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We’ve decided to kill stuff. Droonda has gone Enhancement. Msaker has gone Fury. I’m saving the last 5 points for Deep Wounds 3/3 and Impale 2/2. Together that’s four axes flying, and a lot of Orc.

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Blizzard sells out.This is the visual equivalent of the whisper wall of gold spam I’m getting when I’m logged in now. If something’s broken in the game, it’s the goldsellers spam. This needs addressing.

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Volchan. He dropped cloth boots. Must have been made out of asbestos.

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Doing something. Friend told me to attack, so I did. We wound up killing this 68 Elite Farahlon Giant thing. I’m Enhancement, he’s a 70 Resto.

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Folks, it’s the same as it ever was. I’ve played a Shaman going on two years. I think it’s just funny that all these level 70 Draenei Shaman are posting in the official forums, QQing, about the upcoming nerf. (No … Continue reading

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Zauberin, my wife’s Mage, reaches 40. A little while later she also got Whitemane’s Chapeau. Stylish. You’ll note the cats on Blackhoof’s hands. I call them Tom and Felix. They are the Nexus Claw and the Void Talon. I picked … Continue reading

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Great jobs: Rescuing kids from parrots gone bad. “Bad, Polly, bad. No cracker for you! Now let their children go.” But I’ve got to ask: There are Draenei kids. Sure, that’s expected. It’s their world. (Kind of.) But the human … Continue reading

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Being (nearly) 70 means: No Pugs for the wife. Zauberin was taking a mana break. We’re in the Scarlet Monastery. She’d hopped up on a cannon and said “Take a snapshot with me with the big guns.” At first I … Continue reading

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Blizzard strangles own head to grow new disembodied one. Old one left in place to wither away on it’s abandoned body. Off a newsgroup posting: > I finally did the grinding needed for that last half-level and my warrior hit … Continue reading

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Otherwise I’m just looking at the maps, and the region levels (i.e. Durotar, level 1-10) and thinking about the races and their routes to 60. Some quick thoughts: Orcs/Trolls and Tauren have it easiest. They never have to leave Kalimdor … Continue reading

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