Sad pirate.

07 Apr

Kramer: This is going to be a new look for the ’90s. You’re going to be the first pirate!
Jerry: But I don’t want to be a pirate!

Jerry has about as much choice in the matter as I do apparently.

No, not about being a pirate.  (However, my Death Knight just so happens to actually BE a Bloodsail Pirate Admiral.)  No, it’s not about that.

My Death Knight is Blood spec.  I like that spec.  I want to do single target DPS.  I like that my DPS can extend to one extra target when I start throwing Heart Strikes around.  That’s how I roll.  That’s how I like it.

I don’t want the miasma of the diseases and the the ghouls.  I don’t want the stress of tanking.  I don’t want to be Unholy or Frost spec.

All my gear is geared for Blood spec.  (Strength, strength, and strength when I can manage it.  Oh, and strength.)

So my Blood spec is being handed a puffy shirt, the “new look of the 90s,” and I’m expected to be the tank in the future?  (See’s article about it.)

Criminy.  Because I want my Death Knight to be DPS-But-Not-Unholy-DPS and not Dual-Wielding-Frost-DPS because I’ve become attached to my two-handed axe.

It’s Cataclysm, so no harm done I suppose.   Quest reward greens will replace Tier 9 soon enough.

I still don’t want to be a pirate though.

(The news, HUGE, came real close to April Fool’s day, no?)

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