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Happy New Years Folks!

The first of the years fireworks from Sydney, Australia.

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We have to do it every day.

After our walk today, in a matter of fact tone, I mention to my lovely wife: “You know.  We have to do it every day.”

She thought that was funny.

And into Sethekk Halls we went.  Again.

As it turned out, this very day was to be our last day.


Turned out the Raven God has a twin brother.  And he’s also broken to the saddle.

This is really rather cool.

(And with 20 badges, that means 19 tries for 2 mounts.)

And I couldn’t have done it without my loving wife.  Thanks, dear!


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Merry Christmas to you

As we gather with friends and family, making our homes warm with cheer, the smells of cooking, and wasail simmering on the stove top, let us remember the reason for the season, the birth of Jesus.

Merry Christmas everyone.

And I hope to see you in the morning at Greatfather Winter’s Tree, in Orgrimmar *and* Ironforge, checking out what gifts we get this year.  (I’m hoping for a Green Protodrake for Droonda and the Reins of Anzu for Greenclaw.)

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Nobody comments when you’re on top

The new Looking for Dungeon tool has been working really very well.  I’m using it to get level up some while I save the quests to do with my wife.

Some things I’ve noticed:

1) Most all the Tanks I’ve run with in these random instance have been Paladins.  I’ve had one Warrior tanking, and one Druid tanking (and we finished both instances as well.)  But, for the most part, it’s been Paladins tanking.  They have the perhaps unique ability to allow DPS to be as messy, sloppy, over-aggroing as they want.

2) Death Knights don’t tank. Not pre-80 it seems.  I’ve yet to run with another Death Knight, much less see a Death Knight tanking.  I thought DK’s were supposed to be everywhere?  (Once, a long time ago, on another character, we had a DK tanking.)  But why the dearth of DK’s in the LFD random instances?  Are they all 80 and tanking Heroics?

3) I’ve seen every kind of healer healing.  Priests, Druids, and Shamans.  Ah.  I guess I can say I’ve never seen a Holy Paladin heal an instance yet.  (I guess they’re all busy tanking.)

3) Nobody complains about DPS, or Heals, in these groups.  Both have always been good enough to complete anything I’ve entered into.  (Every instance in the Level 68 to Gundrak range.)  I did see a Paladin quit when the level 80 Huntard refused to take his pet off Growl.  We were in a mid-70′s instance, and we were all mid-70′s except the Hunter.  But, otherwise, DPS and Heals have always been fine.  If you’re not wanting to test the waters, afraid others will let you down, don’t worry.  It’ll be fine.  Carry your weight and you’ll get to see a lot of Emblems.

4) People who tend to post Damage/DPS charts in party chat are the ones on the top of those charts.  I don’t post those though.  And I’ve never not been on top.   So I don’t see a lot of comments about damage or DPS levels or such.  (On the other hand the last Paladin tank did comment on our Rogues performance.  He swapped weapons and improved I think.  I just concern myself with the dark red bar maintaining a comfortable lead on top.)

My dungeon running Death Knight is blood spec  now.  And I’m no longer worrying about dropping death and decay or pestilence and bloodboil to maximize “aoe” damage.  I do use pestilence, and then just heartstrike my blood runes away.  Attacking two targets well is better than a lot of targets poorly.

It’s been fun.  And I’m seeing a lot of instances this way.


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LFG Tool is AOK.

I’ve been having some pretty great success with the LFG Tool.

Yes, it’s with my level 74 DK, but the tanks I’ve been grouped with, each and every one a Paladin, has done very well, and the healers have let very few die, and the DPS isn’t incompetent from what I can tell.

So far, in the mid-70′s range, I’ve been to Gundrak, Drak’Tharan Keep, Utgard Keep, Nexus, Ankahet, and Azjol-Nerub.  I’ve gotten a spiffy sword, bracers, and a chest piece I can’t wear for 2 more levels.  And a few enchanting mats that’ll find a good use.

All in all, this LFG Tool has worked amazingly well and fits an obvious niche in the gaming experience.  This has got Warhammer’s Public Quests beat like old batter.

P.S. Let me apologize for my spam filter.  I didn’t realize how many “non-spam” comments it would be catching.  I will keep better tabs on comments that might be pending that aren’t spam and release them.

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Two Druids staying busy.

Anzu is ours.  Itarilde’s to be precise.

It’s rather easy, except for the random number generator part of it.

One more set of reins to go.


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LFG? More like LFW.

The new Looking for Group tool is working out more like Looking for Waldo, and being color blind.

I was very excited to finally have pugging instances be friendly, and have a LOT more people involved.  I mean, this is cross-server, and there’s, like, 110 million players.  (Okay, 4-8 million in North America where I play.)  That’s a LOT of potential party members.

Let’s ride!

Level 72 DK DPS looking to do any random dungeon.  Sign me up.

Yep, I’m ready.

Let’s go.  I’m here.  Ready.

:/  Hmm, how the group assembling?  Lessee.  Me.  No Tank.  No Healer.  No other DPS.  10 minute average wait.

15 minute average wait.

19 minute average wait.

Um.  Any freaking body needing to go to Utgard Keep, or Nexus, or any freaking anything?

I’m there.  LFG.


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3.3 Thoughts

Lag, lot’s of it, once I managed to get on.  It seemed to go away after a few hours.  The ZOMG NEW CONTENT rush off to Icecrown must have fixed that.

Titanium, and lots of it.  Via Alchemy, of course.  No more Titantium Transmute cooldown.  I’ve seen it where I collect 200+ Saronite Ore just trying get 6 Titanium Ores to have the 3 bars to make the 1 Titansteel Bar.  Now I simply need to collect 24 bars of Saronite (or 48 ore) to create the 3 Titanium bars.  That’s about 1/3 to 1/4 the Ore Mining required to get a Titansteel bar produced.  Sweet.  Maybe I’ll craft two more Titansteel Destroyers for our Deathknights.  (I’ve already 8 Titansteel bars created, and just need another 8.  It’s kind of trivial to make at this point.)

Glyph of Eternal Water.  The thing I was looking forward to most in 3.3 was getting the Glyph of Eternal Water for my wife’s Mage.  Now she’s got a permanent Water Elemental pet.

Battleground XP.  It exists, and has gotten a boost.  My level 72 Deathknight was getting about 12-13k experience for a Balinda kill.  That’s way up from previously.  In 2-3 AV’s and a WSG I made 10% of a level.  Not terrible.  (This will let me level up and save the quests to do with my wife.) 

To those who think “72 in AV?  You’re a waste of a slot.” I say “au contraire.”  My role in Alterac Valley is to harrass enemy players.  I keep them from stealthing to the bunker flag with a death & decay circle that I maintain.  I’ve never seen a stealther attempt it, so I think it works.  And the cooldown = the duration, so that helps too.  And then there’s the “Hey, where are you going?  Come, meet my friends.” move.  I make a point of bringing in stragglers to where my side can effectively destroy them with the least amount of effort.  “Here, have another Shaman.”  Folks already ride past me, assess my level, think they’ve got an easy kill, dismount and come at me.  I position myself to snag them and bring them into a group, and they’re undoubtedly thinking “Oh, look.  Free lunch!”

Now it was in Warsong Gulch where this worked real fine.  Death and Decay is a great support for the flag carrier.  I’ll drop it ahead of the runner.  If someone gets past me I’ve got chains of ice, and a deathgrip, to pull them back.  My first time in WSG (I went since it was the daily, earning me gold, xp, honor, and arena points (woohoo!)) we managed a perfect game.  And I was 3rd or 4th in Killing Blows.  “Mind the Death Knights, they bite.

I was thinking the Argent Crusade and the Tournament would be all into the Ice Crown assault thing.  No.  The tournament remains unchanged.  No new “Make Arthas’ life suck” dailies or anything like that.

I did pick up a quest.  Go see Lady Sylvanas in the Forge of Souls.  Isn’t that a dungeon?  The quest doesn’t say so.  It’s not a group quest.  Uh.  Okay.  So I go, I figure I’ll stick my head inside, find the Lady, and turn in the quest.  Oh no, no can do.  Forge of Souls is an instance.  An instance, you guessed it, that can’t be found.

Anyway, that’s my first night with 3.3.  8 thoughts, so 4.7 apologies.


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Four years of posts, five years of play.

I notice, by looking at my monthly archives, at the bottom of the page on the left here, that I’ve been posting stuff since December of 2005.  Which means I’ve been posting now for four years, and playing for over five.  Yow.

In that first year of playing I went from being a solo player on an RP server, to being a raider on a PvP server.

The second year playing I delved with my guild further into Molten Core and Blackwing Lair and then I dropped out of the raiding scene due to an overseas transfer.  Also I got my wife hooked and Droonda was born.

The third year we were overseas and out of synch with the server by 7 hours.  But between the two of us, a friend who worked with me overseas being on my server, and a guild we’d found with some nightowls, we found plenty to do.

The fourth year I returned to stateside, reestablished some acquaintences from earlier and got back into raiding.  This time through the Burning Crusade, into Serpentshrine Cavern and the Black Temple. 

The fifth year, when I realized I wasn’t carrying my weight (and Taurens are heavy) I dropped out of the raiding scene again (You can dance, if you want to.) and returned to my solo, now duo, ways.

I do look forward to the cross-server pick-up group feature coming in 3.3.  That should mean a lot more people available for getting into some instances.

We’re still enjoying the PvP and it’s “public quest” aspects.  Wintergrasp and Alterac Valley remain enjoyable pasttimes, no matter how many times I’m stunlocked. 

Anzu, Anzu, Anzu.  We’ll be riding you soon enough.

And bring on the Cataclysm.  I’ve got a Warlock to play!


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