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Burning for you.


Msaker and Droonda, setting the night on fire, and stinking up your Southshore.  (And ruining *your* beer.  But not all of it.)


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Tanks and Healers

I found this over on Metroblogging Azeroth. They found it in the Eitrigg forums.

“If the tank dies, it’s the healer’s fault. If the healer dies, it’s the tank’s fault. If anyone else dies, it’s their own damn fault.”

That’s pretty good. As a tank I always feel really responsible for the deaths of others.

But, heck, if I’m the one to die first, I’ve done my job.

Holding aggro isn’t hard. Taking a beating, as long as I’ve done my best getting geared up for it, is what I’m there for. If wipe after wipe occurs and I die first… Not my fault. My problem, my bill, but not my fault.

I’m going to have to macro that for those “gentle reminders” at the start of my next Heroic runs. :)


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Two unusual Steamvault Runs

First run into Coilfang’s Steamvaults I went with Blackhoof, my Elemental Shaman. He’s there for the Reputation with the Cenarian Expedition and the possible gear.

The group included my lovely Shaman Princess Droonda, another Elemental Shaman, and Magnarussa, a Resto Shaman.

Magna’s husband, Dagerta, is a Mage. And Lanthus, a Paladin, did the tanking.

Paladin’s have a great AoE/Tanking ability and trash mobs were just eaten alive by it.


Lots of dead Leper Gnomes? Lots to cheer for!

Every party member was a caster type. Hydromancer Thespia was the only problem, and that’s because her lightning is indiscriminate. Otherwise a full clear. We were done in little over an hour.

Later, Msaker was signed up to tank in a Heroic Mode Coilfang instance. We had eleven sign ups, but only six were online and five joined the group. We were a Protection Warrior, a Protection Paladin (Lanthus from before), Gorvahk the Warlock, Sheripiari a Resto Shaman, and Sistajuju, a Holy Priest who was joining us to add some DPS. ! No Druid, Hunter, Rogue, or Mage along.  (Gorvahk and Sista are married in real life.  Lots of husbands and wives tonight.  Another couple were out of town with a single, and bad, internet access.)And these Heroic mode fights were fun too. Lanthus was still a better group aggro holder, and lacking real CC, he main tanked. I off-tanked the target to kill, and kept pulling them off him as we ran down the kill list. Sista mindcontrolled one mob, either using to heal us, or keeping it from hitting us with Blizzard. The Thespia fight also caused us problems, but our 2nd try we persevered, but it was a long fight. We didn’t really have the usual amount of DPS.

The Mekgineer also stumped us the first try. So, for the 2nd try, I put on my DPS gear, did a maniacal Headless Horseman laugh, and we manage to unload enough damage on the Mekgineer to fire off the seeds of corruption and kill those leper gnomes trying to heal him.  Too, going DPS allowed me to generate more Rage and that let me fire off more Thunderclaps to stop the gnomes from healing.

The last fight also did us in the first time. The 2nd try I was firing off my Attack Power trinkets as we worked on the water tanks that Warlord Kalithresh was trying to use, and that secured us the final victory. (And part one of the Naaru’s Test of Strength quest was done.)


Score one for the use of creativity in a fight. Even Heroic mode can be done, and well, by a creative group.


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Jumping the shark.

With reference to the Happy Days episode, Blizzard’s gotten up out of the water now, being pulled by a power boat, and is about to jump the shark.

C’mon.  Are they serious?  They are.

What am I ranting about?

Paid name changes.  Don’t like your name?  Pay $10.00 to change it.

Twenty five to transfer servers, and ten dollars to change your name.

What next?  Five dollars, real money, to change your hair style?  Is that coming next?

How about $250 for an epic weapon, or $500 for a legendary one.  Sold to you direct from Blizzard with their version of Sony’s thing.

$14 or so a month from 3 Million players (the other 5 million in eastern lands probably paying much less) and they need to be charging for this?

Really, what else can they charge for?

How about in-game pets.  Hard to find, unless you buy from them, recipes.  Special mounts.

This is the business model for some Korean MMORPG’s, or online games, no?  You can play cheap, but you need to spend extra to have the good stuff.

There’s so many that are willing to spend real cash to enhance their game experience.

But is Blizzard jumping the shark with this?  Are they on a slippery slope here?

Though, if I had a character I liked, and I misspelled his name, I might go for it too.  But, dang it, should it be available at all then?   I’m not sure about this.


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Trick or treat. Have some brain food.

Another Jonathan Coulton done to WoW by Spiffworld.

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Tales of horror.

For your pleasure. Jonathan Coulton does some pretty good music. Set to Warcraft, it’s really good.

P.S. I’m using a Halloween theme for the next few days.  A mite early for Christmas, no?

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Tanking, and killing, and the Headless Horseman

So, you may have noticed the cool helm in my last post.

Or the little Seasonal Event that’s going on in the World of Warcraft this week.

How do you get your own, you are wondering?

Or the +AP, or +Healing, or +Spell Damage and Healing rings?  (All epics.)

Or the brooms for that matter, from ones that level 40 characters can ride, all the way to the epic flying mount brooms.

Kill the Headless Horseman.

Well, to start, you’ll need to be level 69 or so.  70 probably.

Then you need to go to the Scarlet Monastery, and visit the Graveyard.  (By now you have the Scarlet Monastery key, but if you don’t, no worries, the graveyard isn’t behind a locked door.)  It’s the portal entrance on the left hand side inside the entry way.

(I do feel pretty sorry for the Alliance on PvP servers.  Reaching this place must just be dumb at the moment.  On my server, RP, there are huge numbers of Alliance, but they outnumber us like 10 to 1 or something crazy.  However, they’re all harmless.)

Anyway, where was I?  Ah, yes, the point.

Five friends to take out the Horseman.

You’ll want a Tank.  The Horseman hits fairly hard.  If you aren’t a tank, at least use your shield.

You’ll need a healer.  An Elemental Shaman can be the healer, if he’s pretty good at healing.  At least Blackhoof managed the role.

Then 3 DPS.  You won’t be trapping anything, or sheeping anything.  Some adds management comes in handy, but that’s something the Tank can handle as well.

Someone activates the pumpkin outside the crypt.  (There is no quest, per se.  Everyone can summon him once a day.  A party of five has five chances.)  This summoner takes the candle to the mound of dirt in front of the crypt.  That person will have the initial aggro from the Horseman.

Three phases here.

Grab the Horseman, it’s easy tank and spank for the first phase.  Burn him down with your DPS.  You basically kill him.

Alas, it’s not over.  “First phase.”

Rather than die, his head comes off!  And materializes into something you can target and kill a moment later.  Do so. Target it and kill it.

While his head is off his body wanders around, as if scatter shotted by a hunter.  But it’s not helpless as he’ll do the occasional whirlwinds.

What I did was stay near the body while the DPS took out the head.

Once the head is killed, the Horseman is restored and mounts up again.  Phase 2.  He’ll come right back to the Tank, as subvervient as a Barov Peasant.

Basically the same thing.  But every now and then he’ll conflagulate someone.  (Set them on fire.)  Not really sure if it puts out too much damage.  I’m not sure if the Tank gets hit.  I don’t think so.  It would seem that #2 on the Aggro list gets the fire treatment.  He’s dead and his head pops off again.

Go find that head and kill it.  I think it just flies around, not damaging anything.  It’s the body that does the damage still.

Anyway, the head dead, he’ll remount and return to me, the Tank.  The aggro list does not appear to get wiped between phases.

Now, this last phase, phase 3, adds a new element.  At some stage he’ll fire off four or five pumpkins that land on the ground.

What I did was back him into the area of the pumpkins.  The pumpkins sit there for a bit, then animate and become like stickmen or something.  (I forget what they’re called.  They’re the rare pet that might also drop for you.)  Once these adds appear I’ll drop a Thunderclap and Commanding Shout.  I want those adds on me.  They don’t appear to do much damage.  Occasionally one runs off to the Healer, and I’ll grab him and bring him back.

He’ll lose his head one last time.  Kill that head and the fight is over and the adds vanish.  Your bags will fill up with sickengly sweet pumpkin treats (automatically) and the Horseman is vanquished, at last, again.

Loot the Horseman’s remains, and hope the Loot Gods smile on you.  If not, rinse and repeat.  Pop a candy treat and run out of there.

Leave the instance and reset it.  Then reenter and try another summons.

(Remember that you, the account, not the character, are limited to 5 dungeon resets in an hour.  You’ll probably want each summons, and it might lock you out of other instances as well.  It will lock you out of the Graveyard for a sixth attempt.  Time your Horseman attempts with your raiding/instancing accordingly.)

Let me know if you’ve visited the Horseman and how you handled it.


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The Good, the Ugly, the Bad

The good:

Partying with the wife.  Our Horde guild requires successful Heroic Runs, three of them, in three different dungeon areas, in order to qualify to go to Karazhan with them.  By then you’ve probably accumulated at least 3 of your Dungeon 3 pieces.  (I have, and a couple epics in addition.)  Next week is the guild’s Karazhan week, neither Msaker nor Droonda qualify.  Seems Msaker, in his 2nd ever Heroic, failed to get the final boss in the Slave Pens down.  2 of 3 bosses wasn’t enough.  So today we took a break and played our Alliance Druids.  Out in Feralas, along the coast, killing Elementals and zapping Giants.  Itarilde is also level 46 now.

Greenclaw and Itarilde in the Shimmering Flats

The Ugly:

Heroics.  My trip into The Mechanar was successful, all bosses killed (though we skipped the optional fire lady).  My trip into The Slavepens was “incomplete”, being only 2 of the 3 and not the end boss.  Trash hits hard. Single target tanking, ala Molten Core, is easy mode.

The Bad:

Well, on me it looks good, and I’m glad it comes with a smile.  The Headless Horseman’s Helm.  (And the +60AP epic ring he drops as well.)

The Headless Horseman’s Helm

In Blackhoof’s session (five runs) he scored two epic rings.

In Msaker’s two sessions (10 runs) he scored the helm and one ring.

It’s kind of nice being able to assemble some epics in my DPS gear (when I’m otherwise only instancing as Protection).

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Night Elf Lore (i.e. Boo)

In time, a primitive tribe of nocturnal humanoids cautiously made their way to the edges of the mesmerizing enchanted lake. The feral, nomadic humanoids, drawn by the Well’s strange energies, built crude homes upon its tranquil shores. Over time, the Well’s cosmic power affected the tribe, making them strong, wise, and virtually immortal. The tribe adopted the name Kaldorei, which meant “children of the stars” in their native tongue. To celebrate their budding society, they constructed great structures and temples around the lake’s periphery.(source)


Remember your first time noticing your Night Elf’s canines?


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Funny Blog Stats for today

It seems folks like clicking on my wife.  On her characters at least, over there on the side bar to the right here.

Droonda’s armory link has been accessed three times today.  Maybe folks are wondering what on Azeroth that flash of light around her is in the picture of her below.  Is it some high ranking Shaman shield spell?  The “Shield of Potency” perhaps?  No, it’s just a trinket.

Itarilde and Effilda have each been accessed once.  So that’s all her “Mains” I shared with you.

Not to be left out Greenclaw and Arcarius were also clicked once.

What.  Do you have a thing against Male Orcs or Taurens?  Give Msaker and Blackhoof some loving.  Give their Armory links a click or two.  If anything, enjoy the comedy of mocking my gear.  ;)

Todays Search Engine Terms found me via “Kinless” (yay!) and “Draenei couple names” (aw!).

Yesterday the Search Engine Term (singular :( ) was “cross an insomniac and”.  Hmm.  Obscurity for the win!

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