Call to Arms

14 Dec

 Further information about this Call to Arms:

 Kirk’s article Call to Arms

Breana’s article Compromised and her complaint on the Customer Service Forum.

Stormrage advising us to Be Careful.

Kestrel’s post Call to Arms.

Altitis asking Blizzard, Please fix Customer Service Response Times on Account Hacking.

Altosis’ article on how to contact Blizzard when this happens.

And Mer Agreeing with the freeze system.

From Altitis again:

Blizzard is hereby requested to put a solution in place which will:

  • Lock any characters out of the game when a password change is effected until the password change gets confirmed back through the account holder’s e-mail.
  • Expand the Account / Password retrieval so that upon activation, the character is frozen until a re-activation is effected through a link sent out by e-mail to the account holder’s address, or any similar method.

Blizzard, please err on the side of caution. You know the success of WoW will make your customer particularly juicy targets.

If you aren’t able to post your voice on the US forums, please blog about it and / or (if you have no blog) contact to make your voice heard.

I’ve gone ahead and posted further links about this.  This is too many happening at once to ignore as just another day in WoW. 

In fact, upon hearing about the Guild Master being hacked, another guildie said he’d been hacked not long ago.

Review your add-ons.  Read the customer reviews where you get them from.  Someone’s already using the add-on you’re using, no doubt.  I’ve seen some that were caught as obvious fakes and the comments said so. 

Also, people WILL post links in the Blizzard forums that take you to sites that will compromise your system. Just don’t click on any link that you see.   Familiarize yourself with what looks safe and unsafe.  “” is probably safe. (It is, it’s the official link.)  “” is probably not.  Follow on comments to the post with the link will also point out that it’s not safe.

Just be aware.  And ask for better account protection and service.

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3 responses to “Call to Arms

  1. Kestrel

    December 14, 2007 at 1:17 pm

    Thanks, Kinless!

  2. Breana

    December 14, 2007 at 4:19 pm

    Thank, Kinless for writing about this!


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