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I too thought WTF?

Second time I confronted Bronjahm in Forge of Souls I heard the music.  (First time I confronted him:  “Man, I hope I don’t die.  Follow their lead.  What’s that?  Wait, what’s that?  What’s *that.*  Is that dangerous?  What’s that?”)

And I was thinking, 2nd time paying a visit, “What on earth is that playing?  It’s not my music.  It *is* music.  It can’t be in-game.  How on earth am I listening to someone else’s mp3s on their machine?”

And Bronjahm himself is pretty hip.  Oh yeah, “gimme hip.”

This is a fairly different direction taken musically from a lot of the previous content.  By “fairly different” I mean born of different mothers on different planets with entirely different biological make-up.  One being carbon-based, the other being IFG-based.

The music in the Grizzly Hills is some of my favorite in the game, in any game.

But from the mournful Uilleann Pipes of the Grizzly Hills to the Dirty Sax in the Ice Crown Citadel, they’ve gone a long way.  Too long.

It’s a fantasy game.  And, yeah, there’s a lot of in-game references to popular culture.  But they’re here and there and somewhat isolated little gems.  But now, up in ICC, there’s the Godfather of Soul taking you down, to the accompaniment of soul music? … That’s a little too unsubtle for me.

And, please, let there be no truth to the rumors that L85ETC is writing the soundtrack, no matter how appropriate the title may be, for the Cataclysm expansion.  But with Goblins in charge, who knows our direction; trapped behind the Greymane Wall might feel like a blessing.


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So, how was I?

In my Heroic instance runs I’m always curious about how well I’m doing.  It’s a natural tendancy to want to pull my weight, so I run Recount and make sure I’m paying enough attention, both while hammering at mobs, as well as beforehand where I look into ability rotations and theorycraft, and then also ensure I’m buffed enough, to consider myself as useful to the group.  And I’m usually always on the top of the Damage Done chart.  And I’m a cheap bastard so I don’t pull aggro and have repair bills.

But every once in a while there’s somebody along who just knocks me down and mops the floor with me when it comes to Damage Done.  A Paladin in PvP gear, with PvP gems, and PvP enchants, using Seal of Command (I’ve got to get my Paladin on that).  She beat me, though her average iLevel was only a little higher than mine.  And a Warrior last night.  Undead, so you can’t really tell how good the gear is on them by sight, but higher iLevel.  He tore into the first pack in Drak’Tharon (the troll place) and topped 6k DPS.  I’m running along in 2nd place with my 2-mob AoE Blood Spec.

Was he really outperforming me?  Have I again reached my plateau?  No.  Because in addition to Recount I’m also running GearScore.  And together they tell me how well I did compared to others based on my output AND my gear level, against other people, what they did with what they were geared with.  I actually still beat the Warrior, performance wise.  So that’s good to know.  I’d be right there with him if I were in his gear.

Output = skill/spec/build & gear.

Recount + GearScore will show your performance and normalize it for your gear.  If you’re still down in the ranks it could be time to adjust your talents, spec, and/or your use of abilities.

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Nerd Rage Revenge?

So, what’s up with the instant-queue tanks bailing on all the runs?

Is it amusing to queue up, get 4 random people suckered into an instance, and immediately quit group and leave the instance?

That’s 15 minutes I can’t requeue for another run.  There’s like 5 tanks, out of 11 million players, in the 70-79 level range.

Or do tanks decide “There’s nothing for me in this instance but stress and more than 15 minutes of work.  I’ll drop group, wait 15 minutes, and instantly have another group in possibly another instance, one with something I want.  If not, I’ll drop group again, wait another 15 minutes, and try again.”

So then we finally do get a tank that sticks around.  Troll Warrior.  We clear the Nexus.  Towards the end there’s some inside conversation going on.  The Resto Shammy says something unkind towards the tank.  Once Kele’s down, the instance is complete, the Mage and the Shammy call her, the tank, a fag and then drop group.  WTF was going on? She’d said nothing the entire run.  Had done a great job holding mobs and we had no deaths.  She deserved that?

Or are we now insulting the folks willing to tank because they have instant queues and the rest of us wait upwards of 30 minutes or more?  And that’s causing them to just bail than deal with it?

I’ve got plate.  Maybe they’ve got alts.


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Alone again, or

One of my favorite songs.  I first heard the Ufo version of it, “Alone again, or” back in college, one of my roommates had the lp, and I loved it.  I didn’t know at the time that it was apparently originally done by a group called Love in 1967.  The Calexico cover of it, video embedded above, is actually very good as well.

My Death Knight in Stratholme, before the Culling began.

Well, he made that table himself, and with pugs for company made it to 80, and 4 pieces of Tier 9 and the helm one Tier more.

That’s not to say I adventure alone.  The lovely Droonda, Shaman Princess, is often at my side.  Lately in Wintergrasp.  Where, it seems like, she’s the only other member of the Horde there with me.

And just last night Droonda reached another plateau.  Reaching 80 was a while back.  Now she’s in a full set of Gladiator gear.  And looking very spiffy, thank you very much.

You’ve come, as always, a long way, baby!

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Bad Attitude is Bad

Three new folks later in our Halls of Stone run and I had to laugh.

The first person left because they were called to dinner.  Apparently by Mommy.  After needing for an off-spec item, purple no less.  Not before posting the one fight where they happened to top the damage output list.  (I didn’t want to embarass sonny by posting the overall damange report for the instance.)  So off went sonny boy, to eat dinner.

The second person that left our group was a Warlock.  When the Tree Druid encouraged the Prot Warrior to chain pull, Halls of Stone, he didn’t stop.  We’re in that location with the little crystal mobs and the dwarves… Well one of the crystals aggrod on the ‘lock.  By now the Warrior was already 2 mob groups ahead of everyone.  I’m a Blood Spec DK, I have a 2-mob AoE so I keep up with the tank.  I could have deathgripped the mob off the Warlock, but tanks get pissy, and I mean pissy like sissy little girls, when you aggro or taunt something on purpose, so to heck with that.  Warlocks under the care of the Warrior.  I mean, the Warlock didn’t die, the loose mob died, so no harm done.  But the Warlock said in chat “You forgot one back here.”  The Warrior responds “You shouldn’t have aggro’d it.”  Warlock comes back with “Huh?”  And drops group.  We four-manned the boss.

DPS being dime a dozen we had an instant replacement.  Who was annoyed that he was getting 2 badges less for the run.  Tough timing.  But it wasn’t long before the Warrior states “Hunter no pull.  I’ll pull.”  “?” is the Hunter’s response.  Bye bye hunter.

So we’ve replaced 3 DPS now in 3 runs.  And we had a different healer each time as well.

I don’t know.  This Warrior had the personality of a jackass.  Unguilded.  Likely to remain so, despite the gearing up he’s been doing via pugs.

Civility costs nothing.  You can give it out for free.  Try it sometime.

P.S. And it’s no fluke.  The Oculus appears to be far easier than before.  4 runs, 4 runs complete.  Twice with the all Ruby Drake + land based Healer, and twice with the standard 2+2+1 setup.  Easy loot.


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Oculus Easier?

I’ve had the Oculus come up twice now since the cross-realm Pug-Fest began.

On the first visit our Healer was shot out of the sky by Dragons and dropped group.  The Paladin dropped group.  The Rogue said “Re-Queue” and then dropped group.  As did the last of them.  “What the hell.”

Last night was my 2nd visit.  This is after the “changes” were made.  One notable change with the “personal loot bag” you get.

So, our Healer is a Druid this time.  First time they’d been there.  (She died when the Mage Lord ‘ported and she failed to get behind a column.  And she headed one direction while we pulled him another, and … well, it was her first time.)

But shortly and easily enough we stood before Eregos, 2 red drakes, 2 amber, 1 green.  I was on a red drake.  I pretty much moved like I do when on a tournament horse, firing and moving.  I ran from the floaty balls.  I got close to the healer to get my health back.  I fired, and fired some more.  I evaded when I had the charges.

End result: Eregos dead, Heroic mode, first try, noobs on board (me included).

We open our bags.  I got 3 red gems and 2 badges.  The warrior got an Azure Drake.  Sweet to be him.

Did they make the Oculus fight easier?  This isn’t an exercise in DPS pwnage, but the ability to use vehicles to their fullest, doing things when they needed to be done.

But I’m glad we got ‘er done.

And, in the future, should the Oculus come up again, I know for a fact that it’s not difficult.  Stick it out in the instance,  play smart, and collect your Azure Drake mount.


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Bind on Account Enchants for your Head and Shoulders

Here’s a simple list (info per WoW Head) of Bind on Account Head and Shoulder enchants, who to get them from, and when.

You’ll need to be level 80 to apply the enchant to your own gear.  And remember you can mail them cross faction, your Horde character to your Alliance and vice versa.  It all depends on who’s got your rep and money.


Arcanum of Blissful Mending
Binds to account
Requires The Wyrmrest Accord – Revered
Use: Permanently adds 30 spell power and 10 mana per 5 seconds to a head slot item.
Cost: 128g

Arcanum of Burning Mysteries
Binds to account
Requires Kirin Tor – Revered
Use: Permanently adds 30 spell power and 20 critical strike rating to a head slot item.
Cost: 128g

Arcanum of Torment
Binds to account
Requires Knights of the Ebon Blade – Revered
Use: Permanently adds 50 attack power and 20 critical strike rating to a head slot item.
Cost: 128g

Arcanum of the Savage Gladiator
Binds to account
Requires Alliance Vanguard/Horde Expedition – Exalted
Use: Permanently adds 30 Stamina and 25 resilience rating to a head slot item.
Cost: 120g

Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector
Binds to account
Requires Argent Crusade – Revered
Use: Permanently adds 37 Stamina and 20 defense rating to a head slot item.
Cost: 128g


Greater Inscription of the Axe
Binds to account
Requires The Sons of Hodir – Exalted
Use: Permanently adds 40 attack power and 15 critical strike rating to shoulder armor.
Cost:  80g

Greater Inscription of the Crag
Binds to account
Requires The Sons of Hodir – Exalted
Use: Permanently adds 24 spell power and 8 mana per 5 seconds to a shoulder slot item.
Cost: 80g

Greater Inscription of the Pinnacle
Binds to account
Requires The Sons of Hodir – Exalted
Use: Permanently adds 20 dodge rating and 15 defense rating to shoulder armor.
Cost: 80g

Greater Inscription of the Storm
Binds to account
Requires The Sons of Hodir – Exalted
Use: Permanently adds 24 spell power and 15 critical strike rating to a shoulder slot item.
Cost: 80g

Anyway, I hope this is of some help.  With all the running around, and quest chains and rep grinds to get involved in, it’s easy to lose track of every opportunity.  And your Pug group will thank you for thinking of it.

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I need to read the Patch Notes better.

I was over reading Tobold’s blog and he mentioned mailing his heirlooms cross faction to another character of his.

Now, I did read where that was planned for the future, this mailing of heirlooms across faction lines to yourself, but I didn’t realize it was already available.

See, recently I’ve been working on some faction reps to get access to the BoA Head and Shoulder Enchants.  Arcanum of Torment from Knights of the Ebon Blade, etc.

Now I was thinking I was going to have to level up folks of each faction to the right reputation level, Revered or Exalted in some cases.

Well, according to Tobold, and some Patch Notes somewhere, that’s not the case.  No.

Did the rule for Heirlooms apply to any other Bind on Account item?

My Blood Elf Death Knight got Revered with the Knights of the Ebon Blade and picked up two of the head enchants.  One for himself, one for my Orc Warrior.  Before applying it to his own equipment my Orc Warrior mailed it to my Human Paladin instead.  Mail delivered, enchant applied.


Because I have access to a BoA with one character, all characters regardless of faction can have it now.

It also means my Draenei Warrior will be dual wielding Arcanite Reapers.  (I’d wanted to do that anyway.  And seals are easy enough to get and I’ve got four Crusaders so why not?)

I have *GOT* to read Patch Notes better!

Less time farming reputation and seals, more time Pugging and leveling.



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