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Running around Terokaar Forest. And back to Hellfire Peninsula and into the Blood Furnace. Blackhoof, completing most all of the quests in Zangarmarsh, and dinging 64 in the process, graduated and moved to the forest around Shattrath City, Terokaar Forest. … Continue reading

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A Clear Winner. By a nose. Of the Darwin Award. Now I need Midas. My Frostwolf needs it’s brakes checked.

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Here are my add-ons, and the sources for them. What it looks like: Sources: WoW Interface Gaming Ace Addons Ace Addons Listing UI Fizzwidget’s A lot of my add-ons are Ace based so … Continue reading

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Addons, the live list. What I plan to do in way Addons, and using Bloggers label feature, is keep a listing of the addons I’m using, explain why I like them, and keep a link for where I found them, … Continue reading

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The Lost Craft. What happened to it? Where did it go? Is it hidden in the code somewhere, waiting for a new expansion or update to be released? Was it dropped to the cutting room floor, lost forever amidst the … Continue reading

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And, something completely different: Troll Paladins. Troll Paladins. No, not the race. Paladins able to regenerate insane amounts of health. Like a Troll. I brought Honorus out last night, and he quested a bit with Effilda. This is our Human … Continue reading

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Life in the Swamp. What’s up with the gear? One of these races is not like the other. The questing continues. Blackhoof discovered that windfury weapon buffs on two weapons do not both proc, unless they’re different ranks of the … Continue reading

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Death in the Mosh Pit. Last night was a good night. Last night I, Msaker, rustled through my bank account and bags, sold all that I could spare, and amassed another 300 gold. Mind you this was on the heels … Continue reading

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New feature over at World of Warcraft: The Armory. Tobold noticed this. He’s not sure about it given the privacy issue. I think it’s a pretty cool idea. I’ve set up links to my characters here in the sidebar. Or … Continue reading

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Into, and out of, the Hellfire Ramparts. Looking for Group Tool works. Blackhoof got some extended working hours last night. (The wife didn’t feeling like playing.) So I returned to the marsh and recovered his body. Collected a few more … Continue reading

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