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Joust doing it

I’d been wondering if I’d ever done it.

Then I did it and kept all *seven* of debuffs on me for the jousting.

Oh, I wasn’t always the jousting machine.  I would do the whack-whack-whack-charge-whack-whack routine.  Took forever.

Now I give them a whack as they ride away, I throw a shield breaker, then charge, then wheel around with another shield breaker, and while they’re asking themselves “WTF?” I’ve closed back with them and whack-whack-whack until they disengage again.  Rinse and repeat.  The shield breaker *then* charge is a new move for me.  But I’ve gotten comfortable with the jousting, being on my 7th character doing so now.  The stuff we do for bling.

Anyway, there’s an add-on I really like and it’s called Joust Do It! It’ll equip your lance when you need it, and reequip your weapon when you don’t.  And it speeds up the NPC interaction as well.


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So, how was I?

In my Heroic instance runs I’m always curious about how well I’m doing.  It’s a natural tendancy to want to pull my weight, so I run Recount and make sure I’m paying enough attention, both while hammering at mobs, as well as beforehand where I look into ability rotations and theorycraft, and then also ensure I’m buffed enough, to consider myself as useful to the group.  And I’m usually always on the top of the Damage Done chart.  And I’m a cheap bastard so I don’t pull aggro and have repair bills.

But every once in a while there’s somebody along who just knocks me down and mops the floor with me when it comes to Damage Done.  A Paladin in PvP gear, with PvP gems, and PvP enchants, using Seal of Command (I’ve got to get my Paladin on that).  She beat me, though her average iLevel was only a little higher than mine.  And a Warrior last night.  Undead, so you can’t really tell how good the gear is on them by sight, but higher iLevel.  He tore into the first pack in Drak’Tharon (the troll place) and topped 6k DPS.  I’m running along in 2nd place with my 2-mob AoE Blood Spec.

Was he really outperforming me?  Have I again reached my plateau?  No.  Because in addition to Recount I’m also running GearScore.  And together they tell me how well I did compared to others based on my output AND my gear level, against other people, what they did with what they were geared with.  I actually still beat the Warrior, performance wise.  So that’s good to know.  I’d be right there with him if I were in his gear.

Output = skill/spec/build & gear.

Recount + GearScore will show your performance and normalize it for your gear.  If you’re still down in the ranks it could be time to adjust your talents, spec, and/or your use of abilities.

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A Fool and his Durability…

I don’t know why this thought occurred to me, but it did, and it was “A fool and his durability are soon parted.”

I was thinking that when I got invited to a Chillmaw/Commanders group.  I was the 3rd person to the group.  And with me they were ready to go.  “They” being a Ret Pally and a Priest.  And the Ret Pally wasn’t putting a shield on and switching specs to Prot.  Meaning I wasn’t going to cat this one, but bear it.

And I’d just, moments before accepting the invite, been fooling around with my action bars.  And while Chillmaw was hammering me I was wondering where my Maul button was.  (“Why do I have a blank space there where a button should be?  Like a Maul button?”)  But I had my Swipe button.  And I had my Growl button.  And we all three lived to walk away from the fight.  Yay.

So my action bars were a mess, kind of, they looked orderly, because, on the recommendation of (great site) I switched from Bartender 4 to Dominos.

I also picked up an add-on called OptionHouse which reports to me what add-ons are loaded, and what resources they’re gobbling up.

Because I’ve been having issues.  Memory issues.  What?  See, I crash a lot lately.  Icecrown has become Lagcrown.  I herk and jerk across the landscape, I actually lose visibility of my entire interface (without ctrl-z-ing for it) in places when I fly too close to the ground.  (Like a Druid herbalist does a lot.)

Anyway, my fix last night, while the wife played LotRO, was threefold, and based on recommendations from pwnwear. 

OptionHouse, Dominos, TweakWoW.

I loaded OptionHouse.  I saw that Autobar consumed the most memory at 5%+ or so.  That’s a chunk of memory.  But I can’t live without it.  Gathermate took another 5% or so.  I can’t live without that either.  Healbot came in around 3%.  Huh?  So I dropped Healbot since I’ve always had Grid loaded as well.  (Clique + Grid2 should do me for what I’m doing now.  I’m not a healer type at the moment.)

(I’ll have to work an alternative to using AutoBar.)

I noted that Bartender4 was pulling 2.5%.  And after I loaded Dominos I saw it was only pulling about .5%.  Not a bad improvement.  And I’m sure I could do this with Bartender4, but being new to Dominos, and doing some initial playing around with things, I actually managed to very easily configure my bars for my Druid forms.  And not just my usual Bar #1.  I can now have multiple bars shift when I shift.  Kind of a nifty thing.  (I’m a by the numbers keyboard user, I like to push 1-2-3-4 in something like a “rotation,” so having less-often used spells on the bar above, that’s still form specific, is nice, and keeps my fingers from having to move all over the place.)

(Hmm.  Maybe I’ve found my alternative to AutoBar afterall.  If I can swap bars as I go in and out of combat I may be on to something.)

Anyway, the third add-on is TweakWoW.

Now the thing that sparked my interest was’s mention about how TweakWoW was updated recently to take into account multiple cores.  Say what?  The number of cores in the processor on my motherboard.  Hmm.  I’m always thinking “modern = two core processor”.  And doesn’t my box say “Core 2?”  Yeah.  But it also says “Core 2 Quad.”  I’ve got 4 cores.  And I knew that since I run a Widget that shows me 4 cores working as I work on my machine.  But I never thought much of it.  I assumed the WoW client would take advantage of what I had and use it to it’s fullest if I told to give me the Cadillac version of the game experience.  Oh?  No.  No, it does not.  I was shocked.  So, using TweakWoW I told WoW that I had 4 cores, not 2.  Four.  And, for some reason, my texture memory was at the minimum setting.  Hmm?  I’ve got a Gateway FX computer.  One of the negatives given in a review of it was that it had a ridiculous amount of memory on it.  6 Gigs.  That’s right, somebody thought “That’s just too much.”  And, TweakWoW advised that I should up the texture memory level (if my machine could handle it) to improve performance in places like Dalaran.  Oh, yeah?  So I upped it from 8MB to 320MB if memory servers.

And so with all these changes I loaded up and into Dalaran.  Hmm.  Was I imagining things, or did everything look … better?  The real test was to go scour Icecrown for ore with my Paladin.  Sweet.  It was smooth as butter.  And that’s with a lot of settings already maxed, or bumped up some from what I already had.

So, thanks to the advice I found over at, things are running a little smoother again.

Oh, yeah, pwnwear also has a lot of Deathknight analysis.  I respecced Cenotaph into his Blood + Pale Horse leveling spec so that might be amusing.

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Do you remember?

There we were.  Our mid-40s Forsaken returning from Brackenwall in Dustwallow Marsh to Orgrimmar to complete a quest.

In flight on the windriders.  I was alt-tabbed out, catching up on news during the flight.

The wife makes a remark passing through the canyon outside of Orgrimmar, the one filled with those electric dinosaurs.  I turn to look at her screen.  Did the flight always go through like this?  I think so.

Then the windrider sweeps up and over the bridge between Durotar and The Barrens.

“I remember when Droonda first crossed that bridge,” she says.

You know that “Quantam Leap” thing, or something like it, when all reality just kind of tunnels up and you rush through it, and there she was, white-maned Droonda, leather gear, level 11 or so, taking her first steps beyond the already dangerous Durotar.  Steps?  Running.  She was running into the next adventures and challenges.  And so long ago.  A couple years now.  But I had the picture of it in my mind, as clear as what I was watching as she flew over that bridge and on into Orgrimmar.

For some, the point is reaching the end.  They just need one big ol’ DING – Game Over – Scrolling Credits to know they’re winners.  That’d be like being born to sit in the guest of honor’s chair at our own retirement ceremony.  Woot!  You’re Dead.  Thanks so much for playing.  Next. (And don’t let the door hit you on the way out, and go quietly.)

For me, every step is worth remembering.  I don’t want to retire, or be retired.  And you kind of live forever if you remember.  (And, heck, you can always repeat the journey, or do it a new way, or in new clothes, or with new wisdom.)

I do screenshots when I come across neat stuff.  Nice sunsets, beautiful vistas, unusual sights.  But what about the milestones?

One of my favorite add-ons is called Ding Recorder.  It quietly sits in the background and waits for those special moments.  When you “Ding,” and get the swirl of light, it takes your screenshot for you.  (You will want to change the set-up so it won’t send out the guild notification every time.  On a level 5 character, in a guild with 70′s trying to do something… ;) )

It’s a nice record of where you’ve been, a photo diary if you will, and what’s gone into making you what you’ve become.

Sunsets, bridge crossings, and AV wins are on you to screenshot.

Sometimes I dream of the future
And sometimes I travel down Memory Lane
With the Yesterday Daily Review
Memories carefully kept in a pile
Like newspapers stacked in the corner
To relive my yesterdays once in a while
Although they are faded and worn
They remind me
Once in a while
Of far away places and long ago names
Yesterdays back down the road that you came
Somewhere behind you down Memory Lane
Joe Walsh - 1987


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Crazy for tanking. A crazy UI.

Well, I like to keep things simple, so this interface is pretty much what all my characters see, just different buttons in the bars. Since Msaker is my “Main” it’s got to be best for him.


I use a lot of ACE addons. Bartender 3 for my action bars.

My hot keys, 1-6 are:

Taunt, Sunder, Shield Block, Revenge, Shield Slam, Devastate. Outboard from there are Taunt (the five D’s of Dodgeball!), Spell Reflect, Intervene Macro, Shield Wall, and Thrown.

Above the hot keys are
Intervene, Disarm, Shield Bash, Pummel, Battle Shout, Commanding Shout, Demoralizing Shout, Blood Rage, Challenging Shout, Mocking Blow, and Concussion.

Central to the screen is _meta_ Hud. It tells me in Red, and verbally, that I have Aggro. (What I want.) It puts up Sunders like a Rogues combo points. It will also show a target casting bar (in addition to X-Perl’s casting bar).

The data flow is from Scrolling Combat Text, Outgoing on the left, incoming on the right, effects and happenstances above.

The Omen aggro meter to the left, DPS meter on the right.

Immediately to the right of my Hud bars I’ve got the Four Big Buttons. They are Shield Bash to interrupt casters, Thunder Clap to establish aggro on multiple mobs, Spell Reflect because spells ignore Plate armor, my Charge in and switch to Defense Stance macro, and Last Stand. After Heroic Mechanar I put Two Big Buttons up. After last night’a Heroic Setthek Halls it’s grown to Four.

Trinket menu keeps those handy for use during a fight. (I need to employ those much more than I do.)

I wish it were a cleaner interface but I’ve gotten used to seeing all the info.


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Druids are not broken. The lonely Hunter. The world is broken. Pretty cool.


Last night we brought the Druids out to play. Sending some money out of the “Epic Mount for Arcarius the Old Fashioned Way: We Earn It” fund, Itarilda respecs and goes Feral. She’ll be the Tank and Greenclaw will be the DPS. (Being a Bear is easier, she says. And she did me proud, charging into most every fray with zeal.) One little incident aside, Col. Kurzen got himself taken down, got himself taken downtown, express bus, no stops.

“Hey, man, you don’t talk to the Colonel. You listen to him. The man’s enlarged
my mind. He’s a poet-warrior in the classic sense. I mean sometimes he’ll…
uh… well, you’ll say ‘hello’ to him, right? And he’ll just walk right by you.
He won’t even notice you. And suddenly he’ll grab you, and he’ll throw you in a
corner, and he’ll say, ‘do you know that “if” is the middle word in life? If you
can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
if you can trust yourself when all men doubt you’… I mean I’m no, I can’t…
I’m a little man, I’m a little man, he’s… he’s a great man. I should have been
a pair of ragged claws scuttling across floors of silent seas…” (from
Apocalypse Now)

Yeah, yeah. Hubris. Downfall.

So the Druids did pretty good last night. Arcarius is a little poorer, but what the hey.


Speaking of Arcarius… Many moons ago Arcarius once travelled down into the Swamp of Sorrows. He was after elusive prey, the Swamp Jaguar, with it’s rumored high rate of attack speed. The swamp jaguar tamed, the pair took to further adventures.

When at last the 40th season came, Arcarius returned to Darnassus and selected his mount. He took the white spotted saber. It fairly matched the jaguar and that made it cool. It was quite a nice sight. To ride across the land, faithful pet at one’s side.

But those days are gone. Hunters must choose. To ride on their mount, or be accompanied by their pet. Why? Huntards with flying mounts. Too lazy to dismiss pets, annoyed that the land based pets would run after them, anywhere. Why couldn’t Blizzard simply auto-dismiss pets upon mounting a FLYING mount. Leave us old-timers alone. Let us have our pets back. Give us our pets back. Our partners in crime. Our friends. Let them run alongside us as they’ve done for 30 levels of our lives now. Mounted Hunters have become loney.


Anyone else notice glitches in the world? The distance flashes with blocks of terrain flickering. (Changing visual effects doesn’t change that.) The bats in EPL have green in their wings and look wierd. The Elder Mistvale Apes, one of them was hopping about like a Gnome Mage, about 2 meters in the air. We fought it while it was in the air. The Reaver of Hellfire Penninsula has developed a new hobby. Ice skating. The world rumbles, as if with every stride, but he’s ice skating. My wife’s interface, which is pretty clean of add-ons, no unit frame add-ons, her target isn’t always showing, or it’ll not update. I noticed that with X-Perl too, figured it was an add-on problem. But since she had it too, I suspect it’s the game. Not my add-ons.

I basically unloaded all my add-ons. Then I reloaded the ones I can’t live without. (Cartographer, MetaHud, Healbot, X-Perl, KTHM, Damage Meter, simpleminimap, etc. etc.) and found I’d left like half in the old folder. Hmm, might not have needed them after all.

ALL of my add-ons pretty much worked post patch, after updating them via UI Central and WoW Ace Updater. (Keeping Ace mods up-to-date is super easy with WoWAceUpdater. And their collection of add-ons, extensive, get updated nearly daily it seems.)


Arcarius did some more Zangarmarsh quests last night. I’m seriously trying to clear out the quest log so I can take more in Nagrand.

Anyway there was a quest to go return to the Broken in Feralfen and talk to them, ask them to come to our side.

The quest involves turning myself into one of their bird spirits. It turned me into a Arakkoa.

Now I had five minutes to play with this.

Naturally, the first thing everyone does turning into another race: /dance!

Interesting. The Arakkoa have their own dance.

Then I waved. It looked like a creepy granny wave. Palm open facing out, and the fingers closing in a wave.

Then I saluted. Kind of like a two finger boy scout salute.

You know what they say. SPECULATION RUMOR MILL: If they program a race to have all these emotes, they could make them a playable race. WoW Wiki says they have “sage” and “warrior” classes, and they’re pretty smart. And they have owl companions. Mage, Priest, Warlock, Warrior, Hunter, Rogue.

Naga for the Horde, and the opening of the Maelstrom, and Arakkoa for the Alliance, with further outlying Outlands found.


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Here are my add-ons, and the sources for them.

What it looks like:


WoW Interface
Curse Gaming
WoW Ace Addons
WoW Ace Addons Listing
Gazmik Fizzwidget’s

A lot of my add-ons are Ace based so I can use this program to automatically update them:

My friend told me about WoW UI’s updater program. UI Central. I will have to check it out.

The add-on list:


This add-on will suppress error messages.


This adds countdowns to your action bar/hot bar icons.


Another bug swatter. Duhr.


The backbone of any Ace add-on suite.


This gives me a nice crafting window. Sortable by item class or difficulty. Nice for finding recipes to level up on. Includes a queue and a “buy missing reagenst to fulfill the queue from vendor” function.


Tells you how many hours you’ve played. Or days.


This is a set of bars for enemy casts and buffs.


Atlas is an in-game map, different from the built-in map. Loot, Instance, and Quest features are helpful.


Invaluable for casual Auction House play.

AutoBar & AutoBarConfig

Keeps my potions, mounts, pets, hearthstone in a place separate from my action bar/hot bars.


This provides auto-repair, automatically decline duel requests, automatically accept group/raid invites from friends and guildmates.


Another add-on that auto-sells vendor trash.


My action bar add-on.


Roleplaying emotes and communications. “For the Light!” shouted when you heal someone. Or whatever.


I keep this since add-ons aren’t perfect. This will take the bugs and quietly just suppress them, doing away with the red text pop-up in the middle of your screen.


Battleground add-on for flag timers, resource count, time to win/lost, ownership, etc. Nice.


This is your built-in map on legal steroids. Highly recommended.


These are timer bars for buffs, totems, etc.


This is new for me. It supposedly ties in loot recommendations to the tool-tip. I.e. “That Hand of Ragnaros is definitely a Shaman weapon.” That kind of thing. ;)


This is an easy click to cast add-on. Set up bindings (shift-right click) and associate a spell with it. It works and is simple. Like Clique.


This add-on makes other add-ons like Bartender, TrinketMenu, Autobar, etc., look better. My current favorite gives the appearance of a piece of glass over every action bar icon, beveled at the top.


How am I doing DPS, Healing, against the competition?


This really works well. Gives you small little boxes to click when folks get diseased, poisoned, etc.


I used this to keep track of Druid mana in animal form. I’m not sure if XPerl includes it already, or if it uses this.


The built-in buff display is lacking.


This should be built in. Hover over an item link and it’ll put what you’re already wearing/wielding next to it.


Makes sure your friend lists of your characters are the same across all the characters of the same faction on a server. A godsend if you have a lot of alts.


All these I like. Fubar is far and away better than Titan Panel when it comes to resource useage. Titan Panel would kill my warrior with memory leaks.

Fudge & Nudge

No, it’s not a new Girl Scout cookie. Fudge is for casters, and Nudge is for Hunters. It’ll show you what’s in range of a spell, or not. And for Hunters it’ll show you out of range, in range, deadzone, and melee. I’ve put this so that it backlights the name of my target in MetaHud. For my Shaman I’ve tied it to Frost Shock range. (Since that’s a mid-range spell.)


Tells you where that recipe in the Auction House is actually sold so you can go buy it yourself.


Wonder what that Hand of Ragnaros will disenchant into? Wonder no more.


Got pets that demand feeding? You need this.


This will tell you what type of vein to mine the gem from.


This will put the beasts abilities in the tooltip of a Hunter. I.e. see what that Ravager will come with when you tame it. Highly recommended for filling out the pet abilities.


This lets you use the tracking minimap button to select your tracking type. Also used by paladins, herbalists, and miners. (Fewer action bar/hot bar buttons lost.)


This is a very compact raid health overview.


This will make your Warlock Minion training screen look like all the other training screens. Say goodbye to books.


This is my primary healing/buffing/shielding add-on. Get it if you heal.


This provides bars for your Heal Over Time casts.


In Flight will give you a bar once you’re airborn to tell you how long you’ve got until landing. That way you know how much you’ve got to grab yourself a beer, or visit the nearby McDonalds drive-through.


This will reveal to you what the internal item level of something is.


Get this. You use different items? Get this. Still the easiest to use imho.


This just shows me that Shamans can easily grab aggro form Warriors. It’s broke, or my Warrior is.


I like information. On screen, centered.


This add-on provides information to the unit frames so you can tell exactly how much health a mob has. Handy.


This add-on sorts your bags for you. And your bank bags. And it works with other bag add-ons.


This is a graphical user interface for all the other Ace Add-ons you are running. Like Duece Commander, but easier to use.


This is a casting and mirror bar replacement. I like it. I like that all my various timer bars have that cool “NotSteel” look.


The one to rule them all. This is basically an all-in-one bag view. And you can always see what’s in your bank, and you can see what’s in any of your characters bags or bank. (You’ll have to view them all first so the add-on can remember.)

Personal Sentry

This is very interesting in battlegrounds. Basically hover over a blip in your minimap and you’ll get a bar with which you can target the person. Hunter/Druids will like this one.


This will make your combat log straighten it’s act out. Info, not blah, blah.


This will track my leetness. My best scores, and provides another damage meter.


This does something. Oh, wait. “RecipeBook is a mod that allows you to browse tradeskill recipes with one alt and see whether your other alts know it.” Oh, yeah. That’s it.


This will mark on your minimap where recipes are found in the local area. Helpful if you want to get those rare recipes that vendors are selling in out of the way corners of Azeroth.


This is the minimap shaper for the corner. Nifty.


This is a new add-on for me. It’s a listing of your gear. Since probably 30% of my bag space is taken up by gear, this lets me quickly see what all I have (four sets of gauntlets???) and compare them and begin planning some space reduction.


Scrolling Combat Text, and Scrolling Combat Text Damage. I’ve got it where the incoming damage scrolls down on the right side hud bar, and the outgoing hits scroll up on the left side hud bar.


This remembers those rare mobs that you occasionally see wondering around. And marks them on your map. Why? Because they can drop decent loot.


Hmmm. I have this and I don’t know what it does. It might work with Prat in some way. (I’ve got too many add-ons!!)


This reduces Spam. (The state meat of Hawaii! Yum.) Don’t have enough energy? Need more rage? You’ve heard that enough, haven’t you?


This appears to be broken for me since I only see a few slots now. I like the utility of the program though so a definite for me if I can find an upgrade for it.


Wasn’t sure how much I’d like this. On a basic level it’ll put spell damage, heal amount, right on the icon in your action bar/hot bar.


This shows your two equipped trinkets, and lets you switch them out.


Stand-alone addon for displaying craft item dependencies. Hmmm. I’m sure it’s doing something for me.


This is like Item Level, which is the “built-in” item level of something, but this one does math and tells you what it really is. Another way to look at your gear when comparing it with possible replacements.


This replaces Quick Loot, putting the looting window under your mouse, wherever it is. Small and slick looking.


This adds a smaller looting window in the same style as XLoot and XLoot Monitor.


This will leave, for a bit, a list of loot won and who won it.


This is a good-looking unit frame, with animated character portraits, and easy to configure.


Yet another Totem Add-on. I like this one. Call of Elements doesn’t seem to do the things it used to, so I opted for the Ace based replacement.


This is the hunter mod that provides bars for pet abilities, tracking (which I’ve turned off), traps, and aspects.

And that’s it. For now.

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Addons, the live list.

What I plan to do in way Addons, and using Bloggers label feature, is keep a listing of the addons I’m using, explain why I like them, and keep a link for where I found them, and keep this in a post I’ll keep updated. A precursor to that list is the list below (if you’ve browsed directly to posts with the Addons label) or found in the Jan 2007 archives.

When that list is done visitors can use the link in the sidebar, “**** Add-ons I use **** ” in order to jump to it quickly.

Some folks don’t like add-ons. They think addons are crutches, and to that I say “Hey, whatever lines your cave.” Blizzard has built the functionality into the game for users to customize their interface however they like. They build in restrictions as well to keep it from getting out of hand. It’s a feature Blizzard supports. And Blizzard appears to have designed raid encounters that demand add-ons of one type or other. Mass decursing in Molten Core anyone? And Blizzard has taken some of these good ideas and built them into the interface over various patches. (Usually not as good as the “state of the art” that the addon authors produce. Scrolling combat text, for one.)

For those that like add-ons, hope my list proves of interest and/or value to you.

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Add-ons Extravaganza!

I put together a file list for my friend and decided this might be of use to others too.

This is what I’ve got in way of add-ons.

I mostly get them at: (Sort on timestamp to get newest on top) (New and updated add-ons on the right side) (This used to be my favorite, now WoW Interface is, but they still get stuff.)

(Some of these add-ons come with multiple parts in their own directories. (I.e. dependencies.) I’m not showing those. I’ll just show the main directories. If you get all these you’ll have more files in the add-on directory.)

Backbone of the Ace add-on system. This is a support library that other “Ace based” add-ons use. Memory efficient. Get it because a great many of the below are based on Ace2.

Tells me how long I’ve been playing. “How can you kill that which has no life?”


The loot to be found. Handy when you’re asking yourself “Do I want to go raid Hello Kitty Fantasy Island? What’s in it for me?”

Are you sure you got every quest there?

This is working. Get it at

This provides a quick bar for drink, food, mounts, etc. That way I can keep my action bars free for spells.

I primarily used this for auto-joining BG’s. It’ll also auto-repair your stuff when you visit a vendor that can do repairs. It’ll auto-decline duel requests. It’ll auto-accept raid and party invites and warlock summons. Etc. You can have it do what you want.

This will automatically sell off your gray items (i.e. vendor trash) in your bag. (You can set stuff in a “save” list so it won’t be sold.)

This is my action bar add-on. So I can have my bars where I want them.

Shammy totem bars. This doesn’t work as as the previous version yet. But it works.

I absolutely love the info you get in AB and AV with this.

This is like super-Gatherer+. (Get all the Cartographer add-ons as well. Mining, Herbalism, etc.) Very handy world map tool. And in AV you can see all your raid in little circles numbered by group. The class of the player is shown by color of the circle. And if the circle is flashing red you can see that they’re in combat. Imagine knowing exactly where every fight is in AV. (Or AB.)

I keep this and Healbot so I can do more. (This is good for when you use Grid (below) and where the raid would otherwise overwhelm Healbot.)

“Skins” the Bartender bars and more.

How much DPS am I doing? How much healing am I doing?

This makes buying warlock pet spells easier.

This provides the setup options for other Ace add-ons in one place.

This will allow unit frames to show the Druids mana when he’s in other shapes. (You’ll recover mana after shifting to cat or bear form. Handy to know when you’re full again.) Has it’s own bar, or it’ll provide the info for other unit frames (like X-Perl below.)

I like the info on buffs and debuffs.

Is that robe really better?

Provides some idea what you’re after in the battlegrounds. Relevant mostly for 60′s with lots of time on their hands.


I like info. I used Titan Bar until I found that the Ace/Fubar collection was much better memory wise. And FuBar tends not to be. (Army acronym.)

Should tell you if that recipe/pattern/schematic you see for sale in the auction house is sold by a vendor somewhere. Should.

If you’re a hunter you can use these. If not, ignore.

I like this for raids. It’ll do a compact 8×5 grid of everyone in AV. Then you can see their class, health, etc. This is where Clique comes in. I can shift-click on a person’s box to heal them, for example.

CastParty/ClickHeal add-on. This and Clique about covers it.

This is AV magic for hunters. Target the enemy off your radar like you’re some spy hunter.

Got time for that bio?

How good is that item? No, really. “Level you can use at” is not equal to “level of how good it really is.”

This is your weapon/outfit swapping add-on.

It loads with a heart beat. I think it works.

A very configurable Hud.

This is a Scrolling Combat Text competitor.

This will tell you how much health that mob really has.

This arranges your bags. Handy.

This is a nice set of inventory add-ons.

I don’t raid much, but when I did raid this fired up the Main Tank’s targets. It’s supposed to work with CT_Raid.

My chat channel has never been more organized.

Hmm. This does something.

This comes in handy for leatherworking, engineering, etc. Where one item is made of other items that are made of yet other items. Try it.

This really works. I love the info I get. I hate it when I’m crit for *1337* by a rogue. Punk.

Mini-map adjustments.

This is a crafting queue.

For those that need to compare themselves with others, and compare those others with yet others. I got it a while back because it’s how I tracked my own +Healing and +Resist info.

ItemRack will handle trinkets. This is better.

This is similar to ItemLevel. However where ItemLevel looks at stats, this goes a step farther. This appears to be a realistic item level.

Quick looting+.

I used to use Classic Perl Bars. Now I use XPerl because I like the configuration possibilities better. And there’s arcane bars for most units. And it looks good. I like it a lot.

This is a collection of hunter add-ons providing pet, aspect, tracking, trap pull-down action bars. Handy to free up your own action bars for /emotes. I keep the pet, aspect, and trap menus enabled. I use the GFW tracker add-on.

Anyway, that’s what I play with.


Posted by on January 14, 2007 in Addons


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