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A little something unusual. The Sprite Darter pet.

The first time I saw one I knew I had to have one. I mean I spent twenty minutes clucking like a chicken to get a chicken to lay an egg for me in Westfall so I could get a pet chicken. I’d do just about anything to get a pet. And this new pet, getting it is not really that hard. (If you’re partnered with a wife that’s about triple your mass and goes by the nickname “Dire Bear” it’s really rather easy.)

What might that be you’re wondering?


That little jewel next to me. That is a rare Sprite Darter. How did I get it? Read on.

So, you’re level 47, right? You can’t get the quest until you are level 47. And you’ve got a friend along. (Yes, if your friend does the quest they’ll get one too. It’s not unique, only unusual. :) ) You don’t need a friend along if you can solo a lot of mid-40′s Grim Totems. Your call.

Travel to Feralas. That would be to Feathermoon Stronghold or Thalanaar. Oh, that’s another thing I haven’t mentioned yet. This is for Alliance only. (Now you can get that chicken I mentioned earlier, you Hordies. You’ll just need an Alliance friend that can get the chicken to lay the egg. Then you collect the egg.)

Back to the business at hand. You are Alliance, level 47+, and you have a friend along. Make your way to Feralas, as I’ve mentioned, and then find yourself a Grim Totem camp that’s situated about halfway between the Horde’s Camp Mojache and Dire Maul. You can’t miss the camp. It’s full of Tauren, Dire Bears, and totem poles. Oh, yeah, and a big cage full of Sprite Darters. (What the Grim Totems plan on doing with them, I don’t know. I don’t want to know. I do know even the Horde hate these guys.)

Now above this camp, spying on them from a safe distance are two Night Elves. (If you use coordinates, they’re at 66, 45 or so.) They are up on a ledge above the lake there. You can reach them by circling around from the left. The first Elf, Kindal Moonweaver, would have you rescue six darters. She’ll even help you do it. You’ll go down to the cage and open it. It got a little hectic there, but Itarilde, my wife, as a Dire Bear, gathered up all the bad guys and we went to town. We needed to save six, but it really looked like at least a dozen made the break for it in the right direction. You’ll get the message when the six have arrived to safety.

Return back up to the ledge. Now the other Elf, Jer’kai Moonweaver, wants you to simply kill more Grim Totems. Do so. She’ll give you a ring and send you to Darnassus where you’ll speak to Tyrande in the Temple of the Moon. Now, don’t be alarmed, there is no new quest given to you at this point. Don’t panic. (It’s reasons like this that find so few folks getting one. The quest appears to have come to an end.)

Find/make two Elixirs of Fortitude for each person wishing to get a pet. And set your hearthstone to the Tidewater Inn in Menethil. (You’ll see why later.) And you do have the flight point up at Aerie Peak, right? If you don’t be sure to grab it before you set out on part 2 of the adventure here.

Return to Kindal in Feralas. She’s got some good news. A nest of eggs was rescued and she wants you to have one of the eggs. She’ll send you to another Elf in the Shimmering Flats named Quentin. He’ll be wanting the two Elixirs you brought along to ensure the baby growing in the egg stays strong.  We went to Thalanaar, flew to Gadgetzan, and rode up and over the mountains into the Shimmering Flats and the racetrack there.

Now he’ll want you to take the egg to Agnar Beastamer in Aerie Peak. And you have an hour to do it in. Simple! Hearth to Menethil (that’s why you set your hearthstone here earlier. You were listening, weren’t you?) and hop the Griffin up to Aerie Peak. Agnar is found in the basement of the big building. He’ll take the egg from you. But there is one last request. You’ll need to find some fresh meat for your Darter, and that would be five Silverman Stalker Flanks. These are from the stealthing wolves that wander around in the eastern half of the Hinterlands, near Jintha’Alor. Return with the meat, he’ll feed it, and the Darter will be presented to you. Congratulations! You’re now a parent. Soccer practice and piano lessons will be coming soon. (And you thought the epic flying was expensive.)

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Two are better than one.

Blackhoof was in the Bone Wastes the other day. Slowly, and methodically, working off quests given to him by the folks at the stranded caravan. One quest involved entering the Shadow Tomb and recovering some artifacts. I worked my way down into the tomb and discovered a Dwarf Hunter, named Bluntte, and his bear, Oscar. He was going into the same side room as I was. It quickly became clear that we were working on the same quest, and that fired off the partnership. He’d pick one of a pair, I’d get the other, and we’d help the other finish theirs off. Left and right sides taken care of and we moved to the end room. We cleared this using the same tactic and were at least at the big four armed lady there. He pointed at her, and pointed at me. Ah, he’s letting me have her and her loot. Thanks. So we kill her, no loot of note, and grab our artifacts.

Now this room also contained a Broken prisoner, Akuna. And he needed rescuing. So I pointed at him, then at Bluntte. And we were off.

Well, Akuna (I hope I’ve got his name right) is one annoyed Broken. Rather than quietly, and quickly, coming with us to his freedom, he walks till he spots one of his Orc captors, and runs to attack them. Much hilarity ensued, however, we did manage to get him out into the night air. And out onto the sands and heading to the caravan. Except for the group of two that materialize around him, joined by two more that were already there, and the two skirmishers that just rode up.

Akuna the Maroona, was dead. Bluntte cried, I sighed, and he turned and pointed back to the tomb. I nodded. If at first you don’t succeed…

So we head back down, and Akuna is there again, none the worse for the wear. Bluntte points at me, then Akuna. My turn. We head back out, trying to keep him safe. As we clear the tomb Bluntte goes ahead and clears the path. Excellent. And Akuna instead runs to the right, behind some tents, and finds two more we didn’t even consider threats. Good grief. What an angry Broken.

But, lo and behold, the pre-clearing worked and Bluntte and I got Akuna to safety. Now I pointed back to the tomb, and we both returned.

And once again Akuna was recovered and delivered to safety.

Bluntte and Oscar, of the Rangers of Kirin Tor , I salute you.

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That’s just a real shame. For the Horde that is.

It seems the Alliance have developed a new strategy. That is to farm HK’s on the way to their win. Since when do the Alliance take and hold Stonehearth Graveyard? Since this last weekend. I know. Msaker was among those struggling to take it from them. How is it CONCIEVABLE!?!?! that the Alliance can hold anywhere with 3-5 people? It’s absolutely absurd, and outrageous. Further, why can’t Horde manage to take it? And why is my Warrior always out there, on point, alone? Good grief everyone.

So, good news for Arcarius. He’s getting more HK’s now, i.e. even more Honor than usual, since Alliance seems to be farming them in the push south. I’m just loving it, hanging out at the Iceblood Graveyard flag, picking off Horde travelling north. I’m thinking “There, but for the grace of alts, go I. … Pew, pew, pew. Meet Kitty. ‘Hello, Kitty!’ Ah ha ha!”

They were harder wins, these latest for the Alliance, but wins nonetheless. Again, Alliance defended with half it’s force, and only needed like 1/4 of it to get into FW Keep and eventually take out Drekk. Again, Horde defended, via recall, not a standing defense, with a handful of victims … er, brave souls.

I found out something really cool too. Yes, the queue for Alterac Valley for Arcarius, Alliance, is 30-40 minutes now. (So strange that for my Horde characters it’s just 1 minute. Is that because everyone wants to be on a winning team, and nobody wants to be on a losing team?) But that wait is okay, since he’s level 51, the flight to Searing Gorge from Ironforge is a minute and a half. Yow! 1.5 minutes. You know how long it takes to get there from the Undercity? Forever. This is absolutely ideal for an Alliance character in his 50′s, grinding his way to 60, and doing as many BG’s as he can. Yet another terrain advantage given to the Alliance.

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ZOMG! Alliance in AV is Easy Mode. Mostly.

Well, first ever time Arcarius, my Night Elf Hunter, got into Alterac Valley, the Horde decimated us! It was incredible. After losing so many times with Msaker I was expecting quick wins. No such luck for me. First time in AV was a loss.

I also hate the fact that for Msaker the AV queue pops in less than a minute, Arcarius waited over 30 minutes for each of the matches he played in. The 2nd two times: Wins. And so easy. Arcarius can literally ride up to the keep with only the archers in the towers troubling him. NPC’s don’t aggro. You’ve got to go out of your way to find them.

Anyway. I’ll head back for more with him. But first impression: Alliance, don’t know why, just have it so easy in AV. Yay for Arcarius.

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Warsong Gulch. Silverwing Sentinels. 2,543,400 reputation needed till friendly.

Ha, ha. Just kidding. Only like 2,200 needed till friendly. And that’s after a whole lot of battles.

Ogresson, my Dwarf Hunter. He’s a soloist, and not otherwise involved with a lady friend like my other characters on Kirin Tor are. He’s out there, with his pet, earning levels and fighting in Warsong Gulch on behalf of the Silverwing Sentinels, a group of Night Elves who have sworn to not rest until every last Orc is thrown out of Warsong Gulch. (I.e. kill them and send them packing to their cemetery. Preferably over and over.)

He’s level 22 now and returned to the Gulch last night for some battlegrounds action. At 22 he’s also at the bottom of the level range for the battles he finds himself in. However, he’s a tough s.o.b., with some mean pets, and he found himself at the top of the kills lists. Not bad for playing “D”.

He did well during the 18th & 19th levels, battling without the aid of Aspect of the Cheetah to chase runners down, or Freezing Traps to protect the flag. And he scored highly in those matches as well.

All told, after 3 or so matches (and winning the last one after a long drawn out battle) last night he’d gotten 205 Honor Kills. And he was tops in the Kills list again. (Silverwings never said exactly how those Orcs were to be removed. Bodybag sounds fine to me. Scum.)

And that last battle, the one where we were tied, was a doozy. We had their flag up on our roof. And they had our flag up on theirs. Defenders of the flag on our roof were me, a Warlock, a Mage, and the Dwarf Rogue Lady who was holding the flag. I kept the entry under freeze trap lock. Very effective. (Kneeling down looks like I’m placing traps – for you sneaky types wondering if that’s a trap I’m laying before you. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t.) They sent a Rogue after us. A stealth capable Druid. A low level Mage, a high level Mage. I’d gotten so many kills on these same battlegrounders that I wasn’t even getting “educated honor” for them anymore. At last we got our flag back and we capped theirs. WOOT! Hard earned tastes sweetest.

But earning reputation. What’s the deal with that? I have to eat and sleep and hold down a job. Exactly what’s it take to get friendly with these folks? They have faction rewards for the level 10-19 Range. A nice ring, for Exalted. EXALTED! I can’t even get friendly with them.

On the pet front, I’ve done well. I tamed Ressan the Needler, an albino bat that roams in Tirisfal Glades right outside the Undercity, when I was level 12. He’s a fun pet, rather rare, moreso for an Alliance Hunter. He’s learned Growl, Bite, and Screech. Last night, as he clung to the faces of our enemies like Clingwrap to a pudding, I kept hearing that piercing Screech, Screech, Screech. (Such an annoying death I’m sure. Big bat wings buffeting you, that screeching in your ears, my arrows in your back. Zounds! Pray for a quick deliverance to the cemetary!) I named him (her? You check.) Sorrow. The other pet, downgraded I’m told by Blizzards nerf-bat was Takk the Leaper. A dark green with purple mottling Raptor that I tamed north of Ratchet in the Barrens. Named him Sableclaw. He appears to be decently fast. Not overwhelming.

An armored boar out of Razorfen Kraul remains in my future I think. Till then, Sorrow and Sableclaw will see you, yes, You! Mr. Orc, in Warsong Gulch. :)


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