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We’ve decided to kill stuff.

Droonda has gone Enhancement.

Msaker has gone Fury. I’m saving the last 5 points for Deep Wounds 3/3 and Impale 2/2.

Together that’s four axes flying, and a lot of Orc.

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Blizzard sells out.

This is the visual equivalent of the whisper wall of gold spam I’m getting when I’m logged in now.

If something’s broken in the game, it’s the goldsellers spam. This needs addressing.


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He dropped cloth boots. Must have been made out of asbestos.

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Doing something.

Friend told me to attack, so I did.

We wound up killing this 68 Elite Farahlon Giant thing.

I’m Enhancement, he’s a 70 Resto.


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Folks, it’s the same as it ever was.

I’ve played a Shaman going on two years.

I think it’s just funny that all these level 70 Draenei Shaman are posting in the official forums, QQing, about the upcoming nerf. (No longer letting different ranks of Windfury to proc independently, and some Elemental stuff, to which I say “whatever.”)

They’ve invested so much time into the character, and then Blizzard takes it all away. They’ll just /wrists and /quit. These folks have all of a couple months invested and now they’re shocked?? Let down? Disappointed? My Shaman was 60 before we even knew we were getting Draenei. They were promised one thing, and now it gets taken away?

QQ – Shamans been doing this from the start. Deal with it. It’s still a great class to enjoy.

And, Welcome to my world! Is this a Revelation for you?

You might have asked, I’d have told you.

Folks, being a Shaman is going to be the same as it ever was.

We were never leet DPS. We never took out Elites our level on our own. Hell, I remember 60 Shamans who couldn’t clear the Scarlet Monastery on their own. (We needed a 60 Warrior for that, and he had to work at it.)

But our Dungeon gear, The Elements, let us do a little of everything, provided we weren’t really looking to fight. ZG finally produced some Hunter gear with +Attack Power that we eyed and took seconds on.

When we started to raid, Molten Core and such, just look at the Tiers 1, 2, and 3 armors. We were expected to be healers. Nothing more.

The old adage: If you can heal, you heal.

New adage: If you can heal, you heal, unless you’re a priest, and we’ll leverage your shadow abilities to greater effect.

It was our PvP gear that let us PvP, and favored the Enhancement Shaman.

Otherwise, the “serious, raiding, Shaman” was, is, and will be, a healer type.

That’s right, “Healbots” if you don’t like the role, respected “Healers” if you do. I did.

Now, and then, and in the future, being a Shaman was and is about 1) Healing, Buffing, and Cleansing in Raids and Groups, or 2) playing an Elemental or Enhancement off-spec to PvP, or 3) leveling/grinding as Enhancement. That’s how it’s always been. That’s how it’s going to be.

Hey, I got a few levels in Nagrand dual wielding with Flametongue on both weapons. Not Windfury. Yeah, I really appreciated Windfury lately, with good weapons, with two different ranks, but if I were called on to go into an Instance, I’d expect to heal and cleanse. I’ve got a bag full of healing gear. And I can still just get a kick out of dual wielding with a little windfury thrown in.

The Shamans have always been what they are, and what they’re going to be. It’s all the same as it ever was.

Shaman, medicine man, healer. Not rogue in mail, not mage in mail.

P.S. And until I start raiding again I’ll be Enhancement, and I’ll be loving it. Do note that I have *two* Shamans on Kirin Tor. I won’t be deleting my Draenei Shaman.

On to another topic:

Pearls Before Swine


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Zauberin, my wife’s Mage, reaches 40.

A little while later she also got Whitemane’s Chapeau. Stylish.

You’ll note the cats on Blackhoof’s hands. I call them Tom and Felix. They are the Nexus Claw and the Void Talon. I picked them up in the Stormspire from the Consortium guys. Level 66 vendor stuff. I was cranking out over 400 dps with them in the Scarlet Monastery. Absolutely brutal. I guess I always figured faster was better for Shamanistic Rage and mana regen. But damage output is damage done. The Hungering Bone Cudgel was just too fast for a proper main hand. I needed top end damage and the Claw delivers. Now if I could get some proper Shaman weapons…

Too, there is a quest in Blades Edge. The final reward is a dagger with +109 Healing. The Thunderlord Scalpel. Thing is it’s One-Hand. Most every +Healing one-hander is for the Main-Hand. This isn’t. So I’m dual wielding it with the Mogor’s Anointing Club, with +160 Healing, for some healing goodness. +573 in my +Healing getup. Finally something to replace my Landslide Buckler with.


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Great jobs:

Rescuing kids from parrots gone bad. “Bad, Polly, bad. No cracker for you! Now let their children go.”

But I’ve got to ask: There are Draenei kids. Sure, that’s expected. It’s their world. (Kind of.) But the human kids? What’s up with that? “What are you kids doing here? And stay off my lawn!”

“And so, Miss. There I was. Surrounded by Alliance. To the left of me. To the right of me. The enemy flag beckoning me to capture it. Not a friendly tusk in sight. … Do you dance?”

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Being (nearly) 70 means: No Pugs for the wife.

Zauberin was taking a mana break. We’re in the Scarlet Monastery. She’d hopped up on a cannon and said “Take a snapshot with me with the big guns.”

At first I thought she meant me.

But if she didn’t, certainly she meant to.

P.S. My screenshots are treated before I post them. I usually do a Gamma Correction of 2.0, and then, to correct the resulting color washout, I adjust the Saturation to 120 or so. This makes the screenshots brighter and richer than the saved screenshot. But it also looks more like it does in game.

One of WoW’s strengths for me is the vivid richness of the colors. And I must add Commander Morgraine’s armor never looked better. (I know they update NPC’s regularly. Has he seen a recent gear/appearance upgrade?)

The software I use to crop and edit screenshots is called Irfanview. It’s freeware and will read the screenshot in their native .tga (?) format. It’s then easy to crop, enhance colors, and save as .jpg or whatever.


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Blizzard strangles own head to grow new disembodied one. Old one left in place to wither away on it’s abandoned body.

Off a newsgroup posting:

> I finally did the grinding needed for that last half-level and my warrior hit 58 tonight. As I understand it, I can now walk through some portal.
> Where is that portal?

That’s right. Why on earth is this poster going to spend one hour in the formerly 58-60 areas, and in the 60 end-game content? Why? You’d have to be an idiot, farming, or a farmer, to do so.

Killing some Fel Orcs in the minutes after this person has stepped through the portal will result in gear better than 95% of the player base found in the old world. Getting to 65-66 will find him being able to have replaced Tier 1 gear, had he ever gotten it. (However, his Warrior is in for a bit of a shock since most plate armor quest rewards have +Int and +Healing on them. He’ll have to make friends with the Sporeggar before he picks a new shield up.)

Gone are the reasons to go to BRD, LBRS, UBRS, or Molten Core. Gone is the reason to go work for Argent Dawn and go to Stratholme and Scholomance. The entire 58-60 game content has been eliminated as any value to the average World of Warcraft player. Replaced by seven zones in the Outlands.

Blizzard is most likely spending a lot of it’s time now developing content for the smallest fraction of it’s players. Pretty soon, maybe I’m just an optimist here, but I think Blizzard will be spending all it’s time developing content for nobody. 100% of it’s effort for 0% of it’s players. Imagine the creativity let loose when they don’t have actual constraints to worry about! I mean, if you don’t need to worry about players not having 30k health and +1000 mana regen/5s, the sky is the limit! They’ll knock our socks off (and leave us for dead).

I still love the game. But I’ll say it would blow us all away if they spent a little more time developing content for the rest of us too. We aren’t all level 70 yet. Some of us, shocking, yes, I know, actually still have characters in the 10-50 range, and like it that way.


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Otherwise I’m just looking at the maps, and the region levels (i.e. Durotar, level 1-10) and thinking about the races and their routes to 60.

Some quick thoughts:

Orcs/Trolls and Tauren have it easiest. They never have to leave Kalimdor to get to 60. Durotar – The Barrens – Stonetalon Mts – 1000 Needles – Desolace – Dustwallow Marsh – Feralas & Tanaris – Azshara – Un’Goro & Felwood – Winterspring & Silithus. It’s “Horde favored” according to Blizzard through Desolace and level 40.

“Alliance favored” on Kalimdor ends in Ashenvale at level 30. Now how Blizzard figures Ashenvale is “Alliance favored” given two Horde Flightpoints, go figure.

The Eastern Kingdoms is a little simpler. Each of the four races, Blood Elves, Undead, Human, and Short People, have their 1-20 zones for themselves. Here the “Horde favored” ends at 20, and the Alliance have two zones, Wetlands and Duskwood, that end at 30. Those really are Alliance favored given no Horde Flightpoints in either. But, countering that, Badlands and Swamp of Sorrows both have Horde Flightpoints and no Alliance Flightpoints. Clearly “Horde favored” and that’s at levels 35-45. Blasted Lands. Nearly forgot about this place. Alliance Flight point, 45-55 level range. Pretty much “Alliance favored.”


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