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Praise be

more cat pictures This lolcat photo amused me. I wish the Druids in cat form had a built-in heal.  Well there is “Improved Leader of the Pack.” I’ve noticed Boomkins appear to be able to heal themselves, but maybe that’s just … Continue reading

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What’s up with Horde dominance in Arathi Basin?

From what I can tell: Horde die less.  Do a sort on deaths in the score card after a Horde victory (99% chance) and you’ll notice Horde die less than Alliance do. Horde kill more.  The corollary is that Horde … Continue reading

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WotLK Hair styles.

Sorry, I’m cheating.  But that title is going to generate so much traffic I should be trying to sell *something* around here. So, right off, nothing new about hairstyles from me.  You can visit the WoW Insider post from a … Continue reading

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