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The enemy of my enemy, is…

Blizzard’s Lore provides:

Unlike Gul’dan’s death knights, modern death knights consist mainly of paladins who lost their faith and pledged their souls to the Lich King in exchange for the promise of immortality. Death knights who fall in battle are soon raised again to continue in their master’s service.

In the years since Arthas shattered the Frozen Throne and merged with the Lich King, the power and fury of the death knights has only grown. Now these unrelenting crusaders of the damned eagerly await the Lich King’s command to unleash their fury on Azeroth once again.

But wait.  Once they reach the Outlands, which they must, right?, they’ll be doing quests for the Cenarian Expedition.  Quests, like, oh, Save the Mushroom People, and Find My Lost Satchel.  And Investigate Those Wierd Guys.  Crusaders of the Damned helping out Aunty May and the Mushrooms?

Easy Solution: Make Northrend level 60-80.  Now go ahead and add some 70-80 content to the Outlands.  Provide more outlying Outlands that have drifted closer to the zones we have to provide more questing area.  But also allow a questing path to take folks from the Plaguelands, 50-60, to Northrend, 60-80.  This way the Death Knights never have to step foot off Azeroth and help the Mushroom People to advance.

And what’s this “Eagerly await the Lich King’s command”?  ?!  “Wait. …  Wut?  Slay all life?  GTFO.  Serious?”

How about this:  All Death Knights, Horde or Alliance, can communicate, interact, trade, etc., with each other, and with their respective factions.  Now that, my friends, would blow the pop top right off that can of brew served cold.

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Trading squishy for less so, and consolidation.

Did you ever level up an alt, and then go create another alt on some other server, and level them up some, and then wind up on a third server and level up some new alts some more?

I guess you’d do that until you started dropping gold for private guild bank tabs.  Then you’re wondering why the heck you’re spread out over too many servers, and you have quite a collection of advanced characters, to a casual degree, that would benefit if they were actually neighbors.

So, the Delete Axe came out and with two fel sweeps my two mid-30′s Blood Elf Mages got axed and a Blood Elf Rogue was created to have a lock picker on the Horde side.  All the rest of the gang, so recently created on Earthen Ring, was 86′d as well.  We decided it’d behoove us to spend time with our Mains and Primes on one server. 

So all the toons you see to the left here are those on Kirin Tor.  Five Horde, Five Alliance.

I had one space spare, so my fifth Horde will be a Blood Elf Death Knight.  By the time he is created I’m hoping the wife’s Blood Elf Paladin, level 37 now, will be in her 50′s.

And she’s got an Alliance Rogue, but with Darkhand I’ve already got the boxes picked, so she can retire her Rogue and when the DK’s come out recreate Ombria as a Death Knight.  By then my own Paladin, Honorus, should be in his 50′s too.  That should be fun.  Each of us playing a Paladin alongside a Death Knight, and being both Alliance and Horde doing it.

And leveling up my Rogue has been fun.  And now that quests reward XP better than grinding, the easier it is to accomplish quests (stealth and sap) the easier it is to level up my lockpicking.  And my 19 Rogue solo’d that 21 Elite Troll and got his head, so that was fun.  (Kick’s and Arcane Torrent for the win. :) )

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It seems there’s been something new added to Azerothian and Outland water supply. Much like the Communists added flouride to whole blooded american drinking water, messing with our essences.

“Nineteen hundred and forty-six. Nineteen forty-six, Mandrake. How does that coincide with your post-war Commie conspiracy, huh? It’s incredibly obvious, isn’t it? A foreign substance is introduced into our precious bodily fluids without the knowledge of the individual. Certainly without any choice. That’s the way your hard-core Commie works.” (Dr. Strangelove)

What am I talking about? Enrage. Everything enrages now. Casters, Orcs, Blood Elves, pocket lint, and Longjaw Mud Snappers. Was that necessary? Every fight ends with a really annoyed enemy combatant. They used to go quietly into the beyond. Now they enrage.  Everytime.  All of them. Sounds like me Enraging, or the wife doing her Shammy thing. Now they all enrage.  Evv err eee one of them.

We’re killing skeletons in Duskwood tonight.  And they’re Enraging for crying out loud.  RAWR RAWR RAWR

I expect my pocket lint to be rawring soon.

C’mon Blizz.  Tone down the Enrage.



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Work’s been crazy.

And that’s usually when I do my long posts.

At home I do my chores, water the plants, or play.

So here it is, past midnight, and I’m scanning the humor pages (rather than properly blogging).

This made me laugh:

more cat pictures

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Wary. But not.

We got the title, but needn’t have worried.

So Best Buy sends me an e-mail reminding me I had uncashed coupons.  $20 worth.  What to do, what to do?  Go shopping!  (More browsing than buying with $20.00.)

There it was on the shelf.  The wife’s been considering it for a long time.  Long.  Buying Lord of the Rings Online.  We got a beta key (thanks to the fellow blogger who gave it to us :) ) and checked it out.  We didn’t like it.  And then all I’d heard about it, I didn’t like it.

But the price was $20.00, to include a free 30 days, and a 10 day buddy account (what we’re playing now), which means, after cashing in those coupons, it was free.

And you know what?  It was amusing.  Level 6 in a few short hours.  The wife and I knocking around a new place, in new duds, seeing new things.  And the graphics, they’re okay too.  Better than okay.  The water is great.  The flowers in the fields swaying in the breeze.  Somehow the whole experience is just better than what I remembered it being back in Beta.  And that Uncanny Valley problem with the characters?  Seemingly gone.  Replaced, perhaps, by that somewhat more “cartoony” look made popular by another current MMORPG.  I can’t say what changed, just that the characters look pretty good now.  My Rohan guy looks … suitable.  The wife’s Breeland lady, ladylike.

And I liked the nighttime feel of the place.  And are those real stars up in the sky?  Is that Orion’s Belt and the Pleiades?  Felt like Boy Scouts again, and that’s pretty cool in itself.

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Cat humor.

more cat pictures


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The four hour difference.

Absolutely an amazing change.

The previous 24 clock meant my transmutes got done later and later every single day.

I’m currently working on making a mess of primal mights. And I got the primal air, the last primal I needed, after the wife had gone to sleep and I’d finished up with my dailies.

Next day I got the primals I needed, and had to wait till later still for the cool down to be up.

And the day after even later still. And later and later.

Oh, I could skip a day but then I’d have to start the clock as early as I could, and accept that I’d either lose an entire day, or slowly, inevitably, my transmute time would be getting later and later.

It’s not like I’d drop everything when the transmute was up, race to the mailbox to collect all the materials, and transmute the primal. I’d get to it when I could, and that really made it later and later.

This 20 hours transmute cool down. Miraculously, my transmute time is earlier and earlier, not later and later. I’ll never miss one. If I have the mats, every day, when I want, within reasonable expectation, I can do my transmute.

That four hour difference has really made a tremendous change to my transmuting life.

It’s funny how such a small thing, and otherwise really rather inconsequential, can have such an effect, make such a difference.

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The taming of the Druid.

New pet to tame with today’s patch. The Dire Ravens up in Blade’s Edge Mountains.

It looks just like a Night Elf Druid in flight form.

I was tempted to name him Captive, or Nomanatoshift, but went with Xaxas instead.

Xaxas being a Darnassian word, meaning Chaos, or Fury, and is the name we Night Elves gave Deathwing.


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Skulls. Lots of them.

I’m imagining the apocalypse here, now. Armor, dripping green fire, not with demonic energies, but with the forces of death and decay. You’ll raise the dead to fight by your side. “Arise my Champions!” Shadow will be your light. Death will be your middle name. And Deathknight will be your class.

(Go check out the recent outpouring of WotLK articles over on WoWInsider, and the one about the Deathknight.)

Deathknight will be everyone’s class. All of them, level 55, starting out in the Plaguelands. Not on pale horses, but deathchargers. Starting zone some floating city. My, that’ll be a blast on PvP servers. Anarchy without the limiting/conditioning effect of Humanity.

And in the grand Hello Kitty, Island Adventure, tradition, beneath that helm of evil, the brains behind the new contemporaries and protoges of Arthas, will be the pink ponytails of a happy gnome girl named Bubbles. Bubbles! (teehee!) Her boyfriend, Dotsutodeth, that adorable little green haired guy, Captain Stubing fringe, gnome Warlock, patron of the demonic forces on Azeroth.

Beneath their size 3 shoes they will crush and crunch through the bones and skulls of the innocents, trodden beneath soles of destruction, children of the Scourge and Burning Legion respectively, Deathknight and Warlock, on their way to the Cathedral District in Stormwind City, hoping to find Timmy and buy a small white kitten, and otherwise on their way to escort little orphans around the world, in hopes of getting a new pet. Awwww, how cute! Whiskers the Rat.

Unless the Lorecrafters of Blizzard have taken a permanent vacation, we can only hope Bubbles and Dotsutodeth have taken the children out to drop them off somewhere in the Plaguelands and feed Whiskers to a plaguehound. Nefarious is their other middle name, isn’t it? Because, dammit, otherwise the lore is starting to not make any sense anymore. WotLK is supposed to be a “return to lore” isn’t it? Not the chucking of the last of it into the circular file.

The bad guys are the good guys. And the good guys are the bad guys. And no evil is too evil, and no good too good, and if the Great Mother is fine with her charges becoming Tauren Deathknights, then there is only one cause, and that is to fight the ultimate evil, and that is Bush. No, Osama. No, Alec Baldwin? Arthas? Is there an ultimate evil anymore? And who’s anyone to judge anything anyhow. Anywho…

When Deathknights will be picking up orphans to take around the world and buy them ice cream, you’ve pretty much thrown Lore into the trashcan. This is the last season. Splash it all in rainbow colors. Make legendary weapons available at the weapon vendors in town. Recolor all the same armor sets, and make everything look shiny identical regardless of armor type, Swiftsteel, Dawnsteel, Wenolongercaresteel Shoulders. We’re in Shark Jumping territory now. Watch out, Fonzie! There’s a shark in the water! Help him, Chachi! Help him!

No Lore, no War, just Catass 1337zor characters, min-maxed to ultimate goodness, only one way to spec , revealed for all on WoWWiki and Elitist Jerks, you are specced properly, aren’t you noob? all wearing the same gear, doing the same stuff, all on the road to ARENA!!!!!!!1one!!!! and pay-per-play and microtransactions that rmt gold (must have epic mount to get more epic mounts now!)!

Pardon my French, but where the French is my World of Warcraft?

P.S. It’s been a while since I made a “rant” tag post. Glad that’s off my shoulders. :) But, c’mon. Are they seriously going to release WotLK allowing all races to become Deathknights? That’s just stupid. Regardless, you’ll know where you’ll find me. I’ll be up there in Northrend, breathing that crisp alpine air, hunting bad dragons and spiders, and otherwise enjoying the world immensely. And, yes, you bet, I’ll have a Deathknight too. Maybe a couple. On the Horde side I’ve already reserved the name Mortecai. Forsaken, of course. On the Alliance side all the “Mordicai” names were already taken. Will have to be something else. Honorus’ bad to the bone brother.

P.P.S. I just realized something here. The World of Warcraft MMORPG is kind of paralleling the Realtime Strategy Warcraft game. If you go from (I) Orcs & Humans, to (II) Tides of Darkness, to (II.5)Beyond the Dark Portal, to (III) Reign of Chaos, to (III.5) The Frozen Throne, you’re kind of following a similar path going from (I) World of Warcraft, to (II) The Burning Cursade, to (III) Wrath of the Lich King. Is this the end of the line for the franchise? Is Blizzard’s “next gen” mmorpg not Warcraft? Hmm. Protoss Templar. Now that’s a class I think I could buy into.


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Where I’ll be start of next expansion.

That’s a loaded comment, since I’ve /gquit my raiding guild.

I couldn’t raid.  Work was requiring me to stay late more often than not.  Meaning I was neglecting exercise and my regular chores around the house to get online in time for the invites to play a video game.  I never had the late hours earlier, and my previous raiding life was good.  But times change.

The guild I was just in was a raiding guild.  If you were in the guild, you raided.  The previous guild had a solid concentration on the all the end-game content, to include the 5-mans, both regular and heroic.  This raiding guild was spending all it’s time either in cliques, or in the further progression of instance it had attained.  (BT and MH.)  Somebody asked once, “What about the alts?”  “Go join guild X.”

I couldn’t get to the raid times.  I wasn’t going to raid.  So I find myself at 70 just like I found myself at 60.  On my own, my wife my best company and companion.  Not quite as Kinless as the original guy, but close.  ;)  (Hey, these “role-playing” clothes are starting to fit!)

Back to the topic.

Where was I at the start of the last expansion?  I had three 60′s. 

Stormsoul had completed the tier 1 content (Molten Core) and gotten into Tier 2 (Blackwing Lair) and was wearing the full Tier 1 epic set (8 pieces).  He also achieved the PvP rank of Stoneguard (Rank 6) as he acquired the Unstoppable Force when he switched to Enhancemenet in a solo career.  This was before dual wielding became mandatory.

Msaker, in his 40′s when Stormsoul was raiding at 60, got to 60, and spent the time to get the entire superior PvP set (6 pieces), and the rank of Centurian (Rank 9).  (I had to earn honor after the system change to get the last two Champion pieces.)

Arcarius, a basically abandoned character as the two horde characters above him came into their own, pushed to 60 just to get to the Outlands upon their opening, and PvPed to the rank of Knight (Rank 6) and then earned enough honor to buy a couple of pieces of the Superior set, and then the crowning glory, those shiny epic Hunter shoulders.

At 70, as at 60, I’m pretty much in the same position.  My further achievements will be what  what I can earn on my own, or in the company of my wife.  (We drilled the Drillmaster last night, 2 60′s vs. a 62 Elite.  Much like we darkened Ruul and his drake, 2 70′s vs. a 71 Elite.  I tanked Ruul, she tanked Zurok. Good times were had by all except the bad guys.)

All this is kind of a lead-in to this point:  Where I’ll be here at 70 is vastly broader than where I was at 60, poised for the next expansion.

At 70 I’ve probably got 25+ dailys to do for cash flow.  At 60 there was nothing but farming mats that folks might want, or offering services.  At 70 I can still farm mats and offer transmutes, but the addition of the dailys makes this a world of difference.

At 60, before the change in the Honor/PvP system, getting epics on your own was nigh impossible unless you committed yourself over to PvP entirely.  At 70 with the introduction of the Shattered Sun Offensive, if you can use a shield, your epic shield, for either caster or tank, is just a few weeks away.  There’s epic patterns and plans that are world drops and can be bought in the auction house.  There’s the epic arena gear that can be earned with an investment of time in the battlegrounds.  There’s Badges of Justice that can be earned, slowly, but inevitably, doing the SSO dailys and getting lucky with the supply packs.  Epics can be bought for as few as 15 badges.

It’s becoming a rapidly purple world.  And the threshold to getting them is getting easier and easier.

Stormsoul is poised for the expansion having seen most of Tier 4 (never did see Mags), most of Tier 5 (killed Vashj, never saw Kael), and got into Tier 6 (seeing 2 bosses in Mount Hyjal and 1 in Black Temple killed, in my two excursions there.)  I’m wearing Tier 4, Tier 5, and gear out of MH.  In all epics, and middle range stuff at that.

Msaker is poised for the expansion after seeing all of Karazhan.  He’s also in all epics, but the lower end of things.  One piece of Tier 4, some PvP armor, and odds-and-ends picked up by Badge turn-ins.

Arcarius, ever the loner, never running anything past Hellfire Citadel, he’s got 2 pieces of the superior (faction based) PvP gear, and 2 pieces of the epic arena gear.  Before the expansion I foresee getting a few more of the PvP pieces.

Gold is easy to get.  Epics too.  And we can be as casual as we want to be.  That is to say, the casual player is not as excluded as he or she used to be, and grows less and less so.  (Now if the SSO folks could see fit to offer a proper, epic, ranged weapon, and we’d be talking.)

And, honestly, I’m in no rush for the expansion.  We’ve got our Druids in the their 60′s only just starting the Outlands.  We have our Humans, Pally and Mage, still in their 40′s preparing to head to the plaguelands to cleanse the place one scourge eliminated at a time.  And the 70′s, they’ve got their hands full.

About the only rain on WoW’s parade will be WoW II’s.  ;)

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