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Switch to lightning, asked to heal. Purpz!

So there I am in AV. We’re about to win again. I’ve switched to Elemental, again. Just looking at the gear for Enhancement… And the gear for the Elementalist. Tidefury is the Shaman Dungeon 3 set. +Damage and Healing. Hmm. There’s the “Molten Earth” semi-set that’s +Damage and Healing. Might be easier to get gear as an Elementalist.


Call goes out in guild chat looking for folks to go kill the Headless Horseman in the Scarlet Monastery.  I figure I’d like to check it out.

So, here is the screen shot after our first attempt at the Horseman.

We tried to four man him. An Arms Warrior Tanking, a Rogue trying his best to avoid aggro, a Hunter, and me, your humble Elementalist trying to heal. We got these pumpkin heads for the effort and the wipe.


We wipe twice.

So then we invite another Warrior along. Seems all the Warriors want a shot at the Horseman. I know Msaker does. For that crazy Arms/Fury Plate helm the Horseman drops. (Right click to get the helmet to laugh like the Horseman does. A “hidden” use ability.) One of our guildies goes earlier and she gets it for her Fury Warrior.

The new Warrior is Arms spec, but he’s got great tanking gear too.

Anyway, it’s not these Warrior’s day. The next two tries (the new Warrior already did it so the rest of us had 4 chances) we survive.

And a +Damage and Healing and a +Healing and Mana Regen/5s rings drop. And I’m the only one who can use them. Crazy stuff. For an hour’s worth of effort two epic rings drop. I’ll wear both healing now, and one doing the Elementalist thing.

And Darbanville got the broom to putter around on for two weeks.

Lesson being: Have fun.

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Oh, happy days.

The wife’s Warlock, Zauber with the cackling laugh, is finally riding a mount.


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Killer queen


She’s a Killer Queen
Gunpowder, gelatine
Dynamite with a laser beam
Guaranteed to blow your mind


Lucky Droonda. Her first time there to The Mechanar and we kill Pathaleon the Calculator, and the Molten Earth Kilt drops.  Kind of goes real well with the Earth Mantle Handwraps she picked up in the Steamvaults.  And those match rather well the Worldfire Chestguard that dropped for her inThe Arcatraz.

Even luckier she just respecced as Elemental.  And she’s loving every minute of it.  Really doesn’t hurt if you get a nice Elemental set of gear to start you out with.

Me?  My days as a Warlock might be short.  And pink.


The silly hat was a quest reward.  And the shoulders, I won the greed-pay-for-repairs roll in The Mechanar.

But, thinking about it a moment, I’ve got my Halloween costume picked out.

I’m going as a Warlock. A few extra pieces from the AH and I was set.


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What I really need.

I need more alts.


Exilarch, Draenei Warrior (Arms all the way, Baby!) dings 14.

I need more pets.


No, not really. But I wanted one.

I need some kind of Warrior’s version of Feign Death.


How about we call it “Skidaddle”. We’ll put it in the “Hide Saving” talent tree.

I could use a little more screen.


And bullets, dang it.

But, all that aside, I’ve got Droonda. I’m a lucky Orc. All the rest is just bonus.


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All your mount are belong to us.

Msaker on a Brewfest Racing Ram.



Next year I hope they bring Brewfest Racing Cats.

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Druid tip:

When asked by the Bear Frau:

“Does this form make my butt look big?”


You really have no good answer.  Anything you say and you’re frittered kitty.

Solution: Stealth and move on to a quest objective, pretending you were listening to Mike Rowe on “Dirty Jobs” instead.

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Tanking and beer.

I’m up to a little more than 300 Brew Fest vouchers now.  My goal is 600 by Fest’s end and I’ll get me a Racing Ram.  For the amusement factor.

Tanking amusements this weekend included Arcatraz twice and Botanica once.  Two Hunters, Resto Shaman, an Arms Warrior, and me, totally destroyed the Botanica.  I love it when an instance goes smoothly.  That and a Steamvaults run.  And before I forget, completing one of the quests leading to the Arcatraz key (killing the Demon boss after doing the triangulations) netted me +1000 Shatar rep, and I’ve now got 3 keys for Heroics.

Oh, and the guild took a “tourist run” of Karazhan, visiting the Animal Boss (we got the Bat) and then, having done that well, Attumen the Huntsman.  Both downed, and not all of these were Karazhan regulars.  And Droonda’s first real foray into Karazhan.  The rep really came in for the animals and Msaker upgraded his Violet Signet ring to the first Epic version of it.  And Droonda got her first ring.  She took the Attack Power one.  She’s all Orc.

Tonight the guild returns to Karazhan proper and Msaker is on standby for it.  (Being casual they raid Kara one week, and then do upgrade/rep runs the off week.)

In other news, Arcarius dinged 67 and easily picked up half a level again.  He managed to solo Terrokantula, the elite spider out in the Bone Wastes.  2nd try.  The first try the dog lost aggro, and Arcarius’s feign death was resisted, and then he had a real death.  Right back and killed him, but good.

Blackhoof respecced Enhancement again because it just feels good.  (And there’s enough Resto Shamans in the guild, he’s my “alternate” that gathers, makes potions, and waits for the expansion.  Oh, yeah, he’ll probably help lovely Halcyon, Zauberin, and the terse Zauber in their other endeavors.)

The Druids went to Tanaris and beat up on Pirates.  Itarilde tanking, and I, Greenclaw, DPSing, we were taking on 4, 5 at a time.  Really rather fun.

In Stormwind City Greenclaw is approached.  “You stole my name.” I see in the local chat.  ?  Who’s that?  “Greanclaw.”  Heh.  So I’m expecting to see like a level 10 or so character.  No.  This was a Level 70 Druid, with the Cenarian Expedition 2-handed Mace, and PvP gear.  What the hell?  Same as me.  Green hair, Druid, Feral.  I think she added “I’m going to kill you and take the name.”  “Good thing I’m not lootable.”  She bonked me on the head at the point.  Can you imagine?  Can you imagine taking somebody elses name, and liking it so much that you’ll mispell it, and then level it up to 70?

Greenclaw has met Greanclaw

Blackhoof has met Blackhoff

And Darkhand’s gotten tells of “You stole my name.” and such.

Msaker is the only one of 8 Million Warcraft players.  It means “Carnivore” in Armenian and I have no idea how it’s pronounced.  Do any of you know?  I think it might sound like Emm-Sahker.  The Mrs. thought it could look like “Ms. Aker.”  It would be too good if it wound up sounding like “Massacre.”

And names are important.  My highest level Warlock, level 17, I deleted when I saw I’d named him “Grimtounge.”  Blizzard won’t let you rename the character either.  Oh well.  Those are my names, and I’m keeping them.


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Results of my poll

I left it running for a month over on my old blog spot.

I asked if folks wanted

More 20-60 content.  100 (64%) voted for this.

More races.   19 (12%) voted for this.

More classes.  58 (37%) voted for this.

More max level content at the bleeding edge.  24 (15%) wanted this.

More land to explore.  51 (32%) voted for this.

And more mailboxes to dance on.  14 (9%) voted for this.

Go figure.

I thought it was interesting about the new races.  What’s left afterall?  Arakkoa and playable Goblins?

Most just wanted more content.  More quests, more land, more ways to play.

We don’t necessarily need content about invading the Home Dimension of the Scourge with our level 100 characters.  The world’s fine as it is.  And we want more of it.  :)


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The beer keeps flowing

Man those dailies can take time.

The lovely Droonda and Msaker did their Skettis bombing run.  Then (Msaker via Nether Ray, and Droonda via public transportation) headed to Ogr’la for the Simon game.  However, joy, Msaker put his stack of 100 Apexis shards in the bank because his bags are always full.  (Protection gear set, DPS set, Arcane Resist set, stuff, etc.).  And, wouldn’t you know it, there was a drought on Apexis Shard drops.  It was bad enough I was tempted to fly back to Shattrath to withdraw them from the account.  However a flayer kindly gave up a shard along with his ghost.

So, the Outlands dailys we’ve got are done.

On to the Beer Fest.  First we did the Keg Delivery, then we Barked the Fest in Orgrimmar.  130 tickets so far.  I’m thinking a hat and the lederhosen.  Or, if the fest goes long enough, a Racing Ram would really be nice.

Exilarch knocked out a few more quests in Dun Morogh and attended the Fest himself.  He raced Rams and delivered some kegs, and delivered more kegs.  He travelled to the major cities, gathered flight points, and got drunk and killed pink Elekks.  Dinging Level 10 (Woohoo!) he stopped at the Warrior Trainer in Ironforge and got the class quest to kill some Troll near Frostmane Hold.*  Then he retired for the night back in Kharanos.

*Odd thing, Exilarch, a Draenei, getting his class quest from another race.  I remember some other classes forced you to return to your racial starting area to take the quest.  Perfect example was the Hunter quest.  I had a Night Elf hunter in Kharanos.  At 10 he was forced to return to Teldrassil to get and complete the class quest.  Has that changed or is it different for different classes?

Oh, yeah.  Exilarch picked up a Wolpertinger of his own, and a green felt hat.  You’ll find him in the inn, drinking another beer.  Ein prosit, ein prosit der gemuetlichkeit.  Eins, zwei, drei g’suffa!

Reminds me the year some friends and I went to Oktoberfest in Munich.  It was just the four of us.  We wound up on a table with some Aussies.  One them wound up turning green, getting on the table, and was eating his dirty flip-flop.  This was in the big Hofbrau tent and the place was packed.  We’re talking a sea of people, thousands.  We were lucky to get a table inside.  Anyway, this is kind of a massive sing along fest too.  And one of my favorite “life moments” was getting this crowd to take up and finish a rousing round of “Olay, olay olay olay.”  You usually hear that at soccor games, and I have no idea what it means.  But they do it, and this time I started it at my table, and soon thousands had joined in.  Very cool.

Margarete Mede, anthropoligist, once said “As the traveler who has once been from home is wiser than he who has never left his own doorstep, so a knowledge of one other culture should sharpen our ability to scrutinize more steadily, to appreciate more lovingly, our own.”

I guess.  (Noch ein Bier, bitte!)

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Got Beer?


Enough beer and you’ll have these things* following you around.

The Beer Fest is actually really pretty fun.  I killed a night just messing around.  Zapping Elekks across Azeroth, going into BRD and delivering some beer, and catching these Wolpertinger thingers.  Ish good fun.  Sherioushly.  And 600 tickets gets you the opportunity to buy your own Ram.  What Hordie isn’t shooting for that.  We’re beginning to do well in AV again.  Now let’s ride their rams.  Or, for just a few hundred, some Bavarian Gear.  Felt hat, lederhosen, beer stein.  Ach meiner lieber Mensch!  So was gibts nicht!

*Another name for the Wolpertinger is the Poontinger, a cryptid supposedly living in the alpine forests of Bavaria.  Sweet.  I love the inclusion of obscure lore.

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