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Going on way more than three years. The slowest leveler in the world.

I was testing out some new WordPress designs for the website. I think I still like this one the best. Anyway, one of the other designs included an obvious archives list and I jumped back in time to December 2005.  … Continue reading

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First, and latest, but not last, flight.

Do you remember.  Your first Night Elf character?  Coming down to Rut’Theran Village.  (Through that strange portal.  Did you jump through too?)  And finding the Night Elf Flightmaster, Vesprystus, in that cool looking feathered armor, standing in front of the … Continue reading

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Prot AoE

The Scarlet Monastery is a bit of a test bed for me.  I can go there alone and run through and check out stuff like killing speed and tenacity. Grorc, aka Msaker on the Beta server, has been checking out … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about heads. Warhammer heads. Warhammer CE heads.

This is pretty much just a random collections of thoughts about Warhammer. The wife liked it so much we picked up a copy for her.  Or, more correctly, she got my account, and her characters, and I got a new Collector’s … Continue reading

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Trolls. Flags. Gear. Raids. Future.

I was left with the strong feeling, this morning when I woke, that last night I was dreaming that Trolls were ganking folks at the Troll bridge and folks should be careful.  Of course that’s an amalgamation of the two MMORPGs I … Continue reading

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You spin me right round.

All I know is that to me You look like you’re lots of fun Open up your lovin’ arms Watch out, here I come You spin me right round, baby Right round like a record, baby Right round, round, round … Continue reading

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Need or Greed in a time of WAR.

Last night I played around in a little WAR RvR.  I did not really appreciate earlier how decent the reputation rewards are.  It is a substantial upgrade over quest drops and the influence rewards.  I’m all of level 8 now, but … Continue reading

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Welcome to the first Warhammer vs. Warcraft debate.

Your moderator is Barney Paulsen, an unbiased Englishman, creative director for an undisclosed game company. The candidates debating tonight will be Warhammer and Warcraft.  At stake is the #1 spot on the MMORPG charts.  Warhammer is the upstart young game from an established … Continue reading

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