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Two for the path of Glory.

Itarilde and Greenclaw are now both riding epic mounts.

She picked the Stormsaber. Greenclaw took the Mistsaber.

It was a little over a year ago that Droonda and Msaker were in the same position.

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How the war changed my life.

Arcarius reached 70 without a penny to his name. He didn’t have his epic mount, regular, land based, until he was 68 or so. This is the World of Warcraft. Not the Farm of Auctioningcraft. So I did what any gamer does. Play. Battlegrounds, do quests, explore areas, get wierd new pets, level them up, and, like any good altoholic, keep my alts, and my wife’s characters, rolling in the cashflow and material goods that a high life demands.

But what about Arcarius? Pshhh. He’s a Hunter. Hunter’s can earn cash in busloads, right? Well, that’s if they’re in the farming business. Farming for cash gets old faaaast. I’ll farm if I’m killing mobs for xp. At 70 that’s over. So I’m not a farmer.

Arcarius got the money at long last for his epic land mount. He did all those quests he’d never gotten to in SMV and NS at 70 and raised the balance of the cash (after robbing peter and the alts) for his flying mount. He’s only got the regular flying mount now. Whenever there is a need for 300 flying he’ll worry about it. Miners and Herbalists benefit with fast flying mounts. (Stormsoul (Herbalist) and Msaker (Miner) both have them. Skinners (Arcarius) can be slow about it.)

But here’s how the Shattered Sun Offensive changed my life.

I can do about 12 or 14 of those quests and earn the busloads of cash I should have been.

I start in Quel’Danas. There’s 8 right there. Collect that mana dust. Zap those guardians. Kill demons. Kill the Sunblade guys. Get ley line readings. Collect ore from the Naga. (To which I can now add freeing Greengill Slaves.) Bomb the boats. Bomb the demons. Whew.

Portal to Shattrath and run the next batch. Get the latest Sunfury Attack Plans in Netherstorm. Collect Mana boxes in Blades Edge. Go to Hellfire and Destroy the Portal and kill Fel Elves. Go to Nagrand and measure floating fires. That’s 13. I can add to that Mana dust from skinning, but that’s not what I regularly do. And there’s a few more too. (Ogri’Where? Skettis?)

Anyway, I can do a lot of dailies and I’ve just paid for not one, but two more epic mounts (training and the actual mount) for Greenclaw and my wife’s Itarilde.

The war has made me a rich man. Well, richer than I’d be otherwise.


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A Druid in Alterac Valley

I’ve long complained about Alliance performance in Alterac Valley in the Rampage Battlegroup.  Arcarius, in the 61-70 bracket there, can’t catch a break.  Horde are just too good.  Alliance loses over and over and over.

But then what explains the next lower brackets success?  Greenclaw is in the 51-60 bracket, in fact he’s 60 now and loving being at the peak.  And he hasn’t lost an AV yet.  6 wins, no losses.  There was one match, Alliance were struggling at Galv, and yet they won anyway.

See, typically they ignore Galv.  Take the Ice Blood Graveyard.  Take the Ice Blood Tower and Tower Point.  Move on Frostwolf Graveyard.  There’s a LOT of fighting done at Frostwolf Graveyard.

See if you take Frostwolf Graveyard all the defenders spawn at the Frostwolf Relief Hut.  What you don’t want.   Take the Hut first.

But they do it anyway.  We crush the horde at FWGY and move into the keep.  And it’s a punch out, knock down, fight all the way to the Relief Hut.  And we take that.  We wait for the Towers to cap.  Half the time we win through reinforcements, the other half we actually kill Drek.

In none of these matches was Stormpike ever threatened.  Oh, a renegade will take Snowfall, and they’ll take a bunker here and there.  The match I played last night was a complete shut-out.  Alliance beat Horde 470 honor to none.  Greenclaw was not in the top 10 damage, he was in the top 10 for kills, and he was #2 for HK’s (105 versus #1′s 106).  (Sweet, sweet stealth offense.)

I’m not in a rush to ding 61 if the 61-70 record for Alliance is still 95% losses.  (Maybe they’ve learned.)   Which reminds me:  60 means I can only do AV now.  Joining any other battleground at 60 means I’m in on the ground floor.  I’m the caddy boy to the golfers.  I’m the bear rug others steamroll over.  The situation is bearly tolerable.

Lots of fun.  Work is keeping me way busier than I like and I can’t commit to raiding.  (Last night they downed Teron Gorefiend too!)  But the PvP keeps me busy and there are rewards for it at the end.  (I’d love to get the Season 1 antlers but I’m afraid they might not sell it to a level 60 character with the right amount of honor.  Maybe my PvPing is capped at 75k honor till I’m 70.)

And Itarilde and I are both freaking 60 now!  That’s great too.

Which reminds me: here’s a Druid guide you might find useful.  (The rest of it perhaps moreso.  ;) )

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Test Results: I’m a Snowflake. >:/

I took the Bartle Test over at the Guild Cafe.

Here’s how I wound up:


EAKS players often live by the phrase ‘The journey is often more enjoyable than the destination.’ They are motivated by meeting the challenges of the world, but they are usually in no rush–because seeing the creatures and places of the world is even more fun.

Breakdown: Achiever 60.00%, Explorer 80.00%, Killer 46.67%, Socializer 26.67%

That does sound about right. I remember standing there in Thrallmar and looking up and seeing the players flying around me. I was like level 62, pretty much broke, and they were level 70, with 1000s of gold to spend. I started in the Outlands maybe a few days after it opened up.

Interesting, that when I told the Cafe what game I played they came back and noted:

Very Interesting…
The game that has the highest proportion of people like you (EAKS) is Asheron’s Call. You chose one (World of Warcraft) which is not amongst the top 10 choices for your type. Perhaps you’re a unique snowflake, or maybe we just don’t know enough people like you.



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Back to raiding. It must be another first.

Now Teron Gorefiend, we didn’t kill.  Not this time.

ferox Teron Gorefiend Simulator

With a little practice he’ll be ours too.

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Morons. But maybe I’m harsh.

So Arcarius ventures back into Alterac Valley.

He won the last two matches he played there last night.  Would tonight continue the successes?

Alliance takes the first graveyard.  That’d be me capping Snowfall.

Alliance kill Galv before Horde kill Balinda.

The towers are taken.

We take Frostwolf before they take Stormpike.

We take the Relief Hut before they take the Aid Station.

Yet, we lose.


The team at Drek is comprised of Mages, Boomkin, Hunters, and Rogues.  No Warriors, no Feral Druids.  No Paladins.

“HEALS ON ME” I see.  Ah, we’ve got a tank.

No.  A Rogue.

Next “HEALZ”.  Tank?

No.  A Hunter.

We never got a Tank.

Come to think of it, we never had any healers either.


I mean we’ve got victory in our grasp, but our hands were full.


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Druids in the Outlands. “Andu-falah-dor!”

Well, a milestone of sorts. Kind of monumental. Our Alliance Druids have finally reached the Outlands. This is my second Alliance character that’s gotten to the Outlands. It’s the wife’s first Alliance character there. She’s looking forward to seeing things from the other perspective. And, as Druids, we’re there to help the Cenarian factions, of course.

Our first view of the Portal.

Our first time into the Blasted Lands. Our first view of the Dark Portal. Something folks ran from in the past, as Orcs and Demons streamed into our homeworld. This time, the tables turned, we go to their world.

She won the race.  Twice.

Without hesitation, Itarilde ran up the ramp and jumped through, executing a perfect mid-air flip as she zoned out. I wanted a screenshot! “Come back.” She did, and again, raced me to the portal.

This scene taken after we’d already scavanged some metal and wood for Honor Hold, and killed more than a few Orcs for them. This was our trip to Shattrath City. We stopped in Telredor for the evening.


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No lulls. Ogri’where?

I’m away from the office so away from blogging.

I do have a laptop along with me, and enough connectivity to play. (Ain’t technology a wonderful thing?)

So, I’ve been pvping with Stormsoul as Enhancement. Meh. Hard to tell how good you’re doing when Horde lose 100% of the matches in Alterac Valley. (Vindication Battlegroup.)

I’ve been pvping with Arcarius. Not so much fun when Alliance lose 100% of the matches in Alterac Valley. (Rampage Battlegroup.)

(There is a common denominator there somewhere!)

And our Druids are >< this close to being Outland bound. We’ve done the Elven route (Winterspring, some Silithus) and hope to spend next to no time in the Plaguelands. (That’ll be for our Humans, Honorus and Effilda.) On the wife dinging 58, I  already did, we’ll abandon all Azeroth quests and head into the Outlands. Should be fun. She hasn’t seen the Outland things from the Alliance side yet.

Otherwise, lunch time is for doing dailies. Shattered Sun Offensive dailies will pay for 2 epic riding lessons for the Druids in short order. (Ogri’la? Ogri’where?)

And once I get home Stormsoul has been invited to get back to raiding with the guild and knock out some Black Temple bosses. Fun times. :)

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New Alliance Bunker

Someone elsewhere made a point that Horde Towers are easy to capture solo, whereas Alliance Bunkers are not. That’s because the Horde archers don’t have LOS on anyone grabbing the flag, while the Alliance Archers easily get two or three covering the flag.

In the spirit of the Alliance of Vindication Battlegroup, here’s a proposed Alliance Bunker design.

Anyway, this is the Tennessee-North Carolina state line. Absolutely gorgeous weather too.

Next week, Kansas City.

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