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Will WoW end?

Call me a fanboi. Other’s have. I’m still liking World of Warcraft.

Oh, I’ve seen the other games. I played a little of Lord of the Ring Online in the Beta. Just a little. The colors were too drab. And the folks reminded me of EQII.

I tried EQII as well. I played a Fey. I really liked the landscapes, the view from the beach looking at a sunset was incredible. The Fey models weren’t bad at all. But this Fey went into the bank there in the beginning area, and there sat this huge Human Mage or something. He was kneeling, or something. “What the heck was Michael Jackson doing here? Run, everyone, run! Neverland has been captured and is ruled by a new King. Queen. Or something. ” Man, that was creepy. Creepier yet was the Troll Lump that was selling stuff. At least it was a lump of shiny plastic. Maybe it was a Dwarf. That uncanny valley had reached the deepest of depths.

I’m downloading Tabula Rasa Beta now. I’m thinking I won’t find what I’d like to see. More that engages me like Warcraft.

If there is a WoW2, sign me up. If there is a World of Starcraft, ditto.

Till then, Orcs can always dream.


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Bitten again.

Call the doctor.

I deleted my Level 24 Shaman and created a Draenei Warrior instead. I was thinking “Solo, two-man, end game. Shaman with Priest? or Warrior with Priest?” The wife’s Level 25 Draenei Priest is coming along nicely. Dressed in Arugal’s Robes and wielding Odo’s Ley Staff. We’ll probably want to see if Arugal is willing to cough up his belt too. Then into Black Fathom Deeps for the Rod of the Sleepwalker.

So many loots, so little time.

Now Droonda, Enhancement Shaman is all about DPS, and she does well with Msaker who Tanks. But if I make an Alliance Warrior, I would keep him Arms, blacksmith specialize in swords, and he’d be the DPS to the wife’s healing.

Anyway, my altitis is kicking in. And a Warrior would be better company for her Priest. Le Exilarch est mort. Vive le Exilarch.

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Now wait just one flippin’ minute, McBlizz.

What the hell are you doing?

This D3 gear drop table you’ve got has me scratching my head.

You’re making Arms/Fury Warriors do four different Heroics in order to get most of their Doomplate gear?  This is their D3 stuff.  If they’re running Heroics over and over… *What* gear are they using to get to, and maintain running, Heroics?

Feral Druids also need to visit four different Heroics.  And none of their D3 drops in the Cenarian’s area of focus, the Coilfang Reservoir.  Ain’t that a laugh?

 Wouldn’t they simply be picking up their Tier 4 stuff running Heroics?  (What do I know, I haven’t made it into a Heroic yet.)

Half as bad off are Enhancement Shamans and some Hunters.  They’ve got to run two different Heroics in order to get the last of their Desolation set.

So the classes least likely to comprise a 5-man instance group, not only have to run these instances over and over and over to get their keys to run Heroics… then they have to farm Heroics. Who’s carrying these guys along?  (Though last night in Shattered Halls, I tanked, we had a Hunter, Shadow Priest, Resto Shaman, and an Arms Warrior along, the Arms Warrior out DPS’d the Hunter.  He’s got the 2-hand version of my Planar Axe.  Yeah, we cleared the place.  But he was taking a lot of damage, and he replaced someone who could have shed a little aggro.)

Mages, Warlocks, and Priests, providing they toe the party line (i.e. DPS, DPS, Heal), they get their D3  in ordinary instance runs.

Rogues, Hunters, Protection Warriors, Resto Druids, and Elemental and Resto Shamans, also don’t need to run a Heroic to get their gear.

There’s something wrong with this picture.

Why should the same ilevel gear be exponentially more difficult for a Feral Druid to get than a Holy Priest?

P.S. Holy Priests and Warlocks get 2 pieces out Shadow Labs.  Hunters and Mages get 2 pieces out of the Steamvaults.  Feral Druid has to run 4 Heroics and a Normal (and none in CFR) to get their gear, the Clothies and Hunters only need to run 4 Normals.


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Major Bug in Patch

Horde win?


What’s up with that?

C’mon Blizzard. Get the programmers a salary already! ;)

We have not had a win in a while. And the AV queue was a mile long.

Nice seeing interest for a change. Interest in playing, and actually winning. Yes, it was a race and kind of a half-assed win with that in mind. But, a win is a win. And it was win-win with Alliance for honor points, except I’m sure they wait an awful lot longer to play us than vice versa.

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And the hits, they keep a’coming

WoW Insider reports a little love coming for Enhancement Shamans in Patch 2.3.

I know one Princess who will be pleased with this.

When a well equipped Tank, ah hem, can’t keep her from gaining aggro, something is both right and wrong with her DPS. The deal with Spirit Weapons looks pretty good.

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All is well.

Patch 2.2

Msaker’s got his shoulders back.

I look … proper.

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It just takes a little bit.

Just a modicum of effort, and teamwork, and Horde can get some pretty decent honor out of AV, even in the 61-70 AV bracket.

So we lost Iceblood.  We always do.  It becomes a gauntlet that we have to fight through to reach the front within five minutes of a match.  But we took Stonehearth.  The bunker and the graveyard.  Then Icewing, and Balinda down in Stonehearth Outpost.  Sure, the Alliance juggernaut has steamed south, and although we only get as far as taking Stormpike Graveyard, holding (heh) the bridge, when the fat lady sings we don’t have much less honor that the Alliance, and they’ve won.  We’ve got a 3 minute queue, they’ve got a 30 minute queue.  With just a little effort a Horde player’s honor gains can really quickly surpass that of the Alliance.

And is a swing of the pendulum possible in the other direction?  Would Alliance ever care as little as Horde seem to?

I returned to AV, with my Night Elf.  Horde is actually doing something spirited, again.  And the Alliance have 12 AFKers.  12!  Outrageous!  (For Alliance.)

If the Alliance always figure “We win.” and don’t bother and sit in the cave, then once it gets tough for them, would they start AFKing more and more?  (By AFK I mean the psuedo-AFK of hopping once a minute to avoid the AFK flag) 

Nah, I don’t think so.  After waiting 30 minutes or more for the queue to pop, I’m sure they’re much more likely to wish to do something.  Horde with back to back losses in quick succession, that just becomes routine, routine like tapping a spacebar every now while you watch American Idol reruns.  (P.S. Diana DeGarmo loses.  Yeah, I know, I know.  But she does.  I just wiki’d that little fact and it’s got to be true.  So no point in watching anymore.  C’mon out of the cave and help us win now.  Thanks.)


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Rampage Battlegroup Horde, 61-70 Bracket in AV, you SUCK!

There.  I said it.  It’s just utterly absurd how bad Horde is.  They don’t even try anymore.

It’s all self-reinforcing.  We lose, so why bother, so we’ll AFK, so we lose worse, so we bother less, so we AFK more, and we lose even worse, so we bother even less, and so we AFK even more.

All the while the Alliance, after waiting 40-50 minutes to log on, basically have free reign to do what they want.

I know.  My 66 Night Elf Hunter rarely encounters anything one might refer to as “opposition”.

Tonight, I log into AV.  On Blackhoof.  True, blue, Horde.  And you know you’re in a bad position with a game in progress.

Not just in progress, the map is blue.

Wait, it gets worse.

So the maps blue, and Alliance are coming into the cave.

This is the worst I’ve ever seen.  Literally everyone who wasn’t on Drek, what 10-15 of them?, the rest where attacking us in our own cave?

We made a few forays outside the cave, but this is what I joined.  A total insult to the Horde.

And someone said “This is punishment for AFKers.”  WHAT??? They’re mocking us at this point.  Out and out dissing us.  There’s absolutely no reasons whatsoever to show us a modicum of respect.  We’ve lost all of it.  We deserve absolutely none.

So, I do what I do.  I heal.

I think my heals helped push us outside the cave entrance.  Where we fought our last battle, before we lost.

See, this didn’t punish the AFKers.  What it did was earn them HK’s!  That’s right!  Rather than the usual 0,0,0 “I poo on you” score, these wipes actually earned HK’s.

Me, oddly, for joining late, I top the heals chart for Horde.

Alliance earned 501 Honor for this.  Horde 82.

You know, I guess the comedy of it is, in the end, Horde probably gets equal honor since they don’t wait nearly as long for queues to pop.

Rampage Battlegroup, Horde, 61-70 Bracket in AV.  C’mon.  Reroll your Gnome Rogues already.  Clear out and let us get some players in here.


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“What do you get when you cross an insomniac, an agnostic, and a dyslexic?”

“Someone who stays up all night wondering if there is a Dog.” – so quipped Groucho Marx.

He’s also the guy that said “I wouldn’t want to join a club that would have me as a member.”  (I’ve probably paraphrased that one.)

Anyway, I applied to two guilds over the weekend.  I know folks in both.  I know more in the one that apparently one-shotted Gruul last night.  I actually accepted guild invites from one working on Karazhan.  Except they’ve got really high standards, no exceptions, to going to Karazhan.  (Three of the four Heroic keys, 4 D3 set pieces, please don’t trouble the mages for water or food.  Better you spend your money for that.  Mages mana doesn’t grow on trees you know.)  And the other night, someone asked in guild chat, “Anyone want to do anything?”  “Do you need a tank?” I asked.  (Silence.) … Guess not.  The five simply got on their five alts, and picked up more Kara prerequisite stuff with themselves.

After joining with Msaker, my Warrior, and appreciative of all their activity (without realizing what the deal was) I also signed up my Shaman, Blackhoof, with them.  Guild’s a guild.

Well, Blackhoof had applied to another guild.  That one that one-shotted Gruul.  They were looking for a Resto Shammy.  Hey, that’s me.  But these guys are raiders.  What do they want with me in blues and greens?  So I joined the other guild.

Not going on any run with them (they’ve got all bases covered in any configuration needed) I was in Ogrimmar doing AFK Valley.  I leave the building and there is a Blood Elf Priest looking at me.  “/s Argh.”  I say.  “Hey, do you want to go to EOTS with us?”  Sure.  It’s the recruiter for the Gruul guild.  So they queued up.  I joined their vent.  (She whispered “Sorry for these guys” as if they were over the top.  But you know, raiders can be funny people.  These were.  One little convo was a guy wanting to transfer to Kirin Tor.  Bring his level 19 Hunter.  “For twenty five bucks I’ll level a Hunter to 19 for you.” one said.  In the raid chat someone typed “Let’s have him transfer, invite him, then /gkick him.”  Surely that was in jest, and that was pretty amusing.)

Anyway, we go into EOTS, we lose one, and we won one.  Yay.  I went there again later, alone, and got my butt handed to me six ways from Sunday.  It was just like being in AV.

For the benefit of the guild members not in Karazhan we got the rundown of loots looted.

The Gruul guild is actually looking for a couple Resto Shammys, and a new Warrior too it seems.  Was I geared for it?  Yeah.  Eternium Greathelm and King’s Defender, added to an already 490+ defense setup.

The wife isn’t in a guild at the moment.  She could be Resto.  Everything is still in play.

P.S. Skettis bombing is easy.  Dropping those bombs on cannon ball stacks while being shot at with flak, isn’t.  Is there a trick or something?

P.P.S. “Well, art is art, isn’t it? Still, on the other hand, water is water! And east is east and west is west and if you take cranberries and stew them like applesauce they taste much more like prunes than rhubarb does. Now, uh… now you tell me what you know. ” – Groucho Marx

P.P.P.S. “Computer says no.”


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And that, folks, is all she wrote.

So I go into Dark Ministry’s forums and ask “What’s up with all the departures?  Thoughts?”  Someone said “Real life trumps everything.”  Someone else said “Sure, but we’re here to play the game as well.”  A couple hours later the Guild Master leaves a farewell.  He’s up and disbanded the guild and moved on, cancelling his account and making his farewells.

So I apply to a couple raiding guilds.  Guess how many guilds raiding Karazhan need a tank?  That’s right: None.  They wouldn’t be raiding without tanks and spares.  Your guild needs 3 Protection Warriors.  Now these Warriors don’t necessarily need to see additional Protection Warriors invited into the guild, or Arms or Fury Warriors trying to DPS and “needing” that plate gear. 

Now if you’re a DPS class, you’re in.  DPS can be switched out on the fly.  Healers as well. 

I’ve got one character keyed for Kara, Msaker.  The other is almost keyed, and that’s the mostly BGing Blackhoof.

Some hardcore raiding guild was seeking a Resto Shammy.  A year ago, before BC, in my 8/8 Earthfury I’d have been invited instantly.  Now with my mix of greens and blues, not a chance.  See, he had it easy.  The guild he joined on the first day of the server wound up being the guild he was in that started into BWL.  Now he’s just a scrub, one of the masses who made it to 70 because you could do that solo in greens.  I applied anyway.

All the while, without a guild everyone is talkative.  We’re all in the ooc channel the guild had created.

Before long the Holy Priest who left the guild for the hardcore raiders, he joins the channel.  “Hey everyone.  What’s up?”  “Not raiding Kara?” I want to ask.  But thems just bitter apples, no?  So the Priest plans on leaving all his alts.  In fact they all think it’s a great idea to make a guild.  For our alts!  Yay!  And this guys toons names all begin with a certain letter, and so does the new guild name.  Excellent.  I don’t go to the Undercity to sign the new charter.  Another guildie recreates an even older guild name.  The sentiment’s nice, but joining an alts guild is out of the question.  I had alts in an alts guild and it just sucks.  Because all the action happens in the main guild.  And alts of the “in-crowd” are in the main guild anyway and get all the help they need.  Alts in an alt guild are like orphans in a mountain monastery.

But, like I’ve alluded, we don’t need anyone to reach 70.  The wife and I can reach 70 on our own with our Alliance characters, and even they’re in a guild.

The wife did express the point “I’m almost there.” with regards to Karazhan so tonight we russle up the friends list and go hit Black Morass again.  This time with a Hunter on the adds.  But could you imagine Droonda going Resto, to be raid/guild worthy, questing with Msaker still Protection?  It’s be like watching Molasses take down furniture.  Yes, time made the Grand Canyon, but damn, I don’t have that much time.  And, heck, unguilded and not running instances, what do a couple 70′s have to do?  Skyguard and Ogrila daily quests, here we come.  And we’ll be in a guild again before long.

And we’re going to get some Alliance to 70 as well.  Druids.  Because the expansion areas look pretty incredible, and seeing it from both perspectives will be great.

P.S. And the new header graphic, with Msaker and Droonda.  That’s a favorite of mine.  That 60 PvP set, with proper sized shoulders, looks absolutely incredible.  That was Msaker and Droonda before the TBC expansion.  We’ll be a little shinier before the next one.

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