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Five Reasons Why I Blog I got tagged and didn’t realize it. Back in May, the Ancient Gaming Noob tagged me. “Kinless at Kinless’ Chronicles: Because he links me despite the fact I haven’t talked about WoW much lately and … Continue reading

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Two getting it done. Ruul the Darkener. Dead. In the big quest chain in Shadowmoon Valley, working for the pig farmer Oronok and his sons, we’re led to Ruul the Darkener. And we kill him. Four man quest, done by … Continue reading

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Is WoW dying? There’s been a bit of buzz lately about “subscription” numbers, and censii, and impirical analyses involving the cost of pizza at the Pizza Hut in Nanjing. Common wisdom has it that as gold sales increase the cost … Continue reading

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Shadowmoon Valley vs. Netherstorm. Give me the Valley. But take my guildie, please. We spent a few more hours yesterday questing in Shadowmoon Valley. There was the super easy “Kill 20 things” quest that netted us 19g each. And there … Continue reading

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Two on the Path of conquest.Msaker and Droonda. Tonight we did The Path of Conquest quest chain. Just the two of us. Flying mount was pretty much required for us to do it alone. Nachmahd gave us a hand on … Continue reading

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A year and a half late. (More easy enough gear.) Remember Molten Core? And Onyxia’s Lair? Probably not. Anyway, remember the gear out of there? Again, probably not. “Onyxia’s where?” Right. There was once a day you could get some … Continue reading

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U.S. guild takes 6th, behind 5 European guilds. WoWInsider had an interesting article yesterday. (They’re all interesting, but this one I’ve commented about before.) US guild Death and Taxes has managed to snag the US-first Illidan kill and thus finish … Continue reading

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Black Forest weekend. Mostly. More keys. The wife and I headed south this weekend. Started playing tourist in Freiburg. We climbed the cathedral’s bell tower, were there at quarter till when some bell rang (surprise!), wandered the town, had a … Continue reading

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