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Fifty clams.

So you’re a Druid.  And you’ve just picked up the Polearms skill.  But now what?  Auction House?  Not if you’re level 7o or so and have started questing in the Borean Tundra.

I’ve got a tip for you.  It’s called the Tidebreaker Trident.  And it’s yours for 50 clams.  That’d be Winterfin clams, of course.

And you get those all over the place up there.  Both above ground on the beach, inside the cave, and underwater.  It’s pretty much trivial to acquire it if you do the King Mrglgrgl quests with the Winterfin.

It used to be 100 clams.  Now it’s 50.  And it wasn’t always as nice as it is now.  This beats any quest reward I’ve seen in the three starting zones of Northrend.

With all the Attack Power and Agility I picked one up for my Hunter as well.  It finally replaced my TBC two-handed axe.

Yes, call me a noob.  But for fifty clams, it’s a steal.  And might be useful for more than a couple folks.

P.S. And it’s the same model as the beloved Nexusstrike of Molten Core.


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180. 280. 400? And then what? And for the game?

I went to the Outlands with 3 level 60 characters. My raiding shaman, Stormsoul, my warrior, Msaker, and my first character ever, a hunter, Arcarius. I journeyed to Northrend with 4 level 70 characters. The group above, and adding my druid, Greenclaw, to the list. Am I set to achieve that level of progression for the Emerald Dream? Will I have 5 level 80 characters? I think so. At least 5.

Stormsoul is already 80, two months after Northrend was opened to us. Msaker is level 75 now, Greenclaw is level 74. Arcarius spends a bit too much time with leather to be making decent leveling progress, he’s only level 71. But he’s also crafting Boomkin, Feral, and Hunter armor sets for folks who’ll get to level 80 without stepping foot in an instance. These should all reach 80 out of simple principle. By the next expansion? I think I’ve got time since the expansion has not even been mentioned yet expect in passing by speculators such as myself.

Candidates for being 80 in time for that are my Paladin, level 61 and my Death Knight, level 64. Inscriptionists both, with easy access to plentiful Northrend herbs (via Stormsoul and Greenclaw), they’ve at least got to be level 65 to master the last step of the profession, and then it’s just research. 65 to 68 should be easy enough and Northrend is thereby opened up. I think I’m going to have a lot of experience with Northrend by then.

And, is it me, or is it the Death Knight being OP, or did they make things easier in the Outlands? That guy in the Umbrafen village there in Zangarmarsh. One of the first quests. You kill so many seers, witchdoctors, and this guy. I thought he had a guard of two others with him, and one extra patrolling. Last night we crashed his party, we got the patrol, and found him alone. And the wife and I were a literal swamp monster man wrecking crew as we ripped the oppressors of the Sporelings a lot of new ones. We may as well just simply have aggroed the entire cave at one time and just aoe’d them down all at once. Iron Chef Sautee Competition, here we come!

Anyway. Two parter today.

The Ice Crown was an obvious location for an expansion. Northrend existed in lore. And, voila, we got it.

Where could the game go next?

The city of Undermine and the (small? jungle?) island of Kezan. When are the goblins going to get some respect? How about we give Azeroth’s other greenskin race some credit? I’m not sure if this island they’re found on is part of the Broken Islands, where Sargeras’ tomb is located, or another set of islands. Lots of islands. You need a maritime angle now.

Don’t forget Nazjatar, the Naga city in the deep waters below the Maelstrom. You pop some domes up underwater, populate it with Naga civilization, and you’ve got something there. Yes, maybe the Naga have water breathing, but let’s pretend they prefer to breath air like their ancestors did.  Blizzard’s done the best of any MMORPG using underwater environments, let’s capitalize on it and take it further.

And to access this water milieu you’ve got ports and zeppelins, and you’ve got two closer locations as well. Open up Kul Tiras, for the Alliance, off the coast of Khaz Modan, and Gilneas, for the Horde, those darned Forsaken taking over!, south of Silverpine as access points to the Maelstrom. As an added bonus, add the Kulak walrus people to the list of Alliance races, the maritime angle, and add the Worgen as a Horde race, given the Gilneas angle.

Nazjatar and the islands of the southern seas, accessed by KulTiras and Gilneas, two new races, and you’ve got a full blown expansion. Replace this expansion’s ice with jungle, and Vikings with sailors, and you’ve got it.

Well, that’s one expansion.  How about another?

The Emerald Dream is technically as far ranging as the entire world already. It’s the dream to our waking state. And it’s already breaking through in places. There’s that tunnel entrance leading out of Moonglade with some funky things happening in there. What would happen if the Emerald Dream erupted into a nightmare and started breaking through to our side of things? What nightmares will enter our world and require resistance and opposition to it?

And could Malfurian Stormrage be the next super villain? After all, consider that Illidian only did the things he did in interest of the ultimate greater good. Maybe Malfurian’s got some things to “fix,” by any means he feels necessary.  Or the satyrs, created by the Burning Legion, (as opposed to the Naga that were created by the Old Gods), are on the loose again, staged for conquest in our Emerald Dream, for real this time, and it’s going to take everything we’ve got to stop them.  For once you lose your dreams, what have you got left to fight for?

As for how the progression might play out, how about the islands and the new lands representing a further broadening to the game world, given new races, and let that be 1-80 lands. Heck, make it 1-68, some new zones for new races, then providing some locations to be an alternative to the Outlands, and then let the new and up and coming players complete 68-80 in the frozen north.

Then, for the progression of depth, let the 80-90 (80-100, run with it) content be in the Emerald Dream and/or fighting against it’s nightmares.

Naturally, 100, the final stretch, will involve us reaching the stars. We’ve already got spaceships in the lore. You’ve got the Exodar, Tempest Keep, even the goblins rickety X-52. I think it’ll be game over, scroll the credits, once we bump into the Protoss, Zerg, and Terrans. That’s a few years away though. :)

Or is it?


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Video killed the radio star.

Yep.  The Buggles.

I was in Best Buy today, looking for the Blue Planet on Blu-Ray.  I did not find it.  We’d just enjoyed Planet Earth on blu-ray and wanted to see more.

Anyway, we didn’t find it, picked something else up, paid, and left.  Never even headed back to the computer games section.

I remember not that long ago, just before World of Warcraft, I’d regularly go look at the computer games section in stores.  I’d buy a game a month sometimes.  I was reading PC Gamer and the other gaming magazines.  Downloading demos used up a lot of diskettes and then cd-roms.

Along came World of Warcraft, and I was done with all that.  I didn’t want to waste my time with some stand-alone experience.

When I do look in the PC games sections now, they’re much smaller then five years ago.  It’s almost like they grudgingly give up a shelf or two and the store is otherwise filled, FILLED, with console titles.

I was only half looking forward to … now I can’t even think of the name.  Post apocalyptic game.  You come out of a vault?  I played the first two.  Wanted to try the third, with the new viewpoint, and have not.  I played the first two Calls of Duty.  I’m not going to try the third that’s out now.  Or soon to be released.  I can’t tell.  Quake, Unreal Tournament?  Same.

Have PC Gamers stuck with World of Warcraft through new game cycles, ignoring them and thus starving the industry?

Nobody is making a WoW killer, and has this robbed the industry of it’s livelihood?

Has World of Warcraft killed the PC game market?

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Above all, have fun.


My stab at the motivational thing.

Any complaints, address to Matt Foley.

Alright, how’s everybody? Good! Good! Good! Now, as your father probably told you, my name is Matt Foley, and I am a Motivational Speaker! Now, let’s get started by me giving you a little bit of a scenario of what my life is all about! First off, I am 35 years old.. I am divorced.. and I live in a van down by the river! Now, you kids are probably saying to yourself, “Now, I’m gonna go out, and I’m gonna get the world by the tail, and wrap it around and put it in my pocket!!” Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re probably gonna find out, as you go out there, that you’re not gonna amount to Jack Squat!!” You’re gonna end up eating a steady diet of government cheese, and living in a van down by the river!  Now, young man, what do you want to do with your life?

Great Chris Farley, SNL stuff.

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“Kirin Tor is full.” Say what?

I remember Argent Dawn, years (shocking, no?) ago, and they had queues to log on.  The world would be full most nights I looked to step into it.

Since then I’ve transferred servers here and there, and have been on Kirin Tor for a while now.

And tonight is probably the first night I’ve ever attempted to log on to KT and gotten a message that it’s full and I was in a queue.

Way to go Blizzard!  And that’s meant in a good way.  The game continues to deliver for a lot of people.

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In defense of Shamanism.

I play a Shaman.  My friend plays a Shaman.  My wife plays a Shaman.  Which only goes to show you what noobs we are.

See, Shamans are the least popular class in the game.  Even soul sucking Warlocks, without a saving grace, other than being a requirement to kill Garr in Molten Core, are more popular.  WoW Insider has a story about it.

And I have to wonder: “Why??”

It’s a very powerful class.  It solos pretty well right from the get go.  Early play involves a combination of casting lightning bolts and knock stuff silly with big weapons.  In time the big weapon is imbued with Windfury and you’re really going to step out.  A little further in and you’re replacing your leather with mail armor.  You just became like this mini-Warrior.  Anyone remember the Shaman tanking General Drakkisith, when level 60 was the max?  And then you’re replacing your big two-hander with two one-handers.  Dual wielding Windfury (the flavor now might be windfury + flame tongue for synergy with flame lash, if I’m not mistaken) you’re pretty much a whirlwind of death.

My first, and only 80, is my Shaman.  It was trivial once I got flight to knock everything else out.  Being Elemental, I played the caster with solid self-healing ability, and when things got real bad I had some emergency features to use.  Stone Claw Totem, Earth and Fire Elemental Totems, Thunderstorm and run, etc, and I’d live to fight another day.  I can count on one hand, and have a few fingers left to hold a beer, how many corpse runs I made in Wrath of the Lich King on my way to 80.

Shamans have group buffs, can heals others and themselves, can melee or cast really well.

They say Hunters are the ultimate soloists.  I’ve got a Hunter.  I still prefer my Shaman.  He’s a self-contained execution machine.  (And by “execution” I mean getting things done.)

They’re good healers, good casters, good melee dps.  There’s nothing wrong with them.

So, why are they least popular?  The totems thing??


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Ripped off!

And I worked so hard at it.

Here’s a tip for those seeking the title Chef and doing everything and thinking you only need those last 30 Northrend recipes cooked up to get the achievement Northrend Gourmet and thus complete the cooking achievement Hail to the Chef.

It’s a lie.

See, once you get 30, you do get the achievement flash.  Yay!

But then you’re invited to go get 45.   I’ve been gipped.  Ripped off.

Better still, several of the recipes are not even in the game.  Yeah, yeah, they’ll patch in a fix sometime.  Big freaking deal.  Oh yeah, one of the recipes REQUIRES you, apparently, to PvP, requiring five “daily tokens.”  (It’s obviously not the Dalaran cooking tokens, because you need those for like the last 20 recipes.)  I don’t want to be required to PvP for anything.  I’ll choose to PvP.  Don’t force me.  Not for a freaking “Chef” title.  “Champion” or “Brutal Gladiator,” fine.  I’ll expect to PvP for those.  But “Chef?”  I ain’t buying it.  Bad form, Blizzard.  Bad form. The latest patch notes indicate all the rest available via a quest or Dalaran Cooking Awards.  Sweet.  I’ll be Chef yet.  (And I won’t be killed doing it.)



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New Year, New Spec.

Not for me, but for the lovely Itarilde.


Time for something new.  I’ll be tanking, she’ll be casting.  Heals?  Who had them before?!  :)

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C’mon now. Is this for real? A boss fight while in flight?

I continue to be blown away by the Expansion.

The Final fight in the Oculus we do on dragon back.  We have three different dragon choices.  Ruby, Amber, and Green.  Caster me, I took the green dragon to ride into the fights.  I have a poison spit.  (Remember Somnus in the Swamp of Sorrows and the Onyxia key quest chain?)  And I can heal another dragon.  The first fight, I didn’t understand and we failed.  Second time, it was new to two of us, we nailed it, killing the boss with what seemed full health on our drakes.  Sweet.

But, again, the stuff I’m seeing is still blowing me away.


So, all of a sudden it’s about how well you fly a drake.  You’ve been practicing, haven’t you?  With the Wyrmrest dailies?  One there in the Caldarra, and the other at the Wyrmrest in Dragonblight?  The rewards are great and the practice won’t kill you.  Oh, wait, it just might!  ;)

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Happy New Years!

Happy New Year everyone.  Be safe and successful and happy.


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