01 Sep

I’d apologize for the past we got, but the future could have been worse.

A guildie, two ex-guildies, one of their hunter guildies, and me. They aren’t even in the same guild, these two ex-guildies, but we hooked up and went to Black Morass and got the quests done. A couple of us got our Master’s Key. Msaker got his Legplates of the Bold off Aeonus, a dragon of the Infinite Dragonflight. Seemed he was somewhat finite after all. And that’s 2 pieces of “the Bold” for him now.

The main healer was a Resto Shaman, and the Shadow Priest was kicking out healing as she did DPS, so we were never hurting. And Not a single loss. Nice. The guildie, a Rogue, did the damage. I tanked, naturally. And the Hunter handled the adds. Impressive.

Oh, yeah, I apologize for the future that came.

But, they say it’s better than the future that didn’t.

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