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Get informed. Go Vote.

Here are the national organization sites (in alphabetic order): Democratic Party (Relevant voting record.) Republican Party (Relevant voting record.) And to help choose between them, if the decision isn’t obvious, here is a link to Project Vote Smart. All these sites will also help you … Continue reading

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WAR’s nose despite it’s face. Pally’s nerfed? Orly?

Two part post today. WAR.  So I’m reading the forums on Warhammer Alliance.  (I think it’s a huge mistake not to have official forums.)  Some poster is complaining that he’s played all the classes to level 10 and none of them appealed … Continue reading

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Two many things to play, too little time.

I’ve been pretty much splitting my time between World of Warcraft and Warhammer Online. No ennui for me regarding Warhammer.  This ain’t a “I’m quitting WAR” post.  Heck, I’ll be the  first to admit I’ve barely scratched the surface.  I’ve … Continue reading

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