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We admitted we were powerless. But our lives were certainly manageable. All of them in fact. Steamwheedle Cartel is the home for the alts of our alts. And in the last few days, over on SWC: Amanijin, Troll Rogue, and … Continue reading

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Eversong, ho!I have to add the comma, and the exclamation point, because if I simply name a cat “Eversongho” then things get taken out of context. “That’s a ho from Eversong.” Um, no. But I can see how it might … Continue reading

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Orcs, now castles. Well, Droonda dinged 69 last night. Anyway, we were in Netherstorm and doing some quests there. There is a cool looking main-hand axe there, the one-handed version of the two-hander you get from the Ring of Blood … Continue reading

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Being 70 means Crush. Being 60 meant I could log out anywhere I wanted. No more looking for Inns in which to stop. At 60, when 60 was the limit, I could log out in the bank in Everspring, dammit. … Continue reading

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A Tanks Request. Posted in the community section. Originally Posted by Ziloxus from the official forums: This post is something of a cathartic exercise for myself. If someone gets something out of it great, if not that’s fine too. … Continue reading

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Rain days are Ding days. It rained Saturday. And that means between Friday and Sunday I got my last two levels and dinged 70 on Msaker, my Orc Warrior. We, Droonda and I, were in Shadowmoon Valley, spying on the … Continue reading

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Almost 70. Do I go deeper Protection, plus Arms that support Tanking? Or is Fury DPS still a viable option for dungeons/raiding? So I got to thinking about improving performance, and came up with the following build: 10/0/51. Arms Talents … Continue reading

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And it ended with a “Leeeeeroy Jeenkins!” That was my PUG experience last night. Msaker had been out mining. He and Droonda had just finished up a handful of quests up in Blade’s Edge. He needed to find just one … Continue reading

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