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The scammers make me laugh

No invite from the beta yet for me, but that’s not keeping some good folks in China from inviting me to sign up for it on, or  It changes day to day.  Either Blizzard has gone insane, and has also honestly forgotten my current e-mail account, or they’ve got some really poor Quality Control over in the hack shops there in Beijing.

And it is China since my interim e-mail provider reported 2 accesses of my account from China shortly after the initial hacks had taken place.

BAD HACKER, BAD.  您是壞人民。  請中止。

But it’s amusing because it’s so pitifully bad.

Blizzard’s recommendation is to bookmark their sites for yourself.  And if somebody wants you to click something taking you there, take your own link there.


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Kinless no more.

I’d ask “Horde or Alliance?” but this little baby boy could be most any player in Wintergrasp.

And, yes, I’ve said goodbye to sleep apparently.


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