it through a Molten Core clear.  I’m really pleased with that.  Nice part is I’m picking up raiding pointers all the time.

Sweeping strikes, for example.  Our main tank, now doing crazy dps as an Arms Warrior, uses it a lot.  I heard him remark about some hits he was getting, which got me to looking at the tooltip and thinking, “Hmm.” Something to put on the action bar.

There in Magtheridon’s another Arms Warrior, new guy, crazier dps, whispers “As Fury your job is to Sunder.”  “Now, okay.  Just hold on a second,” I’m thinking to myself.  What kind of crazy talk is this?  Sunder is for tanks.  Sunder is used to grab aggro, generate threat.  What was this crazy troll talking about?  Sunder.  We had a Pally for a Main Tank.  Well the tool tip is a little help.  I can use it in any stance.  Hmm.  I’ve got Salv, and my Berserker Stance reduces my threat output.  Well, hell, if I didn’t do Sunders who would?  I mean, as dual wielding Fury I can lay down Sunders pretty quickly.  And Sunder is more than threat generations, it’s an armor reducer.  “Thanks for the tip, I never thought of using it outside of tanking.” I whisper back.  “It’s a damage buff.” he replies.  Then adds “np.  :)”

I’ve got a lot to learn, let me tell you.

The old dog, Stormsoul, again met up with the Lady Vashj.  After clearing the Cavern earlier in the week we returned and faced off against her.  Nobody fails at Phase 1, do they?  You’ve got 25 people who need to get her down to 70%.  That’s doable.  And this time we finally got the Striders on an understanding basis.  We know them better, we’ve got our technique getting better, and we started downing them before the next spawned.  Early enough, in fact, that we could turn our attention back to the Nagas.  And there was some excitement about the generators and locations, and cardinal directions, and numbering them, and, yet, we didn’t one-shot Vashj, and tempers flared.  And, and this is why I know Vashj will eventually submit to us, we did get her Phase 3.  It was just her, and us, and we got her to 25%.  I neglected to mention one more member of the party.  The infinity of spore bats flying around us overhead.  I say “infinity” since that’s what it looked like with all of them flying over head in a figure 8, and numbering, oh, about an infinities worth.  So, Vashj to 25%.  Nice.

All in all a great, great week.  Flight form on my Druid, a full clear of Tier 4 content with my Warrior, who’s learning stuff still, a solid knock on the last door of Tier 5 content with my Shaman, and rolling some +1 to +2 our level quests in the Plaguelands with my Paladin and my lovely wife.

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Two for the path of Glory.

Itarilde and Greenclaw are now both riding epic mounts.

She picked the Stormsaber. Greenclaw took the Mistsaber.

It was a little over a year ago that Droonda and Msaker were in the same position.

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I’ve been kind of quiet.

Raids and alts have been keeping me busy.

As I alluded to earlier, I transferred servers to find a guild with friendly raid times in my own time zone. Success. It really didn’t hurt that they started SSC and TK. And very lucky for me that Blackhoof, now called Stormsoul, was SSC ready. My first instance run with them we faced off against the Lady Vashj. It was a learning experience, if you know what I mean. Anyway, this week I got to be with them from the start of the instance. On the first night we got Hydross the Unstable and The Lurker Below. On the next night we got the Fathomlord Karathress and Morogrim Tidewalker. Tonight we will get Leotheras the Blind, and square off against the Lady V again. Now I haven’t been with them to Tempest Keep’s The Eye yet, but they’ve gotten 4 of the 5 bosses down there as well. They are really pushing to get to the Black Temple and Mount Hyjal before Blizzard swings open the gates, so to speak, with the next patch. This is absolutely fun, exciting stuff. I’m loving it because raiding at this level is like raiding Blackwing Lair pre-TBC. And that’s where I’d left off with Darkhoof (aka Blackhoof, now Stormsoul).

They can do near-full clears of both SSC and TK in one night. But this last week’s participation was kind of spotty, enough folks, just not enough tanks or healers. But what did they do in between the SSC runs? Karazhan.

First off Stormsoul got in on a group. We got through the Curator and called it a night. This was the One Tank, Two Rogue run. Anyway, last night the call came out to complete it by downing the Prince. (They’d already gone back in once before and gotten to the Prince, but did not kill the Prince.) When they mentioned the raid id# I signed back up. They were missing a healer. DROOONDA!! :) “Invite Droonda. She’s a healer.” I whisper the raid leader. Droonda’s coming along too. Cool beans. This guild takes the “Tank him wherever, and move to avoid the infernals” approach. This works. (And makes marking the 30 yard person even more important.) I do like the niche better since our first shot at the Prince and upon the first enfeeble, and infernal drops on the group and kills them, a wipe. Second go we had four infernals down, but we never had to move and the Prince dropped like a rock. The Light’s Justice drops. (And some T4 helmet token for Mage, Hunter, and something.) We’ve got two Restoration Shamans along. The first rolls a 27. Droonda’s got it for sure! She rolls a 28. TWENTYEIGHT! woot. Hey, hey! The lovely Droonda, Orc Shaman Princess, has picked up a very nice healing mace.

The other Karazhan run I’d gone on was with Msaker. That’s my “Retired Tank, let me DPS now,” Fury Warrior. Who tried the “Slam Build” with Gorehowl and found it very timing intensive. “Stand still so I can whack ya!” Trouble is Astral Flares don’t listen well. So now he’s the more typical “Fury Build” with Rampage and Flurry and all the good stuff. (And with one more Karazhan run he’ll have enough badges to upgrade The Planar Edge to The Black Planar Edge. That and dagger off the Prince himself and he’s not doing too bad.) Anyway, on Msaker’s run, it was a full clear, minus the dragons, and he made it to #3 on the DPS spot. I’m okay with that, and I’m working on the upgrades to improve that. Right now I’m using the 3 pieces of the Ragesteel set, and still using the Doomplate Chestpiece. Getting the t4 gloves and helm shouldn’t be a problem. (And I might not have mentioned it, but if the guild gets 25 folks wanting to do it, Gruul’s Lair is cleared in half an hour. Stormsoul’s second raid run with them was to Gruul’s Lair where he won the t4 leggings/kilt.)

On the alts front we’re starting a crew of them on Earthen Ring. So far we’re:

Twoaxes (Tauren Warrior) with Fivefaces (Tauren Druid)

Legrim (Forsaken Rogue) with Lamort (Forsaken Warlock)

Kruel (Orc Warlock) with Oggra (Orc Warrior)

Sunblade (Blood Elf Paladin) with Loriandel (Blood Elf Mage)

Zydeco (Troll Hunter) with … someone not yet born

(Yes, I am powerless against the beginning-game in World of Warcraft, and must create Alts to breath. Happily, I’m seeing the end-game as well.)

Anyway, that’s what’s up with me at the moment.

P.S. Let me add this about my new guild. They take the “structured chaos” approach. There is no raid schedule other than “We raid 4 nights a week. Be there.” And then they mention the nights, and the times, the raiders are expected to be present ready to go. There are no more planned runs for Karazhan or the other “Tier 4″ places. These just happen as filler for gearing up alts and new people. They’re very much about learning new content, and their fallback/reward is doing the instances they’re comfortable with. And their raiding times just got even better for the wife and I, being 7:30 to 11. And they’re very good about stopping at quitting time. They do play late, I’ve been there till 1 a.m. once with them, a weekend night, but their raids don’t go past quitting time.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Alt Number 20

Following Blackhoof’s visit to Karazhan this week, what’s there left to do?


Why, of course!  It’s time to get going with some alts over on Steamwheedle.

Samjin and Booka, Rogue (me) and Shaman (aka the lovely Princess Droonda.)


And jump and down go and move it all around
Shake your head to the sound
Put your hand on the ground
Take one step left
And one step right
One to the front and one to the side
Clap your hands once
And clap your hands twice
And if it looks like this
Then you are doing it right

—Lou Bega’s Mambo #5


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Bitten again.

Call the doctor.

I deleted my Level 24 Shaman and created a Draenei Warrior instead. I was thinking “Solo, two-man, end game. Shaman with Priest? or Warrior with Priest?” The wife’s Level 25 Draenei Priest is coming along nicely. Dressed in Arugal’s Robes and wielding Odo’s Ley Staff. We’ll probably want to see if Arugal is willing to cough up his belt too. Then into Black Fathom Deeps for the Rod of the Sleepwalker.

So many loots, so little time.

Now Droonda, Enhancement Shaman is all about DPS, and she does well with Msaker who Tanks. But if I make an Alliance Warrior, I would keep him Arms, blacksmith specialize in swords, and he’d be the DPS to the wife’s healing.

Anyway, my altitis is kicking in. And a Warrior would be better company for her Priest. Le Exilarch est mort. Vive le Exilarch.

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Dag. A year goes by. And the power remains the same.

I was bored and looking up some site stats over on MyBlogLog. One of the ways this site was reached was a Google search for Ressan the Needler. (He’s the albino bat you can occasionally find outside the zep tower in Tirisfal Glades.)

That was in a post I wrote 21 February. A year ago, yesterday. Yowza.

I’ll go ahead and revisit that post now with some comments. Edited version of the year old post in blue, and today’s comments in the usual black.

(This was a little like the post I made this last December about a post I’d made the December before, about Msaker reaching 30 and all.)


Tuesday, February 21

World of Warcrack. The game goes on. And on. I’m sure any player can appreciate what an addiction this game could be. It’s not that there’s been nothing going on, it just that so many different things are going on it’s hard to catalog it here.

Heh. Nothing’s changed. I’m still as deeply engrossed as a year ago. Just doing different things…

Darkhoof continues in the weekly raids to Molten Core. He missed last weeks Onyxia run where the guild finally took her down again.Last night we wanted to do a little World PvP.

Darkhoof became Blackhoof and transferred to Kirin Tor. There he no longer raided since there’s no raids going on at noon server time, :(, and he got his PvP in the Battlegrounds, reaching exalted with Frostwolf before Msaker upstaged him, then Arcarius.

So I went to Kirin Tor to do a little business.On Kirin Tor I’ve already told you about Morticai, my 24 Undead Warrior, and perhaps Mortiangelo, my lvl 9 Undead Priest. (These play across from my wife’s Zauberin, a level 22 Undead Mage.)

Morticai died when Msaker transferred over to Kirin Tor, and Mortiangelo died when Darbanville joined. No need for duplicate warriors or priests in the same faction on one server. This was due to my consolidating onto one server. I’m beginning to spread out again. :) Zauberin is still around, and level 37 now.

We’d already made Greenclaw and Zaniah (NE Druid and Warrior) and Freewind and Itarilde (NE Warrior and Druid) there.

Greenclaw survived and Zaniah died. My wife did not care for playing a warrior, and then created Winkydink, a gnome warrior. There’s a certain … “charm” to the class. And the race. Freewind and Itarilde have joined the ranks of the mounted.

We’ve now made Grimtounge and Theodora (Human Warlock and Priest), and Weisenheimer and Minkypoo (Gnome Mage and Warlock).

I kept mispelling that damn name over and over. It’s Grimtongue!!!! (Isn’t it?) Well, he was killed off to make room for Arcarius and Darkhand. Theodora was let go to make room for Effilda. Weisenheimer returned to his studies in Gnomeregan University, and Minkypoo faded away when no news came from him.

I’ve also made Ogresson, a level 20 Dward Hunter. His pets include Dottir, the white bear that ate some Dwarf Pilot, Sorrow, a rare white bat I tamed outside of Brill, and Whambam, a boar that I used in Warsong Gulch because he has a nice little charge/stun move going for him.

Hunters come, hunters go. Ogresson’s gone, a Night Elf huntress. Procyona, is gone. And in their place are Iduve, Draenei Huntress, Sunhawk, Blood Hunter, and Caelik, Dwarf Hunter.

I wanted a Horde side Hunter and created a Troll Huntress, Makeda. My wife made a Troll Shaman named Nzhinga. I thought two hunters working in Tandem would be affective so she created an Orc Huntress named Amazulu. And so I created an Orc Warlock named Unkulunkulu. And, unbeknownst to me, she’d also created a Dwarf Paladin named Tapfer.

All gone. The limit of 10 characters on a server is particularly a harsh one for those suffering from Altism.

These are the twelve steps of World of Warcraft Anonymous. 1. We admit we were powerless over WoW; that our lives have become unmanageable. 2. We come to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity…. Oh, wait, got to go. The guild’s thinking of raiding ZG and I need to repair and get some potions made. I’ll finish this later.

Last night Iduve, level 6, got her dress from Moonglade in the Lunar Festival celebration. Warcraft is the greater power.

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I wonder if I’m doing something wrong.

The wife and I play a few characters. We have a Draenei couple, Blood Elf couple, Night Elf couple, and an Orc couple. Oh, yes, a Forsaken couple, and a Human couple. (See sidebar on the left.)

Anyway, we tend to get spread out in who we’re playing. So I thought a bit of a schedule might help regulate us. Monday these people, Tuesday these, and so on. I especially wanted to get the new races through their new areas, and then Msaker and Droonda through the Outlands. This way we’d even get to see all the new content.

But I’ve found myself kind of leading a “charge” to level. Going to Falcon Watch I’m planning out a strategy to hit the Pools of Aggonar, then the Fissure, then those bird people, … Who’s got time to read the quest givers texts if you’re in a rush to get the xp flowing? I actually had to force myself to stop, pause, and read the quest texts. Why was I killing those bird people for the Blood Elf guy, for instance. I’ve forgotten, or never really read the quest. That’s a shame!

I want to see the content, and yet I find myself rushing through it.

And after Droonda retired for the evening I took a look at the open quests. Ah ha! There was a necklace I could replace my old PvP one, and the later Frostwolf one, with, gotten by doing a quest to collect demonic essences from Taskmaster demons in the ruins in southwest Hellfire Peninsula. So I was going to do a quest for the loot. And I’m not sure why I needed those essences. Something to do with the Draenei prisoner. (Who dies upon taking the potion he’s later given, and then instantly returns to life as if nothing happened. Even that pickpocket target in the Inn in Orgrimmar stays down longer. And he’s a Tauren.)

Anyway, I’m in the ruins. I kill the Taskmaster, but don’t use any AoE attacks (like cleave) in order to save the Broken slaves. I’ll be going Aldor Faction, because in my heart of hearts I think Thrall means well, the Mag’har aren’t vicious nor evil, and the Orcs aren’t murderous. (Misunderstood maybe, but we aren’t evil. Now Trolls and gnome warlocks, they’re other stories. ;)

So here in the ruins I go into a tent and find a Broken sitting there. I speak with him. It turns out this tribe of Broken has a few leaders left and there is a high leader I should visit. I do, there is a key to find, then I free the leaders (and therefore the tribe), I kill a demon overlord type, and then I learn the high leader of the Broken was the original traitor. My actions have undone, or stopped now rather, the harm he caused his people. Hey. Cool. I’m part of a story of discovery and redemption. That’s a nice change of pace. No, I’m not level 62. But doing that quick little quest, and being a part of that vignette, I really enjoyed that. Yes, I’ll return there with Droonda, and free yet more of them, but that’s good too.

Now back to my rhetorical question from the title. Was/am I doing something wrong? I asked that myself when I saw a level 61 Draenei ride past as Droonda and I made our way back to Falcon Watch. “Sheeyet.” I tell my wife. “Level 61 Draenei. … Level 61. 61. 61. It’s like we’re standing still. We’re 61.” I’ve got 20+ some days played on Msaker and I’m level 61. This person has had, what, a month to reach this level? 31 calendar days. Let’s say you power through to 61 in 10 days played. That’s still 8 hours a day, every single golldanged day, day in, day out, to reach 61 when we’re 61. I just want to scream.

Heck, it’s his $14 a month. If he wants to burn out in two months, meh, whatever. Skip over all content, his loss. Less competition for spawns when he quits to go play Vanguard. Or whatever. Aw, man, I know the wife is absolutely going to be playing LOTRO too. And where she goes, I go. I’ll never reach 70. :(


Oh, I’m sure I will. I keep later hours than she does.

P.S. Hmm, I still haven’t gotten to my point. Oh, yeah: I want to read the quest texts, I want to enjoy the story, and yet I still want to make progress. Keeping up with the Jones’s I’m going to miss out on that. Not keeping up means I “fall behind” my guild. End-game/instance runs are pretty much out because of it. (No takers in my guild for Hellfire Citadle now that a lot of the guild, the players, are level 65+ now.) How many people balance this well? How many folks can experience all the content, and yet still make progress to their degree of satisfaction. I suppose I might be wanting to much.

P.P.s. Anyway, tomorrow night it’s off to Portes du Soleil for skiing! For the snow!


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Retesting Old Waters.

I am taking up Gitr’s call to create a Blood Elf character over on the Burning Legion server. BL is a PvP server, and while I did level up Darkhoof (now Blackhoof) to 60, and Msaker and Darkhand, to their mid 40′s on one, I was preferring to join my wife on nice, safe, RP servers for the built-in parties of 2 deal with over-the-shoulder vent action.

But I’ll take the plunge again, and I’ve created Kaelstra, a Blood Elf Paladin. The most annoying enemy to run into for me, while PvPing, has been the Paladin. So I figured I’d better return the favor to the Alliance and join the Bubble Boy Team, albeit the dark, yet light, side.

Warlock’s aren’t annoying. They’re just outright rabidly dangerous, steer clear, PLAGUE CARRIER! RUN!!, crazy annoying and dangerous. Paladins you just gave up on and let them go their own way.

Anyway, let’s see how that goes. Doesn’t help that I call it a night at 12-1am and that’s just prime time for … what time zone in Burning Legion anyway? It’s all good. :)

Otherwise you’ll see I’ve added some of my wifes characters over on the side-bar, the partners of my characters. Not each of them. When she saw I hadn’t added Ombria, her level 20 Night Elf Rogue, or Winkydink, her level 20-something Gnome, or Zauberin, her level 36 or so Forsaken Mage, or Hialeah, her level 14 Tauren Hunter, … I’m thinking “That’s my girl!” She’s got an alt for every alt I have! :)


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Ten character slots is not enough. Warlock. The 13th Warrior?

Blizzard has basically said “Ten slots is good enough.” and won’t be adding any slots to our ten per server character lists when the expansion comes.

In the two years (yowza) that I’ve been playing, I’ve managed to consolidate my regulars, the regulars mind you, onto one server, Kirin Tor.

Horde side: Shaman, Warrior, Priest, Hunter, and a Mage to come with the expansion.

Alliance side: Hunter, Druid, Warrior, Rogue, Paladin, and a Shaman to come with the expansion.

See the problem? 11 characters. In two years I consider 9 to be my regulars. If I can only have 10 per server, then the Horde Hunter will have to go. He’s only level 13, and the only one now not at level 30 or more, but being a Hunter he is the most capable of soloing content and desireable to have on the Horde side as well.

Since I like being a support to my wife, and friends, I like having a Warrior around. Since I play both factions, that’s two Warriors.

I like being a support class. Keeping people buffed, cleansed, cured, healthy, is really kind of cool. I have four of that class, and will add a 5th in the new Alliance Shaman.

And for soloing I’ll have my Hunter and Rogue, and for the Lore a new Blood Elf Mage.

What’s missing? Warlocks, for one.

So I’ve created Abdiblis, or Abd Iblis if I could add the right space, on another server. Steamwheedle Cartel I believe.

Iblis, per Wiki,

Iblis was a Jinn, a creature made of smokeless fire by God (like humans are made of ‘clay’). In an outburst rooted in envy, Iblis disobeyed Allah and was expelled from the grace of Allah. He was later sent to earth along with Adam and Eve after having lured them into eating fruit from the forbidden tree, although in this role he is always referred to as al-Shaitan. He was condemned consequently by Allah (God) to Jahannam (Hell). He replied with saying that he wanted to bring the inhabitants of Earth down with him, and Allah (God), to test Mankind and Jinn, allowed him to roam Earth to attempt to misguide others.

The Qur’an does not depict Shaitan as the enemy of Allah, for Allah is supreme over all his creations and Iblis is just one of his creations. Unlike the Zoroastrian beliefs, all good and bad deeds are from Allah himself and only he can save humanity from the evils of his universe and his creations. Shaitan’s single enemy is humanity. He intends to discourage humans from obeying God. Thus, humankind is warned to struggle against the mischiefs of the Shaitan and temptations he puts them in. A commonly shared belief in both Islam and Christianity is that the universal existence of evil in personal lives is usually experienced because of the devil.

Abd is the prefix used to say “Slave of…”. Abdullah = Abd Allah = Slave of God.

Abdiblis = Slave of the Demon.

And isn’t that being a Warlock?

And, in keeping with the Arabic name origin, He’s got the crewcut black hair, goatee, the almond shaped eyes, and a dark complexion. I suppose he’d feel most at home in the sands of Tanaris.

I sure wish we could keep all our characters on one server. Why not?

Oh, yeah, warlock is pretty awesome. That dumb guy, Garrit Padfoot behind the vineyard. He melted before a combo of Combustion and Corruption and dagger blows. His sidekick? A stain. I’d previously played a Warlock to level 16, but being named Grimtounge is pretty much a death sentence.

Can we please have 12 character slots on a server Blizzard? How about 20?


Posted by on November 30, 2006 in Altism


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