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Call me crazy.

I’ve created a new character.

On a PvP server.

My old one, Smolderthorn, and they’ve invited me back in the guild, now called Satori. They’re killing Gruul, and I’m questing in the Barrens.

I’m Grorc, Orc Shaman. The wife, bless her, has created Oggra, Orc Warlock.

Playing on wireless, laptop computer, out of a hotel room, starting over on a PvP server.

I must be nuts.

And I stole the name of the other character on this server that I’ve made. Enricosuave, Blood Elf Rogue. (Of course.)

It really should be interesting. Now, two plus years after release, can you start from scratch on a PvP server and succeed? On the plus side I’ve got some really powerful friends.
And, dang, it’s so cool to me around my old friends from my Day of the Dead/Requeim/Dies Irae days. Now they’re Satori and back to the basics. Cool.

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Then there was one.

One more night before the movers show up.

And then down to one computer.

Try to pause someplace comfortable.


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The shoulders have gotten out of hand.

Blizzard. Please fix Orc shoulders soonest.

Ugly pink skin hood adornment is very ugly. It makes me look like rabbit.

Zug zug.


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Droonda’s First Time in the Steamvaults.

Training for chaos. #2 on the DPS.

DPS = Droonda, Princess, Shaman

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Mager Twinkage.

Mana Wyrmling and some crafted gear.

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Why Horde lose very AV I’ve been in. Bruised monkeys, the lot of them.

Rampage-US Battlegroup. The last AV I was in:

The names my change as the battles do, but the habits and trends don’t. Every AV I’ve been in has been a loss. The battles aren’t even close anymore. We don’t even reach Stormpike nowadays. We lose the entire map. There are Alliance packs everywhere. You only need 10 to kill Drek afterall.

If you find me in the battle, I’ll be near the top of the chart, in healing, and healing my Resto Tauren butt off. I’ll pick a Warrior, Earthshield the guy, let him do his thing, and keep him going. My small part in the effort.

What I’ve seen is typically 15-20 Horde sitting in our cave, and maybe 5 Alliance sitting in theirs. But, as you can see, winners will eventually get off their butts and make an appearance and score an honor kill somewhere. But losers? Losers are just yanking their monkeys waiting for the loss to end. How far the Horde has fallen. I bet the Blood Elves regret joining us.

P.S. The Arathi Basin match I was in before this? A win. Go figure.


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A year ago, where was I?

Ah, yes. Just moved to Germany. With ideas.

How did these ideas turn out?

So, my dream team, assembeled on Kirin Tor:

Kinless, level 48 Night Elf Hunter (from Argent Dawn and brought out of retirement)

He made it to Kirin Tor, is now called Arcarius, and is level 65.

Darkhand, level 45 Night Elf Rogue (from Frostmane and brought out of retirement)

He made it to Kirin Tor too, same name, is now level 50.

Greenclaw, level 36 Night Elf Druid (already there)

He’s made it to level 43. I do like the Druids. But six levels in a year?! That’s got to pick up some! :)

Freewind, level 26 Night Elf Warrior (same)

He made it to 40 and joined the group on Steamwheedle Cartle and is now called Mourneblade. I can’t abide losing characters. At least not too many.

Pharazon, Draenei Paladin (because a demon Paladin will be cool)

So I made a Draenei Shaman, and named him Exilarch. Level 21 now.

That’s 5 for the Alliance, and a 50-50 split.

Darkhoof, level 60 Tauren Shaman (if he leaves Smolderthorn)

He did leave Smolderthorn. On Kirin Tor he became known as Blackhoof. He made it to 70.

Oddity, level 46 Orc Arms/Fury Warrior (if he leaves Smolderthorn)

He too left Smolderthorn for Kirin Tor. He’s now called Msaker and he also made it to 70. Hard to believe!

Morticai, level 36 Forsaken Protection Warrior (Arms/Fury if Oddity stays put)

Morticai met his final demise. I didn’t need 3 Warriors on the same server. One Alliance, Freewind, and one Horde, Msaker, was enough.

Darbanville, level 25 Forsaken Priest (if she leaves Smolderthorn)

She too arrived on Kirin Tor. (Time is money, friend.) And is level 40 now.

JohnDoe (no name yet), Blood Elf Warlock (of course)

That became Sunstriker, level 30 Frost Mage.

Nakosi, a 21 Tauren Druid, signed up, to keep my wife’s Tauren Hunter company. I figured I’d make a guild called “Hialeah’s Pet” and be the only member. My wife being, of course, Hialeah. Until then we’re both the only members of “Need More Cowbell” and like the peace.

5 for the Horde.

And a week from today the last of our furniture will be loaded back onto a truck for our return back to the States.

It was a good year, a fun year, but home is calling.


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Two for the road.

Greenclaw and Itarilde are having a bit of difficulty finding quests in our level.

So we headed out to Feralas and Fethermoon Keep. There were some quests there we could start. The one with the Naga in the ruins, that was easy enough for us. Itarilde goes to Dire Bear form and tanks. Greenclaw goes to Cat form and ravages things. It’s really a nice combo. We’re both Feral and it’s synergistic.

With two Druids we have:

Tank, with taunt + DPS, with aggro fade.

Each of us can heal, with two heals over time, plus a big heal. And we can heal ourselves in Bear form as well.

Our buffs are great. And we’ve got Leader of the Pack.

Crowd control against animals, times two.

We can stealth places mere mortals can’t go.

And we can swim really fast. The new header graphic above was taken off the coast of Feralas as we searched for the couriers boat. The water elementals were red to us, but we were faster and never in danger. Felt like Jacques Cousteau subjects there. (Or Steve Zissou’s.)

And, at 68, we’ll have flight form.

And we’re really deep in the lore with the Cenarian folks all over the place.

Druids: Not just tree huggers.


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Woodworking. And some random crafting thoughts.

Tobold mentioned it recently, and WoWInsider too. And I’m pretty sure I raised the issue a long while back in a comment on Tobold’s in a crafting post he made.

Anyway, Woodworking.

They’d be able to craft shields. Better woodworking, better shields and higher level. How about customizing shields then. Make Paladin, Shaman, and Warrior shields custom tailored for their requirements.

Arrows. Allow woodworking to craft arrows that address certain needs. Fire Arrow for a small aoe fire burst on hit. Ice Arrow to impart a little slowing on the target. Hate Arrow to act as a taunt. Pain Arrow to add a dot. Useable by anyone that can use a bow or crossbow. (And not equipped in the ammo slot. Simply when used, if equipped with bow or crossbow, fires as the next shot as if in the ammo slot.) This would give non-hunters, but users of bows or crossbows, a few more situational options.

Tribal armor. Made of wood. Like the Forest Troll shoulders. The one like the Horde gets with AB rep. Primitive but “Green.” Al Gore would be proud of me. (But is chopping down the forests really PC? I think not.)

Which leads me to custom crafted equipment. Why not allow the ability of include “of the Bear” or “of the Tiger” customization to gear? Using various gems in the standard recipe for blacksmiths, or essences and such, for leatherworking. This would make those crafts a lot more useful for various talent choices.

And, then, woodworking can make basic equipment and ammo for folks just like engineering can.

Oh, how about traps. Like Grizzly Adams. Make a wood contraption that acts like a hunter’s trap. (Useable only by woodworkers.)

Or, how about a temporary stable? You know if your stables are full, and you dismiss your pet, you can tame another pet. You’re last active pet just disappears into the ether. That’s new, but get rid of that. It’s not well implemented. How about make a temporary “Dog House” that you can pull out, stable your pet, tame a new one, learn it’s ability, abandon, and retrieve your old pet back out of the Dog House.

Speaking of dog houses, I’d better go because I’ll be in one shortly if I don’t.


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The Charge.

Well, that wraps that up. Grom’tor’s Charge is mine. And Droonda got the ridiculously large Torn-heart Axe of Battle. The two-hander is as big as she is.

We simply went to the alter and asked for help with Cyrukh the Firelord in general chat. Two Hunters and a Warlock responded. Droonda can heal, I can tank, we had DPS. That was all we needed. More easy loot.

And, it’s a pretty nice axe.

Last bit of gear I want, before I’m satisfied, two really:

The Flesh Beast’s Metal Greaves from the Mana Tombs escort quest.
And the Platinum Shield of the Valorous from Hellmaw in the Shadow Labyrinths.

And the rest of the Bold armor set.

And, oh yeah, 2 more points in Blacksmithing, and a few more Primal Mana’s, to craft my own Helm of the Stalwart Defender.

Then he can take it easy for a bit.

P.S. The screenshot really highlights the “bug” Blizzard introduced last patch. Orc shoulders look like minitures. Really not sure how a “bug” like this would even be introduced. They aren’t cockroaches that enter the Blizzard development room in the middle of the night, and after munching on stale cheetoes and drinking flat jolt cola they wander around and die somewhere, preferably in a forgotten section of code where they next appear as a “bug” in the latest patch.

Seriously, claiming it’s a “bug” makes it sound like a random fluke thing. As if some wandering cockroach really just died in the code. Likely?

Maybe the developers were working on Orc shoulders and were calculating in english standard units and in reality metric was required. This seems much more likely. At least it’s pretty likely that the developers were working on Orc shoulders and somehow messed up.

Yes, Orc shoulders can be big and imposing. And this Orc likes it that way. That’s the whole point!

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