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Did cavemen ski?

I know ol’ Ötzi the Iceman used snowshoes. But, if they had skiied, and I guess if they wanted to go spend a nice afternoon snowshoeing and raiding their neighbors, they’d have had some difficulties in the Spring time what with the melting snow. This last weekend I was up there, in the Austrian alps, skiing the last of the snow. Watching it melt before my eyes as I rode the lifts up, spying the marmots spying me and whistling “Danger!” to their buddies. Melanie C, former Spice Girl, performed up above, and the bottom station was a party zone. Good beer after some decent skiing. (If skiing mashed potatoes can be called decent. But it was sunny, warm, skiable, so decent.)

Last night we brought out the dead. Zauberin and Darbanville knocked out a few quests there in STV. Collecting a pristine tigress fang and 8 shadowmaw claws, and then collecting some tumbled blue crystals off the Venture Co. geologists. It was painfully easy. A bubbled fire mage can put out some damage on single targets. Darbanville kept her shielded and all was good. We really need to play around with some AoE grinding tactics.

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