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When it rains, it pours. Betas. In stores November!

I got a second WotLK beta key in the mail today.  Hmm.  Yay? Trouble is the beta is nigh unplayable at the moment.  For instance, I’m doing the Death Knight quests.  There’s one where you go collect arrows in the … Continue reading

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I pity the fool. Gear. Druids and Death Knights, it’s not too late.

When the real Mr. T gets a hold of him… This is a live shot, btw.  Yep, that’s Kinless.   I’ll be waiting for you, Mr. T.  Right behind the rhino. Greenclaw took the name Catmando.  Like Commando, like Catman do, … Continue reading

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Just the two of us, part deux.

A couple days ago I told you how the wife and I’s Druids, levels 66 and 68 respectively, duo’d the Nesingwary elite quests, to include the final one. The other night we successfully duo’d the Forge Camps there in Nagrand.  … Continue reading

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Completed the public quest in Chapter 1.  I think that’s why I’m carrying this torch. And I used to have white hair before today’s patch. They must have added a fountain of youth.  After they took my freaking eye.  How … Continue reading

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Warhammer’s own valley.

I mentioned yesterday that I didn’t think Warhammer had that uncomfortable “Uncanny Valley” thing going on. I’ll also have to mention that the wife’s been home playing WAR while I’m at work.  That says a little something about it reaching out … Continue reading

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Warhammer, what is it good for?

War, huh Good God y’all What is it good for Stand up and shout it Nothing – Edwin Starr, 1970 28 years later, 38 if you’re using the new arithmathmatics  ;),  Warhammer, however, gives some fair first impressions. So I pre-ordered Warhammer … Continue reading

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Just the two of us.

The wife and I completed the Nesingwary elite quests tonight.  Finishing off with The Ultimate Bloodsport. She’s quite the tank. Bolstered with this success we started in on Altruis the Sufferer‘s quests.  We finished the night knocking some skulls for … Continue reading

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Psst. Hey, chef.

You need to get to 300 Cooking to get that job in the Stormwind City school cafeteria?  Or cook up some tasty Ravager Dogs there in the Outlands? And you haven’t bothered with fishing because there’s no allure to it? … Continue reading

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My current UI

Here’s how I’m rolling, UI-wise, currently. Highlights are Bartender 4, X-Perl Unit Frames, Recount, Omen + Simple Threat Meter, Grid & Healbot, SmartBuff & SmartDebuff, and SmartRes.  IceHUD and XLoot.  Buffalo2.  Fubar.  TipTac.

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