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Two Boos. WoW vs. WAR

I’ve got two “Boos” for you.  The first is for World of Warcraft’s Halloween activities, the other is for Warhammer Online’s version of the holiday.

The first is a short “Boo!”  Leaping out from behind a shrubbery and trying to scare you with a jovial fright “Boo!”  It’s a fun “Boo.”  There’s candy to be had throughout the lands.  Every inn in every zone on every continent on every world has an innkeeper you can ask “Trick or Treat” of, once an hour, all you want.  There’s baskets to pluck treats from.  You can get candy which give you buffs, and eat enough and you’ll humorously regret it.  Heck, they even had ZOMBIES!!!! come to town.  YOU TOO COULD BE A ZOMBIE in search of BRAAAAAINS!!!  There’s fires to put out in the newbie towns.  There’s the Headless Horseman in the Scarlet Monastery’s graveyard.  There’s some elf guy in Karazhan.  There’s something for everyone, level 1 to 70.  And it’s ongoing.  Nice.  Well played, Blizzard.

The other “Boo” is a long one.  “Booooo.”

That’s not quite adequate to describe my feeling though.  Remember the movie, the Princess Bride?  The Hag who accosts the Princess before her engagement?

Hag: Boo, boo!

Buttercup: Why do you do this?

Hag: Because you had love in your hands, and you gave it up!

Buttercup: But they would have killed Westly if I hadn’t done it!

Hag: YOUR TRUE LOVE LIVES! And yet you marry another. True love SAVED HER in the fire swamp, and she treated it like garbage. So, bow to her if you want. Bow to her. Bow to the queen of slime, the queen of filth, the queen of putrescence. Boo, boo! Rubbish, slime, filth, muck! Boo, boo, boo!

That’s the kind of “Boo” I’m thinking for Warhammer Online’s Halloween event.

Really, really disappointing.  The Wife and I enjoy these kind of in-game events.  We’ve done all the ones in World of Warcraft.  (Brewfest this year versus last was a total rip-off, but still…)  The announcement of WAR’s was … unspectacular.  But, we’re game, and wanted to check it out.

There is zero sign of anything out of the ordinary in the beginning Dwarven zone.  Zip, nada, nothing.  You’d not know anything special was afoot in the world.

Okay.  It’s WAR and there’s this Public Quest in the Tier 1 RvR zone of Chrace.  Okay.  We get our level 10 Humans and head to check it out.  Arriving in the High Elf Warcamp we pick up the “Scout the four hot spots” quests.  Good thing.  Because there was ZERO going on.  NOTHING.  NADA.  We cruised into the Public Quest area.  Saw it was 20 Order/100 versus 13 Destruction/100 score.  And nobody was around.  2 of the 4 holds were in Destruction hands so when a Dwarf tank joined us we went and captured them.  (I’m a Warrior Priest, the wife a Bright Wizard.)  One Destruction player, a Witch Elf, showed up at a taking and we killed her.  Of course the “keeps” are outside of the Public Question for “Witching Night” and we received no credit for her.

We cruised around Chrace a little more, saw NOBODY else, and gave up.

So, did we have to try the Tier 2 RvR area in Troll Country? Oh, yeah, that’s a good idea.  I did mention we were level 10?  There was some siege going on, the keep closest to the Empire Warcamp.  Players everywhere.  Fighting.  We were flagged.  It was chaotic and I never saw the PQ info pop up.  We were approached by two level 20 Destruction players.  Roh roh.  I headed towards the friendlies at the keep.  The wife ducked behind a rock and got killed by them.  I made my way back to camp.  In area chat I kept seeing “You’re not going to get credit unless you pull them into this zone.”  And “I’m killing them but not getting credit.”  Stuff like that.  That was my same experience in Tier 1.  That PQ zone was awful small.  I thought it should be the entire RvR lake.  But apparently not.

Now that “daily quest” they added, first being this holiday thing.  Kill 50 of these ghosts, and 30 of something, and 30 of something else.  Where were these things?  In Chrace we never saw a one.  We were all over that lake and never saw one of those.  Outside the Troll Country Warcamp there was a graveyard.  And, yes, those sprits were popping up.  By the time you targeted and pulled… gone.  Target, wind up the throwing … gone.  Damn, those disappeared quick.  Obviously not a problem for someone with an instant cast long range spell.  Absurd for a melee type.

And we never saw the other two.  Not being level 20, without a mount, we were in ZERO mood to go look anymore.

Funny enough, later, in the Chapter 2 Orc PQ I killed 3 more of those ghosts on my Orc.  Go figure.  Nowhere in the RvR lakes.  Completely random and arbitrary where they did appear.

And that was it.  That’s all I saw of WAR’s “Halloween event.”

I may be level 10, but that’s 25% of the level cap.  Why am I supposed to be left out of the fun?  Is it all about the end-game?  WAR is designed to have people at all levels.  You can’t force everyone into Tier 4 because what would happen in Tier’s 1 to 3?

And to that I’ve got to say “You got to me merding me.”  Pardon my French.  You’re in Europe for crying out loud, fighting in what amounts to a late medieval Germany/Austria, and they can’t provide a more “All Hallows’ Eve” flavor?

So, to that I can only say “Boo, boo! Rubbish, slime, filth, muck!

WoW, Blizzard, gets a great “Boo!” :) for their Halloween stuff.

WAR, Mythic, gets a /golfclap “Boooooo.”

What do you think?



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The common denominator is me. Level 40 griefer.

It would seem whatever faction I choose, whatever server I may find myself on, whatever flipping game I happen to be playing, my team will lose.  Over and over.  You can count on it.  If you were a betting man, you’d find me and bet that my team loses.  Whether it’s Nordenwatch with my Tank or Archmage or whatever, or my Zealot or Disciple of Khaine, I will be on the losing side and the winners will look like they do this for a living.  Coordinated attacks, moving as a group, and my side looks like roaches after the lights go on.  We might have one tank, or five, it doesn’t matter.  We will lose.  The other side always has more of everything they need than we do.  They’re everywhere, doing everything, carving through my side like a carving knife through a christmas goose. It’s just too funny.  If there were points for coming in last, like some wierd bizzaro world, I’d be raking them in.  How do I have this influence on 9 other indepent players, I do not know.

Then there’s the butt head in the public quest.  Chapter 3 of the Empire.  He’s a level 40 Dwarf tank.  He’s got the beer keg in his beard and so he’s got the Collector’s Edition of the game.  Anyway, his sport was this:  Kill as many as he could in Phase I of the event.  Basically raiders and some other class.  He’d kill way more than any of us could, logically.  Same for Phase II.  Then, when Phase III started, when the level 7 Hero came out, he’d just step away.  Basically go off to some hill and just sit there.  I figure this way he could deny everyone else the Influence to be had by doing the killing in the first two Phases.  And then sit there while the Hero times out, no chest for anyone.  Sure, we could have brought our own tank+healer+dps, but have you been around any Public Quests lately?  They’re hard to come by.  I just love how this level 40 player has got zip better to do than to grief his own side.


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WAR. What if they had a war without tanks or medicine?

How quick would we throw up the white flag of surrender if we, as a faction, failed to bring tanks and healers to a fight?  However quick the points from two, then three, flags generates from the enemy who seem to have an endless supply of tanks and healers.

What’s up with Order?  My last scenario, Nordenwatch, but of course, we had one single tank, who cried about a lack of heals, one single healer, actually a rune priest, and the rest were DPS types.  At least five Bright Wizards a couple Shadow Warriors, some Witch Hunters.  Can you steamroll in reverse?  Can you say “The Mother of All Retreats?”

Aren’t Ironbreakers ridiculously overpowered?  Bashing everyone into lava and such?  Why doesn’t everyone want to play a Stunty?  And how about those robes and swirling elegance and grace?  Doesn’t that spell out “M1 Abrams” in the Language of Love?  Don’t we all want to play Swordmasters?  Uhm, no.  I do, but not all of us.

Are the Knights of Burning Sun the answer to Order woes?  Will non-Stunty, non-Dresswearer, be the class to which Order will flock and provide at long last the tanks required to fight a proper WAR?

Or will the Dark Elf tanks be too cool for school and Destruction will get one more cool tanking class and Order will continue being the faction of squishy, “hold the bridge at all costs,” side?  Because I think the Dark Elf tanks will be cool.  I picture dual wielders as opposed to greatweapons, or maybe glaives vs. greatswords.

The Chosen are cool.  The Black Orcs are too.  Me, personally, I like Swordmasters.  Call me elitist.

I hope the KotBS are the answer to Order tanking woes.


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After a long drive, nothing quite hits the spot like brains.  Lots of brains!

Get infected and you become a zombie monster.  Allies, enemies, etc., you can attack them all.  And infect them with a lust for brains as well.

Lots of ways of being infected.  Be in the vicinity of a zombie that’s exploded.  Be infected by another player retching on you.  There are some suspicious boxes down in Booty Bay on the docks.  There are infected vermin throughout the cities.  Once you are infected, go to town.  Once you die, you’re cured except for the most likely pvp flagging you have to wait five minutes cooldown to lose.

Sometimes it’s good to be bad.

This really was a mindless, excuse the pun, bit of gameplay.  And a lot of fun to boot.


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Addon madness.

I was showing my wife screenshots from our Black Temple excursion.

She saw this screenshot and said “Can you even see the game?”

I said “I need the info.  Yes.”

Trust me, it’s fully useable.

This got me to thinking this morning, before we head out of town for a few days, and after reading about some recent thoughts on a Warhammer issue.

That is, in WoW every action I take goes from my Tauren’s fingers to the target.  Lightning, healing, shocks.  And when I cast a spell the bolt leaves my fingertips, travels the distance between, connects, and unloads it’s damage.  That’s the case, well, 95% of the time.  Quel’Danas and the Wretched are quirky sometimes with some warping happening.

In WAR, however, things are a lot more disconnected.  Playing a Bright Wizard, occasionally, I have the opportunity for some big time hits against mobs a little below my level.  Sometime I get a one-shot crit hit, and the creature’s dropped before I finish my moves.  Or it’s dropped and I still cast the follow-on gout of fire on it’s dead body, though at that point it’s no longer an eligible target, being dead and all.  There is a disconnectedness there in the combat that needs to be tightened up some.  (Hello, Mythic.  Are you taking notes from the blogosphere?)

Anyway, I’m out of here for a few days.  Take care.  Mind the Orcs/Elves.

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Photo op with Alysianah.

I saw the /emote.  Through the very walls of Altdorf.  Surprised?  You bet.  Look who Geil ran into.

Alysianah of Mystic Worlds.

Anyway, to spend a few moments in the life of a Bright Wizard and her player, go visit her site and enjoy the interview she recently gave about her and the guild <CoW> giving the Destruction side the what-for over on Averheim.  If you’re curious about the wild chaos of Realm versus Realm go read it.  She makes it sound like a lot of fun.  Dangerously, too much fun.  But that’s Bright Wizards for you.  Playing with fire and getting scorched a lot.  And liking it.  :)

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Was WoW’s end-game really nerfed? Uh, yeah.

Even we think so.  We’re good, but Saturday night we went back to Mount Hyjal, visited once before the patch, and one-shotted four bosses to wind up standing before Archimonde before calling it a night.  Last night we went to the Black Temple for the first time as a guild, and wound up killing, one-shotting, the Shade of Akama, Supremus, Najentus, Teron Gorefiend, and Bloodboil.  We called it a night staring at the Reliquary of Souls.

We got lucky in that our Frost Mage, a great player, wound up being the first ghost on the Teron Gorefiend fight.  He could probably solo the place, but he was the first, the constructs weren’t an issue, and I saw Teron Gorefiend downed for the first time.  (I ran into him for the first time months ago with a different guild.)

I got the “Jenkins” title on two characters.  On the first trip through UBRS, after we’d gotten our titles, we wound up killing Gyth so fast Rend didn’t spawn and we killed the event.  The gates didn’t open again and we had to hearth out.

And, I’ve got to say, seeing the Reliquary of Souls was incredible.  So much thought was put into that encounter, and so few people had a chance to go see it.  It’s like Blizzard reserved that bottle of Dom Perignon just for close friends and acquaintances and the rest of us were expected to be out eating cheeze dip and crackers and drinking Ripple off the card tables with paper tablecloths and liking it.

It may have been nerfed, this end-game, but it’s like Blizzard is offering up an Open House to it’s end-game before it disappears forever under a wave and an auction house full of better greens.

If you haven’t gotten into raiding yet, now’s the time to be looking for a PUG.  Not for the loot, that’s just a benny at this point, but even just to get in there and take a look.

Edit: I’ve added the screenshot.  This is the Essence of Desire from the Reliquary of Souls.

Mind blowing, acid trip, type stuff.


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The new looks in WoW.

I have given most of my characters an updated look courtesy of the barber shops.

Arcarius was given a white Mr. T mohawk.  Msaker kept his pony tail, but it’s white now, and shaved his beard and is left with gray stubble.  Honorus, the old soldier, has taken a decidedly more “wild” look, just like the King’s in Stormwind City.  (This is how he looked with the “Soldier” haircut.)  Makes him look like some Zen Master or something.  I like it.  And Stormsoul got his horns bleached.  Anyway, the reason for all the white hair is that these are my oldest characters, and I wanted them to to have matured some.


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2008 Silvermoon City, Azeroth

The end, my friends, is nigh.  Run, while you still can.

Until then, let the bears amuse you.

Even rain didn’t cancel the fun.

Every now and thing there’s things that make me chuckle.  Those gnomes were one, and then the follow-on Druid dance-off another.

P.S. Is every gnome getting a mohawk?

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While some level Inscription to 425, the servers won’t stay up for more than five minutes. RMT I don’t like.

As sure as the sun rose today I know there are people who’ve leveled Inscription to 425 already.  And they’re selling the good inscriptions in the Auction House as I speak.

And I’m not really sure how they did it.  I can’t really confirm it though.  The World Server keeps going down every five minutes, and when I log back on I’m back where I started.  I can’t set my talent trees, much less set my gear set, but, like I said, there’s folks this morning who’ve mastered Inscriptions in a night and are wondering “Is that all there was?”  I’d bet RMT on it.

That article over on Tobold’s, the RMT one above, is enlightening.  I’m pretty disappointed with Blizzard about it though.  It’s bad enough folks bought gold for cash in order to achieve world firsts.  No stopping that I guess.  Right?  Buy enough flasks, max every raid members leatherworking, and be winners!  But people are weak, aren’t they though?, and all the money in their bank account, their real life bank account, won’t be enough to dump into the black hole of an addiction.  Just one more version of the angel wings (because certainly there will be an achievement for it!) and ten more mounts, today dammit, right now!, because there’s more and more and more to have and more.  I kind of like the sandbox approach.  You all come in the same, paying your entry fee, and what you make in the sand is on you.  Build castles, smash those of other people, make cars and monsters.  It’s all what you can do on the same level playing field as anyone else.  Once Blizzard lets you buy titles, gear, appearances, it’s downhill from there.  Consider that the TCG tabards are $90 each.  You’ve seen a few of those around.  11 million players at $14 a month, and they need to do this?  I don’t think so.  Restore the time of innocence, where spending real money for in-game advantage/prestige, was a banneable offense and not a business case for making more money.

Well, what started as a gripe about the world server stability this morning wound up being a rant about RMT.  Sorry.

Anywho, back to trying to log on.  The wife’s managed to stay logged on for a good bit now.  At least my vacation time server isn’t down.

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