Video killed the radio star.

17 Jan

Yep.  The Buggles.

I was in Best Buy today, looking for the Blue Planet on Blu-Ray.  I did not find it.  We’d just enjoyed Planet Earth on blu-ray and wanted to see more.

Anyway, we didn’t find it, picked something else up, paid, and left.  Never even headed back to the computer games section.

I remember not that long ago, just before World of Warcraft, I’d regularly go look at the computer games section in stores.  I’d buy a game a month sometimes.  I was reading PC Gamer and the other gaming magazines.  Downloading demos used up a lot of diskettes and then cd-roms.

Along came World of Warcraft, and I was done with all that.  I didn’t want to waste my time with some stand-alone experience.

When I do look in the PC games sections now, they’re much smaller then five years ago.  It’s almost like they grudgingly give up a shelf or two and the store is otherwise filled, FILLED, with console titles.

I was only half looking forward to … now I can’t even think of the name.  Post apocalyptic game.  You come out of a vault?  I played the first two.  Wanted to try the third, with the new viewpoint, and have not.  I played the first two Calls of Duty.  I’m not going to try the third that’s out now.  Or soon to be released.  I can’t tell.  Quake, Unreal Tournament?  Same.

Have PC Gamers stuck with World of Warcraft through new game cycles, ignoring them and thus starving the industry?

Nobody is making a WoW killer, and has this robbed the industry of it’s livelihood?

Has World of Warcraft killed the PC game market?

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Posted by on January 17, 2009 in Musings


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