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A vision of patience.

Winkydink and Darkhand, The Unbroken’s, our private guild’s, Engineering Department undertook a journey to southern Silithus where we investigated an abandoned Tauren village.  The windmill still functioned, but the house, teepee, and livestock corral were empty.  With the canoes parked on the shore, and no sign of violence that would otherwise explain their disappearance, we could only surmise the dreaded “disconnect” had taken them all.


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Before the champagne, a little raid.

Msaker joined in as a replacement for the guild’s 2nd Karazhan run of the week.  Last night they’d gotten the Curator.  Tonight we moved on to the Prince.



I’m the green Orc in the Headless Horseman’s Helm jumping.  That would be Aran and the Prince dead.

(Yes, half the raid bolted for parties afterwards!  :) )

Happy New Years.  And now back for more champagne.

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